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Forza Horizon Cheats for XBOX 360
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Forza Horizon XBOX 360 Cheats

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Forza Horizon Cheats

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Forza Horizon

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Achievements 75%
How to unlock: To unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, complete the listed Achievements.

...And Across the Line! (10 points)You competed in your 1st race at Horizon
All Your Race Are Belong to Us (30 points)You've won every single race in the game!
Almost Famous (20 points)You're the 50th most popular driver at Horizon
A Wristed Development (20 points)You received your Yellow Wristband
Bargain Shopper (10 points)You bagged yourself a nice discount
Barn This Way (5 points)You found your 1st barn find
Been There, Done That! (10 points)You've fully explored the Horizon Festival Loop
Black Friday (20 points)Never pay for an upgrade again!
Born Slippy (10 points)You've won your 1st Mixed-Surface or Dirt Race
Close Encounters (20 points)You've challenged & beaten 10 festival racers on the spot
Cruise Club (20 points)You've completed 10 free roam challenges online
Darius Who? (100 points)You owned Darius Flynt & became the Horizon Festival champion
Ding! (5 points)You got to Level 5 online
Domination! (10 points)You've sent every Horizon Star packin'
Exhibitionist (20 points)You've won every Showcase Event in the game
First! (20 points)You won your 1st race at Horizon
Freshly Squeezed (40 points)You received your Orange Wristband
Gettin' It Done (30 points)You rocked every single Festival Event
Going Green (25 points)You received your Green Wristband
Golden Boy (50 points)You received the Golden Wristband
Hard Driving (10 points)You finished in 1st place on Hard difficulty? Nice
Just Me and the XP (10 points)You've reached Level 25 online. Did you win a car yet?
Killer Skills (25 points)You're the 10th most popular driver at Horizon
Kudos to You (10 points)You've completed 5 Sponsorship challenges
Lawbreaker (10 points)You blasted past 5 speed traps & 5 speed zones
May The Forza Be With You (10 points)You received free cars for being a loyal Forza fan!
Noob No More (20 points)25 online races complete… awesome!
Notorious (30 points)You're the most popular driver at Horizon
OMG (5 points)You won your 1st car online
OMGWT*BBQ!? (20 points)You got seriously lucky & won 5 cars online
One to Watch (10 points)You're the 200th most popular driver at Horizon
Out of the Blue (30 points)You received your Blue Wristband
Playground Games (5 points)You completed each of the Playground game types. How fun was that?
Purple Reign (45 points)You received your Purple Wristband
Racing for Pinks (35 points)You received your Pink Wristband
Rave Paint (10 points)You created a paintjob & your ride is looking SWEET!
Road Trip (25 points)You've driven along every road in the entire game
Sellout (20 points)20 Sponsorship Challenges? Now you are popular and rich!
Still a Noob... (10 points)10 online races complete… not bad!
Stuntman (25 points)You've completed every Horizon Outpost PR Stunt
Swings and Roundabouts (20 points)You've completed 3 of each Playground game types
Take Her for a Spin! (15 points)You bought a car from the Autoshow. Now take her for a spin!
The Next Big Thing (15 points)You're the 100th most popular driver at Horizon
Vendetta (20 points)You've beaten a Rival time in 10 events
WARNING!!! DANGER TO MANIFOLD (15 points)You've won 10 Street Races. Ali would be proud
Welcome to Horizon (10 points)You arrived at Horizon Festival raring to go
Wheelin' 'n Dealin' (10 points)You sold something via your Storefront. KERCHING!
Win Diesel (30 points)You cruised past the competition & won every Street Race
#WINNING! (15 points)You've dominated 10 Festival Races
ZOMG! (10 points)You've won 3 cars online
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Special Driving Maneuvers 75%
There are special skill moves that give you a 1000 point bonus to your skill chain, but don't increase your multiplier. Some of them have their own in-game sponsor challenges.

