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Tetrobot and Co Cheats for PC
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Tetrobot and Co PC Cheats

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Tetrobot and Co

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
This is a list of achievements for Tetrobot and Co on Steam.

All for oneMerge all Memory blocks into Memory bars
Blocks That Matter, 15 years afterUnlock all the highlights of Maya's early career
Bunch of keysCollect all Keys
ConfectionerRepair Puddinbot (by collecting all Memory Blocks)
DivemasterRepair Watabot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
Do-it-yourselferRepair Tetrobot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
EnlightenerRepair Lumibot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
Faceblox addictUnlock all Faceblox pages created by the most social blocks
Iron BotComplete level 4-1 with 3 Memory blocks and 6 Iron blocks in your inventory
Look Ma, no hands!Complete level 6-3 with 3 Memory blocks without using the Rewind button
Lost in the woodsComplete level 1-4 with 3 Memory blocks and 2 Wood blocks in your inventory
MinesweeperRepair Turbot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
Mr Resetti's nightmarePush the Rewind button more than 25 times in a level (at your own risks)
MusicologistUnlock all soundtracks in the notebook
No TouchingComplete level 5-4 with 3 Memory blocks without killing the slime in the last room
One for allCollect all Memory blocks in the main robots
PacificatorComplete level 5-3 with 3 Memory blocks without killing any slime
PrestidigitatorRepair Powerbot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
Pretty grain of sandComplete level 4-2 with 3 Memory blocks and 1 Sand block in your inventory
Psychobot's fanclubJoin the Tetrobot and Co. Steam group
Sleeping beautyWake Big Mama up before you go-go!
SniperKill Big Mamarina with Psychobot
That is all folks!Watch the credits until the end
The World is StoneComplete level 3-3 with 3 Memory blocks and 2 Stone blocks in your inventory
Three of a kindCollect 3 Memory blocks in a level and merge them into a Memory bar
Where's the lock?Collect your very first Key
Wind WakerRepair Steambot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
Wood BotComplete level 1-2 with 3 Memory blocks and 6 Wood blocks in your inventory
You MonsterRepair Spacebot (by collecting all Memory blocks)
You've got mail!Complete the game with 100%
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