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The Sims FreePlay Cheats for iP
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The Sims FreePlay iP Cheats

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The Sims FreePlay

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Vomiting sims 64%
This is a cheat that will make your sims vomite

Hold your device firmly and shake it for 2-5 secs
If your sim starts wobbling then keep it up
Soon there should be a puddle of peak lying on the floor
If doesn't work try again and it is sure to work
It worked for me
Oh an remember to clean it up
You don't have to but I recommend you do
Plz try it out
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Play without internet connection!! Always works!! 61%
Connect to the internet really quickly and open the app. Now tap on one of the sims (it doesn't matter who) and then wait until you are out of the wifi connection. Tap off the sim and play! Voila! You are playing without an internet connection! Note: don't exit the app for more than 10 secs because then it will say no internet connection and you won't be able to play😥!
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Make sims walk fast 58%
If your sim is taking to long to walk,double click the home button and they will be where they were going! (I use iPad 2)
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How to get more sim loans 58%
When your dog has a shovel above its head it means it wants to dig for treasure so your going to want to hit the shovel button. When your dog digs for treasure and it says how much Simlones your dog has dug up. Your going to want your sim to go over to the dog and praise him. Then your dog will dig up treasure like every 5 seconds.
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Wanna make your sims sick😳 56%
First you go on to sims freeplay then you get however many sims you want into one house, then shake your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone) you should shake it for a couple seconds and when your sims start to wobble and bobble shake your device some more then your sims should throw up, you should see a puddle of vomit (it is a greenish brownish color) and that's how to make your sims sick. Hope this was helpful!
~ The Sim Girl😘
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Delete sim 55%
Don't know how to delete a sim?
Select the sim you wish to delete, go to a wardrobe and in the very top left corner it'll give you an option to delete the sim. If the sim is a single parent you cannot delete the sim. Hope this helps!
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How to make your sims vomit (sims freeplay iPad and iPhone Apple) 55%
1.make any of your sims stand still
2.shake the devise for 1-3 second
3.then shake the devise more until you see them putting their head down ready to vomit
4.wait for a few seconds and your sims will vomit!

Awesome and disgusting cheat XD well haha did it!
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How to not have to spend 54%
On the sims freeplay, when you have an empty property go to the home store and click on the section for "exterior walls". Now pick any wall you want and it'll say that it's 0 simoleons because you have no house. Buy it for 0 simoleons and then you can build a house that will have the wall that you picked but for the price of a house without the wall pattern. Hope it helps!😜
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Make your sim vomit 53%
1.Shake your IPhone , IPad, IPod anything that you have Sims Freeplay
2.Keep shaking until they lean over and vomit!
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Wanna make your sims vomit? 53%
1. Hold your device firm and still the best you can.
2. Shake the device for 5 or more seconds.
3. Your sims will shake. When they shake, stop shaking.
4. Repeat step 2.
The cheat is done! Your sims have vomited. It does not work if sims are sitting. If you do not want to use this, sims will vomit if they eat some plates of food from cooking.
By: Violet angel(126)
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Building Pandora's Academy from the ground up! 52%
The video describes one potential way of building Pandora's Academy for gifted Sims Girls and Boys from the ground up! See the video: Cheat Video
The Sims FreePlay cheat video Cheat Video
By: Rpyleoh(266)
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A couple of ways to get more life style points and money 52%
1.Get as many sims garding in one house only use bell pepers because they are free and take less time do it as well do this as many times possible and you will be rich in no time.
2. Buy a car and start geting your sims to drive, every time a music symbol comes up press it because you can earn lp and coins from this.
3. Go to store and press free then finish a couple tasks for more lp
4. Make your sims level up on jobs for more money
5. Level up your towns value by buying more furniture
6.Complete goals for lp and coins
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Sims without wifi 52%
(I use iPad 2)

Go on the sims before you go to vacation,restaurant,store,etc. then stay on the sims and your playing without wifi! By:Lexi
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Saveing money 52%
Might help if you are making a room and have a high dollar wall paper of floor but when you go to make it make a 3 by 3 squared room then add the wall paper or flooring you want then expand the room hope it help I think I does a little 😜
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Works for 2014 update! Free town value 51%
Get a empty lot bulid a a house the size of the whole lot buy the least expensive flooring sell switch the flooring to something else cheap and your town value will start going up like crazy IT WORKS
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Make a sim move quickly 51%
1. First click anywhere where you want your Sim to go
2. Then double click the home button ( the circle one )
3. Go back on
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The quickest way to get your sim's sleep bar up high 50%
Buy a coffee machine and make a few batches of espresso. On the cheapest, 4 batches should be enough.The more stars, the quicker the actions complete.
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How to get sims to move in together 50%
1 get a boy sim and a girl sim together click on one of the sims and press be romantic and keep pressing it till it says buddy relationship

2 then keep pressing it till it says dating

3. Then when it says dating Keep pressing be romantic till it says partner when it says partner cick a sim again and and press ask to move in

I hoped it worked posted by kellie goldsmith
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Make your sims walk faster 50%
(Apple only)