Most are achieved by performing two standard maneuvers at the same time:
SHOWOFF: drift or e-drift + pass
LUCKY ESCAPE: drift or e-drift + near miss
DAREDEVIL: speed + near miss
STUNTMAN: air + near miss
AIRBORNE PASS: air + pass
THREADING THE NEEDLE: near miss + near miss
SIDESWIPE: drift or e-drift + wreckage

Others are achieved by more complicated means:
EBISU STYLE: land an unusually big jump
GOING POSTAL: smash into a mailbox
OVER 9000: reach a skill chain point total of 9000 points
TRIPLE PASS: pass three opponents in quick succession
LANDSCAPING: smash into some wooden fencing
KANGAROO: land multiple jumps in quick succession
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Ramona Chavez Strategy 74%
This chick is a real nuisance on the track. She adores her massive Ford F-150 Raptor and uses it whenever she can to shove opponents off of her racing line. However, using such a big vehicle means that she suffers in the corners, giving you clean passage. The best thing to do against her is to use a lightweight car to ram her with when cornering at high speed. Her truck absorbs the blow, and you bounce off of it and back on your line. In the star showdown against her, use your VW Corrado you start off in at the beginning of the game. It's much more nimble than her Raptor and you can just run into her if you corner too quickly.
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How to Get Very Popular Very Quickly 74%
West of the festival grounds is a country club with a golf course that you can drive on. There are hills everywhere, and being off-road, drifts come easily. Take a high-powered AWD car, like a tuned-up Subaru, and start hittin' those hills! Link your air time with drifts to keep the chain going, and you could be drowning in points. Just be careful not to hit some of the hills at awkward angles, because if your car tilts more than 90 degrees either way, the game will register it as a crash and your combo will be destroyed.
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Big Power, Little Price 71%
When you go buy a new car at the auto show, scroll to the far right side of the manufacturer list. You know the Viper that you drive in the first of your two prologue races? You can buy it for just 95,000 Cr, and you get arguably one of the best S-class cars in the game.

When you get Bugatti EB110 SS from a barn find rumor, it's already a pretty sweet AWD S-class car, but there's A LOT of room for improvement. You can put the Bugatti Veyron SS's W16 engine in it, giving you its insane speed at a tiny fraction of its 2.2 million Cr cost (if you install the race transmission afterwards). If you've knocked out a few discount signs when exploring, you can get a 273-mph ride with almost maxed stats with pocket change.
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Damage help 70%
If you get a lot of damage, you can go in pause and go in MY PROFILE. Go in difficulty and go to damage. flip it 2 times off on .OR you can just turn the damage off.
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Body Kits: More Than Just Showing Off 69%
Many cars in the game have specially designed body kits that reduce drag, thus increasing speed a little bit. Be careful when installing Forza front and rear wings, though, as they sacrifice a good deal of speed for some overall vehicle control the front wing does not change stats as much as the rear wing, and the latter actually reduces a car's Performance Index.
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Downgrading Cars 69%
This is useful if you want your favorite car in a class below its current one in order to take part in more races. Make sure that the car is in stock condition with its default supercharger, and that its PI is in the lower half of its class (for example, 601-649 for S class). Change the aspiration to a more powerful turbo, then go to its appropriate section in the engine upgrades menu. Install a better supercharger, then sell it immediately after. The result is a car with its stock supercharger removed and nothing in its place. The video demonstrates this with a Saleen S55 Raptor. See the video: Cheat Video See the video: Cheat Video
Forza Horizon cheat video Cheat Video
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Darius Flynt Strategy 68%
The current Horizon champion is by no means a walk in the park. He knows the racing lines by heart and easily overcomes any obstacle his opponents throw at him. There's really only one thing you can do against him: be aggressive. Don't be afraid to ram into him every now and again, because he's a clean racer, and it takes some time for him to recover from most shoves. When behind you, he uses all the track knowledge he possesses to undercut you on the corners, draft you and then slingshot around you, and deviates from the racing line to get the advantage. His star showdown occurs immediately after you win the Horizon Final, so whatever car you used in the Final will be used in the showdown. His Ferrari 599XX isn't the fastest car out there, but it's a demon in the corners. Don't use ridiculously quick cars like the Bugatti Veyron SS or the Hennesy Venom, because they're only good on the highway at the start. Opt for one with more control, such as a Ferrari FXX or F40 Competizione, a Pagani Zonda R, or even a 599XX like Darius'.
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How to Get Pitch Black Matte 67%
When you paint your car, you may notice that the darkest matte color available is a dark grey, and no amount of fine tuning can darken it. However, if you apply black decals to any matte car, you can get a much darker color. To get a black so deep it looks like the car itself is glitched, paint it any matte color and apply the square decal in black from the Primitives section, making sure it covers the entire side of the car you're working on. If you start off with a default matte black, the mirrors will best match the final product.
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CHEAT UPDATE! M. Rossi and Cheap Power 67%
M. Rossi, the A.I. known for aggressive racing in previous Forza games, actually drives a Ferrari F40 and likes to hang out on the highways. He's easy to miss because he drives like a civilian. He exists only as a random encounter in free roam and does not take part in actual races.

