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The Walking Dead Cheats for PC
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The Walking Dead PC Cheats

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The Walking Dead

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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for The Walking Dead on Steam.

AbandonerCompleted Wyatt's Chapter
Adventures in BabysittingComplete chapter 2 of episode 1
Bad BloodCompleted chapter 2 of episode 3
Bedside ManorCompleted chapter 4 of episode 4
Chain GangCompleted Vince's Chapter
Conversation KillerComplete chapter 2 of episode 2
Down By The RiverCompleted chapter 2 of episode 4
Everything's Going to be OkayComplete Episode 1A New Day
For Whom The Bell TollsCompleted chapter 6 of episode 4
Friends Like TheseCompleted Russell's Chapter
Georgia's First CityCompleted chapter 1 of episode 4
Georgia's Last CityCompleted chapter 5 of episode 4
Going HungryComplete chapter 1 of episode 2
Goodbye, She Quietly SaysCompleted chapter 1 of episode 3
Guess Who's Coming to DinnerComplete chapter 4 of episode 2
Handle ItCompleted chapter 5 of episode 3
Hey, BudComplete chapter 6 of episode 1
Hit the RoadCompleted chapter 3 of episode 3
In Your ChargeComplete chapter 3 of episode 1
Into The FireCompleted chapter 1 of episode 5
It's Just One BulletComplete chapter 5 of episode 1
It's Not Stealing If You Need ItComplete Episode 2"Starved For Help"
Lend Me Your EarsCompleted Episode 3"Long Road Ahead"
Look Behind YouCompleted chapter 7 of episode 3
Loose EndsCompleted the Epilogue
MercyCompleted chapter 4 of episode 5
Out of the Frying PanComplete chapter 1 of episode 1
Paradise LostCompleted Shel's Chapter
PenultimateCompleted chapter 8 of episode 4
ReunitedFound an old friend
Rock and a Hard PlaceComplete chapter 4 of episode 1
Stay Close To MeCompleted chapter 7 of episode 5
Support GroupCompleted chapter 3 of episode 4
Taking CharlotteComplete chapter 6 of episode 2
Thank you for shopping at Save Lots!Complete chapter 3 of episode 2
The Marsh HouseCompleted chapter 5 of episode 5
The Morning AfterCompleted chapter 7 of episode 4
There Ain't No WayCompleted chapter 3 of episode 5
Too Much Salt Will Kill YouComplete chapter 5 of episode 2
Twice ShyCompleted chapter 2 of episode 5
Two Enter, One LeavesComplete chapter 7 of episode 1
Two out of ThreeWon a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors
Unexpected DelayCompleted chapter 6 of episode 3
What now?Completed chapter 4 of episode 3
What RemainsCompleted chapter 8 of episode 5
What's in the bag?Completed chapter 6 of episode 5
Who Goes There?Completed Bonnie's Chapter
You Fight Like A Dairy FarmerComplete chapter 7 of episode 2
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