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DmC Devil May Cry Cheats for PC
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DmC Devil May Cry PC Cheats

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DmC  Devil May Cry Cheats

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DmC Devil May Cry

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More than just a few sparks (10G) 100%
Description: You have acquired Revenant
Strategy: This is an achievement for getting the shotgun in the game, which happens in mission 12.
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You're not going to shoot me (10G) 100%
Description: You have acquired Kablooey
Strategy: In Mission 16, you will receive this gun from Vergil.
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Mission 16. The Plan 100%
This mission begins outside of the tower. Defeat the first wave of enemies, and then you will have 20 seconds to get to the front door. You can stick around and keep killing enemies to milk a higher score for the end of the level, or you can hightail it to the door.

Once side, you have to fight the Dreamrunner ninja guy again. These guys are agile and a pain, just remember to roll a lot. Go for an attack, and if it doesn't land, then get the hell out of there and wait for another opportunity.

Upon his defeat, use the whip to reach the second floor. Now this level boils down to reaching the top of the tower. Go through the elevator when instructed, fight the enemies, move through the's all very straight-forward stuff.

There will be tough enemies, but in all actuality, this is nothing you haven't dealt with before. There are a couple of new platforming challenges, however, such as one that requires you to wait for floating boxes blocking the path to slow down before you Angel Boost across a gap.

But really, this is just a test of your skills. The ninja guy will show up a couple of more times to be a pain. Then you'll be lead to a hallway filled with lasers. The trick here is to wait for the lasers to be just about out, then zoom over them.

Repeat the process. If enemies show up, the camera will stick to them until you kill them, so make sure to kill everything before continuing. Eventually, you will meet up with real-world Vergil and he'll give you a new weapon called Kablooey.

The next hallway will teach you how to use Kablooey. Change firearms by pushing "up" on the d-pad. Then fire it into the back of the demon with X. To detonate the round afterwards, press A + X together. It is especially effective against unshielded flying enemies.

You'll have another ninja fight on your hands, then a series of halls that will include more demon battles. Finally, you'll reach another elevator, though Kat warns that it will be "hell". At the top of the elevator, you get into a fight with the head ninja!

The head ninja is actually pretty easy. Just treat him like a normal ninja, except he leaves himself wide open for attack. He does have more health and does more damage, but it's still easier to get a combo going on this guy.

When he teleports, he will then shoot out of a portal. Roll out of the way at the last second, then start pounding away until he starts blocking or teleports again.

When he's defeated, use your whip and Angel Boost to get across the gap.
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Cleaning up his Dad's mess (20G) 100%
Description: You have defeated Mundus
Strategy: Achievement awarded after completing Mission 19.
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Mission 19. Face of the Demon 100%
Use your whip and the Angel Boost to reach safety. Then use your demon whip on Mundus as Dante nears him. After the scenes, follow Vergil through the building.

Mundus will find Dante and Vergil. After more scenes, you will be in a straight up boss fight against Mundus. First, I will go over his attacks.

Mundus will shoot a fireball at Dante that moves extremely fast. Your only hope of dodging it is a well-timed Angel Boost. He will also slam his fists down. Angel Boost out of the way to avoid these attacks. Finally, he will spew lava all over the area.

When the latter happens, the camera will pan to the edge. Angel Boost off the edge and then whip/Angel Boost your way to the next platform. You will have to do this multiple times during this boss battle.

When Mundus slams his fists on the ground, you can whip over to them and then start hitting him. Mundus has two health meters at first, and they both represent the strength of his arms. When one of his meters has been depleted, you'll be able to use your demon whip to rip out one of his eyes.

Then focus on the remaining arm. When that's gone, you can rip out his other eye with the demon whip. Then Mundus's attack pattern changes. He spews lava a lot more often, and he will now fire three fireballs in succession, though these are slower moving and much easier to dodge.

Mundus will scream. When he does this, drag yourself to him and then start hitting the inside of his mouth. Do this a few times and Mundus will be defeated.
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The end? Don't bet on it (40G) 100%
Description: You defeated Vergil on any difficulty
Strategy: Complete Mission 20.
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Mission 20. The End 100%
This is the final battle with Vergil. The battle is not unlike the battle with the ninja-like enemies, in that Vergil can block almost all of your attacks, and it's very hard to land a hit on him.

Roll out of the way of Vergil as much as possible. When he has four swords hanging above his head, you can shoot them to destroy them, or you can dodge them. Vergil will have a lunge attack in which you will have a chance to pull him to you with the demon whip, which will let you hit him with multiple attacks.

Keep an eye on Vergil's chest and back the entire fight, as the red glowing symbol indicating a demon whip can be used will appear multiple times, and connecting with it allows you to hit him with a quick series of attacks.

As chunks of his health disappear, Vergil will intensify in his aggressiveness. He will develop new attacks that are harder to dodge, and as he nears death, a shadow clone of him will appear to help him battle.

This shadow version of Vergil fights exactly like Vergil does. Each attack that lands on it will cause purple orbs to go to Dante. These orbs fill the Devil Trigger meter. Try to focus on the clone until you have enough Devil Trigger to activate it.