What you have to do is double click the home button fast then double click it again then your sim will be where you wanted it to go. By:Lexi
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Twins 50%
Here's how to have twins

1. Have two preteen best friends ( boy and girl )
2.have them age up into teens
3. Then make them on a serious date
4. Then make them adults
5. Then get them to be partners
6. Ask other sim to move in
7. Then get married
8. Have a baby and the baby will appear out of the cot
9. Then have another and there you go 2 baby's 1 cot

Might not work all the time!
Good luck 😀😀😀
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Want to see what sims do during a woohoo? 50%
How to: Make sure you have 2 ENGAGED sims in a house.Make them to start the WOOHOO.Then quickly press the options menu(a green button with three dots on it).Change the language(i normally choose between english and french).Now you can see what sims actually do during a WOOHOO.They actually do not do anything other than kissing.THIS CHEAT IS FOR THE NEWEST UPDATES.CHEAT UPLOADED BY H-R-EX.I will try for more cheats.
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Free lp on sims free play 49%
This dose work with the iOS update, on iPad, iPhone, and iPad. First, click on the purple button with a shopping cart on it, then get all of the free ones, that require just watching a video. Then click the one that says like us on face book, and click yes take me to your web sight, then click the home button and re open sims. Once you open it, click the check mark and that will give two more lp. You should end up with 5 more lp once your done! Btw: when the face book page pulls up, don't click anything but the home button!
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Free simoleans (TAKES A WHILE THO) 49%
Go to the store, and under the featured part get all the free stuff keep it in a storage room or inventory ( GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, MAYBE ALL THE WAY UNTIL YOUR TIRED) once the new update comes you can sell it and get free money
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Free simoleons!!!! 48%
So this is for people who did not update their sims app. What you do is fill all your houses whith the free stuff like the tv and showers. Then you update your app. After you update it you sell all the stuff that you got for free. The tv sells for 100 and the shower sells for 120.
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Corn code 47%
Ok, I call this the corn code, but it's really just taking advantage of a glitch. It's slow but it works pretty well.

1. Make as many sims as possible plant corn.
2. Wait the twenty minutes
3. Harvest it, then really quickly, plant some more.
4. Swipe the screen to the right so that the picture wobbles, and the game freezes for a moment.
5. When the game un- freezes ( don't worry, it takes like, one second.) the corn should pop up ready to harvest.
6. Repeat. No need to cancel the sims action, just put down more seeds.

My friends tried it, and it worked for them, but they have iPad twos like me. It worked for watermelon for one of my friends, but not for anything longer., like beans.

I got over 30 000 simoleons from this, and it actually works. Some times it does give a bit of a boost to the longer ones as well. Hope it works... Corn Code Forever!
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Get to work on time 47%
If it is past the time for your sims to get to work but you still want the money and XP, change the time on your settings so that it is the time they should be at work😊
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Free LP for newest update 47%
This is a little hard to explain in text but, I will try my hardest. It is a glitch for the LP plant.

1) Make sure you have a garden patch.
2)Make all of your sims, except one, do something. Like shower, eat, talk on the phone, or whatever.
3)Go to the options menu(the green icon with the three white dots) and change the language. I don't think it matters what language.
4)Select your garden patch, then quickly exit out of the garden menu, then select it again and quickly exit out again. Repeat until the LP plant says free. It is originally $.99.
5)Plant your LP plant and get free LP.

It may go back to $.99 after you do it once but, you can repeat steps 3-5 and it will be free again. I usually switch between English and French. Super simple once you get the hang of it! Hope this helps everyone!(:
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Free XP 47%
You can get XP by shaking your device, making your sim through up on floor. You get the XPs by cleaninging it up
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Free money On any device I got £600,000 46%
You NEED neighbours for this. You can get them by connecting to Facebook or the game centre on the party boat Which is in the town. I have Seven neighbours so it was easier to get cash. Once you have neighbours go into the home store and go into social. If you have 7 neighbours I advise you to get the gold record player. If not just get the item with the most value. Fill you house FULL of this item (you don't have to but you will get more money.) then go out of the store. Tap the start button (three or four dots I think) go onto the key icon and then sign out of facebook or/and game centre. Sell all the social stuff you got for free. I spent one hour filling my house then emptying it and got 1 million :) thanks for reading x
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Start up money. 46%
This tip is for ppl who just start playing sims free play on Android phones. This is long process however its guarantted you will get money and things. You will need minum 7,500.
Step 1. Make sure there is only one house. Build a free house takes 5 minutes.
Step 2. Sell all of its items when its built. Including walls using built mode when it highlights to expend. Tap on it. It will say. 'Move contants to inventory and delete utem,' click yes then you will be rewarded with money.
Step 3. Goto town map and demolish the house.
Step 4. Repeat this process until you have 7,500 or more.
Step 5. This time you built Japaness house 7,500. Takes 5 minutes. In that house there is stature and outdoor water fountain. You can sell it for 5,000 each. Thats 10,000 just from those 2 items. Repeat again and again. Sell all and demolish the house. Then you buy mention at 10,000.
Step 5. Use some of money and renovate your house by using built mode. This will increase the town value. Keep in mind each time you sell things town value drops.
Step 6. Keep building 7,500 Japaness home. But keep those stature and water fountain at inventory. Sell and demolish the rest if building. This will reduce the lowing town value. But you have those 2 expensive items you can sell later.

