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Eryi's Action Cheats for PC
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Eryi's Action PC Cheats

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Eryi's Action

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Eryi's Action on Steam.

AbducterGo into Kerota's house
BirdsCollect too many birds
BlocklikeHit a certain block too many times
Blocklike 2Activate the secret spinning block
BurntBe defeated by burning
ChallengerDodge the 3rd attack to the left
ElectroboltActivate the electrobolt
ElectrocutedBe electrocuted
Fake BlockHit a spiky block
FastWin easily
FirePick up a fiery ghost
FishedBe defeated by fish-ramming
FrozenBe frozen solid
Game ClearedClear Eryi's Action
GamerClear EX mode
Goal CrusherDestroy a goal flag
Hidden FloorEnter a hidden floor
HotBe defeated by hot water
Ice ExplosionMake a freezing device explode in the water
Jewel CollectorCollect all the jewels
Metal DishedBe defeated by a metal dish
Self-destructedSelf-destruct in the Final Stage
SnowballedBe rolled into a snowball
SnowmannedBecome a snowman
Special AttackEnter a command in the Artie fight
SpikesReset encroaching spikes
SprinklerDrop a sprinkler in a spa
Stage 0Clear Stage 0
StrippedBe defeated and declothed
Super PlayerClear EX mode with no defeats!
SwimmerSwim through the middle of some water
Twinkle, TwinkledBecome a star
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