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Alien Chaos 3D Cheats for 3DS
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Alien Chaos 3D 3DS Cheats

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Alien Chaos 3D

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Is It Dead Yet?!?! 100%
This will tell you how to kill the Netherbird on Episode 4 Level 5.
When the mission starts jump straight up to the higher platform on your right and watch for the Netherbird. When it comes keep shooting at it while jumping over the Fireballs it shoots. Beware of other robots that will attack you while doing so.
When your ammo runs out and you are left with the Peashooter jump down to where you started and:
Clean up and and pieces of robot, bullet shells, e.c.t. into the Triple-Shot container.
If the container is not full then:
Shoot other robots to clean up more pieces.
Or if you are good at dodging stand with your back to the container and keep shooting.
When you have the Triple-Shot jump-up back to the higher platform and shoot in the direction of the Netherbird.
Once this is repeated about 3 times 1 or 2 Bears will come from either side, this is where you can lose A* life to kill all of the bears.
Continue this as many times needed to have a reassured win every time.**
*Only One!
**As long as you don't lose too many lives at first.
Good Luck!
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