Tip. When you built a mention relocate luxury car to your house before demolishing that mention. Now you get to keep luxury car. Continue this and until you are happy with money. Buy premium homes early. as town value goes up, so is the cost to building a house.
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Money and XP cheat 46%
When you click on the town map to collect money and XP from houses snd businesses if you double click really fast you will get double the money or XP! I have gotten this to work up to 4x the money/XP for each house and business. Just have to make sure you are tapping really fast!
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Loads of simeleons 46%
Get all but 1 sims to plant onions whilst they plant them (8hours) keep getting the other sim to do carrots (20min) check regularly and plant more carrots eventually your onions will grow and give you 800 cash each
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Spend hardly anything 46%
If you come across a quest that says to build or expand a room just expand the room the tiniest bit and that will cost like 50 simoleons or build a 3x3 room
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How to get a baby 45%
Once your sims are married well engaged ,until you get married when the wedding happens go but a brig for the baby and he baby will arrive in 24hours or less is depends how expiceive your crib is .
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Avoid certain quests 45%
If sims ask you to "add a new sim" then these are the easy steps.

Make sure you have a sim that you don't want!

1. Get any sim (a sim that you don't like!)
2.go to the wardrobe (any kind!)
3.look in the top left corner of the sims freeplay screen
4.there will be a red icon with a stick man with a cross over his body and it will ask you if you want your sim to move out of town yes and your sim will be gone :(
7.were your abandoned sim used to live there will be an icon with a green house click it
8.add your new sim and HEYPRESSDO!

By:Kiki sapphires
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Make more money 45%
1) buy cheap houses and put sims in them
2) build relation ships with other sims until they can move in ( this will also give you lots of xp)
3) move the sims in ( only three sims in one house hold
4) sell the old house and every thing in it
5 ) viola continue this and you will have good money in no time
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Change the day to night 45%
1. Go onto sims freeplay

2.come out of sims

3.go onto settings

4. Double click you home button and take away sims

5.change your date to 11:00 pm

6.come out of settings

7.go back on sims

8. Then your town should be dark

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Simeleons (Sims freeplay) 44%
For 10,000+ simeleons
1.You need to have 2+ neighbors
2.Buy the free stuff you get from having neighbors ( I reccommend the kararte ,it gets 1,000 )
3.Got to the three white dots somewhere on the bottom of the screen ...
4.Log out of your facebook account
5.Go back to the free stuff and sell all of it ,you should have at least 10,000 (depends on how much stuff you get )
6.Log back in and do over and over
*** WARNING -This will bring down your town value ,but who cares have some money spending fun.
*this worked on my ipad 2
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Money cheat 44%
This dosent work for any update only the life dreams and legacie update!
You of to upgrade your town sign to level three then your going get the teen idol manison for free you get it on the beach side residence you can just instally finish it with lps .the pool that you have in your backyard when you the teen idol manison you will have around $4,000,000 or $3,000,000. When you do this cheat, just go to your inventory select the outdoor icon, the pool icon should come up, then sell all the sides of the pool, each side is worth $300,000 or more. When this is done you will have around $4,000,000 or more if you like 2 or $3,000,000. Already

And I did not copy this off any website
And if you also find out this already I hope I still helped
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How to make your sims Woohoo without blur 44%
1.make your sims Woohoo with one of the other sims
2.if you want no blur because don't you think is kind of disturb? To have no blur when they Woohoo hit the . . . Button and click the button under a Resume Game and change the language into French and restart your sims freePlay and you will not see the blur when your sims WooHoo kinda hot huh?

Awesome and wierd and disgusting cheat! 8) hope it helped to peeps that hate the blur!
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Sims walk fast! 44%
Good luck! ❤️💚💜💙💛
1. Have a sim walking somewhere.
2. Double click the home button.
3. Re-open sims and your sim is where you wanted them to go!
I use iPad 2! ~ Savannah
By: Violet angel(126)
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Unlimited XP! 43%
1: make a male and female sim start from strangers all the way to engaged all in one day

2: make sure they have moved in with each other

3: when you click the "get married" button, you will get more XP then you would've and you can repeat the process over and over again.
By: Raymonda(118)
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Money cheat 43%
Go to codes and type : A3W4FG4HJ7
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The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough Guide 42%
It is definitely not easy to manage even a bug's life, but this guide will show you the walkthroughs, tricks, and tips to do this stuff for the characters you control in this variation of the traditional Sims game.

