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James Bond: 007 Legends Cheats for XBOX 360
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James Bond: 007 Legends XBOX 360 Cheats

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James Bond: 007 Legends

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

License to Kill - Mountain Roads 86%
This is a driving mission. Swerve around on the road to avoid the RPG missiles being fired at you. Keep accelerating until you catch up with Sanchez. When you're close enough, Bond will climb out of his jeep and leap across to the semi truck that Sanchez is driving.

On the top of the truck, shoot the guy that's standing there with a machinegun. Then shoot the people to the left and right that are sticking their heads out of their vehicles to shoot at you. This will cause them to explode for some reason.

Push the left analog stick forward so Bond slowly walks to the end of the truck. Other enemies may drive up along the side, so be ready to turn quickly and shoot them. Keep pushing forward until Bond reaches the front of the semi, and then do the QTE inside the truck bed.

The truck will crash. After this, you have to do another melee battle. First disarm Sanchez in the typical fashion. Then beat him up until his health meter has been drained, and this will be enough to defeat him.
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Alpine Valley 83%
This ski mission can be stressful, but don't worry. Hold LB to speed up on the skis. You have to stay close or else you'll fail the mission. Kill the enemies as they appear, but mainly focus on dodging the trees and speeding down the hill.

Slow motion will kick in, and people will fire RPGs. Shoot them and then the slow motion will end. Then continue going down the hill. A helicopter will come into view with a man firing out of the side of the helicopter. Shoot him out of the helicopter, and then dodge the mounds on the ground.

You'll then ramp off the cliff. Immediately fire at the helicopter to destroy it before it can kill you. When you land, focus entirely on avoiding the trees, as this is a heavily wooded area. Behind you, an avalanche is roaring down the mountain, and Bond will become entrapped inside it.
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How to speed up in ski mission 82%
To speed up in the ski mission where you have to chase Teresa, hold LB.
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007 (50G/Gold) 80%
Complete all levels on "Classic" difficulty.

007 Legends can be played in two different game modes. One mode is the modern version that features regenerating health and the like. The other mode is Classic, which has a health meter that must be refilled using health packs and the like, similarly to the older James Bond games.

Beat every mission in the game on this difficulty to unlock the achievement.
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Above and Beyond a 00 (30G/Silver) 80%
Complete three of the '007' level trials
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All the Time in the World (40G/Silver) 80%
Public Match: Play for more than 24 hours

This achievement is accomplished by playing the multiplayer for more than 24 hours. This is a little ridiculous, and it will basically require you to leave your system on all day and over night.
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Die Another Day - Graves' Cargo Plane 78%
Stay behind cover and kill the enemies in the room. Grab their machineguns and then move into the next room. Use the cover still and take out all of the enemies in this room. Then move into the next room and do the same. Make your way to the door to the Icarus control room and hold X.

Inside, Bond will be attacked by Graves. As you could guess, you have to do a QTE-filled melee battle with him. Once he's defeated, move back to the cargo hold.

Run to the button next to the cargo hold and press X to open it up. Avoid the vehicles and crates that roll out of it. Shoot the straps off the helicopter and then run over to the side of it. Bond will automatically climb in and escape.
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License to Kill - Refinery 75%
Bond begins this mission with a brand new toy. The dart gun can be used to improve stealth and take enemies out from afar. It has three settings. You can shoot a tranquilizer dart, a "distraction" dart, and a shocking dart that. This level begins at a temple area, and if you move forward a bit, you'll see a guard walking around.

Sneak up behind him and take him out. Loot the case for a sniper rifle, and now you have three different options. You can sprint through this place and hurry inside the complex, enemies be damned. You can quietly move from cover to cover and use the tranquilizer to take out enemies before they can see you. Or you
can sit tight and shoot them all from afar. It's up to you.

At any rate, inside the complex, you will have to plant bombs on three different weapon caches. It's best to remain sneaky here to avoid being overwhelmed with guards. However, if you are overwhelmed, then you can use the vents to halt the damage being done to you and make an escape.

Plant the three bombs and then move to the ventilation shaft as designated by the objective marker. Move through the shaft and it will open up into another room. Leave this room, and you will once again be tasked with planting three explosives. Use the dart gun a lot at this part. Shoot as many guards with it as possible from your current position before moving to the first weapon cache that needs an explosive attached to it.