Then return fighting Vergil only. Avoid the shadow clone, and keep hitting Vergil until he is kneeling on the ground. The clone will stand in front of him to protect him. Activate the Devil Trigger, and then attack Vergil to end the battle.
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A man with guts and honor (10G) 100%
Description: You reached the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies
Strategy: At the very beginning of Mission 6, Dante has to reach the end of a tunnel with a large fan at the end, and open a hatch using his demon whip before the time runs out.

Along the way, enemies will spawn. There will not be very many enemies, and this is very doable, especially on Human difficulty mode. Just be sure to take it slow so you don't miss any enemies. I was able to get to the end of the tunnel with 20 seconds left on the clock after killing all the enemies in my first run.
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Jackpot! (80G) 100%
Description: Complete all mission on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank
Strategy: Nephilim difficulty is like the "normal" mode for the game. Get an SSS rank on each mission by doing well in the missions and finding all the collectibles.
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Mission 2: Home Truths - All Collectibles 96%
DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 2: Home Truths All Collectibles (Keys, Lost Souls, Secret Doors)


See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video

By: Toebin(12758)
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Mission 3: Bloodline - All Collectibles 96%
DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 3: Bloodline All Collectibles (Keys, Lost Souls, Secret Doors)


See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video

By: Toebin(12758)
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DmC Devil May Cry FAQ/Walkthrough Guide 96%
Here is a complete guide to DmC Devil May Cry. We'll include not only step by step help through each chapter in game but hints and tips on how to do it better than anyone else.

Read the Guide --> DmC Devil May Cry FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Mission 1: Found - All Collectibles 93%
DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 1: Found All Collectibles (Keys, Lost Souls, Secret Doors)

See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video

By: Toebin(12758)
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This is my kind of rain (10G) 100%
Description: You have spent 10,000 Red Orbs
Strategy: This is easy. Just go to the shop and spend a total of 10,000 Red Orbs or more. The shop can be accessed in-level at Divinity Statues, or in-between missions.
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Looks like it's your lucky day (10G) 100%
Description: You completed a level without taking any damage
Strategy: The easiest mission to do this one on is Mission 15. The Trade. This mission is very short, and you don't even have to fight a single enemy.

The trick will be to hit all the whipping points and not fall off the edge. Ignore all enemies that spawn and just keep moving forward.
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Every hero has a weakness (10G) 100%
Description: Compete Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace
Strategy: The mission "Furnace of Souls", there are flames that billow upward from the chasms below. This level is heavy on platforming, forcing Dante to use his whip and Angel Boost to get from platform to platform.

The trick is starting a platforming segment right after the flames have disappeared. Leave a moment too late, and it's likely Dante will get burnt at the end of the platforming, which will require you to start the entire mission over to get this achievement.

The hardest part comes near the end when there are four angel whip points in a row across a large gap. Leave at the first possible second, and whip all the way there. It will be tempting to use Angel Boost, but don't, as this will, in all actuality, slow you down.
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It's only the rain (10G) 100%
Description: You killed 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride
Strategy: Not too far into the first mission, there will be an area with a spinning carnival ride called the "Hurricane" with plenty of pretty, bright, flashing lights. Oh, and demons.

To make the demons get destroyed by the ride, launch them into the air just as the ride is dipping around. Press B with Rebellion to launch them. You can launch them a bunch of times without killing them, so just keep launching them closer to the ride until they are squashed.

There are more than enough demons to destroy in the ride, but this achievement stacks. What that means is that you every time you do the first mission and every demon you kill with the ride, it is saved forever.
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Sensational! (10G) 100%
Description: You gained a SSS Style Rank during combat
Strategy: To get an SSS style rank, you have to go through D, C, B, A, S, and SS style first. To build style, string together a long combo in which you use a variety of moves and weapons.

The easiest way to get a Sensational is at the end of the first mission, during the boss fight, after having beaten the game and with access to all the different weapons you gain throughout the course of the adventure.

Your weapons should be so powerful that the Hunter won't be able to do much of anything. When you get him done, just rush over to his head and spam together all sorts of different weapon and attacks and you should get an SSS rank combo going in no time.
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For Tony Redgrave (10G) 100%
Description: You killed 50 enemies using nothing but firearms
Strategy: Kill enemies using firearms. In the game, firearms including Ebony & Ivory, Revenant, and Kablooey. It takes a while to kill even the weakest demons with guns, so it's a good idea to weaken them with other weapons first.
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Now my coat's all charred (10G) 100%
Description: You navigated the Sky Bridge without hitting the lasers
Strategy: In Mission 16, there is a Sky Bridge that Dante has to navigate, all the while avoiding the lasers there. The lasers have to be Angel Boosted over in order to avoid being damaged.