Read the Guide --> The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Time cheat 42%
If you go into your ipad settings, change the date and time settings so that you can enter them manually rather than automatically updating. Then change the time to when your sim needs to go to their job. When you log in to the game it thinks that the time is what you have set. You can keep changing it to send all your sims to work at the same time which is much easier than having to log in at specific times. It does'nt speed up tasks though unfortunately.
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Lots of Simoleons!!! 41%
My trick to simoleons! [Sorry if im spelling wrong!] Ok for this you need about 4+ neighbors! Go into edit mode for one house or empty lot any way works store your yard stuff then click neighbor furniture put in all the neighbor furniture (I suggest that boxing spot, swing the small boom box) put them all in and save it! Then click the three dots at the bottom ----> (Ö) and press the F for facebook, log out... then go to the house you had your neighbor furniture and sell em all... I got over 100,000 simoleons selling all of that! When you sell everything log back into facebook and repeat the nieghbor furniture stuff! (: worked for me got over 100,000 simeoleons! Thanks hope it helps
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Fast Money 41%
Literally the only way without a cheat is to grow bell peppers.
If you do not have the island unlocked I don't know if you can do this.
First thing to do is grow bell peppers (Make as many sims as possible do this so you get more money)
If you continue to do this process it'll give you 120$ or more if you level up in the island.
Hope this helps because it does help me!
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Here's somthin 41%
1.make your sim kick the trash
2.shake your screen to make your sims vomit then clean it up to get some XP🙊😵
2.plant some bell peppers to get some cash and LPs or plant some carrots but bell peppers are free 🌽
4.Get the pond and get the first sim you ever made to go FISHING speed it up if you have to but at the end of any fishing option you chose you should get 1 LP "FREE"🎣
This might help or it might not anyway

BYE Meoko OUT!
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How To Get Dozens Of Simoleons Quickly 40%
This is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to easily and quickly earn Simoleons without burning a hole in your pocket.

Step 1: Open The Sims Freeplay app and log in to Facebook.

Step 2: Go to your Sim's house and click on the buy tab, where you may purchase things for your house.

Step 3: Click on social, the tab with the people on. Here you will see a few things you can buy with the amount of neighbours you have. For example, I have 4 neighbours. The duck pond is the highest thing I can buy, yet I get swing sets because they cost more in Simoleons.

Step 4: Put down as many items as you want, anywhere you'd like.

Step 5: Return to The Sims Freeplay menu, pressing the green tab with the white dots on at the bottom.

Step 6: Log out of Facebook and go back to your Sim's house.

Step 7: Sell the things you bought, but since you're not signed into Facebook so you don't have any neighbours, it comes back as Simoleons!

Step 8: Voila. Enjoy your life as a rich Sim!

I hope this worked for you. If not, comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 'Till then, enjoy!
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Free lp 40%
Go on to the sims freeplay then click the three green and whithe dots on the bottom of the screen then click the list icon under resume game then you want to change it to Deutsch then press back button then press on the garden then click the back button really quick and keep on doing it on till you the top of it blank then click on it and it's free.But before you do that you want to have at lest one garden and you also have to have the lp sprout in garden and one sim at the house.good luck on winning the jackpot.

Hope this works
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Skip stuff without lp! 40%
Open settings into toolbar them open sims free play to toolbar

Get your sim doing anything that you want to skip

Then go into settings and change the time forward for how long it takes

The put on air plane mode and keep it on for 10 seconds then quickly turn it off then
Double tap home open sims back up and it should come up with a sign saying "cound not connect to
Server" don't push retry but wait till it is ok and if it dosent work try again till it dose

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This requires a Facebook account.

Go to furniture > social and buy heaps of the furnitures. I'd recommend you to buy the ones with the most neighbors. Then go to menu and press "account manager " then log out of Facebook. On the top it will say that you don't have any social friends go back to the buy/sell furniture mode and sell the social furnitures that you have just purchased. You'll see that your simoleons has gone up whenever you sell them. Enjoy!
Do it before the sims gets updated again as it wouldn't last long.

HERE'S A DEMO^ just incase I didn't make sense.
Credit to play eyeplaymimecraft! Thanks a lot 😊
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Free and easy simoleons 39%
First you log on to facebook to get neighbors,If you want to get a lot of simoleons you should have neighbors. To do this you go to we're you buy furnitures and go to social and buy a lot of swings,music player ,and ect. Put all of you purchased idems in the inventory.Then you log out of Facebook then go to your inventory and sell all of your stuff . Note that when you buy your swings,music players, ect your town value will go up and when you sell your items it will go back down.
Ps. make sure your your neighbors are at zero (0) before selling.
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First you must have at least 1 neighbour, you buy all the things you can with neighbour points (you must have a game center account to do this). Once your place is full of them you press the 3 dots sign on the bottom of the screen and click on the lock button and disable your Game Center account. You sell all the things you bought with your neighbour points and to repeat this you go back and enable your Game Center account and go to the party boat and you will have your neighbour points back so you can do it again and again and again this cheat WILL WORK with any update hope it helps )
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How to get more simoleons 39%
Go to the kids store and select the preteens tab and buy the karate punch bag ( it's free) go home and select the store tab and click on inventory (a backpack) and select the preteens tab and frag it inside the house and sell it it's worth 900 simoleons do it as many times as you want you can also buy the record player and a swing and a sandbox at the kids store for free
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How to get levels real fast! No joke 39%
Hi! I'm gonna show you how to get levels fast! Hint: after you get high levels it won't level you up as quick..
IN ORDER TO DO THIS CHEAT YOU WILL NEED A LOT OF MONEY SO GO ON YOUTUBE OR WHATEVER AND SEARCH: "how to get money and lp on sims freeplay no jail break" and click the first vid by Ellie Podleslny- She's AWESOME anywho, once you watched the vid and you have loads of mula,
Follow these simple steps and level up quick!

