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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Cheats for XBOX 360
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 XBOX 360 Cheats

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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All intel locations 93%
Here's a video that takes you thru all of the Intel pickups in the game...... See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: a1ka1in(131)
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Black Ops II Zombies - How to build a Turbine / How to use a Turbine Guide 92%
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In this video, InsaneSVK will show you how to build this power source from scratch. Why do you need the turbine? Turbine is used for power related operations, for using perk slot machines etc.

All you need is
1) The figourine body
2) the fan
3) the book from the bookshelf

See the video:

Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: CheatMaster(6056)
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Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution Guide 92%
The first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II was "Revolution", adding new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer weapon, and a brand new Zombies map filled with secrets. This guide will go over the multiplayer maps, the Zombies map, and offer other hints, tips, secrets, and whatever else there is to know about Revolution.

Read the Guide --> Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution [Guide]
By: Toebin(12760)
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Slippery When Undead (15G) 91%
In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier

The Sliquifier is a new weapon that can be built in the game. There are two workbenches in Die Rise. The one that you need to build Sliquifier is in the same building as the power room, but on the lower floors.

This maze-like area features the workbench right next to a flight of stairs that will lead up and allow you to reach the power room. There are four parts that are randomly dispersed in the area, both in the downstairs section and the upstairs section with the power room. Return each part to the workbench to build the Sliquifier.

Then it's just a matter of shooting five zombies with a single shot with the device. This weapons has a wide blast radius and also shoots purple goo. Zombies slipping and dying on the purple goo count toward the achievement. So, say you fire a shot at a single zombie, and then four other zombies come and slip on the purple goo and die, that counts as killing five zombies with a single shot.
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How to build a Turbine / How to use a Turbine (Guide) 90%
In this video, InsaneSVK will show you how to build this power source from scratch. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: Toebin(12760)
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How to Ninja Defuse in Black Ops 2 Search and Destroy (basics, loadouts, Playing Dead, Statue, Tricks) 100%
Ninja defusing is the old act of defusing the bomb almost immediately after someone plants it. This is usually achieved by hiding around the bomb unnoticed, and then going up behind the person once they start to plant.

It sounds simple, but there's so many factors that must be considered when going for ninja defuses. Those are just the basic terms of a ninja defuse.

To really get the defuse, you'll need some specific perks, a grenade that will NOT explode in your hand, and one that won't show when you're holding it (Semtex, Flashbang, Concussion, Motion Sensor Grenade, EMP Grenade), except if you're going to statue, then you'll need either a Combat Axe or Shock Charge, the one you choose is based upon if you want another tactical or lethal alongside it.

The perks are mostly stealth and speed perks. For Perk 1, Lightweight or Ghost is most preferred, although Ghost will not work if you stand still, so look out there. Perk 2 must ALWAYS be set to Cold Blooded, so that that huge name does not appear above your head, and as well, you will not be detected by the targeting systems which would highlight you.

The final perk is a bit of a toss-up, and is really based upon your play style. For the stealthiest of players, Dead Silence would be best, however, if the bomb is rather a long way away, then Extreme Conditioning would be better. As well, these two perks go very well with the Perk 3 greed equipped.

Next is how to play dead or statue. Unlike in MW3, you don't continuously press Y while holding a gun, because you'll just wave your gun around and that'll certainly stir up attention while trying to play dead. While playing dead, you CANNOT have a huge gun on your back, as that'll protrude from your body and might give you away. To mitigate that, hold your gun out, then hold your grenade, because this'll make the gun disappear, and it won't go on your back. Simply holding out a knife can also work, but pay attention, as a stationary dude with a knife likes to swing it around a bit. Another big thing is that you MUST make sure you can see the bomb clearly, and make sure that you are in prone. Normally a corner or behind a wall works best.

To statue, you don't need to follow the rules to playing dead the same as statuing. Just go into a corner, hold your Combat Axe/Shock Charge, and wait. A big gun can be on your back, because you're probably in a corner anyways. where you statue can be the factor that decided whether or not you will get a ninja, since you can become a lot more noticeable when you're standing up.

Now for some major tricks that will assist you while ninja defusing:

The most important one is that you must spin while defusing the bomb. This allows the large sound of the button-pushing to be muffled. However, in prone, this does not work, so be careful of that. On that note, there is no way to mitigate the opening of the suitcase, but that shouldn't be detected unless someone is using Awareness, aka the least popular Perk 3 in the game.

If you feel that you can defuse it regardless of what your enemies hear, there won't be a large need to spin.

The next one is people in groups. If there's another enemy that's with the person planting (as in right next to them, not 20 feet away from his friend), you can gladly kill him with suppression only. If you don't have a suppressor, you'll have to be really careful that the friend (who is normally watching his back) doesn't see you. This can often be achieved by going the way where he isn't looking, but it can be very difficult at other times than just that. Shooting the person unsuppressed can gladly notify the planter, but trickery can be utilized to your advantage sometimes as well. Or you can just kill him with other means, such as a Lethal or with a Knife.

One last thing, is that you can add style to your ninja defuse. This often comes in the form of throwing down a piece of equipment, trapping the enemy and defusing it in front of them, or even damaging the enemy while he's planting. This allows your defuses to not look like the exact same thing anymore, which conjuncts well with montages, and the like.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Don't forget to record it and save it to your file share! If you can't show it to people, it's next to worthless.

PS: This is for Search and Destroy only. Don't go into Demolition and do it, dummy. You still gotta put on the act.
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"Carry On" Secret Cutscene 100%
Like Avenged Sevenfold? Then do this easter egg. Step 1: On Mission "Cordis Die" On the part when Harper is captured, Instead of shooting him, shoot Menandez and let Farid die. Step 2: ON the last mission, Shoot Menandez DO NOT Capture him. After that, Ther should be Woods and Section (David Mason) Next to Alex Mason's grave. If you see that cutscene you have completed the easter egg. Then after that cutscene it should show Woods with "Avenged Sevenfold" T-shirt on and Menandez with a guitar then People from Avenged Sevenfold walks to to them. Now you get to listen to "Carry On" By Avenged Sevenfold. Enjoy! (I did it on XBOX 360)
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Tower of Babble Achievement Video 89%
Tower of Babble (75G) - In TranZit, obey the voices.

by XCVii007r1
See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: Toebin(12760)
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Call of Duty: Black Ops II ALL INTEL LOCATIONS (High IQ Achievement / Trophy)

by XCVii007r1
See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: Toebin(12760)
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Black Ops 2 Achievements Detailed 86%
Any early look!

Black Ops 2 Achievements Detailed: With Campaign Challenges, Scoring, and Possibly Leaderboards!

Read the Guide --> Black Ops 2 Achievements Detailed
By: Toebin(12760)
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Monkey See, Monkey Doom (15G) 83%
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match

Another power-up that can be obtained by the human player in Turned is the Cymbal Monkey. Kill a bunch of zombies in a row until the Cymbal Monkey becomes available. Then throw it to kill another zombie. You can then run over and pick it up to use it again.
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Master of Disguise (15G) 83%
In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game.

Zombie Blood is a new power-up introduced in this game. It comes out of chests after completing challenges, can be dropped by zombies, and can also be found by digging it out of the ground. It looks like a flask, and instead of glowing gold like the other power-ups, it glows blue.

After getting the Zombie Blood, the player will be completely ignored by the zombies. This means that you can revive a downed friend without being impeded.

You need to revive at least three downed players during the course of the game while using the Zombie Blood, as well as turn on one of the generators while having Zombie Blood, which can be trickier.
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Meteorite Location (Green Run - Zombies) 81%
Exit the bus depot doors by either using the Turbine or paying the 750 points to go through the front door. Take a left and then look at the flaming hole in the wall.

There will be the meteorite there. Press B to crouch and look directly at it. Then hold X to pick it up. Remember that you MUST be playing on "Original" difficulty to complete the Easter Egg in Green Run, and you can't pick up the meteorite on Easy.
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Mob of the dead grief invincibility spot 80%
First go 2 the pack-a-punch (if you dont know where it is go on youtube.) then you go next to the ledge on the right if you were facing the pack-a-punch. Then slowly go towards the ledge crouching VERY SLOWLY until you fall a little then you float then the zombies just run into a bar and you can rack up
By: jhofmeister(32)
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Dirty Business (15G) 78%
Description: Listen and think before you shoot
Strategy: In the campaign, there are multiple times when you will be asked whether or not to kill someone. Avoid shooting people when given the opportunity to get this achievement.
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I See Live People (20G) - Revolution 75%
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match

The decoy is a power-up that can be found in the new "Turned" game mode in Zombies. The human player can earn a decoy by getting kills in a row. Kill the human after he has deployed his decoy. This achievement will probably just pop up naturally by playing the game, so don't fret about this one.
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Revisionist Historian (10G) 75%
In Buried, rewrite history

This achievement is simple. Just spam the Mystery Box until you get the Time Bomb. Then just throw the Time Bomb anywhere you want.
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FSIRT Against the Wall (20G) 75%
In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Not A Gold Digger (5G) 75%
In Origins, share a weapon you dug up.

The shovel is found in the first area of the game. Upon obtaining the shovel, what you need to do is find dig spots that are spread throughout the map as well, always in the same area. What comes out of these dig spots is random. Sometimes there will be a zombie, sometimes there will be a grenade, a power-up, or even a weapon.

