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The Sims 3: Showtime Cheats for PC
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The Sims 3: Showtime PC Cheats

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The Sims 3: Showtime Cheats

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The Sims 3: Showtime

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Bacic cheats 100%
How to enable cheat code box: press control+shift+c control+shift+c+windows key for vista

Display most cheats help
Enable testing cheats testingCheatsenabled [true or false]
1,000 more Simoleons Kaching
50,000 more Simoleons Motherlode
Ignore the cost when buying a lot in Town Edit mode freerealestate
View career outfits and service uniforms unlockOutfits [on or off]
Toggle objects can be placed anywhere in Buy/Build mode moveObjects [on or off]
Return Sims to safe and nuetral state at home resetSim [first name] [last name]
Reset lifetime happiness of all Sims in active household resetlifetimehappiness
Delete any object Delete object
Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures constrainFloorElevation [true or false]
Objects will not snap to slots while holding [Alt] disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on or off]
Objects fade when camera gets close to them fadeObjects [on or off]
Show talk/thought balloons above Sim's head hideHeadlineEffects [on or off]
Print random joke to console jokePlease
Toggle lot tooltips displaylotpackagefilename [on or off]
Toggle "Llamas" warning icons enablellamas [on or off]
Slow motion visuals 0 is normal, 8 is slowest slowMotionViz [0-8]
Toggle framerate display at top right fps [on or off]
Full screen fullscreen [on or off]
Quit the game quit
Testing cheats
Enable the "testingCheatsenabled true" code, then type one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:
Result Cheat Code
Make toddler that grows to child become an NPC ageuptonpc
Set Simoleon total for indicated family familyfunds "[last name]" [number]
Buy mode slot with debug objects buydebug [on or off]
Set game speed speed [0 to 4]
Toggle map tags maptags [on or off]
Toggle all audio playsounds [on or off]
Record video with specified size and quality recordvideo
After enabling the "testingCheatsenabled true" code, you can also hold [Shift] and click on the following objects to access new options:
"Make All Happy"
"Make Friends For Me"
"Make Needs Static" or "Make Needs Dynamic"
"Make Me Know Everyone"
"Force Visitor"
Various "Force NPC" options
Various "Set Career" options
Work place
"Force Opportunity"
"Force Event"
"Force All Events"
"Build/Buy on this lot" (requires v1.7)
Any Sim
"Add To Active Household/Family"
"Trigger Age Transition"
Active Sim
"Modify Traits for Active Sim"
Non-household Sim
"Add to Household"
Any object
"Object... Delete It" (requires v1.7)
While the "testingCheatsenabled true" code is enabled on the "Select Family" screen before loading a family, hold [Ctrl] and click just below the box in the lifetime happiness to add 500 to lifetime happiness. You can also drag the needs bars up or down as desired. When viewing your Sims' relationships, you can drag the bars on that screen either way.

