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Devil May Cry HD Collection Cheats for PS3
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Devil May Cry HD Collection PS3 Cheats

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Devil May Cry HD Collection

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Thunderstruck (5G) 100%
Description: DMC1:Performed an S Rank Combo using Alastor
Strategy: Alastor is the electricity-infused sword that Dante can access in mission 2 of the game. To earn an S rank with the weapon, just button mash against a group of puppets and it should come easily enough. Remember not to use any guns, as this will reset the ranking, and don't jump and slash with the weapon. Seriously, just mash on the button and Dante will take care of the rest.
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Arachnophobia (5G) 100%
Description: DMC1: Survived an encounter with Phantom
Strategy: Dante faces Phantom for the first time in Mission 3. To survive this boss fight, using the Devil Trigger gauge is a must. To activate the Devil Trigger, tap LB so that Dante can become powerful enough to slice through Phantom's armor. You can refill the gauge if you just keep attacking Phantom. To do damage to him outside of Devil Trigger, do jumping and slashing attacks.
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You're No Angel (5G) 100%
Description: DMC1:Survived an encounter with Nelo Angelo
Strategy: Nelo Angelo is the titular "Black Knight" encountered in the fourth mission of the game. Fighting him off is fairly easy. Button mashing is actually the best way, as you can interrupt his attacks. You may also want to jump over to him to avoid his slashes and attack him from behind if that makes it easier. Don't bother using guns as they are useless against him.
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Blue Demon (5G) 100%
DMC1: Completed a Blue Orb

Blue Orbs increase your overall vitality, or health. Full blue orbs can be purchased from the upgrade shop, and blue orb fragments can be found in the levels. Four blue orb fragments will equal a whole orb that will increase Dante's health.

Check out the video for the first 14 blue orb fragments available in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
Devil May Cry HD Collection cheat video Cheat Video
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Squashed Like A Bug (5G) 100%
DMC1:Defeated Phantom

In mission 8, you will have the final battle against Phantom. The fight is virtually the same as before, except this time Phantom will have new attacks that make it more deadly, such as shooting fire balls into the sky that will then rain down on Dante.

Use the same strategy as before. Activate Devil Trigger whenever possible, then jump on top of Phantom and swing like crazy. When Devil Trigger runs dry, avoid Phantom's attacks and try to get to its ass to continue to damage it and build a new Devil Trigger.
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Bird of Prey (5G) 100%
DMC1:Survived an encounter with Griffon

Mission 9 will see the first appearance of Griffon. Dodge his attacks and lob the grenade launcher into him at every opportunity to deal the most damage.
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Bookworm (10G) 100%
DMC1:Unlocked 50% of all entries for every enemy file in the status menu

This will unlock automatically around mission 10. What this means is that you've encountered half of the enemies in the game.
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Hot As Hell (5G) 100%
DMC1:Performed an S Rank Combo using Ifrit

The Ifrit gauntlets are powerful tools that are unlocked about halfway through the game. Just button mash against enemies until you reach the "Stylish!" combo ranking.
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Broken Halo (5G) 100%
DMC1:Fought Nelo Angelo a second time and prevailed

The second boss fight against Nelo Angelo is actually kind of easier than the one before. Yes, he has more attacks, such as the ability to shoot blasts of blue energy at you from his sword, but the grenade launcher proves a very effective tool against him. I recommend jumping around the environment and blasting him with the grenade launcher as much as possible. Whenever you have Devil Trigger, use it and then wail on him with the full force of the Devil Trigger. When it depletes, retreat, and repeat the process.
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Cold Turkey (5G) 100%
DMC1:Fought Griffon a second time and prevailed

The second boss fight with Griffon takes place on a boat in mission 12. This boss fight is easier than the first encounter with Griffon. Just blast him with the grenade launcher repeatedly. When he lands on the boat, seek higher ground and continue to shoot him with the grenade launcher. He will fire red blasts of electricity at you, but just jumping around is a very effective way to dodge these attacks.
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Night Terrors (5G) 100%
DMC1:Survived an encounter with Nightmare

Mission 16 will see your first boss fight against Nightmare. This trash-like monster is a huge pain, and definitely the hardest boss in the game up to this point. To initiate the fight, examine the dark puddle on the ground.

Then Nightmare will appear. He has two forms. His first form is a liquid-like trash form, in which he is invulnerable. He will send gooey enemies out to latch onto Dante. Run away from him and instead hit the symbols on the walls with Ifrit to cause Nightmare to show his true, solid form.

Now get behind Nightmare. Activate Devil Trigger, and wail on the orb that emerges from his body. When you are directly behind him, Nightmare will be powerless to your attacks.

