Tuesday, 2 September 2014
The Sims 3: Supernatural Cheats for PC
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The Sims 3: Supernatural PC Cheats

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The Sims 3: Supernatural

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

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By: emdlemontyso(223)
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Island Paradise Cheats All 100%
I want to use island paradise cheats all.please help me..Thanks Alots
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Money time!!! 100%
This is a cheat to get as much money as you want! follow these isntructions:
1: open cheat box (ctrl+shift+C)
2:type testingcheatsenabled true
3:press enter
4:repeat step 1
5:type familyfunds (family name) (desired amount)
6:press enter
7:enjoy your money!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

More money 80%
Hi everyone got an amazing cheat for sims 3 . First you press all at the same time CTRL ALT C then type in motherlode do this as much time as possible and you will get 50,000000 sim money (sorry can't spell the name of sim money :)

Thanks a hope this works for you :) :) :)
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C99962 71%
Do the cheat code testingcheastsenabed true then go to the friends and accuatianses at the bottom right corner and under the picture of the friend there's a bar drag it up or down to make that sim you're best friend or enemy. If you drag it to best friend then it will help the chance of you're sim being girlfriend or boyfriend. Hope this helped!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

More family 68%
1st hold shift click sim you want in your household ( but still hold shift ) then press add to household and you have a nother sim liveng with you!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get money 63%
Shift, ctrl, c then type in "testingcheatsenabled true" then do shift, ctrl, c again and this time type in "familyfunds family name amount" for family, you put in the name of your household and fro the amount, you can ask for up to $999,999,999.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get money,:D 62%
First type and hold "control alt c" and and when the cheat box appears type in "motherlode" and you'll get 50000 simollins
Sim coins

I'm new, still learning. U may remain anonymous
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Unlimited lifetime rewards 58%
At the menue page for your family, type in shift, ctrl, c then type in "testingcheatsenabled true" , When you get in the game open the treasure page and hold ctr down and click in the space between the treasure box and the amount of treasure you have. When you find the right spot start clicking with the left mouse and the numbers will start to rise.
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Money 58%
For a lot of money fast do ctrl+shift+c then type in familyfunds then the last name of your sims and put in any amount you want. the highest you can go 9999999. enjoy
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50,000 56%
Hit control,shift and,C motherlode
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How to get your child a job 50%
1. type in Testingcheatsenabled true
2. hold shift and click on the mailbox
3. click on edit sim and age that sim to young adult
4. Find a good career
5. Age the sim back to child
6. Bulldoze the schools and be off to work!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Money cheat 50%
First get the cheat window up by pressing ctrl+c+shift then type in mother lode and then press enter you should have 50,000 simelons double it to get 100,000 hope this helped
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How delete you sims 44%
Ok how to delete a sims all you need to do is use the cheats moveobjects and just sell your sims it works so you do not need to kill you sim and all sims will not be sad
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sims How To Get A Trillion Dollars! 40%
( WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS IS DONT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY IF I BREAK OR HURT YOU AND YOUR DEVICE) Okay so this is how you get A Trillion DOLLARS!, of course you can waste your life typing (Motherlode witch gives you 50.000 dollars), buth you could also try This Nice Fancy Cheat to DO IT ULTRA FAST! its called family funds, So this is wat you want to do okay? To get the cheat Menu open go in the game and Pres CTRL - ALT - C then type this in the Cheat Menu: Family Funds (Your Characters Last name) (And then how mutch money) Then press enter! TADAA, hoped this helped you getting a ton of money :D (This works for all the sims 3 Packs)
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Haeth 35%
Enter the cheat or hints here!theaeshaethuaty
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Jarrod money cheat 33%
First press ctrl shift c then wright down motherlode
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheakallhousesfree 33%
It opens all the houses that are used for free
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Witchcurse 33%
Get your witch skill up.
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Activat island paradise 27%
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By: emdlemontyso(223)
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Sims 25%
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This is where i got into allot of stuff I didn't even understand, 24%
This is where I got into allot of stuff I didn't even understand, but it all ended the same way. Needed more spells, more money, and nothing ever worked like these so called spell casters, physics, mediums, wicca's, pagans, egyptian magic spells, or anyone else said. Literally I spent over 8,000 on spells in just 6 months. Let me help you out there, the people reading this, I have literally tried almost every spell caster out there and they all just took my money and made promises that they could not keep. 8,000 dollars worth of broken promises and lies. In all honesty its not even about the money. I would gladly give any amount of money to have my love back, but it was about the empty hopes and promises. The constant torture of thinking she would come back and didn't. The emotional roller coaster that these people put me through should be against the law. At one point I almost committed suicide. Had it not been for the kids being there I would have and would not have thought twice about it. Then with the last bit of dignity that I had I turned to my old class mate who gave me an email address of a spell caster on who could help me, I didn't have hardly any money left at this point and had lost about all hope in ever getting tanny back.
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All girls are hot 22%
Makes girls hot all girls
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The Sims 3 18%
Enter the cheat or hints here!Fatal error: Call to undefined function pspell_new() in /home/cheatmas/public_html/spell_check.php on line 271
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The Sims 3 17%
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Gives 100000 life time happynes points
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