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Fairy Bloom Freesia Cheats for PC
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Fairy Bloom Freesia PC Cheats

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Fairy Bloom Freesia

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

A Fairy and a SadistHit an enemy into a Vortex 30 times
About 5 Floors HighReach maximum altitude
Ariel RavePerform a mid-air combo lasting 7 seconds
BacuraGuard against 256 attacks
Broken HeartHave your guard crushed 15 times
Combat ProTotal damage to enemies exceeds 100,000
Dangerous FairyReach Day 30 in Guardian Mode
Dark Freesia DefeatedPass Day 99 in Guardian Mode
Divine Fist of the Great BearTotal damage to enemies exceeds 500,000
Dreaming FairyReach Day 10 in Guardian Mode
Endless WaltzBounce an enemy 6 times in the air without it touching the ground
Fab FiveAttack modifier reaches level 5
Fighting FairyReach Day 50 in Guardian Mode
Fist of FairyDeal 1,000 units of damage in one blow
Freesia Strikes BackActivate Just Revenge
Freesia, Inc.Collect 5,000 Mana points
Full MarathonRun a total of 42.195km
Guardian of Lita ForestDefeat 100 enemies
Hat-trickBounce an enemy 3 times in the air without it touching the ground
Humans and Forest, Living in HarmonyClear the Story Mode
I'm Gonna Punch You 'Til You Cry999 combos completed
Indomitable Fighting SpiritContinue 15 times
It's My Turn ForeverClear 1 day with no damage
Just Kun DoPerform a Just Defense 15 times
Lucky SevensKnock enemies into other enemies 777 times
MarksmanScore 100 hits by magical attack
Master of BasicsObtain all of the Basic Skills
Master of OptionalsObtain all of the Optional Skills
Master of SpecialsObtain all of the Special Skills
MoonwalkerBackstep 100 times
Nimble Little MinxPerform an ukemi 50 times
One Fairy ArmyDefeat 3,000 enemies
Pixie PugilistKnock enemies into other enemies 100 times
Puella Fairy Fighter FreesiaScore 1,000 hits by magical attack
Quadruple AxleBounce an enemy 4 times in the air without it touching the ground
RushPerform an armor break 15 times
S.Segal StyleComplete a boss battle with no damage
Shooting BudClear the Story Mode in 'Difficult' setting
Skill CollectorMaster all of the Optional Skills
TechnicianUse Special Skills 1,000 times
The 'Knock Your Teeth Out' Fairy300 combos completed
The Bank of FreesiaCollect 20,000 Mana points
The Force of Buddha's PalmDefeat 6,000 enemies
Undisputed Baddest Fairy in the WorldTotal damage to enemies exceeds 2,000,000
Until My Life Ebbs AwayReach Day 70 in Guardian Mode
Vengeful Tidal Wave of Fists100 combos completed
What To Do With All These Clams?Collect 65,535 Mana points
YggdrasilClear the Story Mode in 'Cruel' setting
Yie Ar Kung Fu MasterDefeat 1,000 enemies
You're 10 Years Too EarlyPerform 10 atemis
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