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Colour Bind Cheats for PC
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Colour Bind PC Cheats

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Colour Bind

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

All I Got Was This Lousy AchievementFinish all the secret levels
Beyond A JokeGet a total secret level time under six and a half minutes
Bloody MindedReturn via the low road in Uphill
Cares NotFinish Race Condition in under thirty-five seconds
Challenge AcceptedFinish Pointers with both challenge modes enabled
ContraindicationIgnore the last piece of advice in Incessant
Controlled FallFinish Perplexing without turning green
Damned BalloonsBeat one minute for all but one of the standard levels
Due DiligenceObtain all the bronze medals
Due HasteGet all the silver medals
Due RespectEarn all the gold medals
Faked LandingFinish Lunar without turning red
Here I AmFind your way free
NontrivialFinish the first twenty standard single player levels
Not Easy ModeFinish all the standard single player levels
Not Over YetFinish Race Condition despite falling into a fail pit
OffroadFinish Jumptown in Septagon Mode
OrderlyFinishing Chimney without succumbing to chaos
Other WayFind your way to a secret area
Out of TownFind your way to a secret area
Outside The BoxSubvert the narrative element
PlatinumBeat a gold medal time by at least five seconds
Race CarDo three laps on Crest and finish in under 50 seconds
RicochetFinish Precipice the quick way
Seat's EdgeFinish Pointers without turning green
Stealth ElementsFinish Bouncer without hitting any switches
Team Of ExpertsFinish all the cooperative levels
Ten Point LandingFinish Unicycle without turning blue
UndisorientableFinish Perplexing in Astronaut Mode
UnforgivenFinish Oscillations without changing colour
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