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Final Fantasy X Cheats for PS2
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Final Fantasy X PS2 Cheats

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Final Fantasy X Cheats

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Final Fantasy X

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Get Magus Sisters 98%
Capture all the required fiends on Mt. Gagazet then return to the monster arena owner in the Calm Lands. As a reward, the arena owner gives you the BLOSSOM CROWN. You must also possess all of the other aeons, including Yojimbo and Anima.
Next, go to Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands. After you defeat Spathi, Belgemine will give you the FLOWER SCEPTER. After defeating all the aeons at Remeim Temple, use the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter on the door in the back to unseal it and acquire the Magus Sisters.
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Cactuar Locations 98%
There are total 9 Cactuar that can be found all around the world. The location of the Cactuar are:

Near the 1st Save point

Sanubia Desert (East):
In the alcove to the east, north of the tent with the save point

Sanubia Desert (West):
Search the sign near the Cactuar rock that says "20% off"

Sanubia Desert (Central):
Near the ruins to the west, look for 2 Cactuars running around the desert.

Sanubia Desert (East):
Near the save point under the tent.

Sanubia Desert (West):
Trapped in the treasure chest in the far west.

Sanubia Desert (Central):
Inside one of the sand whirlpools. You must exit and re-enter the area.

Teleport back to the airship and go on the outside deck.

Sanubia Desert:
Return to the Cactuar statue and the last one automatically appears behind you.
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Yuna 98%
Yuna's Overdrive lets her summon an aeon with its Overdrive gauge completely filled. She is not able to learn specific techniques like the other characters.
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Tidus 97%
Tidus learns new Overdrive techniques simply by using his old ones. You have to successfully pull off an Overdrive for it to count.

Spiral Cut (available from start)
Slice & Dice (perform 10 Overdrives)
Energy Rain (perform 30 Overdrives)
Blitz Ace (perform 80 Overdrives)
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Get Yojimbo 96%
Go to the cavern of the stolen faith and you will encounter a dead summoner who calls Yojimbo. Beat him and continue on to the teleport pad. Choose to travel to the chamber of Fyth and Yojimbo will ask you why you seek his services. You must answer, "To defeat the most powerful of enemies."
Yojimbo will then ask 250,000 gil for his services. Offer him half of that amount but add one gil more. So if he asks 250,000 offer 125,001 instead. Then do the same until he asks 205,000. When he asks 205,000 offer 200,000 and he will most likely accept the offer. You can offer the full 205,000 gil to hire him for sure, but if you don't mind losing an extra 5,000 gil.
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Airship Passwords 95%
You can also input passwords to uncover secret locations. These passwords are hidden throughout the game in Al Bhed -- but if you can not read it, here they are (note that they have to be entered in all caps):

GODHAND -- Let's you go to lower Mushroom Rock Road where you will find Rikku's legendary weapon.
VICTORIOUS -- Enter this to access a secret area in the ruins of Besaid. Climb the tree to get your hands on Rikku's powerful Victorious armor.
MURASAME -- Another secret area in the ruins of Besaid. You will find Auron's Murasame (ability: One MP Cost) here.
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Win The Blitz Ball Tournament For Prize 95%
If you win the 1st tournament at Luca, you will get a trophy and a weapon for Wakka. If you lose, the game will continue but only have the trophy.
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Defeated the last Boss (Sin) 95%
The last boss in this game is very weird one. The size is so small, but the power is so cool. When the battle begin, cast 'Reflect' magic on it, because it will use 'Full-Cure' on it after each attack which cure 9'999 HP. When you reach Yuna's turn, cast 'Reflect' on all party members too. Use Tidus and Auron to attack and use Yuna's 'Holy' to attack it.
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Airship Coordinates 95%
Use the following coordinates on the airship world map, then press X when you've found the spot. These coordinates are approximates, so move the cursor around a little and press X repeatedly to find the hidden areas.