1. Go to the town map
2. Get a Premium Residence.
3. Get an empty lot.
4. Make a very large house using up the whole lot.
5. Go to the floor section.
6. Get the most expensive floor there is.
7. Buy that floor and voila! You level up!
8. Then, once you get to level 20, you can get a pool and fill the lot with that and have fun being a pro hacker!
OK I hope I helped you, BYEZ See the video: Cheat Video
The Sims FreePlay cheat video Cheat Video
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Visiting neighbours hint 39%
My sim would need inspiring as soon as I visited a neighbours town and then be sent home straight home and I would lose 5 Lp points.
Solution to this problem is to log into Facebook, I can visit places no problems now and get SP now.
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278,981,800 simolens In just 3weeks. 10,000 in 3 days! 39%
A good cheat for getting free simolens easily, within 3 days you'll have more than 10,000!
1.get as many sims as possible, so the daily payment will increase dramatically!
2. Try and turn your volume up so you can hear the dog bark and dig LOADS of simolens
3. NEVER follow quests that ask you to pay for something in the period of time you are collecting
Simolens. Eg, buy a couch! Things will get comfy between you and your partner!. These just are wasteful
4. DO follow quests that don't ask you to pay. They will reward you back :)
5. Go on sims most of your time and try as hard as you can. It really works! I have
278,981,800 simolens after 3 weeks now. Hope it works just as good for you! p


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Get your work done faster 39%
I don't know how this works on other devices but it definetely works on iPhone 5.
This is what I did to get more money
1.get a sim to plant any plant of your choice
2. Click on the home button
3. Disconnect from wifi
4.change the time in the date and time settings to your required time (ex:- 6 hrs ahead for tomatoes) the sim app again
6.connect to the internet when they ask you to without exiting the app (use the shortcut-slide your finger vertically away from the home button and u'll get a window with the wifi icon )
7.connect to the internet and there you have it.

Hope it helps!

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Free LP 38%
These are the steps that you need to take in order to earn free LP.

1. Have all of your Sims busy doing something with the exception of one Sim
2. Make a garden patch
3. Change the language to any language different from the one that you started the game with
4. Keep clicking on the garden now until eventually it says that you can get LP for free
5. Keep doing this, but exit out when it asks for more and you can get free LP
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The sims cheat afther march 2013 update!! 38%
1) Let sims do something school/work or whatever
2) double click the home button and close the sims
3) Tap the home button twice and all your recent apps should come up at the bottom - delete sims
4) Go to settings & switch on airplane mode
5) Go to Date and Time settings and set it to 15 April 2013
6) Now switch off airplane mode and
quickly switch off WIFI (make sure you don't use 3G or else turn 3G off)
7) Go back and open the Sims - It will tell you that you cannot connect.
8) Go back to settings & switch on WIFI
9) Go back to the sims and you will have more money and all your actions will be done.

I hope this will work. It worked for me on my iphone 5!
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How to get a baby 38%
How to:
1. Buy a crib from the infants section in the buy mode.
2. Press on the crib and up comes an icon (it cost 3 lp to get a child)
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The cheat to get LP and simoleons 38%
Okay. Plant the simoleon loutus. Make sure an Inspired sim plants it. You may of gotten a lot. (It's okay if you didn't. It gives a higher chance, that's all.) Make your town level REALY high. Almost like 6 away from leveling up. Buy an expensive peace of furniture. Sell it. Repeat as much as you want. You get LOADS of LPs. Then buy a lot of things you earn from adding neighbors FREE. Sell them. Tada! It works!

By: Savannah B.
By: Love animals(33)
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3 cheat pack 38%
Cheat 1 : LP Plant
1. Have a garden patch.
2. Have 1 inspired sim for a chance of jackpot.
3. Click the three white dots on the half oval at the bottom of the screen.
4. Keep clicking the garden patch and exiting quickly.
5. When the LP Plant is blank or says free where the $0.99 was, click it.
It takes you straight to the mini game without a purchase! Note: Don't hit retry. Repeat this cheat.
Cheat 2 : Sims WooHooing without blur
1. Have engaged or married sims.
2. Have them WooHoo.
3. Go to exterior walls in the home store.
4. Change the walls. Done!
Cheat 3 : Money
1. Plant beans.
2. Change the time forward 1 day.
Simple! Note: Set date back and repeat cheat! You can plant any plant also! Change date 1 more day forward of time if it is a few days or one.
By: Violet angel(126)
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Free Life Point Lotus 37%
Make a gardening patch. Then make all of your Sims busy except for one. To make a Sim busy, just give them a task to complete.

