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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Cheats for PS3
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus PS3 Cheats

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

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Black characters 100%
To get Black characters, press [Respect] to get the "Reload Color" option and choose [Dust].
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EX Characters 100%
Pressing Start and selecting the EX option is how EX (and GG) Generations mode is accessed.
Play all paths of the character's Story mode, or defeat the Survival mode.
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Gold characters 100%
How to: Press [Respect] to toggle the "Slash Color" option and press [Dust].
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Fight EX Characters in Arcade & M.O.M. modes 100%
To fight EX Characters in Arcade and M.O.M. modes, highlight "Arcade" or "M.O.M." at the main menu and hold [Dust].
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#Reload versions of Extra Slash Stages 100%
Hold [Respect] over the stage until the title turns yellow. *** #Reload stages are unlocked automatically with every Slash stage unlocked. The GGXX Slash stages will be unlocked in hourly increments when you unlock all EX characters. You can play that Slash stage and the #Reload version after a stage is unlocked. Hold [Respect] while selecting a stage and music, then press Plus to select the #Reload version of the stage. *** Hold [Respect] and press Start if using a Gamecube controller.
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GG Generations mode: GGX Mode 100%
To get GGX Mode, unlock 50% of the Arcade gallery artwork respectively.
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GG Generations mode: GG Mode 100%
To get GG Mode, unlock all of the Arcade gallery artwork.
In Mission mode, complete all 30 missions.
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All EX characters, GG Generations mode, & special options 100%
In Mission mode, complete all 30 missions .
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Gallery Omake extra voice actor interviews 100%
After a number of game play hours is accumulated, a new interview is unlocked.
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Justice 100%
Complete over 20 missions in Mission mode. Alternatively, complete Justice's Story mode.
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Kliff 100%
Complete over 10 missions in Mission mode. Alternatively, complete Kliff's Story mode.
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Special Illustrations 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 100%
In Survival mode, complete level 500.
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Special Illustration 7 100%
To see Special Illustration 7, unlock all Gold and Black characters.
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Special Illustration 8 100%
To see Special Illustration 8, unlock all Arcade mode gallery artwork.
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Special Illustration 9 100%
To see Special Illustration 9, unlock all EX Arcade mode gallery artwork.
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Special Illustration 10 100%
To see Special Illustration 10, complete level 1,000 in Survival mode.
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EX character versions 100%
Defeat a character's Black EX Form in the listed level or Survival mode, or play through at least one path of their Story mode to undock that person's EX version. *** Justice and Kliff do not have a EX version.

EX A.B.A.Survival level 460 (defeat Black EX A.B.A.)
EX AnjiSurvival level 20 (defeat Black EX Anji)
EX AxlSurvival level 260 (defeat Black EX Axl)
EX BaikenSurvival level 80 (defeat Black EX Baiken)
EX BridgetSurvival level 100 (defeat Black EX Bridget)
EX ChippSurvival level 220 (defeat Black EX Chipp)
EX DizzySurvival level 360 (defeat Black EX Dizzy)
EX EddieSurvival level 240 (defeat Black EX Eddie)
EX FaustSurvival level 60 (defeat Black EX Faust)
EX I-noSurvival level 400 (defeat Black EX I-no)
EX JamSurvival level 300 (defeat Black EX Jam)
EX JohnnySurvival level 340 (defeat Black EX Johnny)
EX KySurvival level 140 (defeat Black EX Ky)
EX MaySurvival level 320 (defeat Black EX May)
EX MilliaSurvival level 180 (defeat Black EX Millia)
EX Order-SolSurvival level 420 (defeat Black EX Order-Sol)
EX PotemkinSurvival level 120 (defeat Black EX Potemkin)
EX Robo-KySurvival level 380 (defeat Black EX Robo-Ky)
EX SlayerSurvival level 280 (defeat Black EX Slayer)
EX SolSurvival level 440 (defeat Black EX Sol)
EX TestamentSurvival level 160 (defeat Black EX Testament)
EX VenomSurvival level 40 (defeat Black EX Venom)
EX ZappaSurvival level 200 (defeat Black EX Zappa)
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Trophies 100%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Arcade complete! (Bronze)[Arcade] Complete with any character (any difficulty)
Flame Distortion (Bronze)[Arcade] Order Sol defeated
Medal of Millionaire (Bronze)[M.O.M] Completed
Gold Order (Gold)[Survival] Attained lv. 999 and defeated Gold Order Sol
Play through and you will not be let down (Bronze)[Training] Trained for over 10 hours
That is some skill you have (Bronze)[Mission] Completed 5 mission with any character
You are quite skillful (Bronze)[Mission] Completed all missions with any character
Our story has yet to come (Bronze)[Story] Saw one ending
Butterfly and Squall (Bronze)[Ranked Match] First victory attained
Slash Star (Silver)[Ranked Match] 100 battles fought
The goddess of defeat is finicky (Bronze)[Player Match] First victory attained
King of Battles (Silver)[Player Match] 100 battles fought
Accident core! (Bronze)Even with a huge difference in health, you came from behind and won
Hello World! (Bronze)Game started
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