If there are enemies in the hallway, be sure to kill them before even bothering trying to get over the lasers. The camera will focus directly on them, which can make it difficult to get by the lasers, and causing Dante to brush the lasers, which negates the achievement.
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In the name of my father (10G) 100%
Description: Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons
Strategy: Demon weapons are activated by holding RT and pressing Y or B. There are two different demon weapons in the game, and they are called Arbiter and Eryx.
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You'll never have her fire (10G) 100%
Description: Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons
Strategy: Angel weapons are the opposite of demon weapons. You hold LT to use them, switch between the two available ones in the game with the left d-pad, and use Y + B to actually attack with them.
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Bring it on! (20G) 100%
Description: Slay 1,000 Demons
Strategy: An initial playthrough of the game will net about 700 demons. So, you should get this achievement about halfway through a second playthrough.
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Looks like we have a winner (30G) 100%
Description: Slay 5,000 demons
Strategy: There are about 700 demons to kill in each playthrough. So, this one will take a while. I recommend not trying to grind for it, but rather go for other achievements in the game this one will come by more naturally.
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It's showtime. Come on! (20G) 100%
Description: Earn 1,500 Style Bonuses
Strategy: A "Style Bonus" is added points on top of a combo that reaches D, B, C, A, S, SS, or SSS ranking. Use a variety of weapons and different attacks to achieve higher combos.
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Absolutely crazy about it (20G) 100%
Description: Spend 50,000 Red Orbs
Strategy: This one will take forever. This is another one you shouldn't grind for, though, and just let it come naturally by going for all the other achievements in the game. You can buy more practical items such as permanent health upgrades and permanent Devil Trigger upgrades, but eventually you'll have to buy disposable items in the game.
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Let's rock, baby! (10G) 100%
Description: Upgrade Dante's health to maximum
Strategy: To do this, you need to purchase all the permanent health upgrades from the shop. Then, you need to find all the different health upgrade fragments. You can do this by completing the Secret Doors in the game.
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You can't handle it (10G) 100%
Description: Upgrade Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum
Strategy: To get Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum, you need to purchase the permanent Devil Trigger upgrades from the shop, plus you will have to find the fragments by completing the Secret Missions through the doors in the levels.
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Power... Give me more power! (20G) 100%
Description: Purchase all of Dante's combat upgrades
Strategy: Upgrade tokens are earned by killing demons and completing missions. Scoring highly on missions rewards you with the most upgrade tokens. You have to upgrade all of Dante's abilities, all the melee weapons, and all the firearms in order to get this one. It will take a while.
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Dude, the show's over! (10G) 100%
Description: Find all of the Keys.
Strategy: Nearly every level of the game has hidden keys that can be found to open doors for Secret Missions. There is a variety of different key types. Oftentimes, if there is a fork in the path, the key can be found simply by not continuing the story. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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Let's welcome chaos! (10G) 100%
Description: Open all of the Secret Doors
Strategy: This achievement goes hand-in-hand with the Keys. The Keys are used to unlock the Secret Doors. Behind the Secret Doors will be Secret Missions that offer a quick, unique challenge.
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And you are set free (10G) 100%
Description: Free half of the Lost Souls.
Strategy: Lost Souls are red-looking creatures that stick out of walls. Slash them with Rebellion to destroy them, which will in turn free them from the horrors of Limbo. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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Fil your dark soul with light (20G) 100%
Description: Free all of the Lost Souls
Strategy: See the video, which will show you the location of all the Lost Souls in the game. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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Keeps getting better and better (40G) 100%
Description: Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions (difficulty doesn't matter)
Strategy: To earn 100% completion on all missions, you have to complete the mission quickly, without dying, without using an item, earning a high Style points rating, having found all the secret doors, keys, and Lost Souls. This will secure an SSS ranking for you on that mission.
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Stylish! (10G) 100%
Description: Complete a mission with a SSS rank
Strategy: To get an SSS rank in a mission, you have to complete it fast, complete it with a high style rating, and found all the collectibles in the mission.
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Too easy! (40G) 100%
Description: Complete all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty
Strategy: After beating the game, you unlock the Son of Sparda difficulty setting. This is like extra-hard mode, with remixed enemy spawns and waves.
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Devils never cry (100G) 100%
Description: Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty
Strategy: Dante Must Die is the super-hard mode that has been a staple for the DMC series for a while. Beat every mission on this mode.
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This is what I live for! (10G) 100%
Description: Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty
Strategy: Heaven or Hell is a difficulty mode in which everything in the game, including Dante, dies with one hit. You have to beat every mission on this difficulty setting as well.
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And welcome to Hell! (100G) 100%
Description: Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty
Strategy: In this mode, Dante will still die with one hit, but all the enemies are Dante Must Die-hard. Best of luck.
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This party's just getting crazy! (20G) 100%
Description: Complete 10 Secret Missions
Strategy: Secret Missions are the levels that are behind the Secret Doors. The Secret Doors are unlocked using the keys that are found in the levels. Complete half of them to get this achievement.
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One hell of a party! (50G) 100%
Description: Complete all of the Secret Missions
Strategy: If you beat all of the Secret Door Missions in the game, this achievement is yours.
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All collectibles for Mission 4. Under Watch 100%
All collectibles for mission 4 See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 5. Virility 100%
All doors, keys, and lost souls for mission 5. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 6. Secret Ingredient 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls for mission 6. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 7. Overturn 100%
All keys, doors, and Lost Sous for Mission 7 in DmC. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 8. Eyeless 100%
All keys, doors, and Lost Souls for Mission 8. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 9. Devil Inside 100%
All collectibles for mission 9 See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 11. The Order 100%
All keys, secret doors, and lost souls. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 13. Devil's Dalliance 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 15. The Trade 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls for mission 15. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 16. The Plan 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls for mission 16. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 17. Furnace of Souls 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls for mission 17. See the video: Cheat Video
DmC  Devil May Cry cheat video Cheat Video
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All collectibles for Mission 18. Demon's Den 100%
All keys, doors, and lost souls for Mission 18.
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Mission 1 80%
Following the rather explosive cut-scenes, you'll be in control of Dante, armed with Rebellion. Use Rebellion by using Y and B to attack the demons as they appear. You can use RB and LB to dodge attacks, and use A to jump.

