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Pitfall! Cheats for iP
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Pitfall! iP Cheats

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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Pitfall! on iOS.

Endurance (15G)Run 10,000 metres in one run.
For the Hoarder (15G)Collect 500 pieces of Treasure in a single run.
Meow (15G)Use 5 Jaguar Totems in one run.
Who's a Pretty Boy Then? (15G)Used 3 Macaw Totems in a single.
Toxicologist (15G)Get poisoned 5 items in one run.
Sting in the Tail (15G)Eliminate 5 scorpions in a single run.
Lazarus (15G)Use 5 Life Tonics in one run.
Venemous (15G)Eliminate 10 snakes in a single run.
Swinger (15G)Use 6 rope swings in a single run.
Earn Your Wings (15G)Get the Fairy outfit.
Grin & Bear It (15G)Get the Bear outfit.
Flying High (15G)Get the Aviator outfit.
This Tastes Grim! (15G)Use an Anti-Venom Tonic.
But it is Good for You (15G)Use 3 Anti-Venom Tonics in one run.
Waste of Haste (15G)Use the Haste Tonic & die almost immediately.
It's Been Educational (15G)Complete the Tutorial.
Angry Reptile (15G)Whip a Crocodile.
Stylish Dismount (15G)Learn how to perform a Stylish Dismount.
Survivalist (15G)Run 100,000 metres.
Precious (15G)Collect 5,000 pieces of Treasure.
Roar! (15G)Use 50 Jaguar Totems.
Squawk! (15G)Use 30 Macaw Totems.
Glutton for Punishment (15G)Get poisoned 50 times.
Revenge! (15G)Eliminate 200 scorpions.
Try Searching for the Holy Grail (15G)Use 50 Life swings.
You do not like Snakes do You? (15G)Eliminate 200 snakes.
King of the Swingers (15G)Use 100 rope swings.
Fashionista Darling! (15G)Get all 8 available outfits.
Bronze Distinction (20G)Reach level 50.
Silver Distinction (20G)Reach level 50 for the 2nd time.
Gold Distinction (20G)Reach level 50 for the 3rd time.
Platinum Distinction (20G)Reach level 50 for the 4th time.
You Complete Me (50G)Earn every patch in Pitfall!.
Inauguration (15G)Complete the first Stage in Relic Rush.
Strike a Pose (15G)Wear an Outfit of the Day.
Breakneck (15G)Use 5 Burst Tonics in one Stage.
Junglist Massive (15G)Complete all Jungle Stages in Relic Rush.
Summit to shout about (15G)Complete all Mountain Stages in Relic Rush.
Mine all mine (15G)Complete all Minecart Stages in Relic Rush.
Unfaltering (15G)Complete all Stages in Relic Rush.
Relic Get! (15G)Find all 32 hidden relics
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