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Skylanders Giants Cheats for PS3
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Skylanders Giants PS3 Cheats

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Skylanders Giants

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 98%
How to unlock: To unlock PlayStation Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Platinum)Earn all other Trophies

Great Gladiator! (Gold)Complete all 21 Arena challenges
Nightmare Avenger (Gold)Complete the Story mode on Nightmare difficulty
Savior of Skylands! (Gold)Complete the Story mode by recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus & defeating Kaos on any difficulty

Completionist (Silver)Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure level
Pedal to the Metal (Silver)Chapter 14 - Collect all 16 speed boosts in The Long Haul
Spend That Loot! (Silver)Amass 65,000 treasure with any 1 Skylander
Talker in a Strange Land (Silver)Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the Wilikins
To the Max (Silver)Level up any Skylander to Level 15
Upgrade Uniter (Silver)Purchase all upgrades for any 1 Skylander

1 & 0 (Bronze)Complete your 1st Arena challenge
A New Hero (Bronze)Complete 1 Heroic challenge
Arkus Adventurer (Bronze)Complete Chapter 15
Autogyro Pyrotechnician (Bronze)Chapter 6 - Destroy all the Arkeyan Autogyros
Cannon Confounder (Bronze)Chapter 8 - Complete the level without getting directly hit by a cannon
Chain Champ (Bronze)Chapter 2 - Complete the Chain Pull Feat of Strength
Column Crusher (Bronze)Chapter 13 - Destroy all the columns in the 2nd trial
Copter Captain (Bronze)Complete Chapter 14
Drill-X Defeator (Bronze)Complete Chapter 11
Elemental Enthusiast (Bronze)Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areas
Elemental Explorer (Bronze)Unlock your 1st Elemental area
Fashionista (Bronze)Collect 10 Hats
Freebot Isn't Free (Bronze)Chapter 15 - Defeat Freebot in a game of Skystones
Glacier Great (Bronze)Complete Chapter 5
Hint Scholar (Bronze)Collect 10 Story Scrolls
Hut Wrecker (Bronze)Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 Enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift
Kaos Buster (Bronze)Chapter 9 - Destroy 10 Kaos Bust statues
Keepin' Cool (Bronze)Chapter 16 - Complete the chapter without taking damage from Fire Traps
King of the Castle (Bronze)Complete Chapter 9
Log Lifter (Bronze)Chapter 3 - Complete the Log Lift Feat of Strength
Mine Menace (Bronze)Chapter 10 - Shoot down 10 Mines
Molekin Liberator (Bronze)Complete Chapter 12
Pipe Petard (Bronze)Chapter 11 - Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at him
Rumbletown Ranger (Bronze)Complete Chapter 3
Security Breacher (Bronze)Complete Chapter 8
Seeker Adept (Bronze)Collect 10 Legendary Ship parts
Skystone Sampler (Bronze)Chapter 4 - Collect all of the Skystones
Skystones Strategist (Bronze)SkyStones - Capture 2 stones with 1 single stone
Skystones Superstar (Bronze)Complete Chapter 4
Sky Survivor (Bronze)Complete Chapter 10
Snowman Slammer (Bronze)Chapter 5 - Destroy 7 Snowmen
Soul Surfer (Bronze)Collect soul gems for Tree Rex & Jet-Vac
Trial Taker (Bronze)Complete Chapter 13
Vault Victor (Bronze)Complete Chapter 6
Wilikin Winner (Bronze)Complete Chapter Clean Jersey (Bronze)Don
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Nightmare Difficulty 96%
How to: To obtain the capability to play in Nightmare difficulty, complete the game.
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Additional skylanders 80%
Skylanders available in Legendary version:

Trigger Happy
Jet Vac
Stealth Elf
Slam bam

Spyro has a Dark and chrome version. Stump SMash has a fuzzy (flocked) version

Availavble in Glow-in-the-dark: Cynder, Wrecking Ball, Zap.

Gill Grunt has a green version, Drill Sergeant Red, Bash blue.

Gold: Drill Sergeant, Flameslinger, Chop-Chop, Prism Break

and more.
By: asaninja(520)
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Luck o tron in level 1 60%
After the chompy wave, lift a boulder than fall down to face another wave of Chompies. Defeat them, fall down again, defeat the next wave. The Luck-O-Tron should appear.
By: asaninja(520)
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Skylander pvp cheat 40%
Ok this is how it works its very simple get a gaint mainly crusher up to lvl 11 heres teh rest of teh steps
step 2 get any otehr skylander to lvl 7
step3 go to pvp player I pick the troll factory mostly
step 4 let them battle and let the otehr skylander win you will get alot of coins and exp

also if you rember from the first if a certain skyalnder say air vs earth air will win because it also dos elemental damage
By: cynder33(11)
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Skylander gaints pvp elemntal guide ps3 40%
Iv been experenting and found this useful

life vs water
winner life

water vs fire
winner water

Air vs earth
winner air

magicvs undead
winner magic
Techvs magic
Winner tech
Earth vs tech
Winner earth
Fire vs air
Winner fire
Undead vs life
Winner undead
By: cynder33(11)
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All Giants 38%
All Giants:

Tree Rex:Life
Gnarly Tree Rex:Life
Granite Crusher:Earth
Hot Head:Fire
Legendary Bouncer:Tech
Scarlet Ninjini:Magic
Eye Brawl:Undead
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Skylander Variants 33%
Hot Dog Is going to have a "Mustard" variant which is a yellow version.

Crusher Is going to have a "Granite" variant which is a black and blue version.

Ninjini is going to have a "Scarlet" variant which is a red version.

Bouncer is going to have a "Legendary" variant which is blue and gold.

Tree Rex is going to have a "Gnarly" variant which is blue.

Shroomboom is going to have a "Lightcore" which glows.
Same with Drobot,Eruptor,Chill,Prism Break,Hex,Pop Fizz,Jet Vak.

Most of the giants are Lightcore.
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Tree REX'S Special quest 33%
Chompies DO count for Tree Rex's special quest.
By: asaninja(520)
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