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Skylanders Giants Cheats for WII
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Skylanders Giants WII Cheats

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Skylanders Giants

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Nightmare Difficulty 98%
How to: To obtain the capability to play in Nightmare difficulty, complete the game.
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Additional skylanders 80%
Skylanders available in Legendary version:

Trigger Happy
Jet Vac
Stealth Elf
Slam bam

Spyro has a Dark and chrome version. Stump SMash has a fuzzy (flocked) version

Availavble in Glow-in-the-dark: Cynder, Wrecking Ball, Zap.

Gill Grunt has a green version, Drill Sergeant Red, Bash blue.

Gold: Drill Sergeant, Flameslinger, Chop-Chop, Prism Break

and more.
By: asaninja(520)
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Secret treasure 77%
On Flynn's ship, if you see something shaking (like wheel-things and red boxes) do attacks on it and you should find a 25-coin-worth sapphire!

Also, in the Main Deck, go to the top, go in the outside part and you can get a treasure worth at least 100 coins!
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Secret hat room 76%
If you have the Dragon engine (found in chapter 9), put it on the ship. Fall down the gap on the part that is on the left (bottom to you) and you can enter a room and buy hats!
By: asaninja(520)
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Elemental Health Regeneration 75%
If you are in somewhere where only that eelement can access it, you automatically regenerate health. Hope this helps!
By: asaninja(520)
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Elements to treasures 74%
In Flynn's ship, go into the main part (the part next to Brock) and go into the game centre. You should see a door with an Undead symbol on. Do an attack on it as an Undead skylander and it will open and become an Air element. Do the same except as an air type and then do the same with a life type and then get treasures! The second time a fire door is added, then a water type door is added, then I don't know. I'll keep you updated :).
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Luck o tron in level 1 68%
After the chompy wave, lift a boulder than fall down to face another wave of Chompies. Defeat them, fall down again, defeat the next wave. The Luck-O-Tron should appear.
By: asaninja(520)
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Chompy Mage Strategy 65%
When the Chompy Mage (lvl 7 boss) becomes Giant Chompy again, ignore the chompies. Wait until he tries to suck you in and switch to the other world so chompies become enfuego chompies and the Giant Chompy will swallow them and take MASSIVE damage!

PS: bog off whoever's giving my cheats bogus votes. THEY ARE HELPFUL!
By: asaninja(520)
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All Giants 54%
All Giants:

Tree Rex:Life
Gnarly Tree Rex:Life
Granite Crusher:Earth
Hot Head:Fire
Legendary Bouncer:Tech
Scarlet Ninjini:Magic
Eye Brawl:Undead
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Skylander Variants 54%
Hot Dog Is going to have a "Mustard" variant which is a yellow version.

Crusher Is going to have a "Granite" variant which is a black and blue version.

Ninjini is going to have a "Scarlet" variant which is a red version.

Bouncer is going to have a "Legendary" variant which is blue and gold.

Tree Rex is going to have a "Gnarly" variant which is blue.

Shroomboom is going to have a "Lightcore" which glows.
Same with Drobot,Eruptor,Chill,Prism Break,Hex,Pop Fizz,Jet Vak.

Most of the giants are Lightcore.
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Strategy to avoid bark demons in level 7 53%
To avoid Bark Demons (the tough tree stump enemies) in level 7 (Wilikin Village), just switch to the other world and they will be dead tree stumps.
By: asaninja(520)
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Tree REX'S Special quest 53%
Chompies DO count for Tree Rex's special quest.
By: asaninja(520)
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Updates for Elements to treasures 47%
A magic door is added on, then tech, then earth.
By: asaninja(520)
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How to defeat kaos 43%
1. firstly run to the red avalanche button(do not stop to the button and there are items and enemies in the way)

2. when the iron fist of arkus is on the floor attack it (kaos spawns arkeyans to protect himself. kaos also has eye lasers)

3.when kaos' head is on the floor attack it and do not stop.
By: cheekynorth(53)
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Mony maker 35%
Xxxxxx by fliin you get 1000.0000 conis
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