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Sacred Citadel Cheats for PC
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Sacred Citadel PC Cheats

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Sacred Citadel

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Steam Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock the specified Achievement, complete the listed tasks. To view your Achievements & Stats in Steam, select "Community," then "My profile," then "View all my games," then the name of the game and "View Stats."

ArsenalUnlock 100 different weapons
Bad OmenComplete all levels in the Jungle Hunt DLC without destroying any voodoo dolls
BookwormSpend at least 4 sec. on each page of the "how to play" section
Bow for HireComplete all levels as the Ranger
BruteComplete all levels as the Warrior
Can't Touch ThisAvoid getting hit during a battle sequence
Clean HandsKill 100 enemies by using the environment
Crazy WitchComplete all levels as the Shaman
DeconstructionKill the mini-boss in the Lost Metropolis without being hit by it
Extreme RaftingAvoid all obstacles during the raft ride
FlyswatterDefeat the boss in Act 3
Fore!Uppercut 4 enemies into the air at the same time
Gold MedalistEarn Gold medals on all levels
Gotta Learn Them AllPerform all the different combo finishers
HazmatAvoid the acid attacks during the elevator ride in the Queen's Tower
Heads Up!Avoid all falling rocks in the Citadel level
InvincibleComplete all levels without dying
IronhideUnlock 30 different armors
It's over 9,000!!!Deal over 9,000 damage with a single attack
Legendary HeroReach the max level
Master CasterComplete all levels as the Mage
Mutual BenefitComplete all levels in multiplayer
Never Back DownComplete all challenges using 1 character
Pesky CartsAvoid the minecarts in the Mine level
Pool PartyJump into the piranha pool next to the boss
Swimming InstructorThrow 10 enemies into the Naruvu River
Tank Me LaterComplete the Tank Garrison level without using the tank
The Bigger They Are...Defeat the boss in Act 1
The RemedyDefeat the boss in Act 5
The Whole CrewComplete a level with help from each of the 4 classes
There's No DavidKill 20 large enemies while riding a mount
UntouchableComplete a level without taking any damage from enemies
Vengeance Is MineDefeat the boss in Act 2
WingmenJuggle an enemy together with another player
You & What Army?Defeat the boss in Act 4
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