Friday, 12 February 2016
New Super Mario Bros. U Cheats for WiiU
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New Super Mario Bros. U WiiU Cheats

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New Super Mario Bros. U Cheats

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New Super Mario Bros. U

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Infinite coins 67%
When playing in Boost Rush Mode, just continuously jump and have the player with the GamePad place blocks. Every time you hit the block, coins will fall out of the block, allowing you to farm coins infinitely.
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Boost Rush Star Mode 50%
If another player jumps on your blocks multiple times in a row, this will build up a meter on the GamePad. When that meter is filled, you can go into Boost Rush Star Mode.

In Boost Rush Star Mode, you can lay down infinite blocks that can be farmed for even more coins. Furthermore, you can kill all the enemies on the screen by tapping them with the GamePad touchscreen.
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Coins from flowers 33%
In some levels of the game, there are flowers on the ground that spin around in the background. Stand in front of these flowers and shake the GamePad or Wii remote to stimulate them, which will cause them to spit out a gold coin.
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