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Watch Dogs Cheats for PS3
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Watch Dogs PS3 Cheats

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Watch Dogs

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Find all SongSneak songs 100%
There are 23 SongSneak songs that need to be found for the SongSneak app. These songs are hidden throughout the game world. Find them all using the video. See the video: Cheat Video
Watch Dogs cheat video Cheat Video
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Hotspots 100%
There are various landmarks and special locations around Chicago. When you are in or near these areas, the game will prompt you to "check in". You can see all the hotspots on your map.
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Digital Trip awards 100%
Watch Dogs has five missions called "Digital Trips". Complete the Digital Trips to unlock the item that are named after them. These are the Digital Trips:

By: Horror Spooky(296)
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All Burner Phones 100%
Here's where you can find all of the Burner Phones in Watch Dogs. See the video: Cheat Video
Watch Dogs cheat video Cheat Video
By: Horror Spooky(296)
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Trophies 100%
This is a list of trophies for Watch Dogs.

100% Clear (Platinum) - This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked
Basest Base (Silver) - Complete every Gang Hideout
Black Hat Trick (Silver) - Kill 3 enemies with a single IED
Bookmarked (Silver) - Tag 100 enemies
Clear Signals (Silver) - Unlock every ctOS Tower
Communication Fail (Bronze) - Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you
Darkness Looms (Bronze) - Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation
Disk Space Full (Silver) - Unlock every song with the SongSneak app
End of Line (Silver) - Complete 40 Fixer Contracts
Enforcer (Bronze) - Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals
Escape Loop (Bronze) - Escape 15 police chases
Family Man (Bronze) - Complete Act 1
Free Radical (Silver) - Escape a level 5 police chase
Freeware (Gold) - Unlock every skill in the skills tree
Geolocated (Silver) - Check in at every Hotspot
Hackification (Silver) - Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking
Hard Crash (Bronze) - Perform 10 vehicle take downs
Hardware Fail (Silver) - Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles
Hello World (Bronze) - Take down Maurice
Log Off (Gold) - Complete Act 5
Magic Smoke (Bronze) - Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus
One Down, One to Go (Bronze) - Complete Act 3
Peephole (Silver) - Complete every Privacy Invasion
Piggyback (Silver) - Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing
Power Cycle (Bronze) - Participate in 5 different City Games
Read-only (Bronze) - Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation
Revoking Client Privileges (Bronze) - Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation
Road Rage (Silver) - Complete every Criminal Convoy
Sanity Check (Bronze) - Collect all 8 Burner Phones
Saturday Night Special (Bronze) - Complete the final mission in the WEapons Trade Investigation
Scanproof (Silver) - Escape a level 5 police scan
Social Lubricant (Bronze) - Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents
Stealth Cookie (Silver) - Complete an Online Tailing without being detected
Superhighway (Bronze) - Complete 10 Public Online races
System Mangler (Silver) - Complete every ctOS Breach
They Call Him the Vigilante (Silver) - Complete every Investigation
Traced (Bronze) - Get tailed 5 times
Vengeance (Silver) - Complete Act 4
White Rabbit Object (Silver) - Escape 15 police scans
Who Is Raymond Kenney? (Bronze) - Complete Act 2
By: Horror Spooky(296)
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Watch Dogs Guide 98%
Complete every mission in the game with this Watch Dogs guide.

Read the Guide --> Watch Dogs [Guide]
By: Toebin(12759)
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Watch Dogs - Side Missions Guide 98%
Watch Dogs has a variety of side missions for players to partake in. Complete every side mission in the game and get 100% in Watch Dogs with this walkthrough.

Read the Guide --> Watch Dogs - Side Missions [Guide]
By: Toebin(12759)
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Special weapons 96%
There are five special weapons in Watch Dogs. They can be unlocked by completing specific in-game tasks.

Chrome Revolver - Stop 20 crimes
Destroyer Sniper Rifle - Stop 10 criminal convoys
Gangster Tommy Gun - Scan 17 QR codes
Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle - Complete 9 weapons trades missions
Wildfire Assault Rifle - Complete 6 missing persons cases
By: Horror Spooky(296)
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How to get Communication Fail achievement 100%
Citizens will call the cops on you if they see you doing illegal activities. They will be more likely to call the cops on you if you have just hijacked their car.

To stop them from calling the cops on you, you have a couple of options. You can kill them, or you can take them out non-lethally. Taking out citizens that are trying to call the cops on you in a non-lethal manner is required for the "Communication Fail" achievement.

To do this, simply walk up to the citizen and press the button that pops up to perform a non-lethal melee takedown. You can also run at them and tackle them tot he ground to keep them from calling the police, or hack into their phone so they won't call the police either.
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Crime detection system 100%
As you explore Chicago, you will sometimes get a notification that there is a crime in progress nearby. These are dynamic events. There's an infinite amount of them, but you have to complete at least 20 in order to get the achievement/trophy "Enforcer".

To start one of these missions, simply press the d-pad button that also appears when the crime in progress is announced to you.
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Entering cheats 64%
Like saint row and more games if you know there is an section: extra so maybe there is an place you can enter cheats
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To buy a house 64%
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Change weather 58%
L1 O R1 R1 L1 O O O left right right
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How to tag enemies 33%
Tagging enemies is actually really easy. There's an achievement for tagging 100 enemies called "Bookmarked", and I wound up getting it by complete accident during my first time through the game.

Anyway, to tag enemies, simply aim at them with the profiler equipped. You can also look at them using cameras or whatever else during missions or out in public.
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How to escape from a level 5 police chase easily 25%
There's an easy way to get away from a level 5 police chase. First, initiate the chase by attacking civilians and cops, and then mark the Bunker as your next destination on the map.

Drive to the Bunker and after you get across the bridge that connects the mainland of Chicago to the bunker island, be sure to hack into the bridge again so that the cops can't follow you with their cars anymore.

Go behind the crate that you use to get into the actual bunker. There are shipping containers here that you can get inside. The police helicopters will still pursue you, but if you position Aiden in the middle of one of these shipping containers, they won't be able to spot you. If the helicopter starts to position itself at a better angle in order to get a better look at you, go to the next shipping container over to continue avoiding detection.

Just wait inside these containers until the timer runs out on the police chase.
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