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Tower Wars Cheats for PC
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Tower Wars PC Cheats

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Tower Wars

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

At Their Own GameDefeat a Tower Wars developer in a ranked match
Conga Line!Send a full unit wave of Minstrels
Great, Kid! Don't Get Cocky!Defeat [SVS] Alter-Nate or someone who has defeated Alter-Nate in a ranked match
He's Kind of a Big DealWin a game with at least one Mortimer the Malevolent attacking the enemy castle in a ranked match
I Just Need Some "Me Time"Play all 3 Classic Challenges
I R GUD LERNRComplete the tutorial
Missile Barrage!Build the ultimate long-range weapon in a ranked match
Some Like It HotPlace 3 Lava Towers in a ranked match
That is All It Took?Win a ranked match by only sending Mr. Moopsys
That is... A Lot of TowersBuild 10,000 towers in ranked matches
That is... A Lot of UnitsSend 10,000 units in ranked matches
The Spice of LifeSend a wave containing all unit types
This Achievement BlowsWith or without teammates, steer an enemy unit through 16 hexes affected by Cyclonic Momentum Decelerators in a row
U MAD, BRO?Rage-quit
Well, You're Not the WorstDefeat [SVS] blea or someone who has defeated [SVS] blea in a ranked match
What About The Kitchen Sink?With or without teammates, attack a single unit with every tower type in a ranked match
You're Either Brilliant or a CheaterPlay through all waves of any Classic Challenge
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