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Getaway , The Cheats for PS2
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Getaway , The PS2 Cheats

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Getaway , The

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Gas tank kills 100%
Shoot a gas tank when an enemy is nearby to easily kill them.
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Full Recovery 100%
When you have been shot, and you badly need health walk up to a wall (any) and stand next to it close he will then lean up against it, it may take a few seconds but wait till he gets off, he will have a full recovery.
(submitted by mark)
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Skip intermission sequences 100%
Press R3 to skip some intermission sequences. *** Not all sequences can be skipped.
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DC Carter moves 100%
Knock out hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage then press Square.
Kick hostage: While unarmed, X to get a hostage then press Square.
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Double health 100%
Press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down at the title screen. The sound of a woman groaning will confirm correct code entry.
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Turn signals 100%
In free roam mode, for added realism you can use your indicators (turn signals). Press L1 to indicate right and L2 to indicate left.
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Health recovery 100%
If you have been getting damaged badly by enemies and are close to dying, walk up next to a wall. Your character will lean up against it in order to recover. With each breath your character takes, part of his bullet holes disappear until he is fully recovered. This may take a minute -- make sure that no enemies are attacking you.
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Infinite Ammo Cheat 100%
During the FMV that precedes the MAIN MENU, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE. Repeating the code disables it.
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If youre lookn 4 a shotgun in free roam ur in the wrong place buddy! 100%
You can only get a shotgun in storymode on certain missions like #5
By: peter12man(14)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Kelvin Deamer mode 98%
Win the game to unlock free roaming mode. Now, go to the golf cart that you will find in one of the parks. Press Up, Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Left, Right, Circle, to be transformed into a character known as Kelvin Deamer.
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Mark Hammond Mother 98%
Press L2 L1 L2 L3 and you should hear a woman scream then your character will automatically change.
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Free Roam mode 98%
Complete all standard missions to unlock the "Free Roam" option.
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Hidden vehicles 98%
You can find some hidden vehicles in the parks of London, such as a sooty van (Little Suzuki van with grass in the back) and a very fun golf cart parked behind huts and bushes around the parks.

Select Free Roam mode once it is unlocked and make your way onto Oxford Street from the start point. Head west past the marble arch and onto Bayswater Road (use the map supplied with the game for road names). Follow Bayswater Road westward as far as the game will allow you to go, then turn left at the blockade onto the Hyde Park Inner Road. The Hyde Park Inner Road U-bends back around to travel through the center of Hyde Park at this point. At the back of this U-bend is an open gate. Go through it, and parked outside a mansion is a Nissan Skyline GTR and a TVR. In the garage opposite the mansion is a Lotus and a go-cart.

To get the Concept Lexus and a Triad Gang Car (souped-up Honda) in Free Roam mode, in the mission where Carter infiltrates Jolson's warehouse, go to Chinatown (located in Soho). Go down into the underground garage (the same car park where the Triads and Yardies have a gang war). The position of the cars varies on each floor.
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Armored car weapon 98%
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle at the title screen. The sound of a woman groaning will confirm correct code entry. *** The weapon can only be used during missions.

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Mark Hammond moves 98%
Shoot hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.
Break hostage's neck: While unarmed, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.
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Cheats for free roam on getaway 100%
Enter the cheat or hints here!During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press Triangle(3), Left, Square, Triangle(3), Left, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a woman groaning. Repeat the code to disable its effect. You will now be able to go to the extra features menu and view the credits and play in free roam mode.
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Free roam cheat 60%
In the dnv before the main menu, type: triangle triangle triangle left square triangle triangle triangle left circle
By: mpfd131(547)
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Rob bank 33%
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Getaway , The 307000Wheres is the evidence room in snow hill police department? Answers: 1
Getaway , The 377865The getaway : I am on the mission in snow hill where io have 2 get in and get up to the evidence room. I enters the room get the gun sneak back out and how do I get to kill the man without getting caught by all the police officers ? Answers: 1
Getaway , The 302620Im on the 5th mission where you have just helped the gang free some1 who was going to prison, for the mission where you have to get to Charlies office and see if Alex is in there,, has anyone got any tips to help do this? thanks for the help! Answers: 1
Getaway , The 422865Hi on the level when youve got to get out the cop shop but kill the copper first, do you need to kill him and the women who he has for questioning? How the ell do you kill him,been on this now for months-Any help be gratefull thx. Answers: 0
Getaway , The 523185Is there a easiser way to get Free roam? Answers: 1
Getaway , The 698044I'm on the part where mark and mission yasmine go 2 charlie mansion though the basement and there laser beams everywhere Answers: 0
Getaway , The 739279How do you type in the cheats cause I have been typing cheats all day and they wont work? Answers: 0
Getaway , The 905230How do I get psat the lasers on the third floor in the mansion where hammonds kids held as hostage,,, Answers: 0
Getaway , The 20507Can the game remove the swearing? Answers: 2
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