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Impire Cheats for PC
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Impire PC Cheats

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Steam Achievements 98%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

A new friendEarn a free unit
AllegianceWin a mission of the Campaign mode in Co-Op
And so it beginsFinish the Chapter 1 in campaign mode
BrewmasterGet 50 Heroes drunk
ButcherKill 100 Heroes
ConjurerSummon every single Souless unit
ConquerorRaid 300 sites
Creative mindEarn 50 Tech points through the use of rooms
Demon HunterKill 10 opponents' dungeon lord
Demon SlayerKill 100 opponents' dungeon lord
DragonbornWin a multiplayer skirmish game in Capture the Dragon mode
Dungeon BuilderRaise your dungeon up to level 10
Evil will always win because good is dumb!Finish the Chapter 4 siding with Oscar in campaign mode
ExecutionerKill 5000 Heroes
First bloodWin a multiplayer skirmish game
HellraiserSummon every single Fiend unit
Kaboom!Blow up 100 units
KidnapperEarn 100 treasures in ransom
King of the worldWin a multiplayer skirmish game in King of the Hill mode
Lord of DestructionRaise your dungeon lord to lvl 10 in a skirmish game
MinefieldHave heroes trigger every type of ground traps
MurdererKill 1000 Heroes
No lose ends - Chapter 1Finish every secondary quests in Chapter 1 of the campaign mode
One for all, all for one!Win a mission of the Campaign mode in Co-Op with 3 other people
OpportunistKill 5 dungeon lord in a single skirmish game
PillagerRaid 50 sites
PlundererRaid 150 sites
Quite an adventureFinish the Chapter 3 in campaign mode
Ride the lightningUse the Lightning spell 250 times
Rune CollectorUnlock 25 Runes
Stay away from the wallsHave heroes trigger every type of single wall traps
TacticianWin a multiplayer skirmish game without your dungeon lord dying
The journey continueFinish the Chapter 2 in campaign mode
ThinkerCraft every possible items
TrapwhichHave heroes trigger every type of double wall traps
UnstoppableComplete a mission without Baal dying
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