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Cave Story Plus Cheats for PC
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Cave Story Plus PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer (PATCH 11.03.2012) by: Caliber Nov 3,2012
Trainer 1.0R1 by: Caliber Jan 13,2012

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Cave Story Plus

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Steam Achievements 100%
Description: To unlock the specified Achievement, complete the listed tasks. To view your Achievements and Stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

<3Obtained the Life Pot!
A Fine BladeObtained the Blade!
A Gift from SantaObtained the Fireball!
Arm BarObtained the Arms Barrier!
Armored FelineDefeated Monster x!
Ate a Red FlowerDefeated Toroko...
Big FishDefeated Ironhead!
Boss Attack A RankCompleted Boss Attack in Less Than 10:00
Boss Attack B RankCompleted Boss Attack in Less Than 12:00
Boss Attack C RankCompleted Boss Attack in Less Than 15:00
Boss Attack S RankCompleted Boss Attack in Less Than 8:00
Cave Story CloneDefeated G-clone!
Cold Hearted SnakeObtained the Snake!
Count to 290Obtained the 290 Counter!
CowardBad ending
Curse BrokenBest ending
Doggy StyleBeat Omega with Jenka's Puppy
Don't Get LostObtained the Map System!
Ducking AwesomeObtained the Nemesis!
Evil to the CoreDefeated the Undead Core!
Fish PreserveSpared eggfish
Freakin' Laser BeamzObtained the Spur!
Ghost in the ClinicDefeated Puu Black!
Girly GunObtained the Machine Gun!
Happy Birthday Pixel!Played Cave Story on April 29th!
Hate Made FleshDefeated ballos!
Heart of the IslandDefeated the Core!
Heavy MedalDefeated the Red Ogre!
Here's Johnny!Obtained the Alien Medal!
Home, Sweet HomeReturned Mister Little back home
House CallDefeated the Doctor!
Huge ToadDefeated Balfrog!
I Like It Hard!Completed Hard mode
I'm Juggernaut...Found and collected all Life Capsules
I've Got Your BackObtained the Iron Bond!
Kings of PowerAccumulated XX,XXX of damage
Ladies' ManObtained chako's lip stick!
Little ManFound mister little!
Machine MonsterDefeated Omega!
Magic MissileObtained the Missile Launcher!
Mimiga BodyguardDefeated curly...
Mimiga HeroMask mimiga ending
MiserableDefeated Misery!
Mr. CleanObtained the Bubbline!
Muscle, MD.Defeated the Muscle Doctor!
Only If You're Greedy...Defeated the Twin Dragons!
Panty RaiderObtained curly's panties!
Pea ShooterObtained the Polar Star!
Rabid MimigaDefeated Igor!
Return the FavorSaved curly brace
Rock Bustin'Defeated Balrog, yet again...
Sanctuary A RankCompleted Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 4:00
Sanctuary B RankCompleted Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 5:00
Sanctuary C RankCompleted Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 6:00
Sanctuary S RankCompleted Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 3:00
Shtuff HappensNormal ending
So Easy, So So Easy!Completed Easy mode
Supa Star!Obtained the Whimsical Star!
Super, Thanks for Asking!Obtained the Super Missile Launcher!
Swollen MechDefeated heavy press!
To Hell & BackCompleted blood stained sanctuary
Toroko Wins!Beat by Toroko
Tow Me a RopeObtained the Tow Rope!
Turbocharged!Obtained the Turbocharge!
UnstoppableNo life capsules (best ending)
UntouchableNo life capsules (good ending)
Wanna Fight?Defeated Balrog!
Weapons of Mass DestructionFound and collected all Missile upgrades
What a Fun Guy!Obtained Ma Pignon!
What Are YOU?!?Defeated Balrog, again...
Who's the Boss?Completed Boss attack
Wind Fortress A RankCompleted Wind Fortress in Less Than 5:00
Wind Fortress B RankCompleted Wind Fortress in Less Than 6:00
Wind Fortress C RankCompleted Wind Fortress in Less Than 7:00
Wind Fortress S RankCompleted Wind Fortress in Less Than 4:00
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Nemesis Challenge 100%
How to unlock: To unlock Nemesis Challenge, get the Nemesis weapon.
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Sanctuary Time Attack mode 100%
How to unlock: To unlock Boss Attack mode, complete the game with the best ending.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Wind Fortress 100%
How to unlock: To unlock Wind Fortress, complete the game with the best ending.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Alternate title screens 100%
How to unlock: Complete the Time Trials.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Boss Attack Mode 98%
How to unlock: To unlock Boss Attack mode, complete the game with the best ending.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Curly Mode 98%
How to unlock: To unlock Curly mode, get Curly's Panties.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fly, until you get boosters. 100%
Once you beat Curly in the Sand Zone, you will trade in your polar star for machine gun. After you've done that, get it to level 3. Then jump, point down, and shoot. You will fly and go really, really, high... Until you get jet boosters from the scientist dude.
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Defeat Curly 100%
Use fireball and polar star to take her down
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Defeat balrog (Or balfrog) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (puu black), and 5th. 100%
1-he has a combo... he runs, runs again, than he jumps. shoot shoot jump, shoot shoot jump, aim up shoot etc.

