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BtS: Evacuation Cheats for PC
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BtS: Evacuation PC Cheats

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BtS: Evacuation

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the listed task below for the specified achievement:

...And Your Enemies CloserCompete with Gordo at night on Day 2 (Day 2 Only)
A Big Day Ahead of YouGo to bed at the end of Day 3. (Day 3 Only)
A Whole DayPlay BtS - Evacuation for a total of 24 hours
AccessorizedObtain and carry at least one of every accessory in the game
Almost ThereReach 75% completion
AmorMeet Angie. (Day 1 Only)
Awkward EncounterMeet with an advisor named Alphonse. (Day 1 Only)
Bass HunterReach level 99 in the Fishing skill
Beginning of a FriendshipMeet with an advisor named Lelan. (Day 1 Only)
Big TalkFind Lonn, the poor resistance's leader. (Day 4 Only)
BlessedPray at Church 25 times
BookwormRead every book in the Library,
BtS - EasyBeat BtS - Evacuation on easy difficulty
BtS - HardBeat BtS - Evacuation on hard difficulty
BtS - InsaneBeat BtS - Evacuation on insane difficulty. Impressive
BtS - NormalBeat BtS - Evacuation on normal difficulty
Budding RivalryMeet an advisor named Gordo. (Day 1 Only)
BuzzkillInform the tourist area hotels about the evacuation. (Day 1 Only)
CartographerExplore every area of the Town and Castle maps
Checking UpCheck Angie's house to make sure she's safe. (Day 5 Only)
ChefReach level 99 in the Cooking skill
CollectorCollect all 25 collectable necklaces
CompletionistReach 100% completion
Counting StacksCarry 100,000 Gold or more on you at one time
Crazy TalkFind Blaine, the middle class resistance's leader. (Day 4 Only)
CreditsWatch the credits
Cul-De-Sac MessengerInform the middle class about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
Double CheckCheck official buildings for important documents. (Day 5 Only)
DuellerLearn how to fight. (Day 2 Only)
Endurance MasterReach level 99 in the Endurance skill
Escape!Escape from the underground maze. (Day 5 Only)
FighterLearn the Double Attack on Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Finders KeepersFind a key to the Castle Basement. (Day 3 Only)
First DateTake Angie out on a first date. (Day 4 Only)
Free StuffClaim a free item from a Potion Shop. (Day 5 Only)
FreedomFree a person in bondage
GeneralLearn all of the fighting moves the soldiers have to offer on Day 3. (Day 3 Only)
HalfwayReach 50% completion
HelperComplete one sidequest
High SocietyInform the rich about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
HiredAccept Basilio's request. (Day 1 Only)
In The BasementSolve the Castle Basement's puzzles. (Day 3 Only)
In The RedEnter debt by staying at the hospital without paying
Informed EvacInform the shops about the evacuation. (Day 1 Only)
Just a Dream?Wake up on Day 5. (Day 4 Only)
Keep Your Friends Close...Hang out with Lelan at night on Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Lights OutGet caught in Gordo's trap. (Day 4 Only)
Loading TimeHelp load some things onto the ships. (Day 5 Only)
LockpickerReach level 99 in the Lockpicking skill
LogicPersuade Blaine to stop resistance against the evacuation. (Day 4 Only)
LooterFind and loot 3 treasure chests you couldn't before. (Day 5 Only)
LuckyReach level 99 in the Luck skill
MagicianMaster one alchemy spell
MailmanDeliver 30 letters to the citizens of Roseville
Man UpAsk Angie out on a date. (Day 2 Only)
Man's Best FriendAdopt either a cat or a dog
Master AlchemistReach level 99 in the Alchemy skill
Master QuesterComplete 100 sidequests
Mi CasaFind your house. (Day 1 Only)
Minor DetailsInform the King about how the evacuation is going. (Day 3 Only)
Money TalkFind Percy, the rich resistance's leader. (Day 4 Only)
Multi-TaskerHelp out in the Castle Chore Room. (Day 3 Only)
MusicianChange your house background music with a piano
Night on the TownVisit the Town Square during the night
Now You See Me, Now You Don'tReach level 99 in the Teleportation skill
Otherworldly InfluenceDefeat the demon Daemalum. (Day 5 Only)
Party UpJoin forces with the other advisors to rescue Angie. (Day 5 Only)
PersuasionPersuade Lonn to stop resistance against the evacuation. (Day 4 Only)
Pocket ChangeCarry 10,000 Gold or more on you at one time
PolicemanArrest 10 criminals
PreparedGo to bed at the end of Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Proper TrainingTrain with the soldiers and complete soldier training. (Day 3 Only)
Quarter DownReach 25% completion
Quarter MillionaireCarry 250,000 Gold or more on you at one time
QuesterComplete 25 sidequests
Respect Your EldersMeet an advisor named Winston. (Day 1 Only)
Rock BottomFind the lowest point in the Town
SaverSave the game 100 times
Secret SystemEnter the rich passageway system. (Day 4 Only)
SightseeingFind the highest point in the Town
Speed DemonDefeat the demon Daemalum quickly. (Day 5 Only)
Speeding BulletReach level 99 in the Agility skill
SpiritedReach level 99 in the Spirit skill
StrongmanReach level 99 in the Strength skill
Suit of ArmorObtain and carry at least one of every armor in the game
SurvivorSurvive the attack by the Assassin. (Day 2 Only)
SwordsmanObtain and carry at least one of every weapon in the game
The End?Watch the ending. Thanks for playing! (Day 5 Only)
Time SaverTeleport 200 times
Tower IComplete the West Castle Tower. (Day 3 Only)
Tower IIComplete the East Castle Tower. (Day 3 Only)
TravelerTake 50,000 total steps
Treasure Hunter IFind and open 10 treasure chests
Treasure Hunter IIFind and open 50 treasure chests
Treasure Hunter IIIFind and open 100 treasure chests
Walk TallInform the poor about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
WinningFind the King's Gold Coin (Day 3 Only)
Without a TraceEscape from Gordo's trap. (Day 4 Only)
WizardMaster all of the alchemy spells
ZzzzGo to sleep at the end of Day 1 (Day 1 Only)
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