When you dig up a weapon, let a co-op partner grab the weapon instead of taking it for yourself to get this achievement.
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Kung Fu Grip (15G) 75%
In Origins, free yourself and another from the Panzer Soldat's claw in one game.

The Panzer Soldat will spawn randomly in the game. Its attack is that it will grab you with its chain hand and then pull you to him and kill you.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to be playing on Easy difficulty. Of course, you need to have at least one other person playing the game with you as well.

When the Panzer Soldat grabs you with his chain arm, turn around and fire directly at him until he lets go. Then a friend has to be grabbed by the arm next, and then you free him.
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Overachiever (25G) 75%
In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

Do this on Easy to well, beat it the easiest!

These are the four challenges in the game:

1. Capture 6 Generators
The generators are the power supply in each of the major areas of the Origins map. Turning them on requires 200 points per player, and then surviving a bit on the platform near it as the electrified medieval zombies power up each generator.

2. Spend 30,000 points
Points can be spend on weapons, perks, and opening doors. The less players you have, the more likely you're going to get this one.

3. 115 Headshots
These headshots only count on normal type zombies. Unless you're grinding for points, it's typical to be going for headshots in Zombies anyway.

4. Fill all chests
There are numerous chests around the map, with a board above them to indicate which challenges have and haven't been completed by players up to that point. When the chests open, which is done by completing one of the Challenges, there is a reward that comes out of them. To "fill" a chest, you have to kill zombies when they are in very close proximity to it.
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How to get to Cabin (Green Run - Zombies) 73%
Go to the Town in TranZit. Walk backwards from where the bus drops you off and hug the left side of the street. Follow the path as soon as it starts diverting from the road and you will find the Cabin. Inside is the Bowie Knife.
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I'm My Own Best Friend (10G) - Revolution 73%
In Die Rise, revive yourself

A new perk has been added in Die Rise. The perk is called Who's Who. It costs 2000 points and will be in one of the elevators in the game. Acquire the perk, and the next step is reviving yourself. The next time you are downed, you will immediately come back as a "ghost". You can still be damaged and killed by zombies, and you only have your pistol to defend yourself. If you revive your own dead body, you will retain all the perks you had before you were downed.
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How to build Turbine (Green Run - Tranzit) 71%
You can build a Turbine in the Bus Depot at the very start of Green Run. Unlike other locations, the parts here do not change places, but rather can be found in the exact same locations every time.

The first part is a mannequin torso. You'll find it leaning against the sign in the center of the room. Hold X to pick it up and then take it to the workbench for the base of the Turbine. There is a fan on top of one of the chairs against the wall, directly across from the bench. Place this fan on top of the mannequin.

The final piece is a airplane-style tail at the opposite end of the room of the fan. You'll find it on the ground, a bit obscured by rubble, directly under a payphone. Take it to the workbench and then your creation is complete!

To use the Turbine, hold X to pick it up from the bench. Press "up" on the d-pad to equip it, and then pull the right trigger to place the Turbine places. The Turbine is used to open doors that need "power" to open, and they also power electric traps.
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FOB Spectre (India 2025) - Strike Force Mission 71%
Your very first Strike Force mission tasks you with defending the area. There are three different devices here that are create shields for the nearby facility. There is a satellite dish on a roof, a generator at the start area, and a cooler at the other end of the area from the start. They are labeled A, B, and, C respectively.

Move left infantry to B. From here, they can defend both the A position and B position. Move the CLAW to the area between B and C. Move the right infantry to C.

This should be enough to keep back the enemy forces. If they destroy just two of the devices, then the shields will go down. If this happens, move everyone inside the facility to hole up there to protect the mainframe.

The enemy will lay EMP devices to attempt to scramble the mainframe. Destroy these before their meter runs out, or else you fail the mission.
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Mad Without Power (30G) 71%
In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power

Getting around in Die Rise is tough without the elevators, but it's totally possible. It's easiest to accomplish this achievement when playing with people either online or in split-screen. There's no real strategy to this. You won't be able to use perk machines, so it's like playing regular zombies.
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Permanent Quick Revive in Zombies 70%
To get permanent Quick Revive in Zombies, revive a downed player 10 times.
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Facing the Dragon (10G) - Revolution 70%
In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2

There is a large billboard of a dragon in the building next to the starting building of the game. This dragon is effectively at the "end" of the map, but can be reached fairly easily. In fact, getting to the dragon before round 2 is very, very simple if you know where to go!

First of all, if you are playing in co-op, have one person get all the points. Let zombies tear down barricades, and then build them up back up for extra points. Make sure you don't kill all the zombies, and then have every active player walk onto the nearby elevator.

The weight will cause the elevator to crash to the ground below. Take the first right, and then you will be able to jump across to the area where the power is located. The power room will be through two double doors that lead further into the building, not the double doors that lead outside.

Turn on the power. When you do this, two elevators will fall down into place in the shafts. One should show a perk or a pack-a-punch machine, and the other you should be able to stand on top of. Get on top of the elevator and then ride it to the top, which will be the roof. Get out and then run over to the dragon billboard.

This achievement is sometimes slow to unlock, or doesn't register properly. If the achievement doesn't pop for you, try jumping in front of it or slashing at its face with your knife until it finally pops up.
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Fuel Efficient (10G) 67%
Description: In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation
Strategy: First off, build the turbine in the bus station. Do this by gathering the three parts in the station and then use them on the workbench. Use the turbine to exit the bus station.

Behind the bus there is a lamp. Use the turbine to power up the lamp and then walk into the fog. Let the "denizen of the forest" jump on your head and return to the lamp. Swing the right analog stick repeatedly to get rid of the "denizen" and a portal will appear that allows you to teleport.
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Blind Date (15G) 67%
Description: Successfully rescue HVI
Strategy: Strike Force mission. Nothing big.
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Big Leagues (20G) 67%
Description: Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division
Strategy: Go to the League Play playlists in the game. Then play until you are "placed" into a division. From there, just keep playing until you win five games.
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Art of War (25G) 67%
Description: Successfully assassinate SDC Chariman Tian Zhao
Strategy: You have to successfully complete the Strike Force Mission that requires you to assassinate Zhao.
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Polyarmory (30G) 67%
In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match

Basically, you have to kill a zombie with each different weapon type in a single game of Turned. Here are the different weapons:

Chicom CQB

Every time you kill a zombie, the weapon will switch.
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Vertigoner (10G) 67%
In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game

You can also build a catapult-like weapon in Die Rise. The workbench for this object is right below the starting area, and can be reached in a couple of ways. The parts for it are always in the first area of the game or the area immediately behind the door.

Take the items to the proper workbench. To reach this workbench easily, remove the debris at the top of the escalator in the room immediately behind the door of the spawn point. At the bottom of the escalator will be an opening that you can fall through, but if you move slowly, you can actually drop down and land safely on a ledge below.

This will be where the workbench is! If you are playing in four player co-op, you can easily build the machine right now. If not, you will have to move through the level a couple of times to gather the parts from before. You'll need the power on to ride the Quick Revive elevator back up to the starting position as well.

Once you have the machine, there is a very convenient place to put it to ensure you get the achievement easily, right in the same room with the workbench. Next to the three-burst pistol on the wall in this room is a drop that a lot of zombies come through in the waves. Place the machine there and you will definitely fling 10 of them, and likely many more, in one game.
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Paranormal Progress (5G) - Uprising 67%
In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

This achievement can only be earned in Mob of the Dead with the new Uprising DLC. You can get it very early on in the game. Upon exiting the library area, you'll find a fusebox on the wall that you can use to enter the Afterlife. Do so, and then go through the ghost portal in the first area, across from a little candle shrine and usually below the key that drops down.

Go through the ghost portal hallway to make your way to a device that you can power with electricity. This will then open the door to the shower area, which will satisfy the requirement for the achievement.
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A Burst of Flavor (15G) - Uprising 67%
In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

First thing's first, you'll need to power up the Electric Cherry perk machine and then purchase the perk. The Electric Cherry perk machine can be found on the top floor of the prison, and if you go behind it, you'll be headed to the rooftop area.

Go into Afterlife and power up the perk machine. Then get Electric Cherry. What Electric Cherry does is emit an electric spark to knock back zombies every time that you reload.

However, you won't be able to get this achievement just by reloading and hitting the shock. Get to a later round, about round 7 or so (if you aren't that great at the game, it's best to do this one in Easy mode), and then allow yourself to go into Afterlife when there are a lot of zombies around you.

This will cause an explosion of electricity, that will hopefully take out most of the undead.
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How to get Hell's Retriever 67%
Hell's Retriever is a powerful tomahawk-like weapon that can be found in Mob of the Dead. To get it, you need to feed three hellhounds that appear from specific locations on the map.

The first hellhound will be in the center area of the cellblock on the center floor. Look for the dog face painted in blood on the wall. To summon the dog, kill a zombie in front of it. Then hold your position at the dog so that you can keep killing zombies and allow the dog to eat their dead bodies. When it has been sufficiently fed, the dog will disappear.