When these demons have been disposed of, Dante will see his trusty guns, Ebony and Ivory, dangling perilously from a bra strap. Kat will break a path for Dante in Limbo, so jump over the small barricade left behind.

The Hunter Demon will cause the boardwalk to start collapsing. Run straight ahead. Jump over any pitfalls and avoid any objects that may run Dante down. Keep pushing forward until a trolley car is the only thing left, and jump on it. Dante will automatically grab his trusty guns, and new flying enemies will be introduced.

Press X to use Dante's gun. Mash it repeatedly to fire rapidly. Shoot the flying enemies, but also throw in sword slashes for better combos and to make the battle go faster. Regular demons from earlier will join the flying ones. Beware that the flying enemies will throw explosives on the ground, and you need to get out of the blast radius as quickly as possible.

After they're all dead, keep moving through Limbo. The path is straight-forward. Destroy objects to receive red orbs, which you can use to purchase upgrades later. You'll reach a carnival ride that is spinning out of control, and a bunch more enemies will spawn. Kill them all, and then continue down the unbeaten path.

Use double jump to get on top of the ledge and grab the gold orb. Gold orbs will revive Dante if he dies. After obtaining this, you will also find a small vital star, which you can use to replenish some of Dante's health.

Continue going through the Limbo path and you'll find a carousel. Round the corner to find a Divinity Statue. This statue can be used to upgrade Dante and purchase items using red orbs. When you're done with it, continue through the carnival area.

Dante will be cornered by the Hunter, who will chuck a Ferris Wheel at him. Hang tight, and then a bunch of demons will spawn. Kill them all and then the Hunter will start shooting his grappling hook hand-thing.

Use rolling moves to avoid being caught in the hand, all the while pushing forward. If you do happen to be caught, mash on Y and B to swing your sword and break loose. As you get closer, Kat will show back up and offer an exit through a funhouse. Follow her.

There will be various doors in here that are false exits, as well as a door that can only be opened with three copper keys. Keep moving through this area until you find the "Exit" door. The exit will be blocked by twisting cogs and gears, and then a bunch of robotic enemies will show up.

Kill all of them. They are basically just ilke the regular demons. When they're all dead, the exit door will recede as far back as possible, and all these cogs will become spinning death traps. Avoid the ones on the ground by waiting for them to move to the left or right and then run through directly after. There will be runs in the middle that you have to jump over. Do your best to avoid taking damage because a boss fight is coming up soon.

Upon reaching the exit door, go through. Outside, Dante will meet up with Kat again, who tells him how to get out of Limbo. Follow her direction until the Hunter shows up again. Kat then throws a Molotov cocktail at the Hunter, which leaves it vulnerable to gunfire.

Now it's time for the first boss fight in the game. Constantly fire Ebony and Ivory into the Hunter's head while it's at a distance. Use Dante's rolling ability to avoid the grapple hand as it comes flying at him. When enough damage has been done, the Hunter will fall to the ground and rush Dante with a large knife.

Avoid taking damage from the knife by fleeing from the Hunter. Walk backwards and shoot him in the head. It's difficult to dodge the knife by jumping or rolling, so this will have to suffice for now. He'll take more damage and then slump over. That's your cue to run up, jump in the air, and just slash the hell out of his face.

The Hunter will collapse to the ground, so continue to attack his face. After this is done the first time, the Hunter will shroud the area in blackness and throws his knife at you like a demonic boomerang. Avoid the knife by rolling when it is vertical and by jumping over it when it is horizontal. Keep dodging it until the blackness disappears and the boss fight can resume as normal.

Repeat the process until the Hunter is defeated.
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Mission 2. Home Truths 80%
Dante is taken to his childhood home. Vergil transports him to what appears to be the Limbo version of his home so that he can discover the secrets of the house and find out about his past, since he has virtually no memory of his childhood.

The house is quiet at first. There are bloody pods attached to the walls here and there that can be destroyed for red orbs. When you find the grand staircase, go up the stairs to the left and then go through the door to the left. Follow the halls until you reach a large, open room.

Dante starts to remember the room, and furniture materializes. Approach the painting of Sparda at the back of the room, and demons will appear. Kill the first batch of demons, but then a new enemy called a Death Knight shows up.

The Death Knight has a shield and can easily block attacks. The trick to beating the Death Knight is to roll behind him and then attack his back with combos. If you are quick enough, a couple of combos in, and he'll never have the chance to turn around and get his shield up again.

With the Death Knight defeated, approach the painting again. You will get the weapon called Arbiter. Now you will have to fight more Death Knights and regular demons, but with Arbiter, the process is much simpler.

Hold RT and press Y or B to use Arbiter. It is a very powerful weapon that does a ton of damage, but it is slow. It can break the shields of Death Knights, so keep that in mind. When this room has been cleansed of demons, the path will clear. Move through the hall.

