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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheats for PC
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC Cheats

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Unlock Heroes 100%
This can be done from 2 different menu's.

1. From your Barracks choose View Soldiers
2. From the Customize menu at the Deploy screen

Choose a soldier, then select Customize. Change the name of the soldier to one of the following entries to unlock them.

Hero : Name

Otto Zander (Assault) : Otto Zander
Joe Kelly (Heavy) : Joe Kelly
Ken Levine (Sniper) : Ken Levine
Sid Meier (Support) : Sid Meier

Please be aware that this will prevent achievements from being earned.
By: Toebin(11275)
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Steam Achievements 100%
How to unlock: To unlock the specified Achievement, complete the listed tasks. To view your Achievements & Stats in Steam, select "Community," then "My profile," then "View all my games," then the game and view stats.

...and Practice.Build a Workshop
A Continental FellowWin the game from each of the 5 beginning locations
Ain't No Cavalry Comin'Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game
All AboardComplete Confounding Light with more than 3 turns left on the timer
All Employees Must Wash Hands…In a single game, complete every Autopsy
All Together NowGet satellite coverage over every country on 1 continent
And Hell's Coming with MeSuccessfully assault an Overseer UFO
And So It Begins…Complete the tutorial mission
Angel of DeathKill an alien while flying (Single player only)
As a ScalpelEarn the "Excellent" rating in every performance category on a terror mission
Bada BoomKill 50 aliens with explosive weapons
Bait the HookComplete Confounding Light
Beyond the VeilFind a soldier with the Gift
BubonicPlay a multiplayer match against someone with this achievement
Combat ReadyBuild an item
Disaster AvertedComplete Deluge
Drums in the DeepGain access to the lowest level in your base
Earth FirstBeat the game on Classic difficulty
EdisonIn a single game, complete every Research Project
Eye in the SkyLaunch a Satellite
Flight of the ValkyriesWin a mission with an all-female squad (Single player only)
Great Minds Think AlikeComplete Furies
Happy to ObligeFulfill a Council request
Humanity's SaviorBeat the game on any difficulty
Hunter/KillerIn a single game, shoot down 1 of each alien craft
Lone WolfClear a UFO crash site with 1 soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty
Man No MoreBuild a suit of powered armor
Meet New People. Then Kill Them.Win a multiplayer match
New FriendComplete Friends in Low Places
No Looking BackBeat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible Difficulty
No SweatComplete Deluge without activating more than 2 valves
Off My PlanetRecover the Hyperwave Beacon
On the Shoulders of GiantsBuild the Gollop Chamber
One Gun at a TimeStaff the Engineering Department with 80 engineers
OppenheimerStaff the Research Labs with 80 scientists
Our Finest HourBeat the game on Impossible difficulty
Pale HorseKill 500 aliens
Prisoner of WarCapture a live alien
Ride the LightningBuild a Firestorm
Rising DragonTake your new ally into the final challenge
Saved to SaviorHave your newest ally volunteer for the most difficult duty
See All, Know AllBuild the Hyperwave Relay
Shooting StarsShoot down 40 UFOs
SkunkworksIn a single game, complete every Foundry project
Tables TurnedShoot down a UFO
The Bigger They AreComplete Gangplank
The Chase Is OnComplete Portent
The GatekeeperStun an Outsider
The Hardest RoadAdvance 1 of your soldiers to Colonel rank
The VolunteerMake contact with the Ethereal hive mind
Theory...Build a Laboratory
Up & RunningBuild a Base Facility
We Happy FewComplete a mission without losing a soldier
Welcoming CommitteeKill 150 aliens
Wet WorkComplete a Very Hard abduction mission in 5 turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty
What Wonders AwaitComplete a Research Project
Worth Every PennyAcquire 1,000 credits in 1 month
X Marks the SpotUncover the alien base's location
XavierMind Control an Ethereal (Single player only)
You Have 5 Seconds to ComplyBuild a S.H.I.V
By: Toebin(11275)
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Have UFOs Appear in a Different Country 100%
Description: If a UFO is spotted in a country in which you do not have much for defenses or you want to lower panic somewhere else (by completing the mission to clear it), reload a previous saved game. It should still come up but will usually be in a different location. You can continue to reload until it is in the country you desire.
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Evil Crysalid Terrorists Mission 98%
Description: When on a Terror mission that has evil Crysalid terrorists, you do not need to kill the Zombie Civilians to finish the mission. As long as all Alien forces have been defeated, the mission will end successfully.
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