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Pinball FX 2 Cheats for PC
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Pinball FX 2 PC Cheats

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Pinball FX 2

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 96%
Complete the listed achievements to get Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Pathfinder (15 points)Complete a 6-way combo on Sorcerer's Lair (single player only)!
Sharpshooter (35 points)Take down the spiders in 20 seconds in the cellar on Sorcerer's Lair (single player only)
Shuttle Pilot (15 points)Collect five samples with the Space Shuttle magnetic drain on Mars! (Single player only.)
Archaeologist (35 points)Deactivate the Pyramid defense system on Mars! (Single player only.)
Did It for the Dowry (15 points)Start the Princess multiball on Epic Quest by hitting the locker wheel 3 times (Single player only.)
I Killed Everything (35 points)Defeat all 12 monsters and their fire breathing boss on Epic Quest (Single player only.)
A Legend Returns (15 points)Save Cap's ball from draining down an outlane on Marvel's The Avengers table. (Single player only.)
Great Start (35 points)Start all game modes with specified Avenger balls on The Avengers table. (Single player only.)
Hulk's Revenge (35 points)Accomplish all the Main and Side missions on World War Hulk! (Single player only.)
Enter the Arena (15 points)Enter the ruined Arena on World War Hulk! (Single player only.)
Blitzkrieg USA (15 points)Collect all targets during Blitzkrieg USA on Fear Itself! (Single player only)
Avengers in action (35 points)Score a triple jackpot during Avengers' Multiball on Fear Itself! (Single player only)
Surfin' in Space (15 points)Score a Surfer award on Infinity Gauntlet (Single player only)
Half of the Universe (35 points)Start the Half of the Universe mode on Infinity Gauntlet (Single player only)
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