Video Game Adaptations Are Horrible

Top 10 Pointless Sequels

Top 10 Ninjas In Video Games

Top 10 Superheroes That Need Their Own Games
More Special Features...
While the "testingCheatsenabled true" code is enabled, hold [Ctrl] and click a Moodlet in the Moodlet panel to remove it. Note: If it is motive-induced, the bar related to the negative Moodlet will be completely filled.
To max out Moodlets and keep them that way, enable the "testingCheatsenabled true" code. Then, hold [Shift] and click your Sim's mailbox. Select "Make all happy", and click the mailbox again, then select "Make needs static".
While the "testingCheatsenabled true" code is enabled, hold [Ctrl] and drag the Mouse left or right to raise or lower your Sim's current motive as well as raise or lower relationships.
Watching your own videos on the TV
Use the following trick to watch your own videos on the Sim television. Place the video you want into the "/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 3/Movies/Broadcast/[television station]" folder. Turn on the television in the game, and you can watch it. The video must be in .AVI format, with a resolution no larger than 128x128 pixels, and frame rate not greater than 15 frames per second.
Listening to your own music on the radio
Place the desired .MP3 files in the "/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 3/Music/[radio station]" folder. Start the game, go to "Options" menu, select "Music Settings", then choose radio station. Select which songs you want the radio to play.
Easy money
Start writing novels on your computer. Write fiction novels as they take the least amount of time. They will not bring you too much Simoleons. When you write, your skill will automatically advance. If your skill is high enough, you will be able to write more novel types/genres. The most money can be made from "Romance Novels". You will get royalties for six weeks once you finish a book. With the "Writing" skill maxed out, you can make approximately 40,000 Simoleons every week, which is more than the 34,800 Simoleons you can get by purchasing all neighborhood businesses, and takes less time to achieve. In three game weeks you should have a very high speed writing, 9 or 10 novels as best sellers, and 100,000 Simoleons.
Saving money
No matter how many times you use an object, if you sell it the same day you got it you can get all your money back. If your Sim is poor and needs body points or something else, buy a body machine and keep selling it back to get a refund of all your money.
Easy Cooking, Fishing, and Gardening skills
This trick requires a TV with a Cooking, Fishing, or Gardening channel and a video game system. Have a Sim sit down and watch television. Switch the TV over to one of the previously mentioned channels so that the Sim can start earning his or her skill point. Then, have a second Sim go over and start playing video games. Notice that although the TV is displaying video games, the first Sim still has the skill meter above their head. Allow this Sim to sit there for as long as they please until they decide to do another activity of their own. After that, the skill meter should stay above their head until you start another Cooking, Fishing, or Gardening skill activity. As an added bonus, you can train two skill points at once. For example, work out and both the Athletic and Cooking skills will continue to rise. If you keep repeating the steps until each skill channel has been viewed, the Sim will keep learning the three skills as he or she goes on about their daily life, and four when doing skill activities.
Free bookcase skills
Buy a bookcase, then have your Sim begin to study. Interrupt the action so that the book is placed on the ground. Sell the bookcase. The book can now do everything the bookcase could have done for free.
Increasing chance to have baby boys
Have a pregnant female Sim eat apples to increase the chance of having a boy.
Increasing chance to have baby girls
Have a pregnant female Sim eat watermelons to increase the chance of having a girl.
Increasing chance for multiple babies
To increase the chance of having twins or triplets, have one or both parents have the lifetime reward of Fertility Treatment.
Ghost baby
Set one of your female Sim's traits to Kleptomaniac. Go to the graveyard, and have the Sim steal male remains. On the second day after putting the male remains in your home, a ghost will appear at 11:00 p.m. and disappear at 4:00 a.m. It will appear every other day. Socialize with the ghost every night it appears. When you become best friends with the ghost, it will begin appearing every night. Get the "Fertility" reward. Confess your attraction to the ghost. Ask to snuggle on the bed, and kiss him. Try for a baby every night until you start throwing up. You will now have a ghost baby that you can control.
Ghosts in your house
Go to the graveyard, click on all the tombstones, and take all possible tombstones. Return to your house, and place them somewhere in your backyard. You now have a 70% chance of a ghost or two, or even a whole party of ghosts visiting your house each night. To improve your chances, write in the epitaph "Here Lies [Sim's name], The One Who Returns".
Making friends
Buy a guitar. Play it to learn how to play guitar. Keep playing until you reach 5/10 level, which gives you the ability to "Play For Tips". When you have that ability, go to the park with the guitar in your inventory. When you are in the park, click the guitar in your inventory, and select "Play For Tips". People watching you will become your friends if you keep playing. The higher your guitar skill, the faster they will become friends with you.
Disable aging
Instead of using a cheat code to toggle "aging on" and "aging off" like in The Sims 2, you can de-activate the age in "Game Options" under "Options". When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar. It can be set from 25 days to 960 days.
Quickly advance age
Use the following trick to change your Sim's age (toddler, child, teen, etc.) quickly. Buy a birthday cake from the grocery store, and place it somewhere on your lot. Click the cake, and select "Have Birthday". Then, choose the Sim to be aged. This is a good method to get past the baby stage.
Avoiding death
Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard. Near the gate is a bush called "Death Flower Bush". Harvest the flower from it, and keep it in your Sim's inventory. If you die, that Sim will give the flower to the Grim Reaper and be resurrected. Although the flower will not reappear there again, if your Sim has Level 7 Gardening, they can plant the "Unknown Special Seeds" found in the graveyard and some other places that have a chance to grow as a Death Flower. Note: Having the Green Thumb trait to revive the plant may help.
Changing your name
To easily change your name, go to the map, and find City Hall. It should give you an option to change your name during the day between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
New clothes
To get new clothes, you first have to buy a dresser from "Buy Options". Once there, click "Plan Outfit". You can put a total of three different clothes for each type (formal, every day, athletic, etc.).
Learning all guitar songs from books
Have your Sim reach Guitar skill level 5. Have a level 5 book in their inventory, click the guitar, then select "New Song" to learn it. After reaching Guitar skill level 6, do the same thing with a level 6 book. Repeat the process until the Sim reaches Guitar skill level 10, and they will know all songs that were taught.
Creating brilliant paintings or masterpieces
Create a stylized still life after it is unlocked. Choose "Genius", and make it in the largest possible frame. You will now have a much better chance of getting a brilliant painting or masterpiece.
Building a basement
Put down staircases on a new lot to lower the terrain. Go to the bottom of the first one, and miss out one tile, then put down another staircase. Repeat this again to have three staircases. Delete the staircases. Use the "Level Terrain" tool to level the terrain from the lowest tile. Set it as big or small as desired. Using the "Straight Line Wall" tool, build walls around this hole so there are walls pressed up against hills. Build the room above so it covers the entire basement. Cover around the house with the "Foundation" tool all the slopes should be covered up. Place one tile in the top floor, then create a staircase leading down to the basement. Make two or more foundation blocks at the front of the house, and place a staircase leading up them.
Duck Time moodlet
Buy the Ducksworth of Bathington, and place it in your bathtub. When a Sim takes a bath, they will get the Duck Time moodlet which results in a +15 boost for four hours.
Getting rid of dirty dishes
Drag an empty plate into a Sim's inventory, then drag it to sell. You will not get any money, but if your Sim does not have a dish washer, it is a quick and efficient way to get rid of dirty dishes.
Strange faces
There is a glitch in Create-A-Sim mode that allows to you to make very strange faces. Go to the face designing area. Select a face part such as the eyes, and max out all the sliders one way or the other. Then, go to a different face part, and select one of the predesigned parts. Return to the eyes. The sliders will have reset to the middle, but the eyes will still look the same. This works for all of the face adjusting tabs. You can then continue to max out the size of the eyes and repeat. You can make eyes the size of dinner plates, very long cheekbones, huge noses, and more.
Hording pizza
Have a Sim call for pizza. When the pizza delivery man arrives, do not accept the pizza. The delivery man will eventually leave the pizza on the front porch, and it will never get stale. You can stack as many pizzas there as you want. If your Sims get hungry, just tell them to get a pizza from the front porch.
EA game references
When you have the video game system and your Sims play it, zoom in on the TV to see that the games they are playing are various Electronic Arts titles.
Spore reference
Have a Sim reach the top painting level to have the ability to create masterpieces. One of the paintings that can be created is that of a creature from Spore.
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C99962 100%
Do the cheat code testingcheastsenabed true then go to the friends and accuatianses at the bottom right corner and under the picture of the friend there's a bar drag it up or down to make that sim you're best friend or enemy. If you drag it to best friend then it will help the chance of you're sim being girlfriend or boyfriend. Hope this helped!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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More family 100%
1st hold shift click sim you want in your household ( but still hold shift ) then press add to household and you have a nother sim liveng with you!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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How to get your child a job 100%
1. type in Testingcheatsenabled true
2. hold shift and click on the mailbox
3. click on edit sim and age that sim to young adult
4. Find a good career
5. Age the sim back to child
6. Bulldoze the schools and be off to work!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Money 100%
For a lot of money fast do ctrl+shift+c then type in familyfunds then the last name of your sims and put in any amount you want. the highest you can go 9999999. enjoy
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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How delete you sims 100%
Ok how to delete a sims all you need to do is use the cheats moveobjects and just sell your sims it works so you do not need to kill you sim and all sims will not be sad
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Cheakallhousesfree 100%
It opens all the houses that are used for free
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Money cheat 100%
First get the cheat window up by pressing ctrl+c+shift then type in mother lode and then press enter you should have 50,000 simelons double it to get 100,000 hope this helped
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More money 100%
Hi everyone got an amazing cheat for sims 3 . First you press all at the same time CTRL ALT C then type in motherlode do this as much time as possible and you will get 50,000000 sim money (sorry can't spell the name of sim money :)

