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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 XBOX 360 Cheats

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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High IQ (20G) 50%
Description: Collect all intel
Strategy: There are three pieces of intel in each level of Black Ops II. Collect all the intel. Strike Force missions are excluded.
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Hey Good Looking (10G) 50%
Description: Plastic surgery avoided
Strategy: Another campaign-based achievement.
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Happy Hour (10G) 50%
Description: In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power
Strategy: There are multiple perk machines in TranZit. There is a Quick Revive at the bus station, Speed Cola and Jugger-Nog at the Town, and Tombstone at the energy place. Build a turbine at the beginning, and then go to the various perk machines.

Do NOT turn on the power. Usually you wouldn't be able to use the machines without turning on the power. However, you can power the perk machines using the wind turbines. This will allow you to spend the points to purchase the perks. Buy two perks in this manner.
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Gun Nut (10G) 50%
Description: Complete a level with customized loadout
Strategy: Customize a loadout entirely before doing a level. Then go through the level with all chosen guns and complete the level.
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Giant Accomplishment (50G) 50%
Description: Complete all challenges in Black Ops II
Strategy: Each level of the campaign in Black Ops II has "Challenges". To see these challenges, check the stats of each level before starting the level and you'll be able to tab over to the "Challenges". There are 10 challenges in each level. They don't have to all be completed in each run through the level, but rather you can even accomplish them one at a time.
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Family Reunion (10G) 50%
Description: There are two futures
Strategy: There is a point in the past when you have to shoot a guy with a hood over his head. Your obvious instinct will be to shoot him in the head. Do so during one playthrough. The second playthrough, shoot him in the stomach instead.
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Defender (15G) 50%
Description: Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion
Strategy: Complete the Strike Force missions
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Deep Cover (20G) 50%
Description: Capture Menendez
Strategy: Just play the main campaign
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3 guns tranzit or farm no perks 50%
Put 1 gun in the fridge go down start a new game go to the fridge with 2 guns and get your gun and you have 3 guns :-)
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Multiplayer Games 50%
There are many games to play in COD Multiplayer/Xbox Live. However, you must learn how to play them first. I'll only go over the most popular games:


Team Deathmatch (TDM): TDM will split 12 players into two teams of six. The first team to get 75 kills wins. You'll play this a lot, as it's easy to understand.

Domination: Domination has three objectives in the level. Every few seconds, you'll get one point for each objective you hold, so it's important to get control over all of the objectives. First team to 200 points wins the round. First one to win two games (or win in overtime) wins.

Capture the Flag (CTF): In CTF, an objective is on the other side of the level. You need to capture it and return it to home base without dying. Use teamwork to capture the flag, as there will be normally something try to stop you short. First team to get to three wins the round, and whoever wins 2 games (or the overtime) wins the match.

Free-for-All (FFA): An FFA will have no teams. You just go after whoever you see. First person to reach the limit (normally 30 kills) or have the most kills at the end wins.

Kill Confirmed: Team Deathmatch. Except, you must collect enemy dogtags to get points.

Wager Matches

Small note: You will NOT be able to choose your class in these games.

One in the Chamber: You have a pistol, and one bullet. Every kill you get will get you one extra bullet. Use the knife at the beginning to get more. The person with the most kills after everyone has died is the winner.

Gun Game: You start with 1 gun. Every kill you get will make you get a new weapon. The first one to get a kill with every weapon (there are either 20 or 25 weapons) wins.

Sharpshooter: You'll start with 1 random gun, and weapons will cycle every 45 seconds. Scorestreaks can be earned.

Sticks and Stones: A rather bizarre Wager Match, You get 1 Crossbow, 1 Ballistic Knife, and a Combat Axe/Tomahawk to kill the others with. Combat Axe kills reset enemy scores to 0.

Games of my Own

Some games I decided to create by myself.

