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Cargo Commander Cheats for PC
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Cargo Commander PC Cheats

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Cargo Commander

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

50 Days On The JobCargo Corp honored your 50th day on the job with a small picture of a gold watch
AnnihilatorYou are the best dad! On this drawing you have just smashed 1000 monsters!
Bearer Of CoffeeA Cargo Corp trophy for reaching the rank of Bearer of Coffee trainee
Cap HoarderCargo Corp has noticed that you collected 100 caps. Please spend your money to buy Cargo Corp equipment
Cargo CommanderA Cargo Corp trophy for reaching the rank of junior Cargo Commander
Curse Quota ExceededCargo Corp warns you that your curse quota of 100 has been exceeded. Please refrain from shouting obscenities
EradicatorYou are the best dad! On this drawing you have just smashed 20 monsters!
ExterminatorYou are the best dad! On this drawing you have just smashed 200 monsters!
Fast LearnerCargo Corp wishes to congratulate you with finding all possible cargo on your first day
Home Sweet HomeI made a drawing for you, dad, about when you finally came home!
Memory Of A MugAfter carrying your coffee mug through 5 containers of a wave without breaking it, you remembered the day your wife bought it for you
MultikillKilling 5 mutants with one bullet reminded you of your son breaking his hand on five wooden boards with one strike on his karate training
Packing MuleA Cargo Corp trophy for reaching the rank of Packing Mule trainee
Parcel WarningCargo Corp has noticed all the parcels you received from home. Please contact your designated office shrink for homesickness tests
PrioritiesI made a drawing of you, killing a mutant in a container while choking in space!
Team BuildingCargo Corp has noted that you have met 50 co-workers and wishes to applaud your teamwork and social skills
Toilet In SpaceThis drawing is for you dad, a toilet in space!
World's Strongest DadHere's a drawing of you dad, with all guns and armor and explosives and upgrades!
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