The wall will zoom away, but you can drop down the hole and keep following the tunnel until you're back in the main room. Kill the enemies in here, and then Dante will hear a ghost version of himself and Vergil as kids playing and go into a room. Follow them up the stairs. Doors and objects with those red markings can be destroyed by using Arbiter on them.

Destroy the door and continue to the bedroom. You'll then be sent to Limbo again. You'll get a new weapon that allows you to pull enemies to you. Hold RT and press X to do this. You can also use it to pull platforms that have the red pulsing orb on them, which you will have to do in order to progress through this area.

Fight the enemies and pull the platforms in place so that you can platform around. The Bathos flying enemies can be pulled out of the sky to be made easier to kill, and you can also pull other enemies close to you and attack them that way as well.

At the end of this area, there will be a statue that must be destroyed with Arbiter. When that's done, Dante will be back in the real world. Use the new weapon to pull platforms out in the adjacent hallway and platform your way through. There is a Divinity Statue that you can stop by and use on the way.

Follow the "mom ghost" into the main lobby again. There will be a new enemy introduced as the area segments into another form of Limbo. The enemy is a Shielded Bathos. You have to first rip its shield off with the grappling chain, and then you can fight it like a regular Bathos. Wipe out the enemies here, then use the platforms to follow the mom ghost.

The mom ghost will have gone through another door that needs destroyed with Arbiter. Oblige it, and continue to another room from Dante's past. Approach the painting and Dante will receive a new weapon called Osiris.

Osiris is an angelic scythe that can be used by pulling LT and use Y and B. It is basically the opposite of Arbiter. Test it out on the enemies if you'd like, then when the path opens, follow it. Keep going until you reach a flight of stairs.

Down the stairs, you can go left and use Osiris to open the locked area. The doors that are glowing blue can be broken and opened with Osiris. Do this now if you wish to save a "lost soul" that's in there, which you do by hitting them with Rebellion, or continue to the right and follow the ghost.

You will then find a blue rose on the ground. This will transport you to Limbo world again. Here, you will learn how to use another grapple with the whip, except it is used with LT+X instead of RT+X. This new move lets Dante grapple onto objects and enemies and pull himself to them instead of the other way around.

Objects that can be grappled in this manner glow blue. Use this in combination with the other grapple type to platform through this section of Limbo. Near the end, you will have to destroy another object with Arbiter, and then platform your way into a small tunnel.

Run to the end of the tunnel. The floor will collapse under Dante, so be sure to avoid falling through by platforming your way through to the red portal and stand inside it.
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No talking! (20G) 75%
Description: You have acquired Aquila
Strategy: Complete Mission 10, "Bad News" to unlock this weapon.
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Mission 4. Under Watch 67%
Back in Limbo, the city will be out to get you with these new cameras. Platform and fight your way to the first camera and then rip it out. In the next area, there will be two cameras. Take the path to the left and you'll find areas to platform up to in order to reach the next camera and rip it out.

Then return to the center and go to the path to the right. There will be a segmented set of stairs. Rip the stairs into place and then use them to reach the next camera. When that's out of the place, the path forward will open.

Use Angel Boost to get through the area before the walls can crush you and to avoid falling through the gaps. Kill the enemies and continue pushing forward, smashing through the door with Arbiter. In the next hall will be more enemies, plus a new enemy called Tyrant.

Tyrant will charge you. Avoid his attacks, and then slash and shoot at him. When enough damage is done, he will crouch, leaving his back open so you can wail on him with Arbiter to do the most damage.
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Mission 5. Virility 67%
Follow Kat through the warehouse of the Virility plant. The goal is to get to the mixing room by using Limbo to get through without the real-life people detecting Dante. After Dante enters Limbo, it's just a matter of platforming your way and fighting through enemies.

Eventually, you will reach a series of hallways. The hallways all lead to something, like collectibles and the like, but follow the arrows on the ground to follow the correct path. There will be two new enemy types introduced during all of this, the Frost Knights and the Hell Knights.

The Frost Knights have ice attacks and Hell Knights have fire attacks. You have to use Osiris to damage Frost Knights and you have to use Arbiter to damage the Hell Knights. In tandem, these guys are plenty difficult, but they are certainly not impossible to kill.

Finally, you will reach the mixing room. Inside the mixing room, soda goo will start pouring out all over the floor. This acidic substance does damage to Dante. Roll out of it and jump out of it to avoid taking damage, all the while fighting the enemies.

Two Tyrant enemies will show up at the end. Killing them will open the path ahead. Go there to speak with Kat and end this mission.
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Mission 6. Secret Ingredient 67%
This entire mission is basically just a boss fight. But first, you have to complete a perilous platforming segment. You can fight the enemies on your way to the large fan at the end of the tunnel, or you can ignore them. You have one minute to get to the end of the tunnel.

If you are trying to get a high score, then take the time to kill as many enemies as possible on the way there. When you start running out of time, make a dash for the fan at the end of the tunnel. There will be a hatch next to the fan that you have to rip off with your whip, so do that now.

Move down the next tunnel. Stop at the Divinity Statue and purchase a Gold orb if you don't have one. Purchase any healing items based on your skill level. If you find yourself dying a lot, then certainly buy as many healing items that you possibly can.

