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Brave: The Video Game Cheats for PS3
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Brave: The Video Game PS3 Cheats

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Brave: The Video Game

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Unlock a Bow 98%
This code only works for the PS3 version to unlock a bow. The code from the website for the game is unlocked by going to the main menu, EXTRAS, INPUT CODE and put in: X, X, Square, X
By: Toebin(11833)
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Trophies 94%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Platinum (Platinum)Earn all other Trophies
Digging in the dirt (Bronze)Find the earth charm
Toasty (Bronze)Find the fire charm
Everyone knows it is windy (Bronze)Find the wind charm
Ice to see you (Bronze)Find the ice charm
Ante up (Bronze)Purchase an upgrade
Full of power (Bronze)Purchase 15 upgrades
Gotta snag 'em all (Silver)Purchase all upgrades
Carpet runner (Bronze)Collect a tapestry piece
Throw rug (Bronze)Complete a tapestry
Wall to wall carpeting (Silver)Complete all tapestries
Bowsome (Bronze)Collect a bow
Bowlicious (Silver)Collect all bows
Swordful (Bronze)Collect a sword
Swordtacular (Silver)Collect all swords
My fair lassie (Bronze)Collect an outfit
Clothes horse (Silver)Collect all outfits
Impressive (Bronze)As Merida, defeat 15 enemies in a row without taking damage
Untouchable (Silver)As Merida, defeat 30 enemies in a row without taking damage
Heating up (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using the Fire charm
On Fire (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using the Fire charm
Cooling off (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using the Ice charm
Ice cold (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using the Ice charm
Breezy (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using the Wind charm
Hurricane (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using the Wind charm
Tremble (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using the Earth charm
Earthquake (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using the Earth charm
Power hungry (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using power attack
Domination (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using power attack
Charge it up (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies using charged shot
Super bow (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies using charged shot
All bunched up (Bronze)As Merida, defeat 5 enemies with a single charged shot
Mum's the word (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies as Queen Elinor
Get out of my way (Bronze)As Elinor, charge 5 enemies with a single charge attack
Ranged only (Bronze)Complete a level without using your sword
Triple H's (Bronze)Solve a triplet puzzle
Brilliant (Bronze)Solve all triplet puzzles
Minimum wage (Bronze)Accumulate a total of 1000 currency
Affluent (Bronze)Accumulate a total of 5000 currency
Wealthy (Silver)Accumulate a total of 15 000 currency
Dirty work (Bronze)Cleanse the ring of stones
Taking out the trash (Bronze)Defeat the rock golem guardian
Mopping up (Bronze)Defeat the harpy guardian
Great scot (Gold)Defeat Mor'du
Gaelic hero (Gold)Defeat the game on Brave difficulty, without changing it
By: Toebin(11833)
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1 hit kill 67%
Go to cheat enter xxxxx its cheat only works when you beat the game on hard mode
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Have black hair 67%
Ooox as a code
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All upgrades 44%
Enter oxox as a code
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All powers 36%
Go to cheats enter ooox as a code
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Godmode 29%
Go to where you see cheats enter ooxx as a code
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Brave fart mode 20%
Go to cheats enter oxl3r3x this cheat only works when fighting bosses only
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