Baaj Temple -- X:14 Y:60 (find Lulu's Onion Knight and Anima here)
Sanubia Desert: X:15 Y:41 (find Tidus's Ascalon)
Omega Ruins: X:74 Y:36 (battle Ultima Weapon, steal items, and find spheres)
Besaid Falls: X:31 Y:73 (find Kihmari's Dragoon Lance)
Mi-I'hen Ruins: X:34 Y:58 (find Rikku's Sonar here)
Battle Site: X:42 Y:57 (find Lulu's Phantom Bangle here)
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Obtain Anima 95%
First get all the treasures from the temples and then go to baaj temple (which you get by searching for it on the airship at the co-ordinates X 11-16 Y -57-63) and then press X on each statue and then go to the back of the room and go through the door to chat to Seymours mother who will give you the dark Aeon Anima (hint- you have to fly back to zanarkand ruins for another puzzle and you can fly back to the other temples to enter the trials except for bevelle because you can not re-enter that trial so you only get one chance).
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Kihmari 95%
Kihmari can learn new techniques from his enemies by using the Lancet ability. Try this move on every fiend you meet (or switch Kihmari in whenever one of the following attacks is used on you) to build up his repertoire of Overdrives. Be sure to learn his most powerful move, Nova, from the Omega Weapon.

Fire Breath
Seed Cannon
Thrust Kick
Stone Breath
Aqua Breath
White Wind
Bad Breath
Mighty Guard
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Lulu 94%
Lulu's Fury Overdrive allows her to cast any black magic spell multiple times in a row without losing MP. Rotate the right analog stick clockwise as fast as you can to increase the number of attacks.
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FFX Cactuar Sidequest Guide 94%
Description: Catching all of the Cactuar’s in FFX is considered a minor sidequest, but it is essential as it grants you the Mercury Sigil, which is needed to power up Rikku’s Celestial Weapon, the Godhand.

Read the Guide --> FFX Cactuar Sidequest [Guide]
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Free Chocobo Rides 94%
Go to the Calm Lands and become a chocobo trainer by talking to the female chocobo rider (leave the area and come back in on foot if she's not there). Complete the Wobbly Chocobo training exercise (cross the finish line with 12.8 seconds or less) and you will be able to ride a chocobo for free in the Calm Lands by talking to a trainer.
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Overdrives 94%
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Wakka 93%
Wakka is a Blitzball player, so it's only fitting that his new techniques are unlocked by playing Blitzball. By winning in the League and Tournaments you can expand your repertoire to the following overdrives:

Element Reels (available from start)
Attack Reels
Status Reels
Aurochs Reels
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Rikku 93%
Rikku's Overdrive ability allows her to mix 2 items together for devastating attacks or helpful potions.
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Al Bhed Primers 93%
There are total 26 Al Bhed Primer. This book contain a complete alphabetical words in Al Bhed translate into an alphabetical words. So if you can complete all 26 Al Bhed Primer you can understand what the Al Bhed tribe said to you. The Al Bhed word is highlight in red instead of blue.
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Auron 92%
Collect the Jecht, Auron, and Braska spheres that are hidden throughout Spira to teach Auron new techniques.

Dragon Fang (available from start)
Shooting Star (find one sphere)
Banishing Blade (find 3 spheres)
Tornado (find all 10 spheres)