In the next room will be the Succubus boss. The first part of the fight is fairly simple. The Succubus will have a weak part on the top of its head that will be guarded by its armor shell. Wait for it to swipe at Dante with its arm, then jump over the attack. This will leave its head open for damage.

Its other attacks will be to spit this vile breeze at Dante which knocks you back, as well as vomit acidic bile all over the place. If the Succubus projects the bile, that's your cue to retreat to a different platform by grappling there with use of the whip, then wait for the Succubus to come back and start attacking again.

After its first bar of health has been depleted, the Succubus will slam on the platform with both arms. Retreat! It is destroying this platform. After you get to safety, rip the tube out of its back. Then repeat the same process. Then it will destroy another tower, so be sure to escape before it is destroyed, and then you have to repeat the process for a third time.

The Succubus will be defeated. Exit the way you came. The Succubus will pop back up, but the whirring fans are sucking it in. Just grapple all the grapple points as they appear and the Succubus will be sent drifting straight for the fan blades.

It will grab onto a broken chunk of pillar as a last-ditch effort to save its life. Rush over there and slice the hell out of its hands to make it lose its grip, and then the Succubus will be destroyed in the fan.

Your reward will be the weapons Eryx.
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Mission 10. Bad News 67%
At the start of this mission, follow the upside-down path. The laser beams will fire, and then Dante will be right-side-up. Jump onto the platforms and then as soon as the grapple points are in range, use them, as the beams will be right on your tail.

Inside the station, use the platforms to get from one end of the area to the next. There are no obstacles, just a series of platforms to jump to, so it's no big deal.

But then it's time to fight Bob, the anchor of the news station/demonic prison. Make sure you have Eryx equipped. Notice the three lines leading away from the giant hologram of Bob's head? Follow these lines to marks on the ground, then use the "stomp" attack by jumping in the air and pressing RT+B in tandem.

This will cause Bob's hologram to short circuit. Run up and attack him with all you have to drain his health meter. He will cause an explosion to erupt from himself, but you have time to dash out of there and then quickly turn around and start laying bullets into him until it's safe to go back up close and slash him.

Bob's attacks are somewhat hard to dodge. He will shoot purple lasers that sweep across the floor. A pair of green lasers will try to smash Dante in between them. Plus, Bob will send a wall of lasers out, with small openings that you must fit through to keep Dante from taking damage that way.

When Bob's first health meter is depleted, grapple inside his eye. Now you have to fight a bunch of demons from the view of a news helicopter. The demons will just keep coming until Bob stops talking, so this is the perfect time to build up a high score for the mission.

After this, repeat the process against Bob's hologram head, except this time you have to smash two of the red icons that are connected to him. If you take too long, the red icons will regenerate their power, so you have to be somewhat quick at this.

When his second health meter is gone, go into Bob's other eye and repeat the process from before. I recommend using a Devil Trigger in here if you have one to replenish Dante's health while also making the demons easy bait.

Back outside Bob's head, you now have to hit three of the ground icons to make Bob short out. Bob will also have a larger blast radius for his explosive attack. When Bob's health meter has been depleted for a third time, he will be defeated for good.
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Mission 11. The Order 67%
Move through the houses and the outside alleyways. When you see blue vines blocking the path, you have to use your new angelic weapons by holding LT and then mashing on B to throw them at the vines to destroy them, allowing Dante to whip across.

At the front door of the order, Kat's graffiti will keep the demons at bay. You have to fight a Butcher. The Butcher has a powerful attack, and the only way to damage it is with demonic weapons to the orb on the front of its body.

Hit it once, then get away before it can hit you. Then keep repeating the process until it dies. From there, you will be able to gain access into the Order's hideout. Fight your way through the demons here. There will be plenty of hefty opposition in each room, so be prepared.

Near the end of this, you'll have a chance to stop at a Divinity Statue. I highly recommend purchasing a Gold orb if you don't have one, and healing items if you're not that great at the game.
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Mission 12. Under Siege 67%
Follow Kat from point to point. Whenever she spray paints a circle on something, grapple that object or piece of wall. Continue to do this until you reach an arena-stye area, and get comfy. You'll be spending the rest of the level here.

The Divinity Statue here will be helpful. I recommend stopping there before the enemies start spawning. You'll have to fight them in waves, confined to this area. You'll be facing off against powerful enemies, such as the chainsaw type, as well as Butchers, regular demons, Harpies, and more.

There is one particularly rough segment with three chainsaw demons and one Butcher. My advice here is to just roll constantly, and then hit one of the chainsaw guys with a single attack when you see an opening. Repeat the process until they're all dead, and then focus on the Butcher.

From there, you'll face other enemies such as Rage Spawn. These guys are easily killed with Stomp. Then regular Rage enemies will appear, and more foes after that, so just keep at it until they're all dead.
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Mission 14. Last Dance 67%
This entire mission is one very long boss fight against Mundus's spawn and the woman that is carrying the spawn. This is a tough fight until you figure out a few little tricks, which I will share with you now.

Firstly, there is an arm on the side of the spawn that is holding an eyeball. If the arm is red, yank on it with your demon whip. If it is blue, grapple onto it with your angel whip, then wail on it with Eryx to deal as much damage as possible.

The spawn should open the eye on the front of its face. Now that's your cue to keep grappling onto the front of its face and hit it with Eryx as much as possible. Use your "Y" attack so that you can stay in mid-air as you hit the spawn.