After that, go into the Options menu. Change the language to "DEUTSCH" and then have your Sim that isn't busy go to the gardening patch. Click on the gardening patch, then click away before he or she can do anything to it. Keep clicking back and forth for about five times or more. Then check the store and where the Life Point Lotus usually says that it costs X amount, it will now be available to download for free.
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Quick way to get LP and Simoleons free 37%
1. Endless LP -
Every time you reach a new population milestone you are awarded 5LP. Now delete an item to go just back under the milestone award.
Then press the home button and end the game in the multi-task menu.
Put the game back on and youíll notice you can achieve the reward again.
Buy an item to reach the award again and what do you know? Another 5LP.

*Hint* Reach the 1,000,000 population and you'll earn 10LP each time instead of 5.
*Note* Repeat process several times and youíll have 500Lp in no time.

2. Endless Money -
Now with all that extra LP you can buy featured items.
Buy the coffin bed for 6Lp and sell for 2,000.

*Note* Repeat process over and over youíll be rolling in the simoleons and LP for your own diabolical purposes
*Warning* I cannot be held accountable for any damage done due to the tyranny bubbling inside you as you hold unlimited control over unsuspecting sims
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How to get a little more Simoleons 36%
Have you ever wanted just a bit more money? Well, here is what you do:
1.Go to your sim's house that has a dog
2.Have your sim (any sim actually) praise the dog for 30 seconds
3.Then leave the dog alone for a few seconds and it should run away
4.Keep watch on the dog until it gives the little shovel+sparkle icon
5.Tap the icon
I usually get 10-20 Simoleons
Hope this works for you!

P.S. I use this on a iPhone 4s
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Money AND Town Value!!!!! 36%
Buy or Use an Empty Lot. If you use a house, make sure you sell the rooms in it. Build one room. The size of the WHOLE lot. Buy the cheapest floors. Switch it to another cheapest floors. Your town value will rise.

NOTE: The money cheat only applies if you use a house because then when you sell the rooms, you will get more money!
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Getting LP quick! 36%
Follow my money cheats before you do this!

Buy a lot for your town. You earn money after time with them to!😉 Buy expensive things for a house. When you are almost to leveling your town up, buy an expensive item. Sell it. Buy it again. You get 1 LP point when you level your town up. Hope it helps!
By: Angel kitty(17)
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Sims Money Cheat Pool Update! Works 35%
This works with MONEY, AND speeding up buildings and homes. Also makes all your sims inspired!

1- Have the sims that arent gardening BUSY. Doing anything at all work school anything.
2. open settings change date to dec 26 2013
3. Delete Sims app from multitask.
4. Open sims app. Collect your plants

5. Open settings again auto time on open sims. And Repeat
By: pennstatefan73(210)
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10,000 simoleons + whatever you garden and intstantly inspired 35%
Works on iOS devices

1.Enter sims freeplay
2. Have all your sims at one house
3. Have them garden anything you desire( time limit does NOT matter)
4. Click home button 1 time and go to your settings
5. Double click home button and hold down sims freeplay app and delete it from multitasking bar(DOES NOT DELTE GAME)
6.enter general in settings and select date and time
7. Turn off " set automatically"
8. Return to your sims game
10. Wait until it loads and wait ten seconds after it loads
11. Leave sims and enter settings
12. Repeat step 5 in settings
13. Turn on airplane mode
14. Repeat step 6
15. Turn the date 1 month ahead
16 repeat step 1
17. It will say it can't connect, hit retry and QUICKLY double click the home button and hit settings
18. Turn airplane mode off and re-enter sims
19. Voila! Inspired sims, 10,000 simoleons, and whatever you planted!
( may not work first time try a few times and do the steps in order)
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This cheat is working every day! :) You need 8+ LP!
1. Note:You need lots of LP, so use this for a few days. Click a free LP icon.
2. Watch all videos. Note: You can do something for like 50 LP and get more unlimited money! I recommend doing something for 50+.
3. Buy LP stuff starting with Dr. Freeze fridge and PBC pro computer.
4.Buy anything else you want if you can!
5. Sell the items. Note: You can put them in inventory and when the next update comes you will get more money!
6. Have a dog in the sims house you use with the next step.
7. Buy as many gardening patches you can.
8. After the dog digs up money, praise it.
9. Plant the plant that gives most money. Note: Don't use sim-eating plants!
10. Dog digs money and gardening gives rewards. Note: afterwards, bake with all sims using what rewards most! - Savannah
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150,000 Simoleons 34%
Step 1: Save up 60cc and go into the home store
Step 2: go into the stairs section and purchases a 60cc fire pole
Step 3: Place the fir pole in a house and it will come up with the sell button
Step 4: Sell the 60cc fire pole for 150,000 Simoleons.
Step 5: I now have 2,000,000 from using those steps
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GET $100,000 simoleons easy!!! 34%
So, in my experience playing the Sims Freeplay, it has been way easier to get the limited-time Construct-O-Coins than Simoleons. It takes a lot quicker to get 200 CC than 100,000 Simoleons. So I figured out that if you buy the most expensive staircase (which is 170 CC), then you can sell it for $100,000 Simoleons! It's so easy and such a quick way to get Simoleons! I highly recommend it.
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Simoleons Cheat 34%
First on the town map you need to go to the children's store. Go to the pre-teen section and scroll down the list until you find a karate looking thing. It does not have a price on it so you can just buy a bunch and sell them for 900 Simoleons each.
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3,0000 lp 34%
Log into Facebook add 3 new friends then go onto videos click on a free trial the click the home button then log out of face book go back in and cancel the deal buy a dog then when it digs it digs up 3,0000 lp
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How to get free simleons 34%
First, go to the children's store. Go to the preeteens stuff. There is a punching bag that's free. When you have one or more go back to a house and click the sore button. Go to inventory and sell the punching bag(s). It sells for 900 simleons. Do it as many times as you want. Hope you read this!
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How to get Simoleons fast 33%
In order to get easier Simoleons (the money in the game), complete the following steps:

