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The Amazing Spider-Man Cheats for PC
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The Amazing Spider-Man PC Cheats

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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Achievements 100%
This is a list of achievements for The Amazing Spider-Man on Steam.

A Dash of SpiderComplete all XTreme Race challenges
All Tied UpDefeat 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Amazing Spider-ManUnlock all concept art
Apparent DefeatRescue the civilian in the train docking station
Beating the OddsClear the 2nd fight against the Hunter robots
Big Apple, Big WormDefeat the S-02
Call InterruptedDestroy a Seeker before it can call a Hunter
Car HopperClear all car chases
Clean VictoryDefeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters
CorporateCollect all Oscorp Manuals
Deeply SorryDefeat Nattie
Down for the CountWin the showdown in the water treatment facility
Friendly NeighborSave all hostages caught in petty crimes
FYI I'm Spider-ManPerform 25 Signature Moves
GladiatorComplete all Oscorp Secret Research Labs
HaymakerPerform a Web-Rush punch
Heavyweight ChampionDefeat 1000 enemies
I'm on a Roll!Achieve a combo streak of 42
JinxedCapture the cat burglar
JournalistCollect all Audio Evidence
Keep It TogetherImmobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web
LibrarianCollect all Magazines
Lightweight ChampionDefeat 100 enemies
Middleweight ChampionDefeat 500 enemies
NegotiatorResolve all police deadlocks
On the FlyCollect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages
Peace of MindReturn all escapees to the police
Pest ControlDefeat Scorpion in the city
Peter ParkerComplete the game on human difficulty
SanitizedRescue all infected civilians
Siege AvertedDefeat the S-01
Smell You LaterDefeat Vermin
Spectacular Spider-ManChain 10 Web-Rushes in the city
Speed Bump AheadDefeat Rhino in the city
Spider-ManComplete the game on super hero difficulty
Stick to the PlanDefeat 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Switched OffRescue Alistaire Smythe
Tail? You LoseDefeat Scorpion in Oscorp tower
Tech SavvyCollect all hidden Tech Pieces
The Camera Loves YouComplete all XTreme Video challenges
The Sky Is the LimitDefeat the S-01 without touching the ground
Tomorrow Is SavedDefeat the S-03
Ultimate Spider-ManAcquire all upgrades
VigilanteComplete the game on hero difficulty
Welcome Back, FriendDefeat Lizard
Who's the Prey?Clear the first fight against the Hunter robots
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Comic Books 100%
These are all the comic books you can unlock and how many pages you need to collect in order to unlock them.

First Black Cat125 pages
First Gwen Stacy350 pages
First Iguana250 pages
First Lizard15 pages
First Rhino50 pages
First Scorpion80 pages
First Smythe500 pages
First Spider-Man5 pages
Modern Lizard30 pages
Vs. Vermin175 pages
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Make comic book pages appear on map 100%
Once you have collected 500 out of the possible 700 comic book pages, the rest of them will appear on your mini-map as yellow dots.
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Get More Tech Pieces 100%
Defeat S-01 5 through 15 (5-15) times to get more tech pieces. To order to do that so you can purchase upgrades.
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Get More Tech Pieces 100%
Defeat S-01 100 times to get more tech pieces.
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Doc oct mission 67%
By: jkjk43(112)
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Go near The OSCORP building or any OSCORP building and you can be any costumes run on the walls and make a diagonal to the ground and you make spider-man go inside of the building.....

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Dubstep 50%
I know that this has nothing to do with the topic
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