Jecht Sphere: Macalania Forest (after Spherimorph fight)
Jecht Sphere: Besaid Village (next to temple)
Jecht Sphere: S.S. Liki (on the bridge in Besaid)
Jecht Sphere: Luca Stadium (basement level A)
Jecht Sphere: Mi-ihen Highroad (southern Old Road)
Auron's Sphere: Mushroom Rock Road (cliff)
Jecht Sphere: Moonflow (South Wharf)
Jecht Sphere: Thunder Plains (southern part)
Jecht Sphere: Macalania Woods (southern area)
Braska's Sphere: Mt. Gagazet (Mountain Trail)
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Secret Locations 89%
There are a number of secret locations in FFX that you can access by searching the world map with your airship, or by simply entering passwords.
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Tip on how not to waste your time in the Al Bhed home land (forgot what map was called) 83%
When you are running around you will undoubtedly come across many monsters, but the one that wastes most of your time is the giant worm thing that has 40,000 health. Dont waste your time on this monster because when you are done killing him you only get 2,000 points toward your next sphere level. BUT when he does pop use Rikku to steal items from him, then attack a few more times and steal some more. this helps because you get a gem that when used takes away half of the life of a monster. DONT use this gem on the worm, you will only be wasting it. When I was done running around in the desert I had accumulated about 70 of these gems. ALSO try to skim the whole island as best as you can because there are several treasure chests and al bhed primers lying about. Hope this helped. plz leave positive feedback. thank you and happy gaming
By: sikekick(191)
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How to defeat the second seymour quickly and effectively (proven several times to work) 80%
This cheat will also work to upgrade your party members several times. when you are on the walkway stay near the save sphere closest to the part where you fight seymour. now run around the sphere (or close to it)and fight all of the fiends that pop up, when you get really low on health just save the game instead of wasting all of your potions. this strategy will get you lots of spheres and can also get you abilities for your aeons. use this method to also make everyone in your party have their overdrives. now go into the place where you fight seymour the second time and use every single one of your aeons' overdrives to kill him (he will kill them after you attack but dont freak out) this method will kill him and cause no damage to any of your party members (or very little damage). well there you have it youve just defeated seymour with my help. again this cheat or hint has been tested several times.
By: sikekick(191)
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Hidden aeons 78%
There are three hidden aeons in the game and I will tell you how to get them and where to get them

Yojimbo:calm lands.after the battle with defender X don't go up to mount gagazet but go down and enter the cave below and proceed in until there is a save sphere save your game then proceed to fight Yojimbo.after the fight take the teleporter and go up to the chamber of the fayth you must pay Yojimbo to join forces with you>

Anima:to get this dark aeon you must have the airship then talk to cid and choose the option "search" and enter this coordinates x:11-16,y:57-63.then go to baaj temple and save your game then go to the edge and you will go down to the water. Simply approach the entrance and you will fight geosgano defeat it and go to the entrance and go inside the temple and you must have all the treasure from the cloister of trials to glow the six statues(every statue represent the treasure you get from the cloister of trials) then approach every statues and they will glow after you light up all the statues.the seal will be broken and you can come in the chamber of the fayth. after that you receive anima

Magus sisters:

You must have Anima and Yojimbo to get this powerful Aeon.First you have to capture every fiend on Mt. gagazet and gagazet mountain cave then talk to the monster trainer in the monster arena.he will give you a key item(I forgot what it's called).then get a chocobo from the chocobo trainer near the travel agency the go east from the entrance of macalania woods examine the chocobo feather and the chocobo will jump to a new area.then go to the new area and you will arrive in remiem temple.go inside the temple then talk to belgemine and defeat all of her aeons after you defeat bahamut you will receive another key item then go to door and use the two key item you receive.go iside the chamber of the fayth and you will receive the Magus sisters
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5 overdrive for kimahri in 1 battle 75%
When you get to Mt. gagazet the first time save your game then proceed forward and there will be a scene and you will have o fight biran and yenke ronso with kimahri battle start use lancet on biran or yenke and you will get an overdrive use an overdrive then use lancet again and you will get another overdrive.repeat this method and you wil get much of kimahri 's overdriveand it's more than good luck
By: Fallen angel(457)
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BLITZBALL shooting technique 75%
I think I make a list of the shooting technique and what they do.