2-He is like a frog from the egg corrider. he jumps, and shoots orbs, repeat. use fireball and rocket launcher. Fireball when he's on the ground, rocket when he is in the air.

3- Ok, this is balfrog... more powerful... Here is his combo, jump, jump, jump, until he gets to you, then he opens his mouth and shoots out orbs. He does it like 3 times, when he jumps up and down, up and down, up and down etc. frogs of any size fall from the roof and onto the floor. you go on the fan until he gets to you, then go over him. he will turn around and open his mouth and shoot out orbs, thats when you use fireball. shoot until he closes it. keep doing that. when he jumps up and down to put down frogs, stay on the fan and use fireball to kill them.

4-puu black, whatever he is... easy, use whatever you want against him. he is made of black orbs or something. just shoot him until he jumps away, then he will make black orbs shoot at you from above as a warning, then he will jump there. Then shoot him.

5-your in a little area, so be careful. He jumps and shoots missles at you. then use level 3 knife to shoot at him and destroy the missles
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75 Achievements
Cave Story Plus - Pea Shooter Pea Shooter
Obtained the Polar Star!
Cave Story Plus - Don't Get Lost Don't Get Lost
Obtained the Map System!
Cave Story Plus - Wanna Fight? Wanna Fight?
Defeated Balrog!
Cave Story Plus - Magic Missile Magic Missile
Obtained the Missile Launcher!
Cave Story Plus - Rabid Mimiga Rabid Mimiga
Defeated Igor!
Cave Story Plus - What Are YOU?!? What Are YOU?!?
Defeated Balrog, again...
Cave Story Plus - Huge Toad Huge Toad
Defeated Balfrog!
Cave Story Plus - Mimiga Bodyguard Mimiga Bodyguard
Defeated Curly...
Cave Story Plus - Machine Monster Machine Monster
Defeated Omega!
Cave Story Plus - Mr. Clean Mr. Clean
Obtained the Bubbline!
Cave Story Plus - Girly Gun Girly Gun
Obtained the Machine Gun!
Cave Story Plus - Ghost in the Clinic Ghost in the Clinic
Defeated Puu Black!
Cave Story Plus - Kings of Power Kings of Power
Accumulated XX,XXX of damage
Cave Story Plus - Armored Feline Armored Feline
Defeated Monster X!
Cave Story Plus - Rock Bustin' Rock Bustin'
Defeated Balrog, yet again...
Cave Story Plus - Heart of the Island Heart of the Island
Defeated the Core!
Cave Story Plus - Big Fish Big Fish
Defeated Ironhead!
Cave Story Plus - Weapons of Mass Destruction Weapons of Mass Destruction
Found and collected all Missile upgrades
Cave Story Plus - Miserable Miserable
Defeated Misery!
Cave Story Plus - House Call House Call
Defeated the Doctor!
Cave Story Plus - Muscle, MD. Muscle, MD.
Defeated the Muscle Doctor!
Cave Story Plus - Evil to the Core Evil to the Core
Defeated the Undead Core!
Cave Story Plus - I'm Juggernaut... I'm Juggernaut...
Found and collected all Life Capsules
Cave Story Plus - What A Fun Guy! What A Fun Guy!