1. Start the game
2. Have your Sim start doing something that makes you money
3. Exit the game while your Sim is in the middle of completing the task
4. Hold down the "Home" button on your iOS device and close all apps
5. Start the game again, but turn it off after three seconds
6. Turn on Airplane mode
7. Alter the time on your iOS device so that it is a month in the future
8. Turn off Airplane mode and then start the game again
9. You will find a bunch of bonus money in your account!
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Sims free play money and time cheat 2 in 1 ! 33%
This cheat gives is a time cheat + it also has a bonus MONEY! saddly no LP so ill try my best to find a LP cheat

1.Go onto sims free play
2.let all your sims do any activity ( I let them do gardening beans )
3.exit your game ( DO NOT exit it if your sims are walking to the place where the action start in the gardening case let them go to the patch then exit the game )
4.Go to multi tasking ( double click the home button )
5.Delete the sims from multi tasking
6.Go back on sims
7.When the EA circle pops up dont let it load exit the game
6.Go to settings
7.On airoplane mode
8.Go to generel, then date and time
9.set time to one MONTH ahead
10.Off airoplane mode ( DONT change the time back )
11.go on multi tasking and go back on sims
AND THERE YOU GO CASH CASH CASH and theres more.................TIME CHEAT and...................MORE CASH :P
this is on the teenager update NOT PRE TEENS , ON I0S7, I did it on ipad celluler version Hope the helped :)
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Simoleon trick! Unlimited simoleons! 33%
Get a free item from adding neighbors. Fill a whole house that you made fill the whole lot. Sell the free items and....

TADA! Loads if simoleons!

Oh, and repeat the process and unlimited simoleons!

By: Savannah
By: Angel kitty(17)
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Money UNLIMITED forever 33%
This is for experts that are looking for new cheats. You need many sims in order to do this. If you have only like 2, I do not know how you are going to do this. Good luck!❤️💚💜💙💛
1. Get as many garden patches as you can.
2. Get three sims in the house with the garden patches.
3. Have 1 sim garden corn, 1 sim carrots, and 1 sim bell peppers.
4. As the sims complete the tasks, put them back to their assighnd garden food.
5. You have so much money now and can buy a lot plus you can get sims married!
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How to go to the next level 32%
If you want to go to the next level make your sims do things with lots of XP an I'd you want them to do it quickly close the app by clicking the home twice and hold to get the minus and click that
Then change the date and time by 1yr and then close the settings app and reopen sims and then now your sim should be done with whatever you made it do.
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How to make married sims live in a different house 32%
I had two couples marriad living in 1 house so I wanted to kove 1 couple out. To do that I just bought a haouse and clicked transfer people. I had to transfer them 1 by 1 and it does take a while cos it might not work at first but if you keep trying it will im posative .x
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Footanogin 32%
First,you have to put your language to German
Make your sims be,X out of the be romantic
3 times and you will get everything for free
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Move through doors cheat. 32%
Get your sim inside his/ hers house. Go very close to the door withouts going through it. Then shake device until sim throws up. He/she is going through a wall
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Money cheat 32%
First thing you need to do is go to the three dots at the bottom of the screen press it and look to your right at the bottom and press that Gray at the bottom and press it and log in Game Center then when you on Game Center you go to games and press sims freeplay and play it those three dots at the top and it will say connecting to sims freeplay that rectangle box will come up and press continue and and it will give you 2,092 dollers it give me 71,000 dollers cause I keep doing tj it won't do it for the but do it see it will do it
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How to get 5 LP free unlimited! (Takes a long time though!) 32%
Simple. Get some weekly goals and don't do them and pretend they aren't there by setting it to something you never do.
By: Violet angel(126)
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Sims freeplay cheat 31%
Step 1: plant beans the highest amount of money

