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Revelations 2012 Cheats for PC
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Revelations 2012 PC Cheats

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Revelations 2012

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Steam Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

BejeweledFinding all crystals
Blade of CrazinessKill a Vixen using only the blade of the weapon
Blade of HonorKill every minion using only the blade of the weapon
Blade of SpellsKill a Priestess using only the blade of the weapon
Blade of SteelKill a Warrior using only the blade of the weapon
BrainiacSolve 2012 puzzles
Color CodeKill all minions with each crystal
Crazy WitchKill a Vixen after her cycle is complete
Death BladeKill a Demonoid using only the blade of the weapon
Don't Fall DownSurvive a level without being incapacitated
FlashComplete a level in a certain amount of time
Flight GroundedKill a Priestess in the air
Hide and SeekFind all the God glyphs
IKFind the glyph that represents God of the Wind, Divine Breath
InvincibleBeat all levels without dying
Iron JawDon't let Ixtab uppercut you
Is Your Back Hurting?Helping 500 teammates up
IXTABFind the glyph that represents Goddess of the noose
Jaguar PawTake no damage through ballcourt
Jump rope ChampionJump over Kukulkan's tail swipe everytime
Keep RollingMake it through the rolling rocks
KUKULKANFind the glyph that represents the Feathered Serpent
Laser HappyKill 10,000 minions with the laser
Lend a Helping HandHelp teammate up from being incapped
Level 1Survive the Winds of Destruction campaign
Level 2Survive the Feast of the Serpentine campaign
Level 3Survive the Suicidal Actions campaign
Lucky S.O.B.Go through a level without taking any friendly fire
Nice Guys Finish LastRescue 200 teammates from rescue building
No Bad PotShoot all the good pots without shooting the bad pots
No LoveComplete a level without collecting any hearts
No Love TunnelGet off the boat during the ride
One Stop ShotMake 1,000 headshot kills
Playing with the GodsSurvive during all Boss Fights
Rope BurnSurvive the Suicidal Actions campaign on expert
Run Like Your Mama Stole SomethinOut run the steamroller
Scaredy CastsKill a Priestess before she casts
Skull CollectorCollect all Skulls
Snake BiteSurvive the Feast of the Serpentine campaign on expert
Steady HandGo through a level causing no friendly fire
Suit of ArmorGo through a level without taking any damage
The Place to BeDon't get sucked into IK's black hole
Training CompleteDefeat all levels
TwistedSurvive the Winds of Destruction campaign on expert
What a Pussy CatKill 100 minions while on top of the tallest building
What an IdiotUse no crystals to complete a level
Wind BlownDon't get hit by the tornadoes
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