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Beyond: Two Souls Cheats for PS3
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Beyond: Two Souls PS3 Cheats

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Beyond: Two Souls Cheats

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Beyond: Two Souls

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Miracles (Bronze) 100%
Looked after Tuesday's baby, healed Jimmy, and channeled Stan.

Chapter: Homeless.

When having dinner with the other vagrants, you can walk around and interact with them. Use Aiden's abilities for the three designated characters to get this trophy to pop.
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Together Till the End (Gold) 100%
Finished the game in Duo Mode.

Basically, play the game all the way through in co-op.
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Beyond: Two Souls Guide 98%
This guide is designed to help you complete Beyond: Two Souls to its fullest.

Read the Guide --> Beyond: Two Souls [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Somebody Else? (Bronze) 100%
Played as Aiden for the first time.

Completed in the first level of the game and is unavoidable. To switch to Aiden, press Triangle.
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Obedience (Bronze) 100%
Stopped the experiment voluntarily.

In the mission called The Experiment, you can choose to cause hell as Aiden, or you can switch back to Jodie once Kathleen gets scared. After you switch back to Jodie, wait for Nathen to ask you to stop, then press X to actually stop.
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Teammates (Bronze) 100%
Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.

Mission required is called My Imaginary Friend.

In this mission, walk around the house as Jodie, then switch over to Aiden by pressing Triangle. Screw with stuff such as dropping a cookie on the floor, messing with the radio, knock chairs around, and whatever else.
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Entities Apprentice (Bronze) 100%
Vanquished the entities with Aiden.

This is rewarded for killing the violent ghost entities as Aiden. This is done in a couple of different ways. When they are attacking Aiden, pull back on both the analog sticks and release to attack. When they are attacking Jodie, move the sticks together to get them off of Jodie.
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Sorry (Bronze) 100%
Forgave Jodie's father.

In the mission Alone, when Jodie's father is leaving, choose to NOT hurt him wit Aiden, even though he is highlighted in red, which indicates that Aiden could potentially choke him.
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Not My Father (Bronze) 100%
Choked Philip with Aiden.

In the chapter Alone, when Philip is leaving, switch to Aiden. Go over to Philip and hold L1, then move the stick toward each other to choke Philip until he collapses to the ground.
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Revenge (Bronze) 100%
Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire, with Aiden.

In the chapter called The Party, Jodie is mistreated by the people at the party. When you leave the house, you can choose to either leave the party immediately or terrorize the kids inside.

To terrorize the kids, take control of Aiden and start manipulating stuff around them. You can fling objects at their heads and scare them by causing the lights to fall off the ceiling and other stuff. Get creative and have fun terrorizing them.
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Cold Blood (Bronze) 100%
Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.

In the chapter House Party, choose to just leave the party instead of getting revenge with Aiden. Also choose to not show off with Jodie's powers when the teens tried to make Jodie do that.
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Together Forever (Bronze) 100%
Protected Jodie from her attackers.

In the chapter Like Other Girls, Jodie is attacked by people at the local bar. Switch to Aiden and attack them with the usual method of manipulating objects in the bar to scare and hurt them. This will culminate in possession of the bartender, which will then allow you to shoot the other two guys and then turn the gun on yourself.
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Portal Shutdown (Bronze) 100%
Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

Basically, this trophy is for completing the mission The Condenser.
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Find all dead bodies in Condenser Compound 100%
Location of all the dead bodies you need to channel in the Condenser Compound in the mission The Condenser. See the video: Cheat Video
Beyond: Two Souls cheat video Cheat Video
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Fight Apprentice (Bronze) 100%
Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.

In Welcome to the CIA, there is a training montage. During this training montage, there are a few fights that are QTE based. When the game goes into slow motion, move the right stick in the direction of the action Jodie is taking in order to successfully complete the QTE. Failing these QTEs will cause Jodie to get hit. So avoid getting hit 5 times in the chapter to get this one to unlock.
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Stealth Apprentice (Bronze) 100%
Completed all stealth training without being spotted.