Thanks a hope this works for you :) :) :)
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Island Paradise Cheats All 100%
I want to use island paradise cheats all.please help me..Thanks Alots
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Money time!!! 100%
This is a cheat to get as much money as you want! follow these isntructions:
1: open cheat box (ctrl+shift+C)
2:type testingcheatsenabled true
3:press enter
4:repeat step 1
5:type familyfunds (family name) (desired amount)
6:press enter
7:enjoy your money!
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Tiffany Llaveros 100%
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Tienda Nike Basketball Shoes Collection | 100%
Tienda Nike Basketball Shoes Collection |

















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* L√ćMITE DE UNA PAREJA POR CLIENTE .&euro199.95  &euro66.03Ahorre: 67% descuento
Nike Hyperdunk 2013 TB Zapatos Baloncesto&euro186.00  &euro55.80Ahorre: 70% descuento
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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Zapatos de baloncesto&euro200.88  &euro61.38Ahorre: 69% descuento
Nike KD VI ( What The ) Zapatos de baloncesto&euro190.65  &euro61.38Ahorre: 68% descuento
Nike KD VI EXT QS zapatos ( floral ) Baloncesto&euro206.46  &euro60.45Ahorre: 71% descuento
Nike KD VI zapatos ( Pascua ) Baloncesto&euro242.73  &euro63.24Ahorre: 74% descuento
Nike KD VII ( 35k Grados ) Zapatos de baloncesto&euro161.82  &euro66.03Ahorre: 59% descuento
Nike KD VII ( Calma antes de la Tormenta ) Zapatos de baloncesto&euro200.88  &euro53.94Ahorre: 73% descuento
Nike KD VII zapatos ( EE.UU. ) Baloncesto&euro197.16  &euro57.66Ahorre: 71% descuento
Nike Kobe IX Elite zapatos ( Perspective ) Baloncesto&euro160.89  &euro53.94Ahorre: 66% descuento
Nike Kobe IX EM ( D√≠a de la Independencia ) Zapatos de baloncesto&euro168.33  &euro57.66Ahorre: 66% descuento
Nike LeBron X PS Elite zapatos ( Superh√©roe ) Baloncesto&euro185.07  &euro64.17Ahorre: 65% descuento
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Nike Lebron XI EXT Denim QS Estilo de Vida Zapatos&euro232.50  &euro66.03Ahorre: 72% descuento

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Lifetime points 88%
You know when you see somthing in the lifetime shop and you want it but you dont have enough points and you have to save in so long to get afford to it, but not any more because I found a cheat that can gife you so much points you have ever wanted.