Now go outside to the docks. Right by the workbench is another dog symbol. Reach the docks by going down the tunnels, but DON'T GO THROUGH THE GENERATOR ROOM. This will make it so zombies can come at you from even more directions, and that's definitely not something you want to happen. There's a gate for 2000 points that can be opened to reach the docks right by the generator room. Another option is to use the Gondola if you want to get there even faster from the first dog.

At any rate, once that dog is fed, go to the roof. The third dog will be here. Feed it sufficiently and then you can make your way back down to the Citadel Tunnels. Walk right by the gate that you would normally use to go deeper into the tunnels and you'll find a wall with three dog symbols at its top, and a new passageway that leads to the Hell's Retriever. The weapon will stay there forever until you lose the game.
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Trapped in Time (15G) - Uprising 67%
In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

There are three different traps in the game, and only one trap can be upgraded. The first trap is in the cafeteria. You'll need at least 1000 points to reach it. Once it is turned on, let a zombie be killed by the acid that rains from the ceiling and that will count as "used".

Now make your way to the Warden's Office. Open it up in Afterlife form and then you can activate the blades. Once the blades are activated, hang tight in the Warden's Office until a zombie is killed by the blades.

Now you need to make your way to the docks. First purchase the trap to turn on the Tower. Then go into the Afterlife using the fusebox by the tank part for the plane, and go to the tower and start zapping the hell out of it, right where the Afterlife symbol is painted to upgrade the tower.
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GG Bridge (30G) 67%
In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

To get to the bridge, you have to ride the plane. The bridge features a Pack-A-Punch machine, plus there are four electric chairs here that you can use to return to the prison. Wait to go to the bridge until you have quite a lot of points, so that once you arrive, you can Pack-A-Punch your weapons and be able to hold out better on the bridge.

It'd also be helpful if everyone has Juggernaut and Electric Cherry, plus Speed Cola and even Double Tap if you can afford it.

Hell's Retriever is also a must.
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Making the Rounds (30G) 67%
In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

After completing "No One Escapes Alive" return to Alcatraz. You will then go to the Bridge. Leave the Bridge by using the electric chairs. Upon arriving back at Alcatraz, the plane will be built, but you will have to refuel it. Gas cans are found at the same locations that you found the plane parts. Ride the plane around the island a couple more times to get the achievement.
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Full Lockdown (25G) - Uprising 67%
In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

Allow Brutus to smash down all the objects that he is able to, consuming them with fire, and blocking them from use until you spend 2000 points.

There are five perk machines that you need to power up first. They are as follows:

Speed-Cola (Warden's Office)
Double-Tap Root Beer (Catacombs)
Juggernaut (Docks)
Deadshot Daiquri (Infirmary)
Electric Cherry (Cell Block)

You also need to build both the Acid Kit and the Zombie Shield at the two different workbenches. Make Brutus walk by these objects and he'll smash them into the ground and surround them with fire.

Finally, you will need to get him to smash down the Mystery Box, plus smash down the plane parts. Just put at least one plane part on the rooftop to make him do this.
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Candygram (10G) 67%
In Buried, make a candy delivery

The big guy in the jail cell can be fed candy that you can get from the candy store. Give it to him and he will start attacking enemies for you. Give it to him near a Mystery Box spawn point and he will retrieve the box for you.
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All Your Base (15G) 67%
In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

There are six generators spread out across the map. Signs around the map will tell you how to get to each one.

Upon turning on a generator (which will cost 200 points for every character on the map), you will have to stay near it and defend the position from the medieval zombies that are electrified.

Now, the other part of the achievement is to not allow any of the generators to stop. What this means is that one of the generators will randomly be attacked by the medieval zombies. Rush to that position and defend it, or else you will have to start this achievement all over again.
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Saving the day...All Day (20G) 67%
In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

These are the four ways to revive someone in Black Ops II - Origins:

1. Revive
To do this, just wait for a teammate to get downed by the enemies. Then go up to them and hold X to revive them and bring them back to life.

2. Quick Revive
Turn on the power near the Quick Revive perk machine (located at the beginning of the Origins map). Then revive someone while you have Quick Revive just like you would've revived them in the normal manner.

3. Maxis Drone
The Maxis Drone is the buildable item in Origins. After you build it, use the d-pad to send it out. The drone will kill nearby zombies as well as revive downed teammates.

4. Ultimate Staff
Press left on the d-pad to use the healing power of the Ultimate Staffs. Aim the staff at the downed enemies to revive them. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Make Yourself a Better LMG User. 67%
LMGs are very peculiar weapons. They most certainly aren't user-friendly, and they take loads of skill to use well. However, through many hints and tips, you can become one with the LMG.

LMGs have lots of power. They combine fast firing speeds with high ammo capacities. Due to their large ammo capacities, you shouldn't reload after every kill, which is what a lot of players like to do with other weapons. LMG reloads are slow, which is extremely true for the Mk-48 and the LSAT. Only reload when you're almost out of bullets, as you'll be capitalizing on a big advantage: the ammo. Reload cancelling can also make reloading a lot easier, as they all reload extremely slowly. You should also reload when it's safe, as, if you're walking around the map and doing your reload, you're bound to find someone whilst vulnerable and they can easily take you out, which leads up to my next point: Pistols. When you're in close proximity, LMGs are unwieldy and untrustworthy. Use a pistol to help you get out of these jams that will most likely doom you to your demise while using LMGs.

LMGs also own every optical sight excluding the MMS. Why? Because they love opticals. Weapons such as the MK-48 or the HAMR can have troubles with their iron sights, or they just don't cut it at longer ranges. That's why I always consider opticals while making my classes. Things such as the Dual Band Scope, the Target Finder, the ACOG, and even the EOTech Sight are all opticals that LMGs love. Find the optical that suits you most and show the world what you're made of.

Now, things to avoid. Due to their large ammo capacities, Extended Clip should be avoided at all costs, as they have little effect on these weapons, especially when they already have 75/100 bullets by default. If you're going to go over longer ranges with the QBB-LSW or the HAMR, please avoid Suppressors. These weapons have bad range, and using them in this style with suppressors on them will require you to put several more bullets on each enemy in order to kill them. And with sustained fire on these weapons come major consequences. For the QBB, it'll get some real nasty recoil, whilst the HAMR loses a ton of fire rate.

Another good strategy is burst firing. Only firing a few of many bullets at a time drastically improves accuracy and dampens recoil. This is a big way to make good use of the HAMR, as it shoots slower with sustained fire, and burst firing the HAMR won't let that happen.

Now, I'm going to give you examples of good LMG attachments.

Despite me detesting the use of a Suppressor, it is okay to use it on the MK-48 and the LSAT, because they have more range. The LSAT is a bit of a risk to do so, as it doesn't have that much more range.

FMJ is a nice attachment for when your enemies are trying to escape. However, LMGs also penetrate through walls easier, making the use of FMJ all up to preference.

As stated above, an Optical is a good choice for nearly every LMG. However, beware of Variable Zoom, because the recoil can be extremely annoying on the QBB and the HAMR.

Laser Sight is an option because all LMGs have poor hip-fire capabilities. However, the Laser Sight makes up for it, and the high rates of fire can come in hand in hand with the laser at short distances, especially with the QBB and the HAMR.

Even though I did not recommend Extended Clip, it can be useful on the QBB and the HAMR, as those weapons have smaller magazines, and they reload a lot more frequently than the Mk-48 or the LSAT. However, beware that the reload time is longer while using it.

Rapid Fire is a double-edged sword. On one side, you get a drastic increase in firepower. On the other side, your ammo will vanish before you know it. Rapid Fire will also increase recoil and lower range. It's entirely up to you if you want to use it or not. I wouldn't try it, but there will be some people that love that attachment.

Quickdraw is a huge recommendation, as ADS times are extremely slow for the LMGs. And when you're using LMGs more aggressively, that slow ADS time can come and stab you in the back. However, if you're not going to be moving around a ton, Quickdraw isn't as useful.

Using these tips to their greatest potential will make you a huge threat the next time you're using an LMG. Thanks for reading, and have an LMGtastic day. :3
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Standard Equipment May Vary (25G) 64%
Description: In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game
Strategy: In TranZit, you build different items that will help you accomplish various tasks throughout the different stops. You need to build four different items, and they are as follows:

1. Turbine
To build the Turbine, simply gather the three parts in the bus depot. You need a fan, a mannequin body, and a tail fin.

2. Zombie Shield
This is found at the diner. The workbench is inside the garage, and you need two different items. The first item is a trolley. You'll find this inside the diner. Secondly, you need a car door. This car door can be picked up inside the garage.

3. Turret
The Farm features the Turret equippable item. You need three different objects here. Firstly, you need a mower. The mower spawns randomly on the farm, but it's usually somewhere near the house and shouldn't be too hard to find. Secondly, you need the RPK, which is also randomly spawning, but it's typically in the barn. The ammo is the third item, usually found in the shed, but its spawn is also random.

4. Electric Trap
At the Power Room, you can build an Electric Trap. There are three items needed to do this. You need the Battery, the rod, and the light. They are all in the building above the powerhouse and can be found on barrels or the area directly below that you have to drop down to reach.
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Back in Time (10G) 64%
Description: Use a future weapon in the past
Strategy: Black Ops II allows you to customize your loadout before each mission in the campaign. Change your loadout to include a futuristic gun while playing a mission that is set in the past.

