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Crysis 3 Cheats for PS3
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Crysis 3 PS3 Cheats

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Crysis 3

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Trophies 98%
The following is a list of trophies for Crysis 3.

Platinum (Platinum)Earn all available trophies for Crysis 3
Staying Sharp (Bronze)Complete Tutorial
Welcome to the Jungle! (Bronze)Complete Post-Human
A Flawless Getaway (Bronze)Complete Welcome to the Jungle
Off the Grid (Bronze)Complete The Root of All Evil
Turning the Tide (Bronze)Complete Safeties Off
Brink of Apocalypse (Bronze)Complete Red Star Rising
Belly of the Beast (Bronze)Complete Only Human
The True Measure of a Hero (Bronze)Complete Gods and Monsters
Nanosuit Veteran (Silver)Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty
Halfway to Hell (Silver)Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty
World Saver (Silver)Finish the campaign in any difficulty
Bring it On (Silver)Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty
Professional Superhero (Gold)Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty
Perk Of The Job (Bronze)Single PlayerSave a Nanosuit module package
Geared-up (Silver)Single PlayerUnlock all weapon attachments
Suited-up (Silver)Single PlayerUpgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level
Be a Pro, use a Bow! (Bronze)Single PlayerKill 10 enemies with every arrow type
Maximum Strength (Bronze)Single PlayerKill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit is enhanced powers instead of guns
Hunter-Gatherer (Bronze)Single PlayerRetrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies
The Gibson (Bronze)Single PlayerComplete 20 hacking challenges
I'll Have That! (Bronze)Single PlayerRip off and use all alien weapon types
Taste Of Your Own Medicine (Bronze)Single PlayerKill 25 enemies while supercharged
Breaking the Lore (Bronze)Single PlayerRetrieve all CELL Intel
Bang For The Buck (Bronze)Single PlayerKill a deer using explosive arrows
Can You Hear Me Now (Bronze)Welcome to the JungleDisable the Nanosuit Jammer
Who Needs Rockets? (Bronze)Post-HumanTake out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow
White Rider (Bronze)The Root of All EvilSurf the donut down the river for 20 seconds
Roadkill (Bronze)Red Star RisingCrush 5 enemies with the Buggy
Ping Pong! (Bronze)Only HumanKill all Pingers
Inside Job (Silver)Single PlayerKill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns
Post-Human Warrior (Silver)Single PlayerKill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost
Arrow to the Knee! (Bronze)Single PlayerEnd an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!
Improviser (Bronze)Single PlayerKill two enemies in one strike using the environment
Nanosuit Ninja (Bronze)Single PlayerPerform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies
Stick Around (Bronze)Single PlayerUsing the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows
Clever Girl! (Bronze)Single PlayerStealth kill a Ceph Stalker
Poltergeist (Bronze)Single PlayerKill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected
Rising Star (Bronze)Reach Rank 20
Block Party (Silver)Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)
Odd Job (Silver)Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)
Lord of the Pings (Bronze)Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (Public Match only)
The Specialist (Silver)Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)
Bird of Prey (Bronze)Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)
Going Commando (Silver)Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon and explosive kill in one life (Public Match only).
Hit me baby one more time (Bronze)Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)
Rudely Interrupted (Silver)Rip an enemy player out of a Pinger (Public Match only)
I See Cloaked People (Silver)Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)
Would you kindly ... (Silver)Accept and complete 25 unique challenges
Aerial Support (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)
Kicking off the training wheels (Bronze)Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)
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Crysis 3 Complete Walkthrough Guide 94%
CheatMasters presents to you the comprehensive guide on Jungle Survival in the world of Crysis 3.

Read the Guide --> Crysis 3 Complete Walkthrough [GUIDE]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Mission 3: The Root of All Evil 100%
Follow Psycho through the halls. Grab the remote explosives off the crate, and then you'll go to an elevator. Step inside and then once it crashes to the bottom, swim out of the water. In this outside area, immediately run to the objective marker, hugging the left side of the map. Use cloak, and then get behind cover so you can hack the turret.

Above the remote turret will be a person-controlled turret. Your hacked turret will provide a good distraction. Make your way there and then take out the guy operating the turret. Grab it and then open the doors. Work your way out of this area to be outside yet again, with two towers containing the generators to the dam.

There is a North and a South generator. You can destroy them in any order. Use cloaking to bypass the enemies and then use the vents on the sides of the buildings to get inside. There will be two enemies inside protecting the generators, so you will be clear to go straight down and activate them. The first one you try to turn off will cause issues, and you'll have to use the super jump to escape the building.