Then move to the second weapon cache by hugging the right side of the room, staying in the dark in case there are any enemies that you missed. Plant the bomb, and then move to the next cache, which is right up the stairs. Plant the bomb and then hurry through to the next room.

This is a forced-stealth area. Wait for the guards to walk away. Sneak up on the guard leaning against the rail and take him out. Then move down the stairs. Knock out the first scientist. Use a tranquilizer on the armed guard down here, and sneak by the other scientists. Go up the stairs and take the elevator down.

There will be two guards in the next hallway. Sneak behind them. One when starts to lag behind, knock him out. Then knock out the next guard. In the next room, there will be three guards. Two of them will be talking, and the other will be leaning against the railing. Hug the right side of the room and sneak up on the guard on the railing. Knock him out.

The door to Sanchez's office is locked. To unlock it, there is a device on the wall directly across from where the guard was looking. Hack the device and complete the color puzzle to unlock the door. Inside his office, loot the safe and then take out your smartphone. Switch to the hacking part of the phone to follow a wire from the globe in the room to a panel on a stone pillar. Push the panel and the globe will pop up.

Walk over and take the evidence that proves Sanchez is a terrorist. Exit this room and backtrack a bit. Bond will then detonate the charges. Sprint through the area and fight off the enemies. Go from objective marker to objective marker and don't slow down. When you reach Sanchez, he'll escape, and you will
have to do battle with his bodyguard Dario.

This plays out like a typical melee battle in the game. Drain his first health meter. Then dodge the pipe he grabs, use the analog stick the game tells you to to parry, and then mash A to disarm him. Follow that up with a sequence of melee attacks to put him away.

Now Bond and Pam have to pursue Sanchez. Get a shotgun and run with her through the areas. There will be guards and fire everywhere. Avoid the fire and only kill the guards when necessary. Use grenades generously to take out groups of guards at a time. Sprint and fight your way to the helicopter and then make your way to the control tower.

Grab the infrared scoped sniper rifle out of the weapon box on the ground. Then protect Pam as she makes her way to the helicopter. Pick off the enemies as they appear. When she gets in the helicopter, hold X to open the hatch so that the two of you can escape in the helicopter.
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Challenger (20G/Bronze) 75%
Earn a 1 star rating in each mission of the Challenges mode.
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Clandestine (10G/Silver) 75%
Campaign: Collect 100% of all organization intel
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Return to Sender (35G/Bronze) 75%
Public Match: In Bomb Defuse disarm the bomb and plant it at any enemy base without getting killed
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Goldfinger - Fort Knox 71%
After the scenes, immediately run to the left and get behind cover. On top of the two towers will be guys with RPGs. Wait for them to fire, then peak out and shoot them both down. Move forward and wait for air support to arrive. There is a weapon cache in the road that contains grenades.

After air support arrives, push forward to the gate. Kill the enemies as they pile over the barricade, and then go to the left guard building. Look through the window and then hack the computer using the smartphone to lower the gates.

Move forward. Grab the RPGs that are leaning against the guard buildings. A tank with a laser attached to it will roll out of the building and start attacking. Fire about five missiles into it and it will blow up. More ammo can be found near trucks. When it's gone, rush into the building.

Move from cover to cover as you blast away at the enemies. Wait for your escort to have his men kick open the set of double doors at the end and then move through. Now you have to follow your buddy through the next few rooms, killing
the enemies as you go. It's rather straight-forward up until you reach the
power room.

In the power room, he will attempt to put out the power. When he's doing this, stay behind cover and defend him from the waves of enemies that are piling into the area. He'll then allow you to finish the job, and he'll protect you. Stay crouched and behind cover, and use the smartphone on the fusebox. Hack into it by rotating the discs so that all the different colors match up with
each other.

The lights will go out and night vision goggles will automatically be equipped. Now you have to follow Felix in the dark while killing off the enemies as they come. Eventually, you'll split from Felix have to move through a tight area full of security boxes. Enemies tend to pop out around the corners, so keep your trigger finger on the ready.

At one point, you'll have to have a melee battle in the dark. But besides that, it's just a straight run to the objective markers. You'll wind up in a hallway with light, and the night vision goggles will automatically be unequipped. Go down the elevator.

Felix will be attacked, and then your next objective is to sprint through the next few rooms and hallways to get through before the blast doors close. Mostly ignore the enemies and just keep running. Blind fire at them if they get in your way, but mostly just sprint from objective marker to objective marker until you get through the blast doors.