Next you have to actually use the weapon in the level. After that happens, you have to complete the mission in order to unlock the achievement.
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Black Ops II Master (15G) 63%
Description: Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty
Strategy: Just beat the single player campaign on either Hardened or Veteran difficulty. You don't have to complete the Strike Force missions, just the regular campaign missions.
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Celerium (Myanmar 2025) 60%
Mission 2 begins on the side of a cliff. Using new technology, you are able to stick to the sides of mountains with specialized gloves, ala Spider-Man. This is QTE segment. When prompted, press LT to signal Harper. Then push the left analog stick to the left when that prompt appears on the screen to successfully swing Harper to the other side.

At that point, you have to press A to launch yourself off the cliff wall. Then pull both LT and RT when they flash on the screen to stick to the next wall. Repeat this process until you and Harper are on solid ground, though that doesn't last long.

Reunite with your squadmates and then approach the side of the cliff. Equip your wing suit when the game says and then watch Crosby jump off the cliff and begin gliding through the area. Follow suit. Use the right analog stick to aim David by the trees and avoid running into any walls.

Keep gliding until the X button appears on the screen, which is a prompt to activate your parachute. Tap X to do this and then aim for the solid ground that is in the center of the canyon. After landing successfully, move forward with your squad to find a group of enemies using new cloaking technology.

The fighting begins on your cue. Toss an EMP grenade with LB to interrupt their cloaking devices and then start killing everyone. Work your way forward to the next objective, which is a turret gun. Run to the side of the gun and hold X to break into its infrastructure, taking control of the gun.

Use the gun to mow down the enemies. Destroy their vehicles as they appear as well. When they're all destroyed, follow your squadmates through these old ruins. You'll find the entrance to a lab below. Wait for everyone to catch up, and then approach the door panel. Hold X to enter and then wait inside until the next door opens up.

Go down the hall. A drone will begin attacking, causing an explosion. There are actually two drones in the next room, not to mention swarms of enemies. Switch to your secondary weapon in this mission (if you kept the default loadout at the mission briefing screen). This weapon shoots explosive flachetes and is incredibly helpful in destroying the two drones. Fire a few rounds into the drones to blow them up and then move through one of the side passages to start killing the enemies and flank the ones on the stairs.

Go up the stairs and continue into the next lab area. Watch out for the turret on the ceiling. Fire explosive flachetes at it to blow it up and use walls for cover. Keep going until you find a drone of your own to activate. This drone will now follow you around the rest of the level and provide protection.

And you'll need it. Enemies will suddenly appear from everywhere, and two turrets on the ceiling will activate. Your men will stab a shield into the ground for cover and use this. Crouch behind it and then pop up to destroy the turrets. When the turrets have been destroyed, work on ridding the room of enemies.

Next you'll find a scientist working on the mission titular Celerium. He'll explain the situation. More enemies will come down on the position, including some drones, so get behind cover and then wipe them all out. When the coast is clear, follow the scientist through to the next room.

There will be a door that can only be opened by being activated by two people. Approach the control panel on the wall opposite the scientist's and hold X to interact. Go through to the next room and watch the scene.

When it's done, quickly use the wall for cover. Push your way backward through the lab and kill all the enemies in sight. Keep going until you rendezvous with the extract team.
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Odysseus (USS Barack Obama 2025) 60%
Walk over to the retina scanner when Menendez demands to see you. After it's done scanning, walk into the interrogation room and go through the ropes. Menendez will knock you out. When you wake up, the Obama will be under attack.

Go to the armory and snag any weapons you want. I recommend getting a shotgun and a machinegun of some sorts. Then start moving through the ship. The first hall, you'll discover the ship's turret systems have been hacked, and the turrets are killing everyone.

Destroy the turret here, and then kill the enemies. Move down the hall. Salazar and David will split up. Go up the stairs and go outside. Kill the enemies here, then make your way to the next door. David will go through the door automatically. Kill the enemies in this hall and then work your way through these server rooms.

On the wall, there will be a control panel marked by "ACCESS". Break into it and hack the systems to take control of the enemy turrets. Use it to clear the next room of enemies then move through. Fight your way to the next control panel and do the same thing.

Go to the designated room and sit tight. Perspective will switch to Menendez. Slowly walk behind Briggs and then watch the scenes unfold. You then have a choice. You can choose to shoot Briggs in the head and kill him or you can choose to shoot him in the leg.

No matter the choice, you then switch back to David. Move to the air shaft and wait for them to remove the grate. Press B to crouch and move through the ventilation shaft. Examine the damage then go to the flight deck.

Go to the lift and ride it to the top. Use any unmanned aircraft as cover as you move across the deck. You can enter many of the aircraft to provide even more cover if the enemy force becomes too overwhelming. Fight your way to the designated airship.
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Futurist (50G) 60%
Description: Complete all future levels in veteran
Strategy: Beat every level set in the future on Veteran difficulty. Don't worry about Strike Force missions.
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Dance On My Grave (5G) 60%
Description: In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone
Strategy: While playing Zombies (on any map that isn't Nuketown 2025), on any mode and with any customizations, you have to purchase the Tombstone perk.

The Tombstone perk costs 2000 points to purchase. You also have to have another perk, such as Jugger-Nog or Speed-Cola. An easy map to do this is the "Town" map in Green Run, on Survival Mode instead of TranZit.

If you are playing with someone, get Tombstone and another perk. Go down on purpose and then when you are revived, pick your tombstone back up to get all your perks back that would otherwise be lost (sans Tombstone, you'll have to re-purchase that).

If you are playing by yourself, purchase Tombstone, Quick Revive, and another perk. This will revive yourself if you go down and allow you to have a chance to pick up your Tombstone.

In "Town", the Quick Revive perk machine is on the second floor of the bar, and Tombstone is in the street. Speed-Cola is in the bank, and Jugger-Nog is in the second floor of the other building in the town.
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Diamond Camo 60%
To get Diamond Camo for weapons, you have to unlock "Gold" for every different weapons.
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Shafted (35G) 60%
In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game

This one will require a lot of dexterity. These are the perks that are available in Die Rise:

Speed Cola
Double Tap Root Beer
Quick Revive
Mule Kick
Who's Who

Of course, you can only have four perks at a time, and with six perks available, that is a problem. Be sure to pick up Quick Revive for your first round of perks, and then just pick another three perks that you aren't too fond of, because you'll be losing them all pretty soon. Don't grab Who's Who, as it will let you keep your Quick Revive perk after you revive yourself in the game.

If you're playing solo, then down yourself after obtaining Quick Revive and three other perks. When you are revived, gather up the remaining perks you didn't buy before, and then use the Pack-A-Punch on a gun. The Pack-A-Punch will be in one of the elevators at a random location.
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Acid Drop (20G) 60%
In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

There are three parts to find to build the acid gat kit. There is one in the infirmary, one on the way to the Warden's Office, and one inside the Warden's Office proper.

Go to the workbench by the Electric Cherry perk machine and assemble the kit. Then find the mystery box and farm it until you get the Blundergat weapon. Take the Blundergat to the workbench and use it to get the upgraded weapon.
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Ray gun cheat 60%
First you must go to the mystary box and pay , then you must shoot four times then turn aroud.Next thing you will know is that you will have a ray gun or a thunder gun-RPK.It works on xbox and play staition.
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Never will die 60%
Go to main lobby on multiplayer and press the arrows
left, right, left, right, up
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Awaken the Gazebo (30G) 60%
In Buried, Pack-A-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no one using the Bank or Weapon locker See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Very good wepon 60%
On Multiplayer get the SWAT-556. Add the Primary Gunfighter Perk so you can get another attachment. Get FMJ, Fore Grip, and Select Fire.that will make you gun a fast 2 shot kill gun or one shot head-shot. If you think the selection hogs up to much space for you selection you can just apply settings to every standard game mode so it can lert you choose 17 selections instead of the 10 default you normally get. Just go to "Setup Game" and go down to "Edit Game Rules" and select. Then go down to "Custom Classes" and select. Go down to "Selections Allowed" and move you gyro control left or right depending on the amount of selections you want.then if you think 10 is to little go to 17 which will let you unleash more destruction on to your opponents.

Hope it helped
p.s. it will make you change to 17 selections every time because 10 is default
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Town Survival Tips 60%
Town Survival is basically the most popular Zombies mode out there, and it's no secret why. However, this game mode isn't like most others, as it combines a small map with many powerful machines. So, let's get to the tips.

Step 1: Learn where the zombies appear. There's 4 main places that Zombies come from: coming out of the ground near the middle (or by the back where the M14 is), coming out of one of the barriers, coming out from an interior area (they won't come out from the Bank), and climbing over the hill near the Mystery Box location (outside). If you know where to look in those first few rounds, you'll be able to really rack up some kills.

Step 2: rack up points in the first 2 rounds. If you can't do that, you're going to have a very hard time. All you have to do is take your M1911, shoot the zombie 3 to 6 times, and then knife him. This'll easily rack up more points for you in the early rounds.

Step 3: Identify where the Mystery Box first spawned. This is easily done by looking at the back where it is. If you don't see a massive blue light, then that means the Box is inside the Bar.

Step 4: Don't keep draining items out of the box. Continuously taking items out of the box will easily spawn a Teddy Bear. If you give it a little break, then it's far less likely to appear.