Go to the top of the building and grab the rocket launcher out of the case by hacking the case. Equip the rocket launcher. Lasers block the doorway, so hack the panel to remove them. Turn on armor and then take out the helicopter outside with the rocket launcher. Dive into the water and swim deep. Turn off armor, and then wait for your energy to recharge. Turn on the cloak, and then
return to the surface. Go to the second generator and then repeat the process.

From here, dive into the water again. The dam structure you need to place the C4 will be in the middle of the area. Swim there undetected. Place the explosives on the designated wall, and then watch the scenes. Once Prophet recovers, loot the initial area.

Follow the water into a cave system. Stay cloaked and take enemies out from afar using your bow. Collect your arrows, and then keep following the water. Notice the wildlife in the area, such as squirrels and deer. You can hunt them as a fun distraction, but at any rate, keep following the water. Once the cave starts getting narrower, jump into the water and the current will spit you out exactly where you need to be, right outside the System-X Harvesting Facility.

From your vantage point on the cliff, use the bow to take out the two guards below and to your left. Turn on armor, and drop down. Turn off armor, turn on cloak, and work your way around the side of the facility. You will find a tunnel that you can use to get inside. Follow the tunnel. At the end will be an explosive, so blow it up before moving into the open.

Hide in the water and then when you have more energy, turn your cloak back on. Go up the stairs and go to the objective marker, being sure to either kill or avoid the enemies. There will be a roaming turret in this area that you can't hack right now, so if that sees you, you need to turn on armor and get out of there really quick.

The objective marker will lead you to an elevator. Interact with the elevator controls and ride it down. Ignore the flying drone as it is hardly a threat, and just go from control panel to control panel and activate them all as instructed. Go to the elevator and ride it to the next area. Cloak, and then wipe out the enemies. Go up to the next control panels to shut down the Nexus.
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Mission 4: Safeties Off 100%
This mission begins with a simple stealth challenge. The spotlights will be combing the water, looking for movement, so even being invisible doesn't mean you're safe from being spotted. Just avoid the spotlights as you move through the water. Cloak as much as possible to avoid being spotted by soldiers.

Turrets will be your friend here. Hack any turrets that you see and they will kill the enemies without anyone knowing you were there. You'll reach a minefield with two panels to hack. Stay invisible and hack both to make the mines safe before moving across.

Eventually, you will come to a wall with a guard standing at the top. To the left will be another minefield, and to the right will be a turret. Stay cloaked, and kill the guard with the bow. Another guard will come check on him, so take him out quickly. Duck behind cover to regenerate your cloak, and then hack the turret. Use super jump to jump onto the wall and reach the dilapidated apartment building.

Find the stairs and take them up. There will be a very beefy turret at the top. Use crates for cover and peak around to hack it. Then find the zipline and ride it down to the next building. Gather the supplies and then push through the next area, constantly cloaking as you move to avoid gunfire. Larger Ceph enemies will show up, so take them out before they get too close and continue following the objective markers.

Jump onto the next torn up building to find the Mindcarrier. Approach it and then let the hallucinations ensue. From there, start going to the next objective marker. Flames will burst out of the buildings as explosions rock the city. If you don't want to wait for the fire to die down, switch on your armor and just sprint through the fire.

Approach the next door. The door will blow up and Prophet will get knocked down. A new Ceph enemy type called the Scorcher will come out. Aim your gun at its glowing red eye and fire into it to damage it. It will then shove its eye into the ground and create a shield of sorts for itself. Lob a grenade at it to blow it up when it does this.

You can grab the Scorcher's weapon by pressing X. This powerful weapon fires devastating fireballs and is incredibly helpful for the next section. Pick it up and then use it to destroy all the Scorchers in the next area. There will be other Ceph as well as Cell soldiers in the vicinity as well, but they will be cannon fodder for your new weapon.

Dump it when it runs out of ammo, and then play the stealth game to reach your objective, which is to reunite with Psycho. Next follow Psycho through the complex. Watch the scenes unfold as you reach your destination.
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Mission 5: Red Star Rising 86%
As Prophet chats with Claire, start moving along the rooftops. Use the rubble to as a makeshift bridge when possible. You'll reach a long fall leading into a stretch of jungle. Activate your armor and then jump down. Kill the Ceph here and then go to the Mindcarrier and activate it.

Following the scene, you'll be in a super powered states, plus there will be a new Ceph gun at your feet ready for use. Grab it and then start mowing down the Ceph. Once they're all dead, a barricade will be blown up allowing you to move through the city.