How to get Stealth Apprentice trophy See the video: Cheat Video
Beyond: Two Souls cheat video Cheat Video
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Clean Job (Bronze) 100%
Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.

Chapter: The Embassy

Distract the guard in the security room. Then pause the screens so that he can't see what is going on in the room that you need to infiltrate. Then simply complete the rest of the mission.
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Possessive Spy (Bronze) 100%
Finished the mission using only the Sheik.

Chapter: The Embassy

After getting Jodie into the bathroom stall, switch to Aiden. Find the Sheik and then wait for him to be alone, then take possession of him like you would anyone else. After that, it's just a matter of completing the mission like you usually would.
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Perfect Lover (Bronze) 100%
Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress, and put on some music.

Chapter: The Dinner

For this trophy, you need to basically seduce Ryan using Jodie's feminine wiles.

The first thing you'll want to do is get the food going. Go to the kitchen and then use the cook book on the counter to find a meal to cook. Choose whatever meal you want to cook and get it going.

After that, clean up the apartment. Most of the stuff that needs tidied up is in Jodie's living room, with trash and what-not in front of the TV. Get all of that cleaned up by flicking the right stick in their direction when walking near them and the usual white dot appears over them.

Take a shower next. Go to the bathroom and hop in the shower. Wait for the shower to be over for maximum cleanliness. Then choose to wear the elegant dress out of the clothing options, and then put on some romantic music all before Ryan shows up.
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Casual Girl (Bronze) 100%
Ordered a pizza, watched some TV, and wore something casual.

Chapter: The Dinner

Go to the cook book in the kitchen and choose to order pizza out of all the food options. Then get in the shower and change into casual clothes. Then just wait for Ryan to show up.
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In Love with Ryan (Bronze) 100%
Slept with Ryan.

Chapter: The Dinner

To sleep with Ryan, complete The Dinner and make sure it is as nice as possible. When the opportunities arise to cause problems as Aiden, simply choose to not cause problems.
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Stealth Master (Bronze) 100%
Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.
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Catch Me if You Can (Bronze) 100%
Escaped the train without being arrested.

Chapter: Hunted

When the police arrive on the train, complete most of the QTEs successfully so Jodie can escape the train without being caught.
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Aiden's Apocalypse (Bronze) 100%
Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store, and the helicopter.

Chapter: Hunted

As Aiden, you need to cause hell when Jodie is injured by the SWAT team that is after her.

First, rip the nozzles off the gas tanks. Then possess the soldier nearest to the gas station. Cause a fire as him by shooting the gas tanks, which will in turn cause a gigantic explosion there.

Now turn your attention across the street to the enemy that is inside the van. Possess him and then hold R2 as him to drive directly into the gun store, which will cause another giant explosion.

Now head over to the church. Go to the clock on top of the church and keep hitting it until the tower falls down and crashes to the street below.

When Jodie makes a break for the doors of the theater, help her through by slamming into them with Aiden's powers as usual. When she's on the other side of the door, she will start limping away, but your work is not done yet as Aiden.

Jodie suggests blasting the carts around to create a distraction. Do something a little more sinister, however, by taking control of the helicopter pilot and purposefully cause him to smash the helicopter into the streets below.
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Houdini (Bronze) 100%
Got arrested three times and escaped each time.

Chapter: Hunted

When the police come to arrest Jodie, don't wake her up as Aiden like you would normally. Instead just let Jodie sleep and she will get arrested.

After that, switch to Aiden when Jodie is stuck in the room. Possess the guard standing in front of the door and use him to free Jodie. Take that guard into a different compartment and then smash the window for Jodie.

When the dogs attack in the woods later, don't do the QTEs and make it so Jodie gets captured. Now inside of the police car. Kill the driver of the car by choking him to death with Aiden. Now as Jodie do the QTEs to free yourself and use Aiden to escape the police car.

Driving away on the motorcycle, stop in the spotlight of the helicopter when it appears. Hang tight and Jodie will be arrested yet again. This time possess the guard in the truck. You can choose to kill the driver or wait and possess the driver. No matter what you choose, the truck will flip over. Complete the QTEs to escape the truck.
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Money to Eat (Bronze) 100%
Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.