Here, kill all the enemies and move from objective marker to objective marker some more. Work your way down the stairs, and then kill the enemies here as well. Approach the bomb and press X. Oddjob will then attack, so fight him off in a melee-style battle.

After his health meter has been drained the first time, Bond will grab a pipe and the battle will continue. Use the triggers to try to dodge Oddjob's strikes and then push both the left and right analog sticks up to smack Oddjob across the face with the pipe. Repeat this until he is defeated. If you are quick enough, you can spam the pipe and keep interrupting Oddjob's attacks.

Following a few scenes, Goldfinger will show up on the plane to Washington and try to shoot Bond. Mash on LT to divert his weapon and watch as Goldfinger is sucked out of the plane and dies.
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Blofeld's Lair 70%
You'll start this mission inside of a helicopter with a sniper rifle. From your position, kill the enemies below with the sniper. Then the helicopter will fly around and you'll be in control of a mounted turret. Blast away at the enemies running around until this sequence ends.

Fight your way into the building. Then work your way up the stairs. Wipe out all the enemies and continue to the objective marker. There is a secret door here that needs to be opened. Switch to the scanner on your smartphone to see that the decoration hanging on the wall is actually a switch. Push it to open the secret door.

Move into the secret areas and then you will be outfitted with night vision goggles. Fight your way through the dark. There will be a melee fighting sequence, but there's nothing you can't handle. Eventually you'll find the girl in a large, dark room. Clear the room and then speak with her.

After this, move into the middle of the room. Another secret door will open up and guards will pour into the area. Kill them and stealthily move to the next objective. The guards are easily bypassed, but it's also easy to kill them all. As long as you crouch and move behind them, it's easy to just walk on by.

A keypad controls the lock to Blofeld's office. Use the scanner to get the code and then input the buttons to unlock the door. Head inside, and then start scanning all over the place. A keypad on the wall can be used to bring down a big map of the world, and then a safe can be unlocked.

Crouch and look under the desk. Hack the control panel that is attached to the bottom of the desk, which will bring up a bunch of information on the map. Bring out your smartphone and then equip the camera. Snap a picture of the map, and then Blofeld will lock you in the room with poison gas!

Shoot out the glass, and then run into the next area and start killing all of the guards in the way. Sprint to the next objective markers and run by the enemies in pursuit of Blofeld. You'll then find a control panel that is powering the skylift that Blofeld attempted to escape on. Shoot the lock off the gate and then hold X to power off the lifts.

Move onto the roof and then Bond will zipline to the next lift. He'll take out the two enemies automatically. Pick up the RPGs and then use it to blow up the helicopter that flies into view. And then Bond will get involved in a melee skirmish with Blofeld.

Fight off Blofeld using the typical melee mechanics. He will try to use an axe once his health has been drained the first time, so be prepared to press A to block the attack, then mash on LT to disarm him. Beat up on Blofeld again until his health meter is drained and he will be defeated.
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Poison Pod Serial Numbers 67%
In the Moonraker mission "Space Station", there is a section where you have to input serial numbers into three different keypads in order to stop poison missile pods from being shot to Earth.

These are the codes:

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Moonraker - Space Station 63%
The first three rooms require you to be entirely stealthy. Use the dart gun a lot in this section. There will be two targets in the first room. Tranq them both then go into the next room. There will be three in here. Choke out the closest one and then tranq the other two and take the lift down.

In the next room, there will once again be three guys. Knock out the first one, and tranq the other two. Then go through to the next room. Ignore all the scientists as they will not see you as long as you are shooting the dart gun from afar.

The poison pods are being launched. Look through the glass floor to get the serial numbers of each pod as it is about to launch. The numbers are the big red numbers to the left and right of the pods that are being launched, which are designated by the objective marker.

A745 is the first serial number. The console with the Greek "A" symbol is the one you want. Input 745 there to stop that launch. Next go to the console at the far end of the room and input 164 on the console marked with the "B". Then go to the middle "Y" console and input 261. Be quick when doing this as you are timed.

After the scenes, you will be in a zero gravity segment, which will net you an achievement with 0G. Clever! Kill everyone in here using your laser. Hold B to descend and A to ascend. Wipe out all the enemies and then float your way outside, into space.

There are turrets that are destroying the back-up shuttles coming to save the day. Destroy these turrets with the laser. You'll have to float out into space to get the last one. If any enemies give you problems, kill them as well, but you'll have back-up now.