Step 2: click out of sims

Step 3: open settings

Step 4: turn wifi off

Step 5: go to general

Step 6 : turn set automatically off

Step 7 : make sure 24 hour is off

Step 8: change the date to a month before and a day before

Hope I helped the end !
By: Mshellokitty(47)
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How to get life points 31%
Open the app and click the three white dots switch language to French (the next one after English) get out of that and click on a garden patch you notice that there is no price on the lifepoint flower click on it and get your lip don't hit the replay on the flower it will not work anymore
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Money and inspiration cheat! 29%
(May not work for android)
1) load the game
2) exit to home screen
3) double tap home button which will make your app history pop up
4) hold down sims in history until a red minus sign pops up
5) click the red minus sign (will not delete app)
6) go to settings>general>date and time
7) make sure "set automatically" is off and change year to 2008
8) go to home screen and load sims
9 exit to home screen again
10) change date back
11) go back to sims and you should have an extra 10,000 simoleons and all sims should be inspired (: if it doesn't work just try again and you'll get the hang of it!
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Get more money and inspire ur sims quick!!!!! 29%
1.have your sims gardening have atleast 1 sim not gardening but all sims busy
2.go to settings on general
3.set the date to the 26 December 2013
4.double click the home button
5.hold down the sims freeplay app until you can see a red minus on the red minus to remove the app from the task bar
7.exit the task bar by tapping the screen once
8.go onto the sims freeplay game and collect your money
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Money cheat. Hope it helps 29%
I don't know if this still works but....
1 Make sure your apps on the tool bar are all deleted ( your apps will not really delete if you do this )
2 Go on sims freeplay
3 Get your sims to plant the most expensive plant only at one house ( that's how you get more money. You can plant any plant but you won't get as much )
4 Quit out of the game
5 Delete the app off the tool bar by pressing the red minus button
6 Go onto settings>general>time and date ( make sure that set automatically is OFF )
7 Set the year 2 years back ( ONLY THE YEAR )
8 Go into the sims freeplay game and wait until it loads ( if It comes up with the button saying your town is worth this much money just press OK )
9 Quit out of the game
10 Go back into settings
11 Set the year 1 year in front of the current year
12 Quit out of settings
13 Go back into sims freeplay
14 The plants should be ready to harvest so get them and with the most expensive plant you have you will get more money

This is how I made $600,000,000
Hope it helps
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Free simoleons 29%
This works after the stairs update
1. Go into sims, and set yours sims to garden anything you want
2. Leave sims and double tap the home button to delete sims from HISTORY (not deleting the game)
3. Go to setting and turn on airplane mode
4. Then go to set date and time and turn off set otamaticaly and set it to a month ahead
5. Go back to sims when it doesn't connect go back setting and turn off air plain mode
6. Go back to sims, hit retry and your gardening will be done as well as any building you may have started this process.
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Complete actions sooner without using lifestyle points 29%
If you don't want to wait 23hrs for a new baby or another action to be completed,
Exit sims, go into your settings>general>date and time> turn off set automatically(if is on)>set date and time
Then forward your date and time by however long the action takes,
For example: for a new baby, forward the date by a day :)
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How to get sims without leveling up 29%
All you have to do is cheat-buy a pack of 250 LP and build a house then click the second answer and make your sim.

I would do this on iPod and iPhone touch.

That is how you do it.❤️
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How to see sims woohoo 29%
First get 2 married sims to woohoo. Click the green button with three white dots. Turn to French. Push the right arrow once to turn to French. There. They only kiss without clothes.
By: Angel kitty(17)
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Money cheat! Works all the time!! 29%
This long process is worth it!
1. Have all sims in one house with a bunch of gardening plots.
2. Have a sim plant bell peppers, and others plant corn and onions.
3. Wait until everything is ready to be harvested.
4. Harvest everything quickly. You don't wanna wast time.
5. Make sure a dog is in the house.
6. Plant corn with all sims in the house with the dog.
7. Follow the dog and tap the shovel when it digs something up
8. Soon the corn will be ready. Harvest it quickly.
9. Build a lot of buildings.
10. When they are done, tap the thing with black and yellow lines.
11. Have a sim drive a car.
12. Repeat steps 1-8,
13. Collect money from the buildings.

Hope it helps! By: Savannah
By: Love animals(33)
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Sims money Cheat 28%
1.Open Sims App
2.Press the home button
3.Click the home button twice
4.Hold down sims app until you see a red line
5.Go to settings
6.Go to general date and time switch off set automatically
7.Set date to December 26th 2011
8. Go to wifi turn it off then return to sims game
9.go back to setting turn on the wifi and go to sims game !
There you have it you should have about 10,000 simoleans hope this helped also this cheat MAY ONLY WORK FOR IPAD 2
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Watch the Sims do woo hoo 28%
You can watch your Sims do "woo hoo" with this exploit.

First of all, get them to start doing the deed. Then click on the three white dots with the green background at the bottom of the screen.

Then go to the settings. Change the language to French. Changing the language to French will allow you to see the woo hoo uncensored.
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How to get 10000 simolens 27%
1.plants beans
2.tap the home button
3.tap setting
4.go to date and time in the general
5.set it to feburary 8 2012
6.turn on airplane mode and wait for 5,6 second
7.go back to the sims freeplay will see the message saying you need internet connection to play the game
9.go to setting
10.go to date and time and tap set automatic
11.turn off airplane mode and wait for 5,6 second
12. open the sims freeplay
13.look at your simolens
you can also do this even without planting beans if you are poor. if you repeat this and you will be a millionaire.
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