Step 5: Take advantage of the power-ups. There's many ways to do this:

If you get an Insta-kill, you should only knife zombies, or shoot them with a pistol or a high capacity weapon.

If you get Double Points, don't go for Headshots on zombies. Every hit gives points, so take advantage of that MP5 (for the sake of example here) and just rack up points on Zombies.

Use the Ka-boom in the middle of a round, not when the round starts, or when the down-time between rounds is going on.

There's not really a way to abuse the Carpenter.

Step 6: Engage the zombies in a safe/point racking fashion. If the zombie is on fire, then it'll explode upon death, so don't go up in its face, heaven forbid. If you have single zombies bringing down barriers in the early rounds, let them break it, kill them, then rebuild the barrier. Engage zombies in ways that'll help you survive and get further.

Step 7: know which perks to drink. If you have high value weapons, it's best that you get Tombstone to protect them, if you don't have a large sum of money stockpiled, or if you don't want to risk getting subpar weapons. If you're constantly on the run, Stamin-Up can help you outpace the hordes.

Step 8: avoid wall weapons. These weapons include the M14, the Olympia, and the Mp5. The M14 and Olympia are just god awful in later rounds, and aren't worth pack-a-punching due to their lower damage, fire rates, and small magazine sizes. The Mp5 can be used if you want, but beware, as it's purely outclassed by other weapons from the box. However, the MP5 can be good to rack up points.

Step 9: plan which things to get. If you can last, then this isn't a problem. If you can't, then you must choose which things to get. Do I Pack-a-Punch my MTAR? Or do I buy the Galvaknuckles instead? It might not be important sometimes, but for things that'll eat up money, such as Pack-a-Punching a weapon, you must play it smart of how you'll play.

Step 10: Use the Pack-a-Punch effectively. There's some weapons out there that just aren't worth the wait, and then there's some that need an upgrade immensely, such as the M8A1 or the War Machine. Use the Pack-a-Punch to your advantage in order to become that much more dangerous.

Step 11: Buy Quick Revives if playing solo. This is the only way to get a "second chance" when playing all by yourself, as when you get down without one, you can say goodbye to that session.

Step 12: revolve a strategy around your playstyle. If you die a lot, then don't try to load up on perks, as you'll just waste money. If you can go forever, than feel free to gear up with the things that'll keep you going, like Jugger-nog and Speed Cola.

Step 13: Pay attention to your other players. Make sure they don't steal kills from you in the early rounds, as that can be very problematic when you're starting to build up a strategy, such as getting your weapon of choice from the Mystery Box. As well, players who aren't playing should NOT be revived, as they'll just die again in a matter of seconds.

That's pretty much all you need to know to get started. With these tips in hand, you should be able to apply these into your Town Survival games, and just start playing heaps better. Get at it, player!
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Permanent Deadshot Daquiri Perk in Zombies 58%
Get two headshots with one bullet to get this perk permanently in Zombies.
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Sony 57%
Black ops2 hack
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Undead Man's Party Bus (15G) 57%
Description: In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game
Strategy: There are three upgrades that you can add to the bus in TranZit to improve its overall performance. That is a hatch for the roof, a ladder for the side, and a plow on the front. They will randomly spawn at the following possible locations.

1. Bus depot room to the right of the workbench against the wall.
2. In the shed outside the diner.
3. At the farmhouse in the shed.
4. At the Town in the bar.
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Don't Fire Until You See (30G) 57%
Description: In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire
Strategy: Start a game of TranZit, then you have to open every door in the game on every map without ever being set on fire. The fire is on cracks on the ground that MUST be avoided. There are doors to open at every single TranZit stop, so keep that in mind.

There are a couple of spots where the fire is especially dangerous. When you stop at the diner, the bus steps lead out to a big fire pit. Get a running start and jump over the fire to avoid it. When going back into the bus, do the same. It's best to save the Diner for last, and just ride the bus all the way back through.

The Town has a ton of fire all over the place. It's all easily avoidable as long as you pay attention to where you're going.
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Death from Above (50G) 57%
Description: Stop Menendez once and for all
Strategy: Beat the game.
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Dead or Alive (15G) 57%
Description: Jailor or executioner
Strategy: Cryptic as it sounds, this achievement is just a part of completing the main campaign.
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High Maintenance (75G) - Revolution 57%
In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

There will be a full guide based on this DLC to help you out with this achievement with more detail. This is the achievement that governs the super complicated Easter egg in Die Rise, and it's very difficult to figure out. Stay tuned to Cheat Masters for more information as it becomes available.
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Tower of Babble 57%
Description: In TranZit, obey the voices
Strategy: This is a very complicated, Easter Egg-based achievement. I will divide this achievement into a step-by-step guide to make it easier on everyone involved.

1. You need at least four people to get this achievement. You can do it online or in split-screen, but I found the game has a tendency to crash in four player split-screen, so there's a fair warning. First, build the wind turbine using the fan, the mannequin, and the tail fin at the bus depot. Have all four players grab it off the workbench.

2. Next up is to get an EMP grenade. Exit the bus depot using the wind turbine to open the doors, and then hop on the bus, riding it to the diner. Try to stretch out the rounds. Keep crawlers for as long as possible and only start the next round when you need to kill zombies for points. Get off the bus at the diner and then go into the garage area. Keep hitting the box until you get the EMP grenades. If you get a teddy bear and the box disappears, then restart the game, as it is too much of a pain to go hunting the box down. To make a crawler, throw grenades at the zombies. Each round you will be given two grenades back.

3. Leave one player at the diner, but not the one with the EMP grenades. This will force the zombies to spawn in multiple areas, making the load easier on everyone. The other three players need to get in the bus before it leaves and ride it to the power station. Skip the farmhouse. To have the driver skip a stop completely, knife him on the way there until his eyes flash red. Don't do this too much so that he skips the power station as well, however.

4. At the power station, open the door to the outhouse and drop down to reach the underground lab. Assemble the switch by picking up the parts in the area, and then build the switch in the nearby control room. Turn on the power and listen to the voice. The voice will then tell you to turn off the power, so do this after he demands it.

5. Use the wind turbine on the shutter. Have the person that didn't use the wind turbine earlier on the gates to exit the bus depot so that you guys spread out the use of the turbines and no one loses their turbine prematurely. Have one person get on the bus and then stay at the Town. Have the other two people, one with the EMP grenades, walk backwards to the cornfield.

6. Make your way through the cornfield to the pylon in its center. The goblins will constantly jump on your head, so constantly slash at them to avoid going down. Once you reach the pylon, stand in the middle of it to avoid being attacked by the goblins. Place two wind turbines down at the base of the pylon.

7. This will cause a storm to erupt in the sky. When this happens, kill any remaining zombies and start the next round. Keep fighting the zombies until the electric man appears at the pylon. Have him watch in the middle of the pylon and then chuck the EMP grenades at him to defeat him.

8. The player at the diner comes into play again. Go to the lamp post by the shed outside the diner. Place the wind turbine down to turn the light on. Then have the player in the Town start walking toward the Bus Depot from the town and they will find another lamppost and then place the turbine down.
By: icytricks67(60)
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Extra drops in Zombies Multiplayer 57%
This is a sort of cheat code for multiplayer zombies in Black Ops II.
I only know two of the locations where this works:
In town:
There is a car near the PaP machine, facing the PaP machine. With your back to the bank, lay down on the right hand side of the car, with your avatar's hip near the tire near the bank. You should be prone facing the PaP machine. Have a friend leap on top of you. If you complete it successfully, both of you will go down and require reviving, and just the two people who completed the cheat will hear the laugh of the teddy bear.
In Nuketown:
Go to the barbed wire fence with manikins behind it. Go to the corner nearest the yellow house, where the barbed wire fence meets the broken wooden one. Lay down with your left side on the wood fence and you are facing the barbed wire fence. Repeat the process of having a friend leap on top of you outlined above.

This allows you to have at least double the number of drops such as nukes, max ammo, instakill, and so on. The difference is very noticeable, and a big help when you get low on ammo.
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I'm on a Tank! (10G) 56%
In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off.

Go to the rear of the tank and press A to get on top of it. Then just ride the tank until the achievement pops up.
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I Don't Think They Exist (10G) 55%
Description: In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you
Strategy: If you try to exit an area not on the bus, the foggy road in-between major stops in TranZit will feature little green goblin enemies that will jump on your head. They will then repeatedly swipe at your face until you are downed.

To avoid being downed by them, constantly push in the right analog stick to knife. Do this rapidly and they will be killed and fall off without causing any damage.
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Hack 53%
Unlock everything diamond
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Pyrrhic Victory (Angola 1986) 50%
Ride the vehicle to the open savannah area. Waves of enemies will come charging from the distance. Pick them off from your position and push forward with everyone else.

Your next objective will be to take out the mortar crews. There will be three targets at one mortar, and then a single target operating the other mortar. Rush to the rocks behind the crew of three. From there, take out the single mortar guy, and then whip around the rocks and quickly take out the other three mortar crew members. Quickly get back behind the rock before the tanks can kill you.

Push up on the d-pad when prompted to call for air support. You'll now control the helicopter that flies overhead. Use RT to fire machineguns and use LT to shoot rockets. Destroy the tanks below, which will be designated targets.