Chapter: Homeless

To get enough money for the chocolate, you first need to beg on the cardboard as Jodie. Then after getting some money from that, go across the street and play the guitar to earn the rest of the money needed.
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Smart Thief (Bronze) 100%
Deactivated the supermarket's camera.

Chapter: Hunted

When breaking into the supermarket to steal the stuff for the baby, don't go in as soon as you get the doors opened. Instead, use Aiden to break the camera that is attached to the ceiling.
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Medicine Girl (Bronze) 100%
Successfully performed the entire ritual

Chapter: Navajo

Near the end of the chapter, Jodie has to complete a ritual in order to repel an evil spirit. The thing you need to do is remember what the symbol was that is front of the tree. Write it down if you need to. Then during the ritual, make sure Jodie draws the proper symbol, and also have Aiden become the "fifth soul" at the fifth medallion in order to therefore complete it successfully.
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Not Just Sand (Bronze) 100%
Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.

Chapter: Navajo

During the QTE sequence in which Jodie is in the storm and the evil spirit tries to kill her, just be as successful as you can with the QTEs to avoid being hit.
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Eye for an Eye (Bronze) 100%
Didn't speak during the interrogation

Chapter: Dragon's Hideout

When Jodie is being interrogated, a prompt pops up to press a button to speak. Choose not to speak by not pressing any buttons.
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Agent 894732 (Bronze) 100%
Told the truth during the interrogation.

Chapter: Dragon's Hideout

Choose to speak during the interrogation as Jodie.
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Almost Too Easy (Bronze) 100%
Went to the containment shield with the General.

Awarded during the chapter "Black Sun".
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Chose Afterlife (Bronze)/Chose Life (Bronze) 100%
Entered the Infraworld./Stayed in reality

Chapter: Black Sun

Jodie is left with a choice at the end of the game. That choice is to either enter the Infraworld or stay in the real world. Choose the afterlife for one trophy then replay the chapter and choose life for the second trophy.
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Convince Dawkins (Bronze) 100%
Helped Dawkins see the truth

Chapter: Black Sun

When meeting Dawkins in the Black Sun, help him realize the error of his ways using the obvious dialogue options.
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Black Sun Down (Bronze) 100%
Deactivated the Black Sun.

Awarded for completing the chapter "Black Sun".
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Two Souls (Bronze) 100%
Launched a scene in Duo Mode.

This requires two PS3 DualShock 3 controllers.

Choose "Game Mode" from the main menu (if you didn't choose "Duo" right off the bat during the initial installation process) and then choose Duo Mode. This is a two-player mode in which one player controls Jodie and the other controls Aiden.
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The End (Silver) 100%
One possible reality has been uncovered...

Rewarded for beating the game.
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Uncontrollable (Silver) 100%
Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.

Whenever you can act like a jackass as Aiden, act like a jackass, pretty much.
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Never Alone (Silver) 100%
Started at least one romance.

Jodie can start a romance with numerous male characters in the game. Just be nice to people with the dialogue options.
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Entities Master (Silver) 100%
Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.

Never lose Jodie or Aiden in a battle with these creatures. In all honesty, that's not hard to do. I unlocked this trophy without even trying. There is a lot of room for error as well.
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A Better World (Silver) 100%
Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.

When Jodie has a choice to heal people as Aiden, do not take that opportunity. Then choose Afterlife at the end of the game.
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Find all bonuses 100%
Location of every bonus collectible in Beyond: Two Souls See the video: Cheat Video
Beyond: Two Souls cheat video Cheat Video
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All Endings... (Gold) 100%
Saw all endings.
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Saved All (Gold) 100%
Saved every character that could be saved.

Basically, just heal everyone you can as Aiden throughout the game.
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Perfect Soldier (Bronze) 50%
Completed most of the physical training successfully.

This chapter is Welcome to the CIA. To get this one, go through the training montage and complete the QTEs. Completing most of them successfully will be enough to unlock this trophy.
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