Return to the missile pod area. Mechanical arms will begin trying to launch the pods again. You have two chances to destroy them. Once when they are at the top and once when they are at the bottom. Their core will be revealed at these points. Fire a full clip into their cores to blow them up.

The first one will be alone, so it's not too hard. However, #2 and #3 will go at the same time, so you have to work quickly. #4, #5, and #6 all move at the same time as well, so be very quick at destroying them and don't reload. Just waste your clip into them as much as you can.

When the mechanical arms have been destroyed, approach the bottom of the glass. Plant the bomb by holding X.
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Die Another Day - Ice Hotel 60%
Walk over your contact at the ice bar. Hold X to speak with her. Then start to follow her out of the bar. Graves will show up. Pull out your smartphone and zoom in on his face. Press X to snap a photo, and then continue following your contact.

She will lead you to Graves's room. There is nothing to scan in here, but check out the device on the bed. Interact with the device. Graves's thugs will show up. Bond and the girl will hide, listen to the conversation, and then go to the presentation.

After the presentation, use the tranq darts to take out the guards. Then keep moving through the area until you reach a rocky, tropical-like part of the hotel grounds. Move near the rocks to remain undetected and stick to the shadows. When you see a huge locked gate, use the watch to disable the camera next to the gate.

The gate controls are to the left of the gate on a wall. Press all the buttons so that there is a light above each of them. Then move over to the gate and go through as it automatically opens. Work your way to the hotel, and quietly, or violently, fight through the enemies. There will be a couple of instances of fusebox puzzles, so be aware of that.

As you work your way up to the top of the hotel, you can definitely remain undetected if you just knock each enemy out one at a time. Hack your way into Graves's office and then check the device on the table. He'll reveal he has captured your contact and is about to fry her with a laser.

What ensues is a melee battle with Graves's right-hand man. Drain his health meter twice to defeat him. And now you have to escape the hotel. Don't sprint through the area as your health won't regenerate and there is such a ridiculous amount of enemies. Move forward at all times and keep two machineguns on you. Waste their clips and then find a place for respite and reload both of them before continuing.

As you move out of the hotel, lasers will start blasting down at the ground. When you see a laser, wait for it to explode or else you will be damaged and will probably die. Stick to the strategy of just moving through the area and shooting the enemies as they come.

You'll reach the tropical area, and there will be a bridge with two snipers on it. Hide behind the cover and wait for the laser to explode, which will kill the two snipers. Then continue into the next area. Kill the snipers here and then stick to the rocks. This will make it so only a couple enemies can confront you at each time.

When you reach the actual hotel, shoot the snipers before moving into the building. Then sprint through to the front doors and move outside. With that, this level will conclude.
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Die Another Day - Ice Lake 60%
Driving the car, you'll realize that driving on ice kind of sucks. 006 will then tell you to equip the car's traction for driving on ice. Do this by pushing left on the d-pad. Next Graves's goon that you fought with earlier will show back up and start firing misiles at you.

To help avoid the missiles, activate the threat detection system by pushing "up" on the d-pad. This shows where the missiles are going to land so you can move out of the way. This also shows when an Icarus beam is about to go off, so you can avoid those as well.

He will move in front of you eventually. At this point, press "right" on the d-pad to equip missiles. Drive behind him and wait for it to lock on, and then press B to fire missiles. Keep doing this and eventually he will get caught in an Icarus beam and die.

Your next task is driving into Graves's huge cargo plan. Drive directly behind the plane. Make slight adjustments to the left or right as boxes comes flying out of the back. Basically, if you get hit by a box one time, you will lose. With that in mind, avoid the boxes and then get on the back of the plane by speeding onto the back.
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Moonraker - Space Port 60%
Sneak up behind the guy in the yellow suit. Knock him out. Use the dart gun to put everyone else to sleep. Notice the camera on the wall near the door you have to go through. Use the laser on your watch to overload and disable the camera. Move through the door.

Put everyone to sleep in this room and go through the door. Sit tight in the chamber, and when it opens, approach the woman. After speaking with her, move into the nearby room to investigate. Press the button on the control panel, and then snap a photo of the tanks that are revealed.

Move back into the hall. Toxic gas will fill in the room, killing the
scientists. When the gas goes away, follow the woman to the door. She'll open it with her keycard. Go through and use your smartphone to trace the electrical line. Hack the device, then gather the evidence.

