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Madden NFL 13 Cheats for WiiU
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Madden NFL 13 WiiU Cheats

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Madden NFL 13

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Madden NFL 13 Guide 100%
A go-to guide for Madden NFL 13!

Read the Guide --> Madden NFL 13 [Guide]
By: Toebin(11713)
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All Madden (100G) 100%
As a created coach, win 100 games in your first 10 seasons in Connected Careers

The first thing on the list is to create a coach. Do that, and then start a new career as a coach, and win 100 games within the first 10 seasons of your career. If you're worried that you won't get the job done, then switch the difficulty to easy.
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Battle Tested (20G) 100%
Score 600 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games

Play the game online and then choose Head to Head mode. Score 600 points all together.
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Belting (25G) 100%
Complete a Madden Moments Live situation

Madden Moments is a mode in the game that lets you relive exciting moments in NFL history. Complete one of these moments in the game.
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Emmitt Smith Award (30G) 100%
As a created RB, surpass Emmitt Smith on Legacy Score in Connected Careers

Create a player and make them a running back. Then surpass Smith's Legacy Score.
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Gronk Spike (25G) 100%
Score a TD with Rob Gronkowski (no SuperSim, TOP or co-op)

In a straight game, have Rob Gronkowski on your team. He is on the Patriots by default. Get a touchdown by catching the ball when it's in the endzone, or running it there, but be sure you are controlling Rob Gronkowski when this happens.
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Hall Of Famer (100G) 100%
As a created player or coach, get inducted into the Hall of Fame in Connected Careers

Basically, just win Superbowls and have really high stats. Then when your character retires, you can be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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Jerry Rice Award (30G)/Joe Montana Award (30G)/Lawrence Taylor Award (30G) 100%
As a created WR, surpass Jerry Rice on Legacy Score in Connected Careers/As a created QB, surpass Joe Montana on Legacy Score in Connected Careers/As a created LB, surpass Lawrence Taylor on Legacy Score in Connected Careers

I grouped these three together because it is becoming repetitive to go through this explanation for all these different "awards" achievements that the game has. You need to create three different football players. Make one a wide receiver, another a quarterback, and another a lineback. Surpass the legacy score of each legendary player that is listed is next on your list of priorities.
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Verizon Scoreboard Overload (50G) 100%
Score 50 points in one game (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

Put the difficulty on easy and go to town.
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Let's Get Physical (5G) 100%
Tackle an opponent using the Hit Stick (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

The Hit Stick is the new way to tackle by tilting the right analog stick at an opponent. It's actually very easy to do this, but remember that you have to be playing an actual game, and you can't be playing with anyone on your team. It has to be you versus the computer if you want to snag this particular achievement.
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Made Ya Look (10G) 100%
Abort the play action and complete a pass for a TD (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

Start a running play. Then instead of actually running the ball down the field as the play would intend, pass the ball to another player instead.
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Matt Flynn's Arcade (55G) 100%
Score 6 touchdowns with your backup quarterback (no SuperSim, TOP or co-op)

Choose to use your backup QB instead of your main QB. Then score six touchdowns in one game using the team's backup QB.
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Montana's Mountain (20G) 100%
As a created QB, win 4 Super Bowls in Connected Careers

First, create your own QB. Then win 4 SuperBowls. You can do this in any amount of seasons.
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MUT Maniac (20G) 100%
Complete 20 MUT games

Play 20 games in Madden Ultimate Team mode. MUT stands for Madden Ultimate Team, obviously. You don't even have to win the games, just participate in each one to completion.
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MVP! MVP! MVP! (30G) 100%
Complete the level 4 season goals in one season in Connected Careers

There are goals given to you each season that can be completed and replaced with new goals as you surpass them in the season. The level 4 season goals are one of the harder sets of goals that will be given to you. Keep in mind that you will need to do this as a player, because the only season long goal the Coaches have is to win the Super Bowl each season.
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Online Level 1-9 100%
Score points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games

The online mode of Madden NFL 13 features an RPG-style progression system. You earn XP by participating and completing online matches, and you can level up by winning games and earning points. There are nine different achievements covering this, so instead of listing them all individually, I decided to group them together under one post and one explanation.
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Pass The Salsa (25G) 100%
Score a TD with Victor Cruz (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

This is just like the other achievement, except now you have to play as Victor Cruz. Score a touchdown with him, and the achievement will be yours. His default team is the New York Giants.
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Peak Performance (30G) 100%
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 99 overall in Connected Careers

Create a player. Do well. Level your character to the highest of standards and that's all there is to it.
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Reggie White Award (30G)/Shannon Sharpe Award (30G) 100%
As a created DL, surpass Reggie White on Legacy Score in Connected Careers/As a Created TE, surpass Shannon Sharpe on Legacy Score in Connected Careers

Again, this is going to require you to create yet another couple of new players, and then choose the corresponding positions. From there, surpass the legends.
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Single Riders Only (5G) 100%
Play a MUT game against the CPU

"MUT" in Madden NFL 13 stands for Madden Ultimate Team. Choose this game mode and play a match against the computer, as opposed to another player.
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Smart Mouth (25G) 100%
Complete a successful pre-play adjustment using Kinect (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

This achievement is unique to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Use Kinect's voice commands to change a play right before it happens.
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Tebowing (25G) 100%
Tebow Time! Throw a TD with Tim Tebow on the first plaly in overtime (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

Choose the New York Jets. Tim Tebow will be the quarterback. Next tie the game so that it goes into overtime. Just try to keep the score at 0-0. If the computer scores, quickly score and match their score so that you can keep the game tied.

Now comes the hard part. You will have to throw a touchdown pass in the very first play of the game. This is going to require a ton of luck.
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The Pentinent Man Shall Pass (20G) 100%
As a QB, win the game with 4 or fewer completed passes (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op)

You can switch the difficulty to easy for this one. You just have to win the game and you are only allowed to throw the ball four times. Use this advantage to score the first touchdown, and from there on, you can only run the ball with your quarterback for the rest of the game.
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This One is Easy. We Promise (5G) 100%
Create a MUT team

Create your own team for the Madden Ultimate Team game mode.
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This One is Hard 2.0 (15G) 100%
Build an 85 rated MUT team

This is going to take a very long time. After creating the MUT team, build them up to an overall of 85 by improving the stats of all the players and winning games.
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Vince Lombardi Award (30G) 100%
As a created coach, surpass Vince Lombardi on Legacy Score in Connected Careers

This is the only achievement like this that focuses on the coaches instead of the players. Make a created coach and then do so well that you surpass the Legacy Score of Vince Lombardi.
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Welcome to the Community (5G) 100%
Join an Online Community

Start your own online community, or you can have a friend make one and join theirs. You can also try randomly joining someone else's online Madden NFL 13 community as well.
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You're in the Game (10G) 100%
Download a Game Face in Create-a-Player or in Connected Careers

For this achievement, you will need an EA Origins account. After you have that, you can download the Game Faces from their online servers.
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Deion Sanders Award (30G) 67%
As a created CB, surpass Deion Sanders on Legacy Score in Connected Careers

Create a new player and make them a cornerback. Then surpass Deion Sanders.
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80 Overall (10G)/85 Overall (15G) 50%
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 80 (and 85) overall in Connected Careers

First, create a player. Then start a new career mode as player. Doing well in games will improve your statistics, and good statistics means a higher overall score.
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Overall 90 (20G) 50%
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 90 overall in Connected Careers

Remember, to raise your overall points, do well in games and complete season long goals.
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