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Fray Cheats for PC
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Fray PC Cheats

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

50 victories!!Win 50 games
Almost thatKill an opponent and get killed on same turn
Ammo man8 ammo have been given during the match
And Stay DownKill 30 opponents using the Quake
AnnihilationAn entire team has been killed during a single turn
Assault survivor!Assault was not killed during the match
Backstabbing teleportationTeleported before killing an enemy at least 3 times during the match
Birth of the Legend500 opponents killed
Boom!5 opponents have been hit by mines
Brutal!Killed at least 2 opponents in short range during the match
CadetAll characters have reached level 5
CaptainAll characters have reached level 10
ColonelAll characters have reached level 15
Deadly gaze3 opponents have been killed at long range
Deadly ShadowKilled 35 opponents in Camouflage stance
DopedFirst bonus used
Double rationsHealed at least one character for double the total number of his health points during the match
Elusive15 opponents killed without having a character killed
Eradicator100 opponents killed
Fire in the Hole!Hit 70 players with the T-777
First bloodBe the first to kill an opponent
First Victory!Win your first game
FlasherSlowed down 10 opponents using the Solar Ray
Flawless VictoryWin a game with a 7-0 score
Forward Planning10 medic crates were used and emptied
French spiritDid not give an order during a turn
Hacker20 bonuses used
Heart and soul in his workAll equipments have been used 8 times, except the orbital strike
High-Frequency ProShot 500 times with HF serie
I'm in healthcareDid not inflict damage during the match
Invisible squadUsed the fogger 15 times
Jack of all trades50 opponents have been killed thanks to the AS Bacter or the Mine Launcher
Matrix fanUse and absorb damages with the Force Field 10 times
Medic survivor!Medic was not killed during the match
Mr FreezeFreezed 10 opponents
Multifunction AssaultCaused damages with all carried weapons during the match
Multifunction ShadowCaused damages with all carried weapons during the match
Multifunction SupportAll carried equipments have been used during the match
Multifunction TankCaused damages with all carried weapons during the match
My gain, your pain!Inflict 3000 points of damage
Natural Born KillerWin 5 flawless victories
No one gets left behindHealed each teammate at least twice with the V-Gun during the match
No scratchNo damage taken during the match
ObserverRevealed 10 opponents thanks to the RecoSat
PCC cleanerKill 15 opponents using the PCC Canon
PredatorUsed the camouflage stance during 90 turns
Professional debufferArmor bonuses have been removed 50 times
Shadow survivor!Shadow was not killed during the match
SharpshooterKilled 15 opponents at long distance
Sniper survivor!Sniper was not killed during the match
Standing tallThe Force Field was used at least 3 times and absorbed at least 1 attack each time during the match
StealthyKill at least 3 opponents in camouflage stance during the match
Strike!4 opponents killed in a single shot
Support survivor!Support was not killed during the match
Surgical StrikeKill an opponent in a single turn
Surprise sweepingHit at least 3 opponents in camouflage stance in a single shot in sweeping mode
Sweeper!Hit at least 3 opponents in a single shot in sweep mode
TacticianWin a match without having a single death in your team
Tank survivor!Tank was not killed during the match
Teamwork2 opponents have been killed under the influence of the armor nanocyde
The Legend of the Eradicator of Fray1000 opponents killed
Total Support1800 health points have been given back
VengeanceKilled an enemy who killed a teammate on previous turn
You fight, I pray JahOne of your characters neither inflicted nor took damage during the match
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