Nap shot: can put the goalkeeper that get the shot to sleep

Wither shot: can make the goalkeeper that get the shot status halved (like CA,PA,SH)

Sphere shot: this shot can make your SH real big (can up to 27 on level 7) you just have to press the x at the right moment

Volley shot: can make the goalkeeper that about to get the shot can't catch it

There,i think that's all oh don't forget to collect the tackles and the pass to and if you have volley shot try to mark an opponent that has the key technique like Volley shot 2 to be techcopied.It's also work against any technique like Venom pass 2,wither tackle 2 and others
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Jecht shot 2 75%
When playing blitzball you will earn prizes on the league or tournament case you wondering how to get jecht shot 2 you must have all of Tidus key techniques (venom tackle,drain tackle 2, anti venom 2).you won't get jecht shot 2 if you didn't have all of Tidus key techniques.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Defeating yunalesca 75%
To defeat Yunalesca you must have all of your aeon in full overdrive and have 50 holy waters.then defeat her 1st and 2nd formthen defeat the 3rd form with your aeon overdrive.But,use the overdrive as soon you summon your aeon.if you don't she will use mind blast that will make your aeon unable to use overdrive.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Easy shadow gems 75%
After Macalania temple sin will teleport you to Bikanel island, when you run into the 'sand worms' use rikku to steal shadow gems from it (you can steal up to 6 shadow gems per worm) in not time you will have plenty of shadow gems and will be killing all of the hard fiends in no time.

Hope this helps
By: sikekick(191)
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Millions of Gil (100,000,000) 71%
Go to Omega dungeons and use rikkus godhand with gillionare and you could get up to 100,000 gil per battle (overkills help get you more) this was more of a hint not a cheat. After an hour in the omega dungeons I had gotten 10 million gil!
hope it helps!
By: sikekick(191)
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How to defeat the first seymour and anima quickly and effectively (proven to work several times) 71%
Try to have all of your aeons with their overdrives before you go into the fayth, when the cutscene is done and you start to fight use rikku to steal the potions from the guado guards. then you kill them and hack away at seymour, when he gets around 3000 health he will summon anima. when he does use yuna to summon shiva (described as ? on yunas summon page) if yuna is adequitely upgraded shiva will do about 1,200-1,800 damage per normal attack (about 8,000 with her overdrive) when anima is going to use his overdrive use shield on shiva 2 turns before he uses it so that you can ensure that he will not get you offguard. then attack until he is dead (use blizzara on shiva when her health gets low) when anima is defeated seymour will dismiss him and attack. now use yuna to cast nullifying spells on the party so that seymour cannot attack with his spells. (he will now have 6,000 health again) use tidus to cast haste on the party, when you kill seymour up to his last 3,000 health use kimahris overdrive (self-destruct) and it will finish seymour off, there you've done it this should take about 15 minutes if done correctly. I have successfully done this several times and can ensure that it will work.
By: sikekick(191)