When its health meter is depleted, the bottom one, the spawn will collapse and the woman will be vulnerable. Run over to the stomach of the spawn and yank the woman out with your demon whip. Then use Rebellion on her to deal the most damage quickly before she is sucked back in.

You'll have to do this a total of four times. Each round increases the intensity, as the spawn becomes more powerful. It will use shockwave attacks that you can avoid by Angel Boosting toward them, and it will teleport around and try to whack you.

If you find it difficult to get to the arm, chuck Aquila at the spawn repeatedly. Aquila will go to its face as well as the arm, and will help do the damage for you in a more passive manner.
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Time to go to work guys! (10G) 50%
Description: You purchased your first upgrade
Strategy: After earning your first upgrade token in the game, which should happen fairly early in the first level, wait until you reach the first Vitality Statue. This is a statue with a green-glowing torch in its hand, so press B when near it to activate it.

From here, you can purchase items and upgrade your abilities. Choose to upgrade your abilities and then pick any of the unlockable upgrades.
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Come on Puppy. Let's go! (20G) 50%
Description: You have defeated the Hunter.
Strategy: Complete Mission 1 of the game.
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It's got to stay in the family (10G) 50%
Description: You have acquired Arbiter
Strategy: About halfway through mission 2, Dante will receive a powerful new weapon called Arbiter.
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Thing drives me crazy (10G) 50%
Description: You have acquired Osiris
Strategy: About a third of the way through Mission 2. Home Truths, you will get a new weapon called Osiris.
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Impressive (10G) 50%
Description: You have slayed 100 demons
Strategy: Obviously, this achievement is for beating 100 enemies. You will probably unlock this one at some point during the second mission.
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Only kind of gift worth giving (10G) 50%
Description: You have acquired the Angel Boost ability
Strategy: You will get this power when Dante is sent back into Limbo in the third mission and touches the blue rose.
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Mission 3. Bloodline 50%
At the start of Bloodline, Dante will be sent back to Limbo. There, you will fight the typical demons, as well as a new enemy type with a chainsaw called Ravagers. Avoid their charging chainsaw attacks, then get behind them and go crazy. Arbiter is especially useful against them, since you can hit them with enough force to stop them being able to charge their chainsaw attack.

When these demons are defeated, Kat will show you the way out. Try to go there, but then the ground disappears and Dante is forced to backtrack. Return to the center area and get rid of the demons. Then a path above will open up, so grapple up there and then platform on the floating chunks of concrete to reach the top of the center fountain, where there will be another blue rose and touch it.

Dante will then be transported to another part of Limbo again, where he will learn a new move called the Angelic Jump. This allows you to dash in mid-air by pressing LT+A while in air. Use it to platform through this to the end, and then smash the object with Arbiter as you've done before.

Back with the demons, kill them all. Pathos are a new type of enemy that shoot lasers. Kill them and then a pathway will open. Dash across the gap to reach the portal back to the real word.
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Flock off, feather-face! (20G) 50%
Description: You have defeated the Tyrant
Strategy: Fight the Tyrant enemy in mission 4 and defeat him.
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This baby sure can pack a punch (20G) 50%
Description: You have acquired Eryx
Strategy: Complete Mission 6 to get the Eryx weapon.
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Mission 7. Overturn 50%
Using your new weapons, which can be equipped by pushing "right" on the d-pad, break through the wall. Then approach the red crystal in the center of the bridge. Jump into the air, then press RT and B in tandem to send Dante through the bridge.

This will create a series of floating chunks of concrete that you can use to platform across. You'll have a long stretch of platforming, with a new twist added. Along with pulling objects with your whips, you also have an added "umph" to Angel Boost.

Whenever a green circle is enclosing on Dante, use the Angel Boost power to increase its effectiveness and send Dante launching in that direction.

You'll run into a new set of enemies called Rage. They are small, but powerful mouse-like creatures that deal a lot of damage. You have to be quick with them. You'll have to fight multiple enemies at a time.

Also, keep in mind that your new weapons work against the Hell Knights. Basically, the angelic weapons are governed by the left d-pad and your demonic powers are governed by the right d-pad button. Frost Knights are weak against angel-powered weapons and Hell Knights are weak against demon-powered weapons.

Near the end of this level, you will see a strange goat man swinging a pipe at Harpies. Treat them like any other flying enemy, but be sure to roll out of the way of their main attack, as it is devastating.
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He's a demon too (10G) 50%
Description: You helped Phineas by retrieving his eye
Strategy: This is accomplished in mission 8 of the game.
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Mission 8. Eyeless 50%
You must retrieve Phineas's eye for him. Angel Boost over to him when the Harpies return, and then use your whips to follow them through the passages. They'll lead you to a couple of ambushes, but keep on them.

The Harpies will fly onto a demented train track. Hug the left side of the track to avoid being squashed by the train as it barrels through. When you reach the station area, fight the demons there, and then you can continue following the tracks to find a key, or jump through the opening in the station area to keep following the Harpies.

The Harpies will then lead you to a glass ceiling. Dante will find the eye, but then the Harpies will attack. Employ the same strategies as before, but this time there will be a lot more Harpies, plus other flying enemy types.

