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Quantum Conundrum Cheats for PC
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Quantum Conundrum PC Cheats

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Quantum Conundrum

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

Ah, finally some peace and quietCollected all Collectibles
Alternating CurrentsAchieve Shift Goal on all levels in "IKE-aramba!"
Art MajorViewed your portrait in all dimensions
Astounding AutomatorComplete all levels in "IKE-aramba!"
Big MeanieKnocked Ike over with an object
Bots beget botsCollect all collectibles in "IKE-aramba!"
Did a Thing!Used the 'Do A Thing!' menu item
Dimensional DrifterPowered up the first generator
Eagle EyedCollect all collectibles in "The Desmond Debacle"
Explorer of All RoadsSolved 'Choose Wisely' by choosing each battery first
Extraordinaire ExtrapolatorPowered up the Uber-IDS
Honor StudentAchieved Shifts Goal on all maps
In less than 12 parsecsAchieved Goal Times on all maps
Left or Dead?Make it through every level in "The Desmond Debacle" at least once without dying
Ludicrous SpeedAchieve Goal Time on all levels in "The Desmond Debacle"
No disassemble!Make it through every level in "IKE-aramba!" at least once without dying
Nuclear NoobyPicked up the IDS device
Outstanding OrnithologistComplete all levels in "The Desmond Debacle"
Peerless PerambulatorPowered up the 3rd generator
Short CircuitsAchieve Goal Time on all levels in "IKE-aramba!"
Still AliveMade it through every level at least once without dying
Symmetrical SojournerPowered up the 2nd generator
Testing the FencesBroke 20 panes of glass
Two Drink MinimumAchieve Shift Goal on all levels in "The Desmond Debacle"
Well, look what you found therePicked up your first Collectible
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"Do A Thing!" option 100%
Complete the game.
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