Repeat the process from there. Sometimes Nightmare will grab you with its goo and transport you to a different dimension. This dimension can be a godsend if you're skilled enough, or just even more of a nuisance.

Here there will be skulls floating around as well as a mini-boss that is a repeat boss from one you fought before, either Phantom, Griffon, or Nelo Angelo. Defeat the skulls, and then a more powerful skull will appear. Kill this skull, and then fight the mini-boss, using the same strategies as before.

You'll get a health orb after this boss is defeated. Step into the portal to return to the cathedral, and Nightmare's health will take a 25% decrease. Keep pushing forward with the same strategy outlined above and you'll be able to fell Nightmare.
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Fallen Angel (5G) 100%
DMC1:Defeated Nelo Angelo

The final battle with Nelo Angelo is actually not that difficult if you can roll effectively and dodge his attacks. Just roll away from him constantly so that he can't attack you with his sword. Then activate Devil Trigger and shoot him with powerful grenade launcher blasts.

He will mostly hang up in the air and shoot swords at you. These are dodged easily. Just keep rolling. Roll. Shoot. Roll. Shoot. If you do see an opening when he's on the ground, then go ahead and run up and wail on him with melee strikes as well if you have health to spare (just in case he gets a shot in).
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Good Night (5G) 100%
DMC1:Fought Nightmare a second time and prevailed

The second fight with Nightmare is actually much easier than the first fight with him. The same strategy as before applies. Just constantly activate the wall symbols, then attack the globe that appears from behind him. He'll be faster and trickier this time around, but battling Nightmare is totally manageable anyway.

When his health gets in the red this time, the orb will, once, come out of the top of Nightmare. Do jumping attacks to continue to damage him when this happens. Then it should start coming from his rear again shortly.
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The Nightmare is Over (5G) 100%
DMC1:Defeated Nightmare

The third battle with Nightmare is the hardest boss fight in the entire game, in my opinion. The battlefield is much smaller than before, so running to the symbols on the wall and powering them up is much easier than before, sure, but Nightmare is basically constantly attacking you the entire fight.

Before going for his globe, be sure to fire a grenadegun shot at it, then run over, activating Devil Trigger, and go nuts. AVOID being sucked into Nightmare's other realm, because you'll have to fighter another version of Nelo Angelo that is incredibly tough and will drain your health meter even further.

Don't be afraid to use a Vital Star. In fact, I highly recommend it. Since you can just run to this boss immediately at the start of the mission, don't bother wasting yellow orbs here if you die. Just quit to the main menu and then load your save so you can hold on to your yellow orbs for subsequent playthroughs or if you need them in the next few missions.

After his health has been drained the first time, a quarter of it will be replenished by Trish. Nightmare will turn to ooze and then latch onto the ceiling. Quickly activate the symbol on the wall again, and he will return to his true form. He can trap you in a cage in the midst of this, so slice your way out before he can do any real damage.

Now return to attacking his orb. It will glow violently red and Dante will be attacked mercilessly. Switch to Devil Trigger and start firing the grenadegun right at the orb. Roll around to try to avoid some of his attacks. An Untouchable item will be of great help in this situation as well.
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Table of Contents (5G) 100%
DMC1:Unlocked every enemy file in the status menu

This achievement is for seeing every enemy in the game. It will automatically unlock once you start the first part of the last boss fight against Mundus in Mission 22.
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The Devil Went Down To... (5G) 100%
DMC1:Defeated Mundus

Mundus is the final boss in the game, and his fight is in two parts in mission 22. The first stage will be a flying segment. Dante will be in a demonic state of his own, flying around the screen. You can fire red symbols at Mundus during this time, and you will need to rotate Dante all over the place to avoid all of Mundus's attacks.

Constantly fire these projectiles by holding the X button. Focus on the big black orbs that surround Mundus in a square. These orbs power his shield. Once his shield is down, aim your attacks at the glowing center of his chest and build your Devil Trigger.

Using your Devil Trigger will deal the most significant damage to Mundus. However, it's wise to wait until his orbs are up as the Devil Trigger and smash right through the shield, and that way you can do even more damage to him.