The objective marker will be high in the sky. Move in its general direction through the flooded streets and apartment buildings. There will be Ceph as well as Cell soldiers, but the Ceph pose the only real threat, and there are only a couple of soldiers to be encountered.

The first apartment building you move through should have a mounted turret in one of the windows. I recommend grabbing it before continuing. Instead of using stealth, this section makes more sense using the armor ability. So make sure to have it active. As you continue exploring, there will be another long drop that will drain the armor, so wait for it to recharge before continuing. There will also be a turret you'll come face to face with, so blow it up before it can drain your armor, and keep pushing through until you
find the damaged APCs.

Now you get a long stretch of walking! Yes, just walking. Walk until you reach the destroyed bridge, then start following it. Make sure to have your armor activated, as there will be a surprise enemy on a bus that will fire an RPG at you. Start mowing down the enemies on the bridge. Keep your armor activated and just kill them all as you push forward to the next building.

Start running down the stairs. If you become impatient, you can jump down the middle of the area, as there is water below. A strange scene will occur, and you will have to hold X to re-enter the game. At this point, Prophet will kick open a door and you can continue going after Claire to find and protect her.

You can largely ignore the enemies in the long stretches that lie ahead. The Ceph will be busy battling the Cell and vice versa, so there's no real reason for you not to just keep walking forward with your armor activated, unless you want to get involved in the firefights. As you continue, however, there will be one section that is particularly difficult.

A helicopter will show up to rain on your parade. Activate the cloak and move forward as much as possible to get away from the helicopter. Once it sees you, start sprinting forward and then immediately activate the cloak once your energy bar is regenerated. There will be a destroyed vehicle with a couple of rocket launchers inside. Grab one, turn on the cloak (or armor), step outside,
and then blow up the helicopter.

Also in this area there will be a turret and a few Cell soldiers along with the turret. Quickly duck behind cover and wait for your energy to be replenished. Then pop out of cover and hack the turret. Kill any remaining enemies and then continue. You'll start seeing large Ceph vehicles as well as large Cell vehicles. Ignore these and keep going until you reach a dam gate that is blocking the path.

Go to the left of the door and platform your way up as high as possible. Kill the soldiers that get in your way. It's best to just leave your armor ability active and take them out that way. There will be a control panel up here, so activate it and the floodgates will open. Drop down and then continue pushing forward, this time to the Command Center.

There will be two objective markers on the map. They both lead to different ways of getting to the command center. The closest objective marker is the easiest way, but if you want to go the hard route, then go to the second objective marker. You'll have to deal with an underwater minefield, as well as multiple Ceph enemies in large capacities.

If you go the easier route, walk around the Command Center until you find a door with a panel that can be hacked. Ignore most of the enemies and just keep your armor abilities as active as possible. Once you find the door, it will be protected by Scorchers and other Ceph. Kill one of the Scorchers first, then grab their weapon and start killing all the other Ceph in the area. Activate your cloak just in case and then hack the door panel to open the door and go
through to reach the Command Center.

Your next goal will be to destroy the anti-air defense system. Go up the stairs and take cover. Turn invisible and hack the turret. Then kill any enemies in the nearby vicinity. Destroy the defense system with bullets and then after it explodes, you'll be instructed to regroup with Psycho and Claire.

Notice the isolated area you need to reach. There is a drawbridge there that is up. Directly across from that bridge are the controls. Kill any enemies that remain, and either destroy or hack the next turret you see. Activate the controls to lower the bridge and go across. Kill the enemies as you make your way to the elevator and then ride it to the control room.
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Inside Job (25G) 75%
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns

Sentry turret guns can be hacked using the suit's visor. Press Up on the d-pad once to aim the visor. Then point the cursor at a turret. If you're in range, the game will tell you to press X to start hacking the turret. It's a good idea to be invisible during this so that the turret doesn't see and shoot you as well. Then do the hacking mini-game by pressing X as the balls bounce into the spheres, and the turret will start shooting the enemies instead.
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Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle 67%
In the next room, Psycho will point out nanotech that was removed from someone. A power surge of sorts will cause Prophet's suit to go haywire, so grab the nanosuit tech off the wall and then go through the upgrade progress. You'll have four points to spend. It's wise to buy a skill in each of the different columns so that you can have a full set of perks.

Follow Psycho to the first obstacle, which will be a field of mines. Hack the central computer to make the mines friendly, then follow Psycho across the now safe minefield. Press X to boot down the door to reach the High Line, and then watch the scene.