The Ultima GTR actually costs a mere 110,000 Cr. Radical's open-top LMP car is in R1 and costs just 300,000 Cr that's where I got the prices confused.
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Hailey Harper Strategy 64%
If you could sum up Miss Harper in two words, they'd be "stubborn" and "aggressive." She makes every move possible to keep other racers from getting a foothold against her while doing that very thing, both she often achieves through force. The best way to deal with her is to stick to her bumper for most of the race, overtaking her on a tight corner within the final two laps or so. When ahead, make sure she doesn't try to do the same to you, and make sure she stays directly behind you on the straights. In the star showdown, her Saleen S7 is brutally quick, so you'll typically find yourself drafting behind her on the straights. I recommend an upgraded Lamborghini Aventador for this R3 duel because not only can it keep up with her S7, but it can get ahead early on with its AWD capabilities. Plus, there are some hilly bits in the track that Hailey can't manage very well, but a heavier, more balanced car (like the Aventador) can manage without too much issue.
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M. Rossi Easter Egg 63%
Anyone who's played previous versions of Forza knows about the ever-infamous, overly aggressive A.I. known as M. Rossi. Well, the crazy Italian's back, but he doesn't partake in any of the events, be it a festival or street race. He instead roams around Colorado, acting like he's racing against some unseen opponent. He drives a red Hennesy Venom, which the second most powerful car for a free-roam A.I., with the most powerful being a Radical. I encountered him leaving the festival grounds and heading towards Carson, in the northwest. Because he acts like he's racing all the time, my Aventador couldn't keep up and I eventually lost him.
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Replaying Darius Flynt Showdown 63%
Darius is the only star whose showdown you can race in multiple times. After you beat him the first time, race in the Horizon Final event and win it again. Once you do, Darius' trailer reappears and you can duel him again. You can do this as often as you want. However, you can only win Darius' Ferrari 599XX the first time you win replays will not get you the car.
By: Gryfin96(243)
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Early R2 Car 62%
The Ultima GTR is a very powerful and lightweight race-type car that's good in most situations, provided you can manage its slippery steering on hard acceleration. It starts off pretty high up in the R2 class, and you can buy it at the auto show for a mere 350,000 Cr, which is by far one of the best deals in the game.
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Wristbands and Their Race Point Values 60%
1: yellow band, novice, races worth 100 pts
2: green band, intermediate, races worth 110 pts
3: pink band, intermediate, races worth 120 pts
4: blue band, advanced, races worth 150 pts
5: orange band, advanced, races worth 180 pts
6: purple band, advanced, races worth 210 pts
7: gold band, VIP, races worth 250 pts
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Zaki Malik Strategy 59%
This guy is a total showoff. He brings the most expensive rides to the track and loves to flaunt them in other racers' faces by racing clean and finding clever ways to get out of a tough situation. Because of his high-rolling nature, he doesn't like to get his cars scratched up. You can use this to your advantage by acting aggressively towards him, and he'll usually shy away. However, if he gets desperate, like on the last lap or in the last 25% of a point-to-point, he won't mind paying a few repair bills. In the star showdown, he brings a Nissan GTR Black edition to the highway. He gets of the line fast, as his car is AWD, and he tends to stay in the lead along the road's length. You can counter with a tuned Mazda RX-8, because if you play your cards right, it can be one of the fastest S-class cars out there. For high rollers, a Lamborghini Reventon roadster can keep up with the Nissan from start to finish.
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Be Nice in Free Roam Offline! 58%
While roaming Colorado, you'll see some other festival drivers cruising along. Treat these guys with respect. In other words, try not to crash into them or interfere in their personal mini-races. If you do, they will give you a hard time in the festival races and may be unfriendly towards you next time you go exploring. The same goes for challenging those rated as "easy" in free roam duels and beating them by a large margin. After a while, they forgive you for, ahem, bullying them, and act normally on the roads and in the races. Get your popularity up a bit and you can lessen their negative reactions towards you.