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In besaid villiage talk to the girl who sells you items, buy something and then she will tell you that her dog has dug something up. Go out and find the dog and talk to it. You have now obtained Valefors second overdrive Energy blast.
By: Anima(32)
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Defeating ultima and omega weapon in 1 hit 67%
To defeat Ultima and omega weapon you must have magus sisters.grand summon magus sisters then select combine powers!.to make delta attack it will deal 99999 damage and will overkill Ultima and omega weapon
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Tips to dodge 200 lightning bolts 60%
To dodge 200 lightning bolts to get the venus sigil have an armor or weapon that has the no encounters ability so you don't get a distraction while dodging the thunder
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Healing aeons 60%
You know when an aeon is hurt it can use do it you must teach the ability cure to the aeon but you will have a hard time to search for the just cast a strong spell that the aeon is absorb.for example if you summon ifrit you cast fira/firaga and his hp will go works the same with ixion and ifrit.for bahamut and valefor it can because they didn't absorb a certain element
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Defeating geosgano 60%
To defeat geosgano so you can get to Anima.make rikku,wakka,and tidus strong and have armor with stoneward/proof so you survive his stone attack then just attack and heal and you will defeat him easily
By: Fallen angel(457)
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How to get lots of spheres and items 60%
This tip will help you get your weakest or least favorite characters upgraded and strong in no time. When you are in the airship just before you have to go up and defeat evrae, you should run around the ship and fight every monster that appears. use your least favorite characters (personally I use tidus, lulu and kimahri) for each of the battles, also make sure that you are near a save sphere while doing this. In about 2 hours I had brought lulu's health up by 1,000 hp and tidus now does 900 damage on average, kimahri learned new abilities and so on and so forth. This helps a lot with evrae and the further progression with the game. thanks and give me positive feedback plz.
By: sikekick(191)
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To get dark matters fast 60%
You have to overkill a area conquest monster (in the calmlands)to get it it should only work sometimes
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Plocha 60%
E22U-36WK-68C3P JB9E-91K0-74840
741D-3UMT-2P51W Y6VX-A6R4-X65Z5
GY3N-Y4NE-J07FV JB9E-91K0-74840
FQB7-YND2-93FQK H01B-9EZ4-5K3K2
T0QT-A0JK-9BZK5 JB9E-91K0-74840
R6GV-1V4H-2WM9T 672U-JQ7X-0UJ40
JB64-HZ3X-QJ38X JB9E-91K0-74840
H00N-7QVB-591TW R87E-2M2Y-P579T
P1XQ-77YY-3G30P ZPEY-V6FG-251C6 MGWX-X4QV-6Q4D7 7XWW-E35D-2RX0C 84TR-K576-7682F
R24U-2VKK-4EN10 430J-WVFJ-DPP19
CE2F-8BNF-JQNQ6 JB9E-91K0-74840
AQA4-PQ40-C94Z1 FBJK-3TC3-F76Q5
150N-2PCJ-B3H01 054R-C0MB-1EXNG
By: Boreto(8)
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Full aeons overdrive when being summoned 57%
You have to have Yuna's overdrive meter at full then use grand summon and that will make any aeon that been summoned through grand summon has a full overdrive meter
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Celestial mirror 57%
Okay,first of all the celestial mirror is very important because to get the celestial weapon for each characters you need the celestial mirror to open a chest or glyph that has the celestial weapon inside.To get the celestial mirror you must need the cloudy mirror.

