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Hotline Miami Cheats for PC
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Hotline Miami PC Cheats

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Hotline Miami

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Steam Achievements 98%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

1989Kill 1989 enemies
60 To CarGo to the car 60 times
Aced ItGet an A+ on any chapter
Achievement WhoreUnlock all achievements
Always On TopPerform every ground kill in the game
BatmanClear chapter?? using only a bat and the bat mask
Cat FightKill the panthers using the panther mask
Combo BeginnerPerform a 4x combo
Combo IntermediatePerform a 6x combo
Combo KingPerform a 12x combo
Combo MasterPerform a 10x combo
Combo ProPerform a 8x combo
Dog LoverKill 99 dogs
Domino EffectThrow a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another
Eye For DetailsCollect all the puzzle pieces
Get A LifeGet A+ on all the chapters
Guns For ShowKill at least one enemy with each gun
I Got New FriendsUnlock all weapons
KarmaDie 1000 times
Knife For ProsKill at least one enemy with each melee weapon
Let In Some AirDestroy 500 glass panels
Nigel LowrieUse a human shield
PitcherHit at least one enemy with each throwing weapon
Plain LuckKill three or more enemies with the same brick in one throw
Playing PoolKill an enemy with a brick bounced against a wall
Sewer AlligatorFind the crocodile mask
Smell Something BurningKill the crapping gangster with a fireaxe
Sounds of Animals FightingWear all masks at least once
That is It?Beat the epilogue
The BossSolve the puzzle
The End?Beat the mainstory
These Are My GunsComplete chapter five barehanded
This Is ItBeat the epilogue with secret ending
Two Birds With One StoneKill two enemies with the same brick in one throw
Zoo KeeperCollect all the masks
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Prelude: The Metro 67%
First, you have to learn the basics of the game, or "how to kill people", as you are told. You'll first be taught how to punch. There are two guys in the hallway with you. Walk over and left click to punch one to death. If he gets knocked down, press "space" and then repeatedly use left click to beat him to death.

Next, you'll be told to get the baseball bat in the nearby room. Walk over the bat and right click to pick it up. Then return to the other guy and beat him to death with the baseball bat. Then grab the shotgun as instructed, and go into the room in the southern area and shoot him. Press shift to aim directly at him, but you should be able to line up a shot just fine with your mouse.

Following some dialogue, walk straight ahead into the blue room. Then you'll wake back up in your apartment building. Go to your phone and click on it to listen to the conversation. Outside your apartment will be a box. Open it up and then go down the stairs. Hop in the car to take it to the first chapter proper.

Enter the building and immediately kill the first guy you see. Take his baseball bat, and then rush into the bathroom and kill the guy that is peeing before he can even turn around. Then go up the stairs.

Right around the corner will be a dude with a knife. Hold shift down so that you are aiming directly at him. Cautiously move around the corner and then right click to chuck your baseball bat at him. Mount him, kill him, and then pick up the knife.

There will be another guy in here, two guys at the south, and then around the corner a hallway with a guy in a green trench coat at the end and two enemies protecting him with crowbars. Kill the first guy with the knife, then hang tight.

The enemies to the south have a pattern. The one on the left will pace back and forth, and the one on the right remains still. Wait for the guy on the left to leave, and then kill the guy on the right. Wait for the guy from the left to return. Chuck a weapon at him, then pounce on him and finish him off.

Grab a weapon and then move around the corner. The two enemies will rush you. Retreat and bait them through the door. Throw a weapon to knock one down, then pick up another weapon and knock the other guy down. Kill them both, and then move to the end of the hall and kill the guy with the trench coat.

Pick up the briefcase and go back downstairs. A train will stop outside the building and two enemies will come out of it. Get near the door, but not so they can see you. Wait for the first one to walk by, and as the second enemy is walking by the door, jump out and beat him to death with the briefcase. The other enemy will charge you, so beat him to the punch and beat him to death with the briefcase as well.

Then return to the car by exiting the building the way you entered. You'll be dropped off in a musky alleyway. Move through the alley and throw the briefcase in the dumpster as instructed. Then as you go to leave, a bum will attack. Kill him quickly and then return to the car again to finish the level.
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