Tag: Declare 1 person "it". "It" must kill one person, and they become "it". People who are not "It" can only shoot "It". Whoever is "It" in the end is eliminated, and another round starts. The last man standing is determined the grand winner.

Level Up: Your other weapons may not be used until you get one melee kill (Shield doesn't count). Then, you can use your secondary Weapon. After you get ANOTHER kill, you can use your primary weapon. Dying locks off all of your weapons. Highest score wins.

Sniper Team Shootout: Team Deathmatch, EXCEPT you may only use Snipers. No secondary weapons (unless you're using Overkill), or lethals, tacticals, or equipment may be used.

Hunting Season: Two teams Alternate in using Shotguns/Pistols. No respawning until you change sides (every 2 minutes).

Drag RC Race: Everyone gets an RC-XD. Mark a point in the map. On your count, everybody will start their RC cars, and whoever gets to the marked point first is the winner.

Bloody Assassin: You may only use knifes in an FFA. Once you get 5 kills, you may use a Ballistic Knife.

Defensive Prowling: Whoever dies the least is the winner. Everybody must have at least 8 kills. Only shields and perks are allowed.

Which One?: FFA, EXCEPT you must take the weapon of the person you killed last. No Scavenger allowed.

No-load: Team Deathmatch, except you may NOT reload.
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Mailbox easter egg on nuketown 50%
Look at the mailboxes on both building and you will see one name one each mailbox
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Rickyster 50%
Get on top of house with a rpg and have a bullistec vest then go by house aim at fence and fire
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Kennerhrye 50%
Run faster,jubler hight,
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Mind Games (75G) 50%
How to complete the Mined Games achievement/Easter Egg in Black Ops II. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Ectoplasmic Residue (15G) 50%
In Buried, acquire a perk for free

Okay, so what you need to do is make your way to the mansion. Now run through to the back of the mansion to get out to the maze. The witches will constantly spawn inside the mansion, and the only way to kill them completely is out in the hedge maze.

Run away from the ghosts/witches and shoot them until they are stop spawning. The last one to be killed will drop a perk bottle. Pick up the perk. The entire team will get it.
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I'm Your Huckleberry (25G) 50%
In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Death From Below (10G) 50%
In Buried, drop the beat on 10 zombies in one game

Basically, build the Turbine and the Subsurface Resonator and use it to kill zombies. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Mazed and Confused (35G) 50%
In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

I highly recommend doing this on the easiest difficulty. At round 20, go to the maze behind the mansion and then just survive an entire round there.
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When the Revolution Comes (20G) 50%
In Buried, return to processing See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Kennerhrye 50%
I will run faster. Much lifes and many weapen
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Kennerhrye 50%
I will run faster. Much lifes and many weapen
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How to skate 50%
Shanke then push square
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Little Lost Girl (75G) 50%
In Origins, release Samantha.

This is the huge, ridiculous Easter Egg for this map.

To see how to complete this, please refer to the attached video. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Playing with Power (30G) 50%
In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Ray gun glitch 50%
How to get the ray gun eveytime on tranzit

u open the mestery box and shoot while spinning around in circles

but you have to have a riffle
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Camping On Farm - Zombies, Green Run 50%
Note: works best in multiplayer.

The trick is to get a reasonable gun with one-hit-kill capabilities (Ray Gun and Python are good examples) and then head to the gate that leads out of the farm. There is a spot where zombies climb from the ground here. One strange thing is that zombies are weaker if you hit them while they are still climbing out. This means you can quickly kill them easier than if they climbed through a window.
If a full team of four does this and holds this corner, it is an easy spot to camp on because of the impossibility of being snuck up on from behind.
The only problem is running out of ammo. Running into the house after a round if you ran out and gathering new ammo from either Mystery Box or MP5 is the best option. Also you may get the occasional Max Ammo power up from a dead zombie.
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The cheats for black ops 2 50%
Prestige master hack
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Black ops 2 50%
I am going to fail
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Black ops 2 50%
Fast head shot with a gun
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Swift spin 50%
To to this super spinning cheat you have to play the game and then choose any from campaign, Multiplayer or Zombies when you choose 1 of them play Play IT and then when the game starts go to options and then set your look sensitivity to 14 insane and then spin around you will SPIN SUPER FASSSSSTTTTTTTT