When this form has been defeated, you will now fight him as he stands in a pit of lava. Roll and jump all around to avoid his attacks while constantly firing at his chest. When you have a Devil Trigger, use the floating rock platforms to get close to Mundus and slash like crazy. Then retreat, and repeat the process.
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Warming Up! (10G) 100%
DMC1:Finished the game on Normal Mode

Normal is the default difficulty setting for Devil May Cry. The only other mode available at the beginning of the game is Easy mode. If you fail three times or more in the first few missions of the game, it will ask if you want to switch to Easy. Don't do this. You can't unlock the other difficulties on Easy, so you might as well just play through on Normal so that you can unlock Hard in your next playthrough.
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Smashing Sensation (5G) 100%
DMC1:Achieved an S Rank on any mission

Achieving an S rank is accomplished by earning a lot of orbs in the mission and also beating the mission quickly. Honestly, you will probably get this during your Hard mode playthrough when you have the levels memorized better and you can just blow through. Personally, I unlocked this while playing mission 2 on Hard Mode.
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Boiling!! (20G) 100%
DMC1:Finish the game on Hard Mode

Before you can unlock Hard Mode, you have to go through the game once on Normal. By default, the game is set to the "Normal" difficulty setting. However, if you die more than three times within the first three chapters of the game, then the difficulty will switch to "easy automatic" mode, where you don't have to aim with the guns to shoot them and the entire game is a lot easier.

After beating the game on Normal, it will automatically switch to Hard difficulty for your subsequent playthrough.
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Combustible!!! (40G) 100%
DMC1:Finish the game on Dante Must Die mode

Dante Must Die is the hardest difficulty level available in the game. You have to go through the game on Normal and Hard before unlocking Dante Must Die mode. After beating the game on Hard, you can choose your difficulty setting for the next playthroughs. So, you should play through the game on Normal and Hard until you have all of Dante's abilities unlocked, the Devil Trigger at maximum, and his full health meter before tackling this mode.
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The Devil's In The Details (20G) 100%
DMC1:Purchase all of Dante's Skills

Either between missions or at the designated statues in the game (the ones holding an hourglass), you can access an in-game shop. Using red orbs, you can purchase new abilities for Dante. There are basic abilities available to purchase from him, plus later you can buy new abilities for Alastor and Ifrit. It'll take a second playthrough to save up enough red orbs to purchase all of the different moves.
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Can You Keep A Secret? (5G)/The Secret Six (10G)/The Secret's Out (15G) 100%
DMC1:Complete a Secret Mission
DMC1:Complete six Secret Missions
DMC1:Complete all Secret Missions

Secret Missions are hidden areas in the game where Dante can complete specific tasks and challenges for rewards. Watch the attached video to find all the different Secret Missions in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
Devil May Cry HD Collection cheat video Cheat Video
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I Read You Like A Book (15G) 100%
DMC1:Unlock all the entries for every enemy file in the status menu

Basically, you have to encounter every enemy in the game and see all their attack animations as well. So, just let enemies use all their different attacks whenever you meet them to try to fill out your bestiary.
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Blood Flows Red (10G)/Redemption (15G) 100%
DMC1:Collect 25,000 Red Orbs
DMC1:Collect 50,000 Red Orbs

You'll get the 25,000 Red Orbs one in your second playthrough. 50,000 Red Orbs will take a couple more playthroughs after that if you want to do it the honest way. If not, you can watch the attached video to learn how to farm Red Orbs in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
Devil May Cry HD Collection cheat video Cheat Video
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Blue Devil (20G) 100%
DMC1:Max out the Health Bar

To improve your health bar, you can purchase upgrades through the store, find blue orbs, or find blue orb fragments that combine to create whole ones, which will increase Dante's health meter in the game.
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Gun Collector (10G) 100%
DMC1:Collect all Guns

Most of the guns in the game are actually missable. Here is a location of all the guns in the game:

Ebony & Ivory - Dante will start with these two handguns at the beginning of the game automatically.

Shotgun - In mission 2, in the room with the boss fight against the ghost-like enemy with giant scissors, check the upstairs area. Break the desk up here and then pick up the shotgun that falls out.

Grenade Launcher - This powerful weapon can be found on a dead body in Mission 12. It will glow on their body, so just keep your eyes peeled for it.

Needle Gun - This weapon is automatically obtained in Mission 12. It allows Dante to shoot underwater.

Nightmare Beta - This gun is the easiest to miss. It is found in Mission 15 of the game. In the room with the moving floor, make your way to the room's center, where you have to strike a symbol on the wall to complete the puzzle. Keep jumping around the corner and then you'll find the weapon.
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The Devil Made Me Do It (20G) 100%
DMC1:Finish the game without using any Yellow Orbs

I recommend going after this one with a fully-powered Dante on Normal difficulty, preferably after you've completed Hard and Dante Must Die modes. Then just go through the game and Dante should be powerful enough that you'll never need to retry at all.
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Untouchable (10G) 100%
DMC1:Clear a mission without taking damage

This one will unlock just by luck, most likely. The early missions in the game are the easiest to complete without taking damage. A fully-powered Dante makes these missions even easier to complete. Just keep your distance from the enemies and use firearms against them to ensure Dante's safety.
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