After the tanks have been destroyed, a couple of trucks with machinegunners in the back will roll into view. Take them out from the safety of the rock and then you will once again take control of the helicopter. Continue blasting the tanks until they've all been destroyed, and then start killing the enemies yourself.

Mason will then jump back on the side of the truck vehicle. Shoot the enemies as you drive by, killing as many as possible. Keep pushing through until they're all dead and a cut-scene interrupts the gameplay.

Following the scene, you'll be in the helicopter attempting to rescue Woods, who is reportedly on a barge that is floating down the river. When prompted, press A to jump out of the helicopter and land on the barge. Start clearing the deck of all enemies. Hudson will help you out.

Once they're all dead, approach the case on the ground and hold X to obtain the flak jacket inside. With that equipped, man the turret on the lower deck. Gun boats will start zooming into view from behind and to the sides. Blow them up. When they start pulling up on the opposite side of the boat, go to the upper deck and use the turret there to keep blowing them up.

If they get too close, enemies will board the ship. If that's the case, exit the turret and quickly take them out before getting back on. When the coast is clear, approach the shipping container that Hudson is standing it. Help him open the door and you'll find Woods inside.

A HIND will show up, making the situation much worse. Grab the Javelin weapon and equip it. Aim at the HIND and fire a missile. You can control the missile using the left and right analog sticks. If you tap the right trigger while the missile is flying, it will blow up. It will also blow up if the meter on the right side of the screen depletes as it is flying.

It is tricky to hit the HIND with a direct shot. Because of this, try to get the missile at least close to the vehicle and then tap RT to blow the missile up when it is near the HIND. This will perform a decent amount of splash damage. If you run out of ammo, there is an ammo crate adjacent to the shipping container Woods was in. Just hold X to replenish your ammunition.

After the HIND has been taken care of, the ship will crash. Pull back on LT to swim yourself and Woods out of the water. On dry land, follow Hudson. Go prone near the fallen tree and watch the scene. Afterwards, follow Hudson through the building. Follow his movements exactly, otherwise, you'll get caught and fail the mission.

Crouch behind the cover in the house and wait for the guards to leave. Stay crouched and follow Hudson through the tall grass. Keep following him until you drop Woods and go after the radio communications to call for help. There is a small shack before you go. Next to the shack is an open container with a pistol, plus there is a sniper rifle on the ground. Definitely grab the sniper rifle.

Pick the lock on the shack to enter. Inside, you'll grab the bear trap off the wall automatically. This can be used as a trap to lay for enemies. At any rate, wait for the coast to be clear then climb through the window of the radio control room. Things go south very quickly, so start sprinting back toward the river.

Everyone will stop behind a rock to thin out the enemies a bit. You can pick them off from behind the rock, but there is also a tree house of sorts that can be climbed, which can be an advantageous position with the sniper rifle. Kill as many enemies as you can and then continue sprinting toward the river until the next stop. Repeat this process until you finally reach the river.
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Old Wounds (Afghanistan 1986) 50%
Mount the horse by holding X. Follow everyone through the villages to the base. To make the horse sprint, push down on the left analog stick the same as how to make any of the other characters you play in the game sprint.

Dismount the horse at the base by holding X. Speak with everyone inside to develop the strategy, then start to head back out. There will be a door to the left that will contain mortars, so pick the lock and grab them. Go back out and get on the horse. Sprint to the next objective. Enemies will be around. Shoot them from the horse or mow them down with the horse if they give you trouble.

Follow Woods through the desert and keep going until you are told to dismount. Do so and then start pushing your way through the ruins. Stick behind walls for cover and pop out until to mow down enemies from a safe distance.

Russian tanks will start rolling through the area. When you see the first one, sprint to the Stinger, which will be pointed out by a cursor on the screen. Kill anyone around and then equip the Stinger. Fire a round at the Russian tank to destroy it. Another tank will show up, so blow that up as well. Resupply your ammunition with the ammo crate near where you picked the Stinger up to begin with. A nearby crate that can be accessed will have mines if you want those.

When that's done, sprint to the next objective marker. Lay the bomb by holding X, then go behind cover with Woods. When everyone is safely behind the cover, press RT to blow up the ruin, making that area impassable by vehicles.

Get back on the horse and get out of there. Enemy tanks will start making their way to the base and helicopters will drop off more enemies. Sprint to the tanks and, on horseback, blast them with the Stinger to prevent them from destroying the base.

Enemy helicopters will now start flying to the base after the tanks have been destroyed. Blast the hell out of them with the Stinger. But first, push left on the d-pad to equip the homing function of the Stinger for flying vehicles. Use this to lock on to the helicopters to destroy them quicker.

Following a scene with Woods, Harper, and David Mason in 2025, you'll be back in the Afghan desert as a mammoth sized tank starts to lumber into view. Press RT when you're done looking at it, and charge forward to the tanks with everyone else.

Your horse is killed and falls on top of your legs. Press LT and RT to shove the horse off. Woods picks you up and then drops you off on the monster tank. Watch the scenes and then you'll take a Russian prisoner back to base.

Back at base, Mason will start seeing the numbers again. Whenever this happens, he will start pointing his gun at the prisoner. Mash X to keep Mason from killing him. Repeat the process every time that it pops up.
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Strike Force Tutorial 50%
When you begin your first Strike Force mission, you will be asked to go through the tutorial. If you've never done a Strike Force mission before, I highly recommend going through the tutorial so you can learn the ropes.

You will be taught the basics of Strike Force. Basically, you can switch between a bunch of different units on the battlefield, or even command them from a tactical map view if you don't want to take control of them directly.

Select - Tactical Map
D-pad (up) - Turret
D-pad (left or right) - Soldier
D-pad (down) - Drone

You can command your unit as a soldier or from the Tactical Map view with RT and LB. Hold RT or LB to command all units, but just tap it to control which ever unit has been selected. The tutorial will teach you how to do all this, but this is here for reference in case you forget something and don't want to go back through the tutorial.
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Shipwreck (Singapore 2025) - Strike Force Mission 50%
This mission is an offensive mission, as opposed to the more defensive style mission you completed for the first Strike Force mission.

There are three targets. They are all missile defense and anti-aircraft weaponry. Focus all your units on one objective at a time. Plant the scrambler and then defend the position. I recommend focusing on positions A and C first, then moving in on B in the center area.

When B has the scrambler place, move around it in a circle and kill all the infantry in the area. Keep an eye for the quads that are flying around as well. Constantly hold LB and point directly at the center of B to keep drawing the new ground units to the area to help defend it.

When A, B, and C have been completed, you press X to launch the missile strike. Using the right analog stick, aim the missile directly to the freight carrier to blow it up.
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Fallen Angel (Pakistan 2025) 50%
Press "up" on the d-pad to equip the laser designator. Use this device to show the CLAW drone units where to fire. Aim at the clusters of enemies in the water as you move with the CLAW units, named Brutus and Maximus.

Outside, approach the fuse box near the shutter that says "ACCESS". Rip the panel off the box and then press the button to up the shutter. Maximus and Brutus will go inside and make their way to the rooftops.

In the meantime, you can have them attack targets in the alley below that you're moving through. Move through the alley and kill all the enemies, but then a flying drone will come into view, looking for targets.

At this point, follow Harper and stay close. Move with him as he moves from cover to cover, hiding from the drone. Do NOT sprint. It may seem smart to sprint by the drone, but there is a chance that the drone will pick up the sound of the water splashing as you run. This, of course, will result in death. Just push forward right behind Harper as you go through the water, but do not sprint.

When the drone is cleared, follow Harper to the next section where two enemies are patrolling nearby. Take out the guy on the right when ready and Harper will kill the one on the left. Then follow Harper to the sewer gate. Harper will open it up. Go inside and then follow Harper to the ladder.

Following the short discussion with the admiral, Harper and David will be on rooftops. Use the grappling hook by pressing RB to reach the top of the rooftop. Approach the enemy on the right and perform a melee attack to silently take him out.

Now David will pull out a recording device. Use it to scan the enemies to find Menendez. He will be the one chatting it up near the jeep vehicles. When he's been fully scanned, the device will begin recording his conversation. When the conversation is complete, he will walk away, so it's time to tail him.

Follow Harper and then go prone when he does. With the device, keep it trained on Menendez and record his next conversation. Then follow Harper to the radio room. Harper will kill the man at the controls, but aim the device out of the window. Identify the man in front of the helicopter, and then record the conversation he has with Menendez.

When that's done, move with Menendez through the train yard. Record the conversation more, and then follow him down the stairs to a flooded area. Follow Harper through the water. A dead body will float by with a musical jump in an attempt to scare you, but there's nothing down there that can actually do damage, unless you take too long and drown.

A few explosions later, you'll be back in the water. Swim to the surface and then use the d-pad to take control of Brutus. As Brutus, use the flamethrower to kill all the soldiers staring at him, and then move forward and wipe out the rest of the enemies in the train yard.

Then switch to Maximus. With Maximus, destroy the vehicles on the ground with grenades, and kill as many enemies as possible. Then destroy the flying drone as it comes, then control will return to David and Harper. Enter the vehicle.