By Komail Shah or Shah je
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Unlimited life and ammo 49%
Press up down left right left right down up
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Cheats 48%
Unlock all zombie maps
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Cheat 46%
Ik wel cheats van black ops 2 zombie
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Ray gun every time 45%
Spin the box spin round shoot 3 times works on mp and sp
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlimited ammo 45%
Up down left right x o ^_^
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False Profit (20G) 43%
Description: Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice
Strategy: Play through the campaign.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Driven by Rage (20G) 43%
Description: Take down Menendez and his operation
Strategy: Complete the campaign
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Unlocks dead ops ardade 42%
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You Have No Power Over Me (15G) 40%
Description: You Have No Power Over Me
Strategy: Campaign-based achievement.
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Welcome to the Penthouse (50G) 40%
Description: Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match
Strategy: Get to level 55 in the multiplayer mode, and then "Prestige".
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Waterlogged (20G) 40%
Description: Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot
Strategy: Beat this mission in the campaign.
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Showdown (15G) 40%
Description: A duel between rivals
Strategy: Campaign based achievement
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Old Fashioned (50G) 40%
Description: Complete "Pyrrhic Victory", "Old Wounds", and "Suffer With Me" in Veteran
Strategy: Complete the aforementioned levels on Veteran difficulty. These are all levels that are set in the past.
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Late for the Prom (20G) 40%
Description: Escort the president to the secure location in downtown L.A.
Strategy: Campaign-based achievement
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Multiplayer 40%
Ok listen up you go to to the top of the overflow map you snipe or use your machine gun stay there for a little bit. P.S this is just advice I did this before and I got over 100 kills a 100 kills trust me just take my advice I am good at black ops 2 well thats it.
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Online gliche decoy your self 40%
Duplicate your self and move your decoy turret
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Insta lose 40%
If you are playing zombies on two player and you step on you're friend when he is laying down the game ends.
By: crappyman2(123)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

COD BO2 38%
This new cheat letís you have god mode, unlimited ammo, unlimited money, remove environments, freeze zombies and you can give it to other players when your the host! Anyone who becomes a VIP member can download it instantly and start using it inside the game.
By: Doctory(69)
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Cheat codes 38%
Flying suit, trucks, jets,different guns,tanks,maps,bigger maps.
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One shot one kill with a pistol 36%
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Time and Fate (Nicaragua 1986) 33%
First you begin this mission as Mason, observing Menendez in his sister's room as she sleeps. Then you switch control to Menendez. After the brutal opening sequence, Menendez picks up the shotgun. Blast the few soldiers that run up the hill, then sprint down the hill.

Menendez's machete is automatically equipped at this point. The screen will turn a blood red, and as you may notice, sprinting is much faster. When these sequences occur, rush over to enemies and then melee attack them to slice them apart.

Rush through the area, killing all the soldiers you see with shotgun blasts and melee attacks. Occasionally, an image of Josephina, his sister, will come up on the screen, which can be kind of spooky, to be perfectly frank. Run through the entire level, killing everyone in sight. Due to the nature of how Menendez is controlled, cover isn't even really something to worry about. Kill everything you see.

The perspective will then shift back to Mason. Follow Woods and Hudson through the village, killing everyone, as usual. As your work your way through the village, you will find a container that can be forced open, and inside you will find Molotov cocktails.

Continue. A truck will rush you guys, but if you take out the driver, you can stop the gunner from ever being effective. Move up toward the mansion. Use your sniper rifle to pick off enemies from a distance as you work your way up the hill.

