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Titan Attacks! Cheats for PC
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Titan Attacks! PC Cheats

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Titan Attacks!

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Steam Achievements 98%
Description: Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

10 SAUCERSDestroyed 10 saucers
100 SAUCERSDestroyed 100 saucers
25 SAUCERSDestroyed 25 saucers
50 SAUCERSDestroyed 50 saucers
A SPY IN OUR MIDST100 aliens escape capture
ANAL PROBECaptured 100 live aliens
AREA 51Captured 50 live aliens
BEGINNING TO LOOK DELIBERATEKilled 50 parachuting aliens
BUTTERFINGERS25 aliens escape capture
CARELESS10 aliens escape capture
DEADEYE DICKGot 100 skill shots
EARTHCompleted the Earth Levels
GADGET FREAKAdded all addons to ship
HE FELL DOWN THE STAIRSKilled 25 parachuting aliens
MARKSMANGot 50 skill shots
MARSCompleted the Mars levels
MOONCompleted the Moon levels
MULTIPLIERGot the x9 multiplier
PERFECT! Level 14Perfect Challenge Level 14
PERFECT! Level 21Perfect Challenge Level 21
PERFECT! Level 28Perfect Challenge Level 28
PERFECT! Level 35Perfect Challenge Level 35
PERFECT! Level 42Perfect Challenge Level 42
PERFECT! Level 49Perfect Challenge Level 49
PERFECT! Level 56Perfect Challenge Level 56
PERFECT! Level 63Perfect Challenge Level 63
PERFECT! Level 7Perfect Challenge Level 7
PERFECT! Level 70Perfect Challenge Level 70
PERFECT! Level 77Perfect Challenge Level 77
PERFECT! Level 84Perfect Challenge Level 84
PERFECT! Level 91Perfect Challenge Level 91
PERFECT! Level 98Perfect Challenge Level 98
POKE AND PRODCaptured 10 live aliens
QUICK DRAW MCGRAWGot 25 skill shots
REWIRED ITUpgraded addons to maximum rate
SATURNCompleted the Saturn levels
SHARP SHOOTERGot 10 skill shots
SIZE OF MY CANNONMaxed gun power
SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR50 aliens escape capture
TITANCompleted the Titan levels
TRIGGER HAPPYMaxed gun bullets
ULTIMATE SHIPEverything maxed out
ULTIMATE WEAPONGuns and addons maxed
UNETHICAL EXPERIMENTSCaptured 25 live aliens
WAR CRIMESKilled 100 parachuting aliens
WHOOPS!Killed 10 parachuting aliens
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