This driving segment is as you'd expect. Just drive by pulling RT and try to avoid being shot. Mow down any enemies in the way, and ram enemy vehicles off the road whenever possible. Boost over ramps by pressing A.

A series of explosions will occur near an oil mill section. Avoid the flames by steering to the left and right. Then keep going until you reach the red flare of the evac point.
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I.E.D. (Afghanistan 2025) - Strike Force Mission 50%
This mission is a drone-only mission. You can control two different types of flying drones as well as ground drones. Your mission this time is to move through the Afghan desert and protect four vehicles, labeled A, B, C, and D.

The enemies will almost always attack the vehicle at the front. So if A goes down, then B will be the next most targeted vehicle. Because of this, throw all your weight at the front of the convoy. Take control of flying drones and scope out the area ahead. Be ready to shoot anyone in the mountaintops with RPGs, and if there are tanks, unload all you have into them before the convoy reaches that point.

Perhaps the biggest annoyance are the enemies on horseback. These guys come in large waves and can be somewhat tricky to kill when there are so many and they move so fast. The flying drones are still the best option with combating them, however.

I.E.D.s on the ground will cause the convoy to stop. Destroy these by shooting them. Protect the convoy to the best of your ability using these tips and you should be fine.
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Karma (Cayman Islands 2025) 50%
Move through the security checkpoint. Then walk by the counter and continue to the elevator. Wait for Salazar and Harper to get inside with you, then ride it down to the first stop. Harper will get off. Ride the elevator down another level.

Kill the two men in this room and then go to the designated area. You now get to control Ziggy. Ziggy is a spider robot that can cling to walls. Move Ziggy through the air duct and to the first target, which is a electrical device. There will be one part where you'll have to jump over a pit in the duct by pressing A. Blast it with a shot of electricity by pulling the right trigger.

Then move Ziggy down the air duct some more. You'll reach a couple of gates that seemingly block the path, but there are corners curled up on the fencing that Ziggy can bypass. Continue until you reach a section that is seemingly impassible as it is too raised for Ziggy to move through normally. Check the walls of the air duct and then move to one of these walls say "UP" with an arrow. On this section of the wall, jump forward to bypass the ledge.

Move out onto the red and blue pipes. Crawl up the red pipes and leap across when you see the next site of red and blue pipes. Follow these pipes to an air duct grate. Shoot the bottom of the grate with electricity and it will fall open. Jump out to land on the target and press RT to shoot him with an electric bolt.

Following the scene, clear the lab area of all enemies. If you hack the nearby computer, you can make it so all enemies will appear in a red outline, which makes them easier to spot. At any rate, move to the main console as designated by the main objective marker, and get into that system. Move through the files by moving the left and right analog sticks in the directions they say at the bottom of the screen until all the files have been searched and the true nature of "Karma" is revealed.

Now exit the lab area and kill everyone in sight. They will use a lot of smoke to try to hide, but when this happens, just get behind cover until the smoke dissipates and then flank the enemies. Make your way to the club Solar and then move by the bouncers and everyone until you reach the dance floor.

When you get to "Karma", a woman already being talked to by Harper, she will be reluctant to come with you guys. Then the terrorists walk in and start taking hostages. A sequence of slow motion events follow, similar to the "breach and clear" sections of the previous games. In these moments, kill all the enemies to the best of your ability, going for headshots.

When it's over, watch the scenes, and then you'll move to the next area automatically. The security guards will now be fighting with you. Follow them out into the mall area and push forward. Move from cover to cover and kill all of De Falco's men in the process with the help of the security guards.

Move to the lower level of the mall. There is a shutter here that if you force open, will grant you a drone that follows you around named Buster. This little guy will help out with the other drones you'll have to deal with pretty soon.

Help Salazar force open the door by approaching him when he's trying to push it open. After all the civilians run out, follow him to the outside and continue killing all of De Falco's men and pushing forward toward De Falco himself.

When De Falco's name starts flashing on the screen, that means it's time to book it! Ignore all the drones and enemies and just start sprinting to De Falco. Sprint up the stairs and then around all the plants and fancy crap to get to De Falco before he is able to escape.

Three enemies will be with De Falco, and they will all turn their attention to you once you get close enough (as does De Falco). Kill the three enemies first, and then focus on De Falco. When he's dead, run over to his body to finish the mission.
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Suffer With Me (Panama 1989) 50%
This mission, you play as Woods. Follow Mason to the front door of McKnight's house. Then walk around to the back of the house. Go to the shed and approach the shed doors that are slightly ajar. Grab the duffel bag inside and then follow them back to the driveway when they're done having their beer.

Next, you're in Panama on a speed boat. Woods will jump into the water automatically. Swim to the shore, then follow Mason to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and Mason will work his way to the other side. Mason will stab the enemy, but another will appear from the guardhouse.

Press RT when prompted to throw a throwing knife at the guard that comes out of the house. He'll manage to get a flare off, however, alerting all the enemies in the nearby courtyard. Stay crouched and work your way around the right side of the courtyard to flank them.

Follow Mason through the area, killing all enemies in sight, and to the roof. Mason will open the skylight. Hop down onto the catwalk and then aim down to the warehouse below, killing the enemies there. Drop down to the next level. A lone enemy will charge, so quickly melee him.

Pick the nearby lock to get a flak jacket and then follow Mason outside. Fight your way to the motel. Sprint up the stairs once the coast is clear and approach the door. Watch the cut-scene unfold.

Afterwards, melee the three enemies that are beating up on the civilians. If you are accurate enough, then shoot them, but it's too easy to wind up with a stray bullet in a civilian, which will result in a failed mission.

After these guys are dead, move to the nearby hall. After the short scene, go around the corner and approach the door that is shrouded in darkness to automatically breach it. Start sprinting through the areas. There will be an overwhelming amount of enemies, so stick to the sides of the streets, using anything for cover. The amount of enemies will make it difficult to kill them all, so it's really best to just sprint from objective marker to objective marker, killing only those that get directly in the way. Keep an eye on the rooftops for enemies with RPGs, but like I said, it may be best to ignore them and just push through.

You'll reach a checkpoint with friendlies. Another scene will play, and then you will be moving through a partly-destroyed building. An injured woman will be crying for help in the next room. Go to help her, and an enemy will burst through the wall, swinging a machete. After that, more enemies will come in from down the hall, but they funnel in the area in a way that makes them easy targets.

When they're dead, go up the stairs. Help Noriega up, and then a gunship will fly into the area. Sprint down the hall and then jump at the ledge when prompted.

Follow Noriega to the ledge. Aim your sniper at the three men below and fire a shot into the head of the hooded figure.
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Achilles' Veil (Yemen 2025) 50%
Follow Menendez out of the door and walk out on stage with him. All hell will break loose, and he will ask you to meet him at the Citadel. Sprint out of the area, taking pot shots at the enemy soldiers while also shooting the flying drones out of the sky when they become a nuisance.

Work your way from checkpoint to checkpoint. Drones MUST be destroyed when you see them, or else they're just going to gun you down. Fire grenades at them and then empty a full clip into them, and they should blow up before long.

Avoid standing still as much as possible. Enemies will be everywhere and seem to constantly respawn, so fight your way through all of them and make your way to the final objective marker. Menendez will shoot the American ship out of the sky, and then you have a choice to try to shoot Menendez or shoot Harper.

Make your choice. If you decide to shoot Menendez, then Menendez will kill you. Next you will take control of David Mason again, this time at the turret of a helicopter. Kill all the enemies on the rooftops.

When you land, start sprinting to the objective marker. It is quite far away. There will be drones to help you out for most of this part, and all you do here is kill everything in sight and move from point A to point B.

The drones will be taken away from you, and flying enemy drones will show up instead. Kill them and go to the bridge. Wait for the first barrage of rockets, and then kill the RPG enemies from your position. Make your way across the ruined bridge and then push across the field, using the rocks as cover, until you reach Menendez.
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Dispatch (Pakistan 2025) - Strike Force Mission 50%
This mission can be incredibly tough, unless you do a little something first. Open up the tactical map and order ALL troops to move to the target immediately. This way when you die and respawn, you're already near the target, and it's just a matter of pushing through the enemy defenses.

You only have ground troops for this one, but the enemies have multiple turrets and drones. Use EMP grenades generously whenever drones appear to take them out easily. Fight your way to the objective, and destroy the two turrets that are guarding the VTOL.

Lay the EMP device on the ground at the designated area. Then hide on the nearby stairwell. From here, just kill the enemies as they come until the EMP sequence is complete. Approach the back of the ship to end the mission.
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Cordis Die (U.S.A. 2025) 50%
As soon as you have control of David, sprint and jump to the SAM turret. Using it blast the flying drones out of the sky. Aim the guns at them until they are enclosed with red circles, which indicates a target lock-on, and then blast them with a pull of the right trigger.

The freeway starts giving out, so David abandons the SAM turret. Follow everyone to the next area, and kill any enemies in the way. Next you have a choice between rappelling down with everyone else or giving them cover with the sniper rifle.

I very much recommend the sniper rifle route. The reason for this is that you can thin out the enemies, which makes this level much easier, and the sniper rifle you use, the Storm, is incredibly powerful. It can see through walls with its scope, and you can charge its shot by holding RT, then releasing it to go through multiple walls. Not only is it good for this section, but it is very useful for the rest of the level as well.