Obtained Ma Pignon!
Cave Story Plus - Heavy Medal Heavy Medal
Defeated the Red Ogre!
Cave Story Plus - So easy, so so easy! So easy, so so easy!
Completed Easy Mode
Cave Story Plus - Home, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home
Returned Mister Little back home
Cave Story Plus - Here's Johnny! Here's Johnny!
Obtained the Alien Medal!
Cave Story Plus - Fish Preserve Fish Preserve
Spared Eggfish
Cave Story Plus - Wind Fortress C Rank Wind Fortress C Rank
Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 7:00
Cave Story Plus - I Like It Hard! I Like It Hard!
Completed Hard Mode
Cave Story Plus - A Gift from Santa A Gift from Santa
Cave Story Plus - A Fine Blade A Fine Blade
Cave Story Plus - Ate A Red Flower Ate A Red Flower
Cave Story Plus - Super, thanks for asking! Super, thanks for asking!
Cave Story Plus - Arm Bar Arm Bar
Cave Story Plus - Doggy Style Doggy Style
Cave Story Plus - Turbocharged! Turbocharged!
Cave Story Plus - Only If You're Greedy... Only If You're Greedy...
Cave Story Plus - Ladies' Man Ladies' Man
Cave Story Plus - Panty Raider Panty Raider
Cave Story Plus - Tow Me A Rope Tow Me A Rope
Cave Story Plus - Shtuff Happens Shtuff Happens
Cave Story Plus - Freakin' Laser Beamz Freakin' Laser Beamz
Cave Story Plus - Little Man Little Man
Cave Story Plus - Cold Hearted Snake Cold Hearted Snake
Cave Story Plus - Ducking Awesome Ducking Awesome
Cave Story Plus - I've Got Your Back I've Got Your Back
Cave Story Plus - Count to 290 Count to 290
Cave Story Plus - Supa Star! Supa Star!
Cave Story Plus - Return the Favor Return the Favor
Cave Story Plus - Swollen Mech Swollen Mech
Cave Story Plus - Toroko Wins! Toroko Wins!
Cave Story Plus - Hate Made Flesh Hate Made Flesh
Cave Story Plus - Mimiga Hero Mimiga Hero
Cave Story Plus - Cave Story Clone Cave Story Clone
Cave Story Plus - Who's the Boss? Who's the Boss?
Cave Story Plus - Happy Birthday Pixel! Happy Birthday Pixel!
Cave Story Plus - Wind Fortress A Rank Wind Fortress A Rank
Cave Story Plus - Wind Fortress B Rank Wind Fortress B Rank
Cave Story Plus - To Hell and Back To Hell and Back
Cave Story Plus - Unstoppable Unstoppable
Cave Story Plus - Sanctuary S Rank Sanctuary S Rank
Cave Story Plus - Untouchable Untouchable
Cave Story Plus - Curse Broken Curse Broken
Cave Story Plus - Coward Coward
Cave Story Plus - Sanctuary A Rank Sanctuary A Rank
Cave Story Plus - Sanctuary B Rank Sanctuary B Rank
Cave Story Plus - Boss Attack B Rank Boss Attack B Rank
Cave Story Plus - Boss Attack C Rank Boss Attack C Rank
Cave Story Plus - Boss Attack A Rank Boss Attack A Rank
Cave Story Plus - Boss Attack S Rank Boss Attack S Rank
Cave Story Plus - Sanctuary C Rank Sanctuary C Rank
Cave Story Plus - Wind Fortress S Rank Wind Fortress S Rank
Cave Story Plus -
Obtained the Life Pot!
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