Move into the house. I recommend snagging a shotgun as there is a ridiculous amount of ammo for it lying around everywhere. Kill everybody in the house and then move outside. Woods will see Menendez and go crazy, jumping over the balcony. Follow him, and then move down the dirt path with everyone, making your way back to the mansion again. A shutter will be nearby that you can interact with if you want mortars.

Just outside the mansion, many enemies will impede your progress. Take them out with the shotgun and work your way to the bell tower on the right. Climb up the ladder and take out the guy on top. Now if you don't have a sniper, grab the one up here because you'll need it.

First, take out the two snipers in the towers across the way, one on either side. Then make short work of the three men with RPGs on the balcony. From there, it's just a matter of wiping out all the ground troops from your position in the tower. Be wary of grenades they can toss in there.

When they're all dead, hop down and regroup with everyone. Move into the mansion and down the hatch. You'll hear a lot of enemies talking in the next room. Move into the next room quietly, crouched, and then start cooking and throwing grenades at them. This will wipe out the vast majority of the foes, allowing you to move through the room without nearly as much opposition.

Kill everybody and continue through to the next room. Fight your way to the stairs and then run up them and watch the cut-scenes.
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Pyrrhic Victory Intel Locations 33%
Intel #1 - As soon as you can move on the battlefield, go to the right. The Intel will be in a crater right next to an overturned truck that is on fire.

Intel #2 - On the river barge, climb up the ladder to the second level. The Intel will be on the ground nestled in a corner.

Intel #3 - After getting Woods and retreated with Hudson, you will reach a waterfall. When you reach the waterfall, turn around and face the enemies. To your right will be a watchtower treehouse. The Intel will be in there.
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Ten K (15G) 33%
Description: Minimum score 10k in every mission
Strategy: Each mission in the game is scored with points based on player performance and Challenges completed. It's very, very easy to get 10,000 points in every mission of the game. The only thing is that the Strike Force missions count as well.

Throughout the campaign, there are certain events that can occur which make it so some Strike Force missions never show up. This is probably what will be keeping you from getting the achievement after the first playthrough. I know that the fourth Strike Force mission is missable if you succeed in rescuing Karma.
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Man of the People (15G) 33%
Description: Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF
Strategy: As Menendez, you will come across people that are being beat up by the PDF government forces. Kill them and stop them from hurting the citizens in the campaign.
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Good Karma (20G) 33%
Description: Crack the celerium worm
Strategy: This is a campaign based achievement
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Gathering Storm (20G) 33%
Description: Investigate the jungle facility
Strategy: Complete the Strike Force missions
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Dierise raygun 33%
In dierise purchase the olympia at the start of a game then save up to 3000 points then purchase it again then you have the raygun.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ammo 33%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get diamond shotguns, and snipers easy 33%
Start with the r870mcs and do this in hardcore for every shotguns and sniper tada.:):):):):):):) jjj
jj jj
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jj jj jjjjj
jj jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
jjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjj
jjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjj
jjjjjjjjj jjjjjjj
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Diamond camo 33%
On ps3 use:x r2 R1 D
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Things/guns you need to survive for a long time. 29%
If you want to survive you will need a (Ray Gun HK21) (a upgraded Thunder Gun+Gail) ( a upgraded pistil+Famas) (a upgraded spas-12+AK74u). You will need a Quick Revive Speed Cola and Quick Reload and a Jugernaunt and you will need a Bowie Knife.

Hint:You will need to save up your Money from the begin and stay by friends when times get rough.
Good Luck(:
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Desert Storm (15G) 25%
Description: Successfully escort the VIPs to safety
Strategy: Complete the Strike Force missions.
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Kill all zombies 23%
Killary defense
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Qqq 22%
5th prestige level 55
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ricksters cheats 22%
Jump on roof
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get out of chair 21%
Repedily tap all four back buttons at the same time LT LB RT RB and you will get up
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlimited grenades 5%
Go to a mystery box throw 2 grenades take the gun and fart on your dog this work on zombies don't say bogus or die!
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