Back in control of Prophet, the goal is to make it safely across a field that is being guarded by a tower with three powerful cannons attached to it. Weapon caches will be marked on your mini-map. Activate cloaking and then move to the first cache. Get close enough so Prophet can acknowledge that there's nothing there, and then quickly find something to hide behind as the cloak deactivates,
or else you'll be blown up by the tower.

Keep doing this as you move from point to point. There will be one cache with machineguns, but they aren't enough to destroy the cannons on the tower. In the middle of this area is a pond, so if you get spotted, activate armor, jump into the pond, and then swim as deep as you can. Wait for your energy to run dry, then activate your cloak, jump out of the water, and then make your way to the next weapon caches.

There will be a drop off a cliffside to a railroad track. Activate armor and then drop down to avoid taking fall damage. Make sure you land in heavy brush to avoid being spotted by the tower. Activate your cloak and then make your way to the Ceph Bolt Sniper lying on the ground. Pick it up and hide back in the brush.

Wait for your energy to be fully replenished, then activate your cloak again. Step in front of the cannon as you're invisible and then use the Ceph Bolt Sniper to destroy the three cannons. It will be out of ammo after that. Start making your way to the next objective marker to regroup with Psycho.

There will be another minefield blocking the way. Hack this minefield and then continue. Cell soldiers will be looking for you in the water. Hide, activate cloak at full power, and then walk around them to avoid getting into any confrontations. Follow the objective markers to find Psycho. He'll let you into the building.

Activate armor and drop down the hole. If you don't have your armor active for this drop, you'll die. Follow Psycho through the sewer system. You'll reach a wide area with enemies walking around and a turret in the middle. Hack the turret and it will kill most the enemies. Stealth kill any stragglers.

Work your way to the stairs. Under them, you'll find an ammo cache. There will be grenades here as well, which you can use by double tapping Y. Go up the stairs when ready, but be careful as there will be Cell soldiers walking around up here, including one using a destroyed train car for cover. Go to him first and stealth kill him. Then use this cover to take out the remaining enemies and work your way over to Psycho.

When you reach Psycho, get a running start by clicking in the left analog stick to initiate a sprint. Hold A at the end of the sprint to launch Prophet across the gap. Follow Psycho into the next room to find a couple of dead soldiers. Psycho will then go off somewhere else. Jump over the destroyed train car and hold X to open the next door.

The Cell soldiers in here will be killed by aliens. Activate armor and jump into the middle of the tall grass. Kill them as they come, and when they're dead, go to the nearby large door in the room and hold X to open it. Work your way through these sewer tunnels, watching for side-rooms with supplies. Keep an eye on the ground, as there will be laser-activated explosives. Shoot them to make the path safe. Your journey through the sewers will end once you reach
a couple of dumpsters blocking the way. Click in the right analog stick to kick them away and then drop down.

Next you'll be in a large warehouse area. You'll be at a nice vantage point, so use your bow, while remaining cloaked, to take out the enemies below. Then wait for the cloak to recharge, crouch, and move through the area to the other end. You'll see a turret above. Hide, regenerate your power, and then hack the turret. This will get a few kills before it is blown up.

Use your bow to silently take out the remaining enemies down here before going up the stairs. Your next goal will be to go to the other side of this area, where there will be yet another turret. Get close enough to hack it, let it do most of the work for you, and then push ahead to that area while either killing enemies silently or with brute force.

Follow the objective markers to be outside again, with more alien Stalker enemies from before. Use the same strategy to take them out, and then Prophet's suit will be scrambled. This is a secondary objective, but completing the mission without destroying the scrambler is just a pain. The scrambler is not hard to find, and in fact, it is simply set up in the middle of the map. Go to it and press the buttons on it to turn it off. This will then lead you to Psycho.

Run to Psycho to regroup with him. Next you have to protect him from the Stalkers as they near the position. Grab the mounted gun and pull it off its mount. Blow up the Stalkers as they get close. Activate armor if they manage to get up next to you, as the turret is explosive and the splash damage from the explosives can really do a number on Prophet.