Guards will show up outside. Quietly take them out, and then go back through the decontamination chamber. Kill the enemies and work your way through the next rooms. You'll then come across a door locked with a keypad. Check the number on the door. However, you'll find the keypad is not powered.

Use your smartphone to trace the electrical line through the walls to find the fusebox. Hack the fusebox. Unfortunately, this also activates laser-guided turrets. These will block the keypad. Follow the electrical line of the turrets into the next hall.

Silently take out the guard here. Follow the other one into the room with the exercising clones. Take him out. Then knock out all the clones before they can sound they alarm. Go across the hall and take out everyone in this room. Then move through the ventilation shaft. Press the big red buttons on BOTH walls in here to disable all the turrets.

Work your way back to the keypad. Use the keypad now. You'll be in yet another office. Use your smartphone to trace the electrical wire in the ground to the nearby set of books. Then switch to the "tracing" mode of your smartphone and note the fingerprints that are on the books. Pull out the book with the most fingerprints, which will move a painting that reveals a hidden safe.

Go to the safe and hack into it. Grab the items inside. Follow your contact into the next chamber. You need to get to the controls, but this is a forced-stealth section. Follow the catwalk to the stairs that lead up to the door you are supposed to go through. Tranq the guard here. Go up the stairs and tranq the next guard.

Open the door. There are three guards in here, and you still must remain undetected. Move around the room in a circle, crouched, with your tranquilizer dart equipped. One by one, pick off each guard with the tranq without being seen.

Hack into the system as told. Guards will swarm in. Kill them all. Now you have to shutdown the mainframe. Follow the electrical lines to three big red buttons. Push them all so that the lights above them disappear. Kill all the enemies that come in, and then try to leave.

Now you will have to do battle with Jaws. This is another melee fight. After his health meter is drained, Bond will grab a steel pipe. Quickly push both the left and right analog sticks up at Jaws to swing the pipe at him three times in succession to defeat him.

After the scenes, you will wake up in the blast chamber. Turn off one of the fans by ripping the fusebox open and hacking it. Then run through the chamber. Hang by the ventilation shaft and then rip it open. Run through the shaft and sprint to the door before it closes.

Make your way to the room with the astronaut gear. Put the gear on, and then you will be tossed a weapon. Kill all the enemies in the slow motion segment, and then kill the rest in the halls. You need to move through the area quickly and pick off all the enemies as you go.

You'll reach a control room. Kill every enemy in here. Hack the console. Kill the rest of the enemies that come, and then hack the next console. In the next room, fight your way to the helicopter. Kill everyone in the area, and then hold X to take control of the helicopter.

As the helicopter is flown around, pick off the enemies that come out of the buildings. They will fire lasers at you as well as RPGs. Focus on taking out the foes with RPGs first as they can destroy the helicopter. Shoot explosive tanks and barrels to take out multiple enemies at once.

When the helicopter sequence is over, run over to the space bridge and then make your way into the shuttle.
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A Farewell to Arms (50G/Silver) 60%
Multiplayer: Enter 00 Specialization
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All that Glitters (10G/Silver) 60%
Earn a 3 star rating in any mission of the Challenges mode.
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Boys with Toys (10G/Bronze) 60%
Campaign: Buy all of the attachments for one weapon class

In the campaign, you can purchase attachments for various weapons. Purchase all the different attachments for one of the classes to get this achievement.
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Everything or Nothing (5G/Silver) 60%
Complete all of the trials on any one level
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Extended Operative (20G/Bronze) 60%
Complete eight of the 'Operative' level trials
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Happy Snapper (10G/Bronze) 60%
Campaign: Take a photograph of the crocodile
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Moonraker (15G/Bronze) 58%
Complete the 'Moonraker' mission
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Danger! High Voltage (10G/Bronze) 57%
Public Match: Get 25 electrocution kills as Zao or Gustav Graves

Online, choose of the designated characters and then simply do as the achievement says.
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Goldfinger (15G/Bronze) 57%
Complete the 'Goldfinger' mission
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Hold the Line (30G/Bronze) 57%
Public Match: Win a Data Miner match without being killed
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Keypad code Mission 1 54%
The code to the first keypad in Mission 1 is 1703.
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A Farewell to Arms (50G/Silver) 50%
Multiplayer: Enter 00 Specialization
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Around the world one more time (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 100% collection rating for 'Moonraker'.
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Counter-Sniper (25G/Bronze) 50%
Public Match: Kill 50 players while they are aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle

Of course, this has to be done online.
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Die Another Day (15G/Bronze) 50%
Complete the 'Die Another Day' mission
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Disarmed and Dangerous (20G/Bronze) 50%
Public Match: In Escalation demote an enemy who is armed with the RPG
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Distracting (10G/Bronze) 50%
Distract an enemy

This will actually happen as a part of the campaign anyway. You will be told in one of the missions to use your laser on your wristwatch to overload a speaker. This will cause enemies to go over and investigate the noise and the achievement will unlock.
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Fascination with all things gold (60G/Gold) 50%
Get 100% of all available stars in the Challenges mode
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I expect you to die (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 100% collection rating for 'Goldfinger'.
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Laser Eraser (15G/Bronze) 50%
Public Match: win a match using only laser-based weapons
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License to Kill (15G/Bronze) 50%
Complete the 'License to Kill' mission
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Making it Personal (10G/Silver) 50%
Campaign: Collect 100% of all character bio intel
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Master at Arms (20G/Bronze) 50%
Make an elimination with every weapon class
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Making it Personal (10G/Silver) 50%
Campaign: Collect 100% of all character bio intel
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Midas Touch (15G/Bronze) 50%
Win a match on Main Vault, Smelting Room, and Loading Bay

This has to be done online.
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More Than An Agent (25G/Silver) 50%
Complete six of the 'Agent' level trials
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Never happened to the other guy (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 100% collection rating for 'O.H.M.S.S.'
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Omega Virus (15G/Bronze) 50%
Public Match: As Blofeld, kill everyone else in the match

Play online and choose Blofeld as your character, then kill everyone else in the match. You'll want to do a free-for-all style game mode for this one.
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One small step for man (0G/Bronze) 50%
Experience zero-g.

Ha. Clever. This achievement will be unlocked automatically during the Moonraker mission. At some point during the mission, the gravity is turned off and you're able to float around the area.
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People Power (10G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Collect 30% of all character bio intel
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Positively Shocking! (12G/Bronze) 50%
Take out two enemies with one shock dart
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Scream if you want to go faster (10G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Give someone an exciting training experience

In the Moonraker campaign there is a level called Space Port. It is during this level that you will find a person using an aerotrim in one of the exercise rooms.

Hack the nearby control panel to get the achievement and cause the aerotrim to go a little out of control...
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Secret Agent (50G/Silver) 50%
Complete all levels on 'Agent' difficulty or higher
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Shaken, but not Stirred (10G/Bronze) 50%
Public Match: Survive 50 explosions while using Reactive Armor

Explosions can be caused by grenades and rocket launchers. Basically, you have to let your opponents hit you with these weapons in order to get the achievement. It can be earned in any of the multiplayer game modes, but you have to play online.
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Shooting Star (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 30% of all available stars in the Challenges mode
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Signature (7G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Reach level three weapon proficiency with the P99

Just use the P99 a lot and this achievement will be yours.
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Spend the money quickly Mr. Bond (20G/Silver) 50%
Campaign: Be awarded a total of 10,000 XP

The missions all have their own special challenges that can be completed. Completing these challenges will earn you XP that you can spend in the store. Accumulate 10,000 to get this achievement. I don't believe you have to have 10,000 all at once, so don't worry about spending.
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Standards of Physical Perfection (30G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Acquire all of the MI6 training modules

These can be found while playing the campaign. They improve Bond's stats.
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Sar Struck (40G/Bronze) 50%
Get 60% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.
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Unlocked and Loaded (5G/Bronze) 50%
Public Mach: Reach level 6 (Midshipman)
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Very novel Q (10G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Upgrade a gadget to its highest level
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Vodka marini, plenty of ice... (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 100% collection rating for 'Die Another Day'.
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Web of Intrigue (10G/Bronze) 50%
Campaign: Collect 30% of all organization intel.
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With or Without Q (16G/Bronze) 50%
Reach Grave's plane without using any in-car gadgets

During the Die Another Day campaign, there is a section where you are driving after Grave's plane. Don't use any of the gadgets in the car, just accelerate, and dodge the boxes by weaving to the left and right as they fall out of the back.
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You prepare for the unexpected (20G/Bronze) 50%
Get 100% collection rating for 'License to Kill'.
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00 Agent (30G/Bronze) 33%
Public Match: Reach level 50 (00 Agent Grade 0)

Play the game online until you reach level 50.
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