1. Press CTRL+shift and then C to open the cheat box

2. Text in "testingcheatsenabled true/false" (true=on false= off)

3. Go to the lifepoint box and click to the rigth for the numbers+ hold down CTRL and wolla` you get 500 lifetimepoints every time you click

may somtimes not work, but then just save and quit and begin again
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5 of my favourite cheats 67%
Cheat 5: Remove bad moodlets
Have you got a bad moodlet? Are you sick of them? Well now you know how! All you have to do is open up the cheat box and type in 'testingcheatsenabled true' and press control and click the moodlet

Cheat 4: Editing Sims Fully
do you hate having an ugly child in the sims 3? Its easy to change!
All you have to do is open up the cheat box and type in 'testingcheatsenabled true and shift click the som and click edit sim in create a sim.

Cheat 3: Ghost Baby!
At night from about 12 until 6 go to the graveyard and talk to a ghost the opposite sex to your Sim.
Every night from then on go and talk to them, some nights though the ghost might not come out.
When you and the ghost have made really good friends click on 'romantic' then 'try for a baby' (you made have to use lots of romantic options first)
Keep trying for a baby ever night until you're pregnant. (you may have to move his gravestone into your lot before you can try for a baby)
The first baby may not be a ghost, so if it's not, then just keep trying until it is a ghost baby

Your ghost baby can continue like any other child, it just looks cooler!
If you get bored of having a ghost baby, then keep fishing until you reach level 10, then go and fish in the graveyards pond until you find a 'death fish'.
Somewhere in the graveyard there's the 'death flower', harvest it, you may need to be a level 10 gardener.
Become a level 10 cook, and buy the ambrosia recipe and make it using the death fish and flower.
Make the ghost child (must wait until child-old person) eat the food and whoa, a human Sim!

Cheat 5: Control A Ghost
Make sure that you hav more than one sim in your household, kill one of them then you should get a phone call some time and it will say oh my ghost! This means you will donate your ghost to science. Now donate your ghost to science and it will not go now you can play as a ghost

Thank you for your time!
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My fave four cheats 67%
4:money cheat. press control shift and c at the same time to bring up a bar at the top type in motherlode to instantly get 50,000 simoleons.

3:building and buying on any lot .press control shift and c at the same time to bring up a bar at the top. type in testingcheatsenabled true and then whichever lot your on just press shift and click on the ground then click buy or build on this lot and there you go !

2:deciding which gender baby. if your sim is pregnant she can choose wat gender she wants the baby by eating different things for me it works if I eat a watermelon a day for 1 girl.2 watermelons a day for twin girls and 3 watermelons a day for triplet girls. for boys it works for me 1 apple a day for 1 boy and so on.

1:adding people to active family. press control shift and c at the same time to bring up a bar at the top. type in testingcheatsenabled true then press shift and click on any sim or pet and click add to active family
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Haeth 67%
Enter the cheat or hints here!theaeshaethuaty
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50,000 67%
Hit control,shift and,C motherlode
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Gives 100000 life time happynes points
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Money!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$ 50%
If you want money but dont want to cheat, go to lifepoints and buy the genie and wish for money and you get 100.000$

your welcome :D See the video: Cheat Video
The Sims 3: Showtime cheat video Cheat Video
By: gigo412(15)
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The Sims 3 50%
Enter the cheat or hints here!Fatal error: Call to undefined function pspell_new() in /home/cheatmas/public_html/spell_check.php on line 271
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Activat island paradise 50%
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Sims How To Get A Trillion Dollars! 50%
( WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS IS DONT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY IF I BREAK OR HURT YOU AND YOUR DEVICE) Okay so this is how you get A Trillion DOLLARS!, of course you can waste your life typing (Motherlode witch gives you 50.000 dollars), buth you could also try This Nice Fancy Cheat to DO IT ULTRA FAST! its called family funds, So this is wat you want to do okay? To get the cheat Menu open go in the game and Pres CTRL - ALT - C then type this in the Cheat Menu: Family Funds (Your Characters Last name) (And then how mutch money) Then press enter! TADAA, hoped this helped you getting a ton of money :D (This works for all the sims 3 Packs)
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Sims 50%
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The sims 3 pc 43%
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The Sims 3 25%
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All girls are hot 20%
Makes girls hot all girls
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10000 14%
Para hilesi
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