When they're dead, drop the turret and follow Psycho through the field. He'll take you to a gate, but the gate is sealed tight. Follow Psycho next to a train car housing a large explosive tank. Go to the rear of it and press X to push it along. Psycho and Prophet will climb to the top as it barrels down the tracks. You can completely ignore the enemies if you wish and enjoy the ride.
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Perk Of The Job (15G) 67%
Save a Nanosuit module package

In the single player campaign, Psycho will instruct you to pick up the nanosuit tech to upgrade your suit. After he does that, bring up the upgrade menu. Spend at least one point, and then save it to one of the three slots.
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Nanosuit Ninja (15G) 67%
Singe Player: Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies

Stealth Kills are initiated when you sneak up behind enemies quietly and then click in the right analog stick. The game will tell you when a stealth kill is possible because the icon will flash on the screen. Using invisibility in each area, crouching, and then moving in behind enemies is the fastest way to get this achievement.
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Can You Hear Me Now? (20G) 67%
Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer

In the second mission of the game, there will be a Nanosuit jamming device in one of the areas. When the device is activated, Prophet's suit will start freaking out and the HUD becomes useless. Check the middle of this area and you'll find the jammer easily. Go to its front and press X at its controls to disable it.
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Improviser (15G) 67%
Single Player: Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment

This can be done by blowing up an explosive barrel that two enemies are by, or by throwing an object at them, or whatever else, as long as the kills are environmental kills.
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A Flawless Getaway (15G) 67%
Complete Welcome to the Jungle
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Off the Grid (15G) 67%
Complete The Root of All Evil
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The Gibson (15G) 67%
Single Player: Complete 20 hacking challenges

Hacking can be done throughout the game to unlock doors, and it is required to do just that in these situations multiple times. Hacking can also be used to turn off dangerous mines and to hack turrets to make them on your side. To initiate hacking, equip your suit's visor by pressing Up on the d-pad once, then press X once you are in range of the device you're hacking, and complete the hacking mini-game that follows.
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Brink of Apocalypse (20G) 67%
Complete Red Star Rising
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Post-Human Warrior (25G) 67%
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost

Supercharge can be done to the suit through storyline events and by interacting with red Ceph objects that litter the ground in the later missions of the game. When Superpowered, Prophet is basically invincible. Just run around and kill all the enemies you see while in this state. If you manage to kill at least 10, then this achievement is yours.
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Taste Of Your Own Medicine (15G) 67%
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while supercharged

This achievement is just like the other one, except you have to kill 25 enemies while Supercharged total throughout the campaign. Every time that you are Supercharged, there is an opportunity to kill at least 10 enemies, so you should be able to get this one with three Supercharges.
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I'll Have That! (15G) 67%
Single Player: Rip off and use all alien weapon types

These are the five different alien weapons in the campaign:

Pinch Rifle
Bolt Sniper
Reaper Cannon
X-Pac Mortar

The Pinch Rifle and Bolt Sniper can be found very early on in the game. All these weapons have to be ripped from the corpses of dead Ceph, so just walk over the dead bodies and press X to take their weapons. There will be plenty of opportunities to grab each different weapon in the campaign.
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The True Measure of a Hero (20G) 67%
Complete Gods and Monsters
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World Saver (35G) 67%
Finish the campaign in any difficulty
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Staying Sharp (20G) 67%
Complete Tutorial

The Tutorial in the game can be started as soon as you boot up the campaign for the first time. If you choose to skip over the Tutorial, you can go back and play it later through the mission select screen.
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Nanosuit Veteran (25G) 67%
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty
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Halfway to Hell (25G) 67%
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty
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Bring it On (45G) 67%
Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty
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Professional Superhero (65G) 67%
Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty
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Be a Pro, use a Bow! (20G) 60%
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with each arrow type

There are four arrow types in the game:


Switch between these by holding select when the bow is equipped. From there, tap the A button until the cursor is pointed at your desired ammunition type. Then use the arrows to kill enemies.
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Mission 6: Only Human 50%
Knock the debris out of the way by clicking in the right analog stick. Then follow the path to the first Ceph anti-air defense unit. Stand in front of it and Prophet will destroy it. There are now two more anti-air defense units to destroy.

Start making your way to the first one. There will be plenty of opposition along the way in the form of plenty of Ceph enemies. There are also other new obstacles to keep in mind. The Ceph version of mines will line the ground in certain areas. You can shoot them to blow them up, but it's often times easier to avoid the mines.

Defending the next anti-air defense unit will be a Ceph turret. Go invisible and destroy it before going to the unit to destroy it. Then make your way to the third unit. Platform over any gaps using the boost jump, avoid the mines, and destroy the Ceph as they are encountered.

The third anti-air unit will be the most heavily defended. Luckily, there is a pillar you can activate that gives you a super-powered Nanosuit. Grab the Ceph weapons as they are more powerful than the human weapons, and use the Ceph weapons to get rid of the rest of the Ceph. Then make your way over to the final unit and destroy it.

Hang tight and wait for Psycho to fly overhead in the VTOL. Take out the remaining Ceph and then Psycho will land the VTOL on a nearby roof. Go over to the roof and then get inside the VTOL. You are then able to fully control its aiming reticule. Destroy the Ceph ships as they fly into view. Keep at it until the VTOL takes too much damage and must land.