Kill the enemies with the sniper rifle until the freeway starts giving out. Then rappel down yourself and regroup with the convoy. Move slowly down the street as there will still be enemies down here, just not quite as many as before. Using the sniper rifle, kill everyone in sight and then fight your way to the armored truck.

Get in the truck and start driving. You can run into almost anything you want, just avoid hitting any of the large structures or else the truck will take too much damage. Leave them when you're prompted, and now you have to take out two CLAW drones.

Guess what is very useful in taking out the CLAWs? The sniper rifle! Three fully charged shots will destroy the CLAWs. There is also an overturned military vehicle with a quad drone inside if you want to free it and you will be able to designate its targets with a laser.

If you don't have the sniper, then move into the building on the left side of the street. Clear the building of enemies first, then peak out the door and throw grenades at the first CLAW. EMP grenades will immobilize it momentarily, allowing you to freely shoot at it as well. Once the nearest CLAW is destroyed, focus on the second CLAW.

When they're both destroyed, kill the rest of the enemies. Keep an eye on the rooftops for people with RPGs, and push your way to the next objective marker. An overturned military vehicle will have a few troops inside that will help you fight if you free them. These sections are very easy if you have the sniper rifle, so keep that in mind.

Anderson, the chick that has been helping you out in a fighter jet periodically, will go down. Rush to the jet and take control of it yourself. Your goal now is to defend the convoy. Press RT to fire the jet's machineguns and press LT to fire rockets. The jet is capable of locking on to enemy vehicles.

Follow the convoy and destroy the enemy trucks and drones that appear. Fly a bit behind the convoy and high in the air so you can see everything better. Targets will be marked, and they will include RPG guys on the buildings, so be ready to take them out as well.

Enemy fighter jets will show up, which is your cue to chase them down. Wait for a lock-on to blast them out of the sky. Push on the left analog stick to use your thrusters if they get too far head. Keep wiping out all the enemy jets to complete the level.
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Judgment Day (Haiti 2025) 50%
From the start, fight your way along the right side of the compound. Basically, just kill everything sight. There will be friendly quad drones as well as unfriendly quad drones. You will start this mission with a great sniper rifle by default that you can use to pick off enemies from afar.

Flank from the right side. There will be a couple of CLAWs in the building that you need to reach. Use the sniper rifle to take them out. Clear the front area of any enemies, then make your way to the front doors. Clear the room of enemies and then move from room to room as you make your way to the control room.

In the control room, enemy drones will fly around all over the place. Take cover at the bottom of the room and start killing them all. Kill the enemies, too. Work your way to the actual control console and then hold X to interact. Watch the scenes.

After that, start mowing down enemies as you sprint through the halls. An explosion will rock the place, and you'll have a chance to kill Menendez, finally. First, kill the two guards he has while you're sliding down the rubble.

David will stab Menendez in the leg and then put a gun to his head. You now get to choose whether or not you want to kill him or capture him.
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How to build Electric Trap (Green Run - Zombies) 50%
At the Power House in Zombies, the fourth stop on the bus, you will find an outhouse. Purchase the door to the outhouse and drop down. You'll find in a lab. After restoring power, a shutter opens that allows access upstairs, and it is here that you can build the Electric Trap.

To complete the trap, you'll need three items. The first item is a lamp that can be found smashed up a bit in a window upstairs. The second item is found near the window or in the area below. You can drop through the hole on the catwalk and land on the plank below if it happened to spawn down there.

The third item you need is a battery. The battery can spawn below or on the upper level. It always spawns on top of the white barrels in the area.

There is a workbench nearby that you can use to build it!

How to use the Electric Trap:

By itself, the Electric Trap is completely useless. To make it actually use electricity, you need to place a Turbine near it. This will cause the zombies to run into it, which will electrocute and damage them.
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How to build Power Switch (Green Run - Zombies) 50%
Go to the Power House in Green Run, which is the fourth stop on the bus. You need to find a zombie hand, the actual switch, and the panel for the switch. All of this needs to be assembled at the workbench in the Power House room next to the shutter.

The panel is easy enough to find. It will spawn in three different places, but the area is small and the panel is large. For the switch and the zombie hand, keep the camera aimed at the ground and look. The area is very bright, but you should be able to find them without too much trouble. Look next to the barrels and near the top of the stairs. If you're having particular trouble, make a crawler.

Hold X to turn the power on once it's assembled.
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What Happens in Colossus... (20G) 50%
Description: Find the Karma weapon
Strategy: Rescue Karma in the campaign.
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Welcome to the Club (10G) 50%
Description: Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match
Strategy: Playing online, reach level 10
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Ultimate Sacrifice (15G) 50%
Description: Only one can survive
Strategy: The campaign. Achievement in it.
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Trained Up (10G) 50%
Description: Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists
Strategy: Online, go to Combat Training. If you are under level 10, you can play the regular Combat Training lists that let you play regular matches, but otherwise you will have to do Objective-based. Combat Training online is three real people on each team, and the rest of the teammates are bots. Win 10 games.
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Tower of Babble (75G) 50%
Description: In TranZit, obey the voices
Strategy: This is a very complicated, Easter Egg-based achievement. I will divide this achievement into a step-by-step guide to make it easier on everyone involved.

1. You need at least four people to get this achievement. You can do it online or in split-screen, but I found the game has a tendency to crash in four player split-screen, so there's a fair warning. First, build the wind turbine using the fan, the mannequin, and the tail fin at the bus depot. Have all four players grab it off the workbench.

2. Next up is to get an EMP grenade. Exit the bus depot using the wind turbine to open the doors, and then hop on the bus, riding it to the diner. Try to stretch out the rounds. Keep crawlers for as long as possible and only start the next round when you need to kill zombies for points. Get off the bus at the diner and then go into the garage area. Keep hitting the box until you get the EMP grenades. If you get a teddy bear and the box disappears, then restart the game, as it is too much of a pain to go hunting the box down. To make a crawler, throw grenades at the zombies. Each round you will be given two grenades back.

3. Leave one player at the diner, but not the one with the EMP grenades. This will force the zombies to spawn in multiple areas, making the load easier on everyone. The other three players need to get in the bus before it leaves and ride it to the power station. Skip the farmhouse. To have the driver skip a stop completely, knife him on the way there until his eyes flash red. Don't do this too much so that he skips the power station as well, however.

4. At the power station, open the door to the outhouse and drop down to reach the underground lab. Assemble the switch by picking up the parts in the area, and then build the switch in the nearby control room. Turn on the power and listen to the voice. The voice will then tell you to turn off the power, so do this after he demands it.

5. Use the wind turbine on the shutter. Have the person that didn't use the wind turbine earlier on the gates to exit the bus depot so that you guys spread out the use of the turbines and no one loses their turbine prematurely. Have one person get on the bus and then stay at the Town. Have the other two people, one with the EMP grenades, walk backwards to the cornfield.

6. Make your way through the cornfield to the pylon in its center. The goblins will constantly jump on your head, so constantly slash at them to avoid going down. Once you reach the pylon, stand in the middle of it to avoid being attacked by the goblins. Place two wind turbines down at the base of the pylon.

7. This will cause a storm to erupt in the sky. When this happens, kill any remaining zombies and start the next round. Keep fighting the zombies until the electric man appears at the pylon. Have him watch in the middle of the pylon and then chuck the EMP grenades at him to defeat him.

8. The player at the diner comes into play again. Go to the lamp post by the shed outside the diner. Place the wind turbine down to turn the light on. Then have the player in the Town start walking toward the Bus Depot from the town and they will find another lamppost and then place the turbine down.
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The Lights Of Their Eyes (5G) 50%
Description: In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP
Strategy: You can do this in TranZit or Survival, but it's easiest on Survival. Spam the mystery box until you get the EMP grenades, and then use them on zombie swarms, and hope that you hit at least 10. If someone playing with you has monkeys, have them throw the monkeys, and then toss the EMP grenade in the middle of all the zombies.
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Sinking Star (20G) 50%
Description: Interrogate Menendez
Strategy: Campaign achievement, yet again
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Singapore Sling (15G) 50%
Description: Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminal
Strategy: Campaign achievement.
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Ship Shape (10G) 50%
Description: Reinforcements on the way
Strategy: Strike Force mission.
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Shifting Sands (20G) 50%
Description: Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan
Strategy: Campaign achievement.
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Party Animal (10G) 50%
Description: Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists
Strategy: During online multiplayer, go to the Party Games playlists. These are the Wager Matches from the first Black Ops, except you don't bet CoD Points this time, but rather you can actually gain XP and level up by playing these.

To "win" one of these match types, you simply need to get in first, second, or third place.
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No Man Left Behind (20G) 50%
Description: Rescue Woods
Strategy: Simply beat the first mission of the campaign
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Mission Complete (10G) 50%
Description: Complete all challenges in a level
Strategy: Each level of the game has 10 different challenges. You can check the challenges before starting each mission. Complete all 10 and the achievement is yours. You don't have to complete them all in the same run.
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Just Gettin' Started (10G) 50%
Description: Complete 1 challenge in any level
Strategy: Just complete one of the challenges in any level of the campaign. There is a challenge for every mission that is to beat the mission without dying, so that's a good one to shoot for.
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