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How to Save Money on Races 57%
It's much cheaper to upgrade or downgrade cars that are already in your garage than to buy new ones, most of the time. Unless the event requires a specific type of car, you can usually get by on just a couple dozen spanning multiple classes. Plus, every time you upgrade or downgrade a car, the parts are added to your inventory, meaning that future performance modifications on that car will be cheaper, that is, if you don't resell the parts.
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How to Repair Body Damage 57%
During free roam offline, pause the game and select photo mode from the menu. Once in it, you can press the right bumper (RB) to remove body damage. Return to the game and you'll find your ride in pristine condition.
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Off-road Racing Tips 56%
1. Don't improve the tire compound. Sport and Race treads are good on tarmac, but don't grip dirt very well.
2. Forget about suspension. The higher your car rides, the better it can cope with the rough terrain. Put anti-roll bars in its place.
3. ALWAYS use AWD cars. RWD cars are terrible off the line and can't maintain their speed, while FWD cars refuse to corner.
4. Bigger cars dominate dirt tracks. SUV's like Range Rovers and Jeeps have enough weight to keep themselves firmly planted on the track, especially during uneven segments.
5. Practice drifting! Even in an AWD car, you'll find yourself sliding around quite a bit, and the key to success to learning to control these slides.
By: Gryfin96(243)
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Solving the Speed Issue When Upgrading 55%
Some cars, like muscle cars and most hatchbacks, have a limit to how much you can improve their speed. When you notice that engine upgrades no longer quicken a car, install a race transmission to boost the speed, often dramatically. NOTE: This does not work on some cars. The 2002 Nissan Skyline, for example, has a limit of 9.0 regardless of transmission improvements you'll need the 2012 GTR's engine in order to make it go any faster.
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How to Get Maxed-Out Stats 53%
The best cars for this are the Lamborghini Reventon roadster and (for the frugal) the Nissan GTR Black edition. Fully upgrade each to the best that they can handle, making aspiration or engine conversions as necessary. This can get expensive, so make sure you've knocked out plenty of discount signs beforehand. Apply the Forza front and rear wings as necessary, and you'll have a maxed-out car.
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Ali Howard Strategy 46%
Ali mostly ignores other racers and focuses on the best racing line. He doesn't always follow the rules, though, which is proven by often reckless execution of a turn that usually works in his favor. Let him stay in the lead for most of the race and he'll get cocky, which leads to more recklessness, and this sometimes leads to a huge mistake on his part. Race clean and be patient with him, and you'll end up on top. In the star showdown, Ali is in his element: open world street racing. He also uses the ultimate street racing car: a Dodge Challenger. His car is able to adapt to almost anything, and he always finds a way to tame the track with it, but its weight can prove to be a problem in some of the corners. Bring a sports car into the duel, such as a Ferrari F355 C, or if you're on a budget, then a Mitsubishi can work almost, if not just as well.
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Unlimited money glitch 44%
Go to the big red horizon banner going towards the garage
Look to your right and you'll see 2 horizon road
Outliner things and Adidas road outline things......
Drive between the horizon and Adidas one where the meat
In that little crack go back and forth with your
Car slowly and your car will half sink into the ground
Drive to the car club in between the metal Fence
And the big post for 15 minits and you'll end up
With.........500.000 CASH if it doesn't work
Do it again
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Easy fame 28%
Take a fast car on the highway and drift back and forth.

Take the fastest car that you can get and then go to the highway. Drift back and forth to build up easy fame.
By: undeadkiller(198)
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