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Page Chronica Cheats for PS3
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Page Chronica PS3 Cheats

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Page Chronica

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Run for the Sunset (Bronze)Get 8 of the Gold Time Scores. Just run like hell and get the drama over with
Time for a Pop Quiz (Bronze)Get 8 of the Gold Word Scores. Have you studied?
Mid-term Exams (Bronze)Get 8 of the A+ Ranks. You still got a tough road ahead of you!
Race to Victory (Silver)Get all of the Gold Time Scores. Real athletes run; others just play video games
Think-Tank (Silver)Get all of the Gold Word Scores. Hmph, Smarty-pants
Final-term Exams (Silver)Get all of the A+ Ranks. Looks nice on your resume but won’t land you a job
One-Man Band (Bronze)Get all of the Music Records. More songs to add on my playlist!
Treasure Seeker (Bronze)Get all of the Dream Feathers. Now I have enough to make a fluffy pillow!
Life’s a Dream (Silver)Get the Book of Dreams. Why not dream a reality?
What Big Hands you Have (Bronze)Defeat The Big Bad. All the better to grab my controller to beat you with
A Hero’s Journey (Bronze)Defeat The Final Bad. It is finally over! Or is it?

Additionally there is 1 secret trophy.

To the Victor goes the Spoils (Gold)Complete all of the Trophies. The hardcore understand
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