Get at the explosive turret and use it to kill the Ceph that land in drop pods. Destroy the next Ceph ship that flies into frame, and then when the Ceph are gone, exit the turret and continue to the next objective marker. It will now be time for a boss fight!

To fight this boss effectively, don't bother with invisibility. Use the armor ability. There are weapon caches surrounding a concrete barricade in the middle of the area. The large Ceph will be surrounding by smaller Ceph flying around in a circle. on either side of the large Ceph. Destroy the small Cephs and then focus on attacking the large Ceph. Use the barricade for cover if need be, and use the ammo caches to resupply your ammo.

It will then grab Prophet with electrical tendrils. Mash on the A button when it flashes on the screen. An explosion will occur, damaging the thing. It will then send regular-sized Ceph after you. Kill them and run away if they start to overwhelm you. Then focus on the Master Mind some more until it grabs Prophet again. Then mash on A again until it is destroyed.
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Welcome to the Jungle! (15G) 50%
Complete Post-Human
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Turning the Tide (15G) 50%
Complete Safeties Off
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Belly of the Beast (20G) 50%
Complete Only Human
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Geared-up (25G) 50%
Single Player: Unlock all weapon attachments
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Maximum Strength (15G) 50%
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit's enhanced powers instead of guns

Tap LB to power up your suit's armor, and then run around hitting enemies with melee attacks by clicking in the right analog stick.
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Hnter-Gatherer (15G) 50%
Single Player: Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies

You can only retrieve the regular arrows from dead enemies, as the other arrow types are destroyed upon use. After shooting an enemy with an arrow, run over to their dead body. Walk over their body to pick up the arrow.
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Breaking the Lore (10G) 50%
Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel

There are currently no videos that show the location of all the Cell Intel in every level of the campaign. That being said, the attached video shows the locations for all the CELL Intel in mission 1. Use the subsequent videos to find the locations for the other CELL Intel in the next missions. See the video: Cheat Video
Crysis 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Bang For The Buck (10G) 50%
Single Player: Kill a deer using explosive arrows

Deer are encountered fairly early on in the game. You'll see them running around the streets of New York. The first time you see one, equip the explosive arrows on your bow and fire it at the deer.
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Who Needs Rockets? (20G) 50%
Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow

When you see an attack helicopter, switch on invisibility or armor to protect yourself. Then equip the explosive arrows of the bow and pelt the helicopter with the explosive arrows. Remember that you can actually stay invisible when using the bow. You can try other arrows such as fire and shock, but the explosive arrows will get the job done much quicker.
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White Rider (20G) 50%
The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds

This one is better seen than explained. You basically have to ride down a river in a donut for at least 20 seconds, which is exactly as the achievement says. Watch the video for how to get the White Rider achievement in Crysis 3 See the video: Cheat Video
Crysis 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Roadkill (20G) 50%
Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy

The Buggy is a vehicle that you can find in this mission. Get inside it by holding X, and then just start driving around and finding enemies to crush. You only have to kill 5. If you accidentally killed two many enemies around the Buggy before actually reaching it, then load an old save or die.
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Ping Pong! (20G) 50%
Only Human: Kill all Pingers See the video: Cheat Video
Crysis 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Arrow to the Knee! (20G) 50%
Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow

This lovely Skyrim reference is very easy to pull off. Get the bow, turn invisible, have regular arrows equipped, walk in front of a soldier, and then blam, just shoot him in the knee.
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Stick Around (15G) 50%
Single Player: Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows

When an enemy is close to a wall, you can shoot them with the arrow and then get them stuck to the wall. This will likely unlock naturally throughout the campaign. Use the video for more tips See the video: Cheat Video
Crysis 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Clever Girl! (15G) 50%
Single Player: Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker

Ceph Stalkers are the creepy Ceph that try to jump you from behind. Turn invisible when they are encountered and retreat. Wait for them to start walking around and looking for you, and then go up from behind and stealth kill them.
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Poltergeist (10G) 50%
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected

Turn invisible and then pick up an object. Most loose objects in the campaign can be picked up and then throw at enemies. Remaining invisible, throw the objects at enemies (try for their heads) to kill them.
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Rising Star (15G) 50%
Reach Rank 20

This is accomplished in the game's multiplayer mode. Keep playing the multiplayer and earning XP until you reach rank 20.
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Block Party (20G) 50%
Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)

Just play a match on every different map in the game. Here are the maps:

Brooklyn Bridge
Central Cavern
East River
Financial District
Hell's Kitchen
Hydro Dam
Penn Depot
Williamsburg Dock

Keep a checklist so you know what maps to vote for in the playlists.
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Odd Job (25G) 50%
Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)

Hit an enemy with an object and after it kills them, pick that same object up. Go find another enemy and throw it at them as well and the achievement should unlock.
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The Specialist (30G) 50%
Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill, and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)

To get a stealth kill, sneak up behind an enemy and click RS when the game prompts you to do so. A "rip and throw" kill is when you have your armor suit equipped. Walk up to an enemy and then the game should tell you to grab the enemy by pressing X. Comply, and then throw the enemy. An air stomp kill is when you drop in on an opponent from above.
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Bird of Prey (15G) 50%
Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)

The trick here is finding a suitable place to hide and drop down on the enemies. The attached video will help you get the Bird of Prey achievement by showing you the best location to go for it See the video: Cheat Video
Crysis 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Going Commando (30G) 50%
Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and explosive kill in one life (Public Match)

Essentially, kill someone with explosives (i.e. grenades or rockets or whatever), your pistol, and a main weapon. It's actually surprisingly easy to get this achievement without even really trying for it.
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Hit me baby one more time (15G) 50%
Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)
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Rudely Interrupted (20G) 50%
Rip an enemy player out of a Pinger (Public Match only)
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I See Cloaked People (20G) 50%
Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)
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Would you kindly ... (20G) 50%
Accept and complete 25 unique challenges
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Aerial Support (15G) 50%
Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)
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Kicking off the training wheels (10G) 50%
Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)
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Mission 1: Post-Human 33%
Your squad will split up, so follow your leader to the right and up the stairs. There will be no enemies in this initial area. Inside the building, he will instruct you to equip a silencer. Hold select to bring up the weapon customization wheel and then press Y to move to the silencer. Press A next to equip the silencer.

Turn on cloaking by pressing RB and go into the next room. There will be an enemy at the computer to the left. Sneak up behind him by crouching (press B), and then click in RS to initiate a stealth kill. With him dead, deactivate your cloaking to let it recharge, and then reactivate it and move into the hangar room.

The situation in here is that there will be one guard standing watch, and another messing with a computer terminal. Hide and wait for your cloaking to be fully recharged. Then reactivate your cloaking and kill the guard standing under the vehicle with another stealth kill. Quickly kill the next guard with similar means, then hide in the darkness and let your cloaking recharge some more.

There will be another enemy in here if you want to kill him. He'll be walking around and will notice the dead bodies, which will raise your threat level and keep the guards on alert. It's better to ignore him and follow the catwalk and keep an eye on the floor where you'll find a vent. Hold X to enter the vent and move through the vent system. When you reach the next grate, activate your cloak and then open it up. Step into the next room where you'll find a guard moving from console to console. Take him out silently and resume moving toward the objective marker.

You'll find a panel. Interact with it to let your partner through and follow him through the next doors. Then follow Psycho into the outside area, where it will be raining heavily and there will be multiple guards patrolling. He'll give you the bow, and explain that you stay cloaked when using the bow.

Make sure you have full energy and then activate the cloak. Step outside and take out the first guard you see with the bow, hide, deactivate the cloak, and repeat the process as you snake through the area. Doing regular stealth kills won't be any good because enemies will spot you that are walking on the catwalks above during the brief moment when you are de-cloaked during the kill.

Psycho will lead you to an area with a locked door. He'll kill the person through the window, then instruct you to hack the door from your current position. Press Up on the d-pad twice to activate the hacking capabilities of Nanosuit Vision. Aim the cursor at the controls through the window, and then hold X to begin the hack, and a minigame will ensue. You have to wait for the circle to bounce into the wavelength cursor, then confirm before it bounces
away. Do this twice and the door will open.

Psycho will find a video of his suit being disconnected from his body. While he's raging about that, check the red crates in here to resupply your ammo. Then follow Psycho into the next room. You'll reach another outside area, with the option to stay at the bottom or go up the stairs and take the upper catwalk. Go up the stairs.

There are two guards up here. Kill them both with the bow. Remember you can regain your arrows by walking over dead bodies. Go down the next stairs and then kill the guards down here as well. If you're spotted, they'll call a helicopter after you. If this happens, activate your armor by pressing LB and then find cover.

When the coast is clear, activate your cloak (there will be other enemies roaming around here, but they shouldn't be a threat), and hack the keypad. Enter the next building. Keep an eye out for a crate of weapons. Follow the objective markers through the building. There will be a decontamination tunnel in which you'll have to wait a couple of seconds for the door to open, but it's no big deal.