Another issue to keep in mind for this battle is that the glass ceiling can break. A few falls on it and it will smash through, giving you less room to fight on. Keep this battle in the air as much as possible so you can avoid taking fall damage.

When the Harpies are dead, backtrack to Phineas to give him his eye.
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You are not a human, are you? (10G) 50%
Description: You have acquired the Devil Trigger ability
Strategy: You'll unlock this new ability, which you use by clicking in both the left and right analog sticks, by playing through the ninth mission of the game.
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Mission 9. Devil Inside 50%
Phineas will show Dante a statue of an ancient Nephilim. Go to the statue, and a Witch will spawn out of it. Witches are blue demons with blue orbs that they surround themselves with for protection. You have to wait for them to destroy their own orb and send a shockwave, or you can damage and destroy the orb with angelic weaponry.

When the orb is destroyed, focus beating on the demon with demonic weapons to deal the most damage. The Witch can teleport around the area, as well as fire a sword at Dante that has to be dodged at the last second, or else Dante will be impaled and taken a healthy chunk of damage.

When this Witch is defeated, Dante will be transported elsewhere, and receive the Devil Trigger upgrade. To activate Devil Trigger, click in both the left and right analog sticks. It will automatically be used in this first area. What it does is basically leaves enemies open to be viciously attacked. Kill as many chainsaw-toting foes as possible with this first Devil Trigger.

Next you will have to fight even more enemies before being transported back to the darker side of Limbo. Here, you will fight Rage enemies again. Remember, their gimmick is that after you kill one, their pal becomes super-powered.

When they're dead, you'll have to deal with a few more waves of enemies in the same room, including a couple of Witches. If you get the Devil Trigger, save it until the Witches come as they are the hardest enemies to kill.

When the coast is clear, platform your way back to Phineas.
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Mission 13. Devil's Dalliance 50%
You start this mission on a dance floor. The mission structure is set up like "rounds", in that they are isolated enemy encounters, and not much else.

After the first round, a set of stairs will appear, with a Divinity Statue at their foot. Use it if need be, then go up top. Watch the scene, and then use Stomp on the button. Use Stomp on all the buttons from here on out in order to activate them.

Now notice the path ahead. There are red tiles and there are blue tiles. When there are red tiles, you need to hold RT to activate Dante's demon side while walking across them. For blue tiles, hold LT to activate Dante's more angelic side.

The rounds will become more intense with stronger enemies. Furthermore, some rounds will have tiles shift colors in mid-round, forcing you to fight in certain playstyles. But keep pushing ahead. The platforming segments in this level are very straight-forward, and basically just amount to grappling here and there and doing the Angel Boost move.

Finally, near the end, two orange paths will make their way to the next area. Go right for secrets and go left to end the mission.
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Whatever, Lady (20G) 50%
Description: You have defeated Mundus' spawn
Strategy: This is for winning the mission "Last Dance".
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Where does the time go? (10G) 50%
Description: You competed a level in 2 minutes or less.
Strategy: The shortest mission in the game is mission 15: The Trade. You have the option to ignore every single enemy and just push through the entire thing, completing the platforming segments.
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Mission 15. The Trade 50%
After the trade goes bad, the car gets in trouble. Grapple your way there and then yank the obstacle out of their way. Use your whip to reach the pile of crates next, and then use Stomp three times to knock this pile out of the way.

As the car lands, demons will spawn, and a fan will be ready to chop them in half. Kill the demons if you want, then rip off the blades. Dante will be on top of a van next, so whip off it when you have the chance and boost your way from whip point to whip point.

When you land, there will be a vital star to the right. What you need to do is use your demon whip to yank the floating bus in place, then platform to the destroyed piece of street to the right. Kill the demons that spawn here if you want.

When you're ready for the level to end, rush over to the bridge pillar. Use Eryx to destroy it.
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Mission 17. Furnace of Souls 50%
This hellish level is one wave of enemies after another. The platforming is just whipping from place to place, albeit with an added twist!

Every few seconds, a hell fire will raise in the entire level! You have to time your platforming to avoid being caught up in the flames. Other than that, this level is just fight after fight. There are no puzzles here or anything.
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Mission 18. Demon's Den 50%
This mission has a unique structure in that you can tackle the four main objectives in any order you wish. There are four tunnels leading off from the main room. Each tunnel features a very small platforming challenge, and then a machine at the end.

Activate the machines using Dante's demon whip. Then win the battle with the demons that spawn. Each battle will consist of weaker demons and one special demon type, with each subsequent battle ramping up in difficulty.

You will start off against a Witch. Then the second tunnel will have you face a Butcher. The third tunnel will be another ninja dude, and the final tunnel will be two different Rage enemies that require you to switch between demon and angel states in order to defeat. The red enemy can only be hurt in demonic form, and the blue enemy can only be hurt in angelic form.

Upon activating all four of the machines, the four generators in the main room will be active. Go there and take a look at the ground. There will be big red switches on the floor, as well as symbols. These symbols correspond with symbols that are on the generators in the room.

You have to rotate the switches so the symbols line up with the generators. When a symbol is properly aligned, the floor around it will glow. Once you have all four symbols aligned properly, Vergil will open the vault door.
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It's time to finish this! (10G) 33%
Description: you helped Vergil open the Vault
Strategy: Complete Mission 18.
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