Tuesday, 9 February 2016
Highgrow Cheats for PC
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Highgrow PC Cheats

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Quick growth 100%
*** This cheat procedure involves editing a file! Please create a backup copy of the file before editing it to be safe. In v4.20 game directory, use a text editor to edit the "Plant<number>.hgp" file. This is where the planted seed information is stored. The number is the order it was planted. 3 bytes stores the date the seed was planted. Byte 41=the day, 42=the month, and 43=the year using 3 digits. Examples: 2008= "108", 2012= "112". A hex or text editor alters the byte values to any age desired. Do this by subtracting from the date. Use Vacation mode or water your plants because if you advance their age too far they will die. This allows you to alter the age of each individual plant without changing your computer's date.
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