Have your bow equipped as you move into the next large room. This room can be fairly uneventful if you take it slow. Kill enemies one by one with your bow, but be sure that you will be able to regain your arrows from them when you take the shots. Use your cloaking abilities as much as possible as you move from end of the room to the next. Stealth kill enemies sparingly and only when
there's no one around to witness it, and ignore any enemies that you can. At the end of the room, you'll find a door to go through, and then Prophet will check on Psycho.

The next room is another large room with plenty of stealth kill opportunities. Unequip your bow for now, as this room is much easier dealt with using the up close and personal approach. Activate your cloak and take note of the area. There is a square catwalk leading all around the room. Once again, your goal will be directly across from you.

There will be two enemies on either side, and two enemies walking around in the middle area that connects the two sides as well. On the bottom floor is a lone guard, but he poses no threat. Activate the cloak and take out the two enemies nearest to you. Hide behind a wall and then let the cloak recharge. Then move to the next guards and take them out quietly one by one. When your energy is
almost depleted, retreat and let it recharge before resuming the festivities.

Move into the darkened laboratory corridors as soon as you can. Unless you are grinding for achievements, don't waste time killing all the enemies in the room. As you move through these halls, make sure you are fully cloaked as you round the corners. You'll reach a hall with an enemy at the end, and another that comes through the doors, revealing a turret.

Before they spot you, activate a fully-charged cloak. Then step into the hall and bring up your hacking visor. Aim it at the turret and hack the turret. It will have much more steps than previous hacking did, and will be tougher to complete the mini-game. Once the turret has been hacked, it will kill the two guards for you.

Hack your way through the next door, then hang tight until Psycho kill the enemies in the subsequent room. Follow him and he'll have something neat (or terrifying, depending on how you look at it) to show you: New York 2.0.
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Mission 7: Gods and Monsters 33%
Prophet begins this mission with nothing but a pistol. Luckily, the initial areas have nothing to worry about from an enemy standpoint. Follow the narrow cave system. As it starts to open up, follow the water ways and drop down the shafts. Once you reach the outside area, you'll see a Ceph Mindcarrier Device in the distance, as well as Ceph and Ceph turrets.

You do not have access to your Nanosuit's powers at this point, so you need to be smart about this. Kill the first few Ceph as you make your way to the Mindcarrier Device. Sprint from cover to cover and try to avoid any firefights as much as possible. As soon as the "health is critical" red text flashes on the screen, dive behind any nearby cover and wait it out.

Once you have a clear run, make a rush to the device. Stand in its center, and Prophet will become super-powered. Now you can just annihilate all the Ceph in the area. Murder them and then move through the next cave system. You'll see the next Mindcarrier device soon enough.

Get to that one as quickly as possible, hopefully before your super powered suit wears off. Then start destroying the Ceph some more. Run to the end of this area and then follow the cliff up to the final device. Get inside this one to allow Prophet's suit to get beefed up again.

Now make your way to the next alien device and get inside. Following the cut-scenes, it's time for the final boss fight of the game! There are very powerful weapons lying all over the place, so get your favorite weapons and get ready.

The Alpha Ceph is a large tentacle-like creature with three cannons on it positioned in a triangle formation. Aim your shots at one of the tentacles as you fight it. Use your armor to block its attacks, and be sure to constantly be picking up ammo. When enough damage has been done to it, it will pick up Prophet like the other boss, and so you have to mash A again when prompted.

Ceph soldiers will spawn as the Alpha Ceph regroups. Kill these guys. There are objects on the ground that allows you to supercharge Prophet's suit. I recommend doing that to make weeding out the Ceph soldiers faster. The second round with the Alpha Ceph is a bit tougher as this time it will turn into a drill and chase after Prophet. When this happens, find low ground and run away, as this is a one-hit kill if it gets ya.

Resume attacking the Alpha Ceph as you did before. Once again, mash A when it picks up Prophet. Kill the newly spawned Ceph, and then repeat the process yet again. This final time after mashing A, more cut-scenes will play, and then Prophet will be floating around in space.

He will float over to a satellite. Hack the satellite. There are only two hacking nodes to worry about, so it's a very simple hack. Now Prophet will be in control of the laser attached to the satellite. Make very slight adjustments with the right analog stick to line up the satellite's cursor with the designated area. Hold it there to charge up a shot, and then press RT when prompted to blast it.
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Suited-up (20G) 33%
Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level
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Lord of the Pings (15G) 33%
Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (Public Match only)
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