Cloudy mirror:

to get this key item you must go to the calm lands talk to the chocobo trainer near the travel agency and choose the option "let me ride one" then go to the entrance of macalania woods but DON'T go in head east from the entrance and you will see a chocobo feather press x then go to the new path and proceed to remiem temple.after that cross the bridge and go left.You will find a sphere and the champion chocobo there then go right from the entrance and ride the chocobo.Win the race and you will get the cloudy mirror.

Celestial mirror:

After you get the cloudy mirror go to the first area of macalania woods talk to the mom and child there and they will tell you that the husband/father is missing.take the right path then go right again until the road separated in four ways.go left from the way you came and talk to the man over there.go back to the mother and child and they will tell you that their son is missing go left to the crystal path.after that go up to find the to him and you"ll receive the celestial mirror
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Cabin sutcase 56%
When you are on the bout with yuna go in the cabin and there will be a sutcase walk up to it and prees the x button and reapededly do that to get a lot of potions.
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Aaron 50%
Auron is one of the easiest characters to get high max health with so it is a good idea to keep leveling him up.

Auron also has good overdrives to boot.
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100.000 gil in one battle 50%
When you battle a mimic in omega dungeons (the monsters that came out from the treasure chest when you try to steal it then it says nothing to steal,a mimic will come out)if you defeat it you will earn 50000 gil after the battle.If you have a weapon with gillionare ability on it you will earn 100000 gil after the battle.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Godhand 50%
To obtain godhand you must have celestial mirror and the airship.after that talk to Cid and select the option input then enter the code GODHAND in capital letters.then go to mushroom rock and open the treasure chest at the end of the road
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Get 2 teleport spheres 50%
When you get 2 teleport sphere use them both to move wakka and tidus to where Auron started to get them to do as much damage as auron.
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Peaceful omega ruins 50%
To make a peaceful omega ruins just equip a weapon or armor that has the no encounters ability.with that you can easily pass omega ruins without much trouble
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Blitzball techcopy tip 50%
When you are playing blitzball mark one of your opponent that you want to learn the tech for example:you want Tidus to learn wither tackle mark the opponent that has the wither tackle. But only if the tech is highlighted in blue. after the game started press The triangle button and select mark mode.after that,when your opponent use the tech press X when techcopy appear in the top and you will learn that tech.Enjoy.

NOTE:you need to be at certain level to have a technique slot
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Nirvana 50%
To have Nirvana you must reach calm lands on your story then go to the monster arena and talk to the trainer then capture all the monster in calm lands and the trainer will give you a chest that contain nirvana (yuna's celestial weapon).but you must have celestial mirror to open it.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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Defeating evrae on the via purifico in 1 minute 50%
After being banish to the via purifico you will only have tidus.wakka,and rikku.after that you will fight evrae that has 16000 hp which is impossible to defeat.if you have a weapon with a sensor use it and see evrae status he will have 16000 hp and zombie.just use phoenix down two times and it will don't need to escape
By: Fallen angel(457)
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To get an enermy or a enermy at the monster arena to drop a rare item such as dark matter is easy. you just have to get ambushed and then kill or over kill the foe, (over kill just dubbles the item) I needed 60 dark matter, made my guys really strong and versed the chimerageist from the monster arena and every time I got ambushed I over killed the guy and got 2 dark matter every time, so just flee and go into a battle get ambushed and get your rare item, so good luck!
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To get an enermy or a enermy at the monster arena to drop a rare item such as dark matter is easy. you just have to get ambushed and then kill or over kill the foe, (over kill just dubbles the item) I needed 60 dark matter, made my guys really strong and versed the chimerageist from the monster arena and every time I got ambushed I over killed the guy and got 2 dark matter every time, so just flee and go into a battle get ambushed and get your rare item, so good luck!
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How to get much exp on the boat to Kilika 50%
On the first time you're on the boat you will fight sin, on this fight, there will be his fin and 3 sinspawn that have 200 health each. Tidus is a must throughout the battle since he has cheer but first change to yuna so she can summon valefor (remember only attack the sinspawn since the fin ony moves around.) after valefor has been defeated, change yuna to Lulu and have cast a spell, after that make sure kimahri, wakka, and tidus are fighting, have tidus use cheer 10 times and then go all out agressive an the sinspawn, everytime you kill 3, 3 more will appear. after a couple of hours change kinahri to lulu an kill the fin. after this it will play the cutscene and wakka will jump and you fight that octopus thingy, do essentially the same thing here (go after only the sinspawn) if you stocked up on potions, you should be able to kill many sinspawn in this second battle, once you get bored in this second fight, sve up and use both overdrives (that should be enough to kill it) if you are patiant, you should get well over 500 exp in this fight (aswell as over 3000 gil and maxed out power spheres)
Ps. when using rikku, steal as many grenades as possible, they're worth 75 gil each, after 20 that's 1500 gil, use that to get the potions for this fight.
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Tidus - Super HP 39%
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By: aminuddin688(11)
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100.000 AP in one battle 33%
To get that much of AP.first capture master tonberry from the omega ruins then go to the monster arena and must customize a weapon for the character that killed the most enemies with double/triple overdrive,double/triple AP,and overdrive-AP.after you have this weapon set your overdrive mode to stoic then battle master tonberry and simply attack him and he will counter with karma then healed or revive him/her with magic or items.then, attack him again and heal yourself again and do this method until you defeat him and you will earn a huge amount of AP.But remember only attack him with the attacker that have the weapon with the ability as above so he will use more karma on you and you earn more AP.
By: Fallen angel(457)
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