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Obut Pétanque Cheats for PS3
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Obut Pétanque PS3 Cheats

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Obut Pétanque

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Trophies 100%
Description: Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

P'tanque Master (Platinum)Got 'em all!
Off the mark (Bronze)Win an end
Pulling ahead (Bronze)Win an end 2-0
Here, Have This Goose Egg (Bronze)Win an end 3-0
The First of a Long Series (Bronze)Win a game
Are They Even Trying? (Silver)Win a game by a margin of 7 points or greater
Tell Fanny I Said Hello (Gold)Win a game 13-0
My Very Own Team (Bronze)Create a custom team
The Ultimate Player (Bronze)Max out stats for a player on a team
The Ultimate Team (Silver)Max out stats for all players on a team
Would you like it gift-wrapped? (Bronze)Buy something from the shop
Shopaholic! (Silver)Buy everything from the shop
Going Regional (Silver)Awarded for promotion to the regional league
Going National (Silver)Awarded for promotion to the national league
Going International (Silver)Awarded for promotion to the international league
World Champions (Gold)Awarded for winning the international league on easy
Champions of the Galaxy (Gold)Awarded for winning the international league on medium
Champions of the Universe (Gold)Awarded for winning the international league on hard
Carreau! (Bronze)Carreau an opponent’s ball
Carreau Hero! (Gold)Carreau an opponent’s ball 5 times in 1 game
Close Shot! (Bronze)Land a pointer shot within 20cm of the jack
Eagle Eye! (Silver)Land a pointer shot within 10cm of the jack
The Hand of God (Bronze)Go from losing to winning with the last throw of the end
Comeback Kid (Silver)Come back from 7 points down to win
Cursed Shot (Bronze)Go from winning to losing with your last throw of the end
Balls in Hand (Bronze)Win an end by knocking the jack out of play
Winning Spree! (Silver)Win 3 games in a row
Long Time Player (Silver)Play 100 games
Veteran (Gold)Win 100 games
Bulldozer (Gold)Knock 2 opponents balls out of play in one end
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