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Rise of the Triad Cheats for PC
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Rise of the Triad PC Cheats

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Rise of the Triad

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Cheats 100%
These are the cheats for Rise of the Triad on PC.

Effect Code
Asbestos armorburnme
Bulletproof armorshootme
Dark Staffkesofdeath
Dog modecujo
Drunk missilebooze
Elasto modeboing
God Handseeya
Heat Seekerhottimes
Unlimited ammuntiongunfinity
Invincibility, unlimited ammo, and Excalibatchojin
Mercury modeflyboy
Shrooms modebadtrip
Split Missilesplitem
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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Rise of the Triad on Steam.

#YOLO #JK #LOL #SWAGDie for the first time
1 On 1Beat General Darian in 3 Minutes
Aaron the Porridge BaronEat 3 porridge bowls in 5 seconds
Assault the BaseComplete Episode 1 100%
ATGMKill an enemy while under the effects of a jump-pad
BackfireComplete E4L3 100%
Bad Mother FuckerBeat the game with Doug Wendt
Beaglefaaaace!Kill 3 Enemies at once with the Barkblast
Bonus BonusGet 2000000 points in one level
Breach the CastleComplete Episode 2 100%
Bullet TimeComplete Episode 1 using only bullet based weaponry
Bullet Time Part IIComplete Episode 2 using only bullet based weaponry
Bullet Time Part IIIComplete Episode 3 using only bullet based weaponry
Bullet Time Part IVComplete Episode 4 using only bullet based weaponry
Buried in a LunchboxComplete Episode 1
Burned and AmazedComplete E1L2 100%
ChamomillionaireTea bag every type of enemy in the game
Circles of FireComplete E4L4 100%
Clear and Present DangersComplete E3L4 100%
Collateral DamageShoot an explosive barrel that kills an enemy
Come at me WorldSubmit a score to the leaderboard
Consider This An InterventionActivate Shrooms mode for the first time
Cult ClassicComplete Episode 4 100%
Cult FollowingComplete Episode 4
Dat NostalgiaActivate the original soundtrack
Dead in 5 SecondsComplete E3L3 100%
Deck the HallBeat El Oscuro in 3 Minutes
Do You Even Stand?Complete Episode 2
Double Oh YeahBeat the game with IP Freely
Double VisionKill 666 enemies with the Split Missile
Down and OverComplete E3L2 100%
El Fabio SelvaggioShoot a bird and have it land on your face as it falls
El OscuroComplete E4L5 100%
EnemosityComplete Episode 3
Equal OpportunityFinish the game with all characters on any difficulty
ExecutionerKill an enemy while he's pleading for his life
Fast FoodEat 10 porridge meals
Fire and BrimstoneComplete E4L2 100%
Fool Me OnceGet killed by an enemy who was previously begging for his life
Four Way ChamberComplete E2L4 100%
FreschFind the Super Sexy Secret Poster
General Darian's LairComplete E1L5 100%
Gib FestGib 50 enemies
Global WarmingKill 666 enemies with the Flamewall
Got Head?Decapitate each type of human enemy
Grandma's BoyDisable Gore
Head HunterFind Scott's Mystical head
HedgehogTea bag every kind of human enemy
Holy ShitRun the game on maximum Ludicrous settings
Hot BloodedKill 666 enemies with the Heat Seeker
I'm a Plumber By TradeCollect 10 coins in 5 seconds
In the Thick of ItComplete E1L1 100%
Into the CastleComplete E2L1 100%
It's all in the hairBeat the game with Tarradino Cassat
It's like DLC, but free!Run the game with at least one mod installed
Judgement DayKill 666 enemies while in God Mode
JuicedKill 666 enemies with the Excalibat
Know Thine NMEComplete E3L5 100%
Look Ma! No Legs!Complete E2L5 100%
LudicrosityGet a "Ludicrous gibs" with all weapons that are capable of doing so
Monky businessComplete E4L1 100%
MunchiesEat 2 Health Pickups While in Shrooms Mode
Nerd!Complete every level 100%
No PayneComplete Episode 1 without picking up any health recovery items
No Payne Part IIComplete Episode 2 without picking up any health recovery items
No Payne Part IIIComplete Episode 3 without picking up any health recovery items
No Payne Part IVEpisode 4 without picking up any health recovery items
NukemKill 666 enemies with the Firebomb
Old SchoolBeat the game on Ludicrous difficulty
Over EasyBeat the game on Medium difficulty
PhysX ShmysXDestroy a ludicrous amount of geometry
Raining BloodKill 5 people at once with explosives or magical weapons
Red Haired RedemptionBeat the game with Thi Barrett
Robo NonoBeat NME in 5 Minutes
RobotricksComplete E3L1 100%
Rock-It ManKill 666 enemies with the Rocket Launcher
Rocket ScientistKill an Enemy During a Rocket Jump
Sausage FestEat every meal in the game
Seriously, Please Seek HelpTeabag 5 decapitated heads
Seven TenGib 2 enemies with the split missile
Shadow WarriorBeat the game with Lorelei Ni
Shit FacedKill 666 enemies with the Drunk Missile
SLAYERBeat the game on Ludicrous difficulty and attain 100% completion rate
Slow Your Roll, BroFinish the game in 4 hours or less
Spiraling InComplete E2L3 100%
Spray and PrayKill 666 enemies with the MP40
Spring SurpriseComplete E1L4 100%
Steppin' RazerKill 10 enemies by using their own traps against them
TequilaKill 666 enemies with Pistols
That is DopeFind the Dopefish
The Feiner ThingsWatch through the entire credits
The LAWComplete Episode 1 using only rocket based weaponry
The LAW Part IIComplete Episode 2 using only rocket based weaponry
The LAW Part IIIComplete Episode 3 using only rocket based weaponry
The Law Part IVComplete Episode 4 using only rocket based weaponry
The RoomComplete E2L2 100%
Too Much RoomComplete E1L3 100%
Triple TriadKill 3 different types of Triads with one attack
TryhardKill an Enforcer with a single pistol
Under the HoodTea bag every kind of robot enemy (including NME)
UnrealWatch Entire Castle Flyby with game on Maximum settings
Walk in the ParkBeat the game on Easy difficulty
WARP ZONEDPlay Through All The Secret Levels
Weak LegsBeat Krist in 3 Minutes
What Lies BeneathComplete Episode 3 100%
With a Vengeance!Beat the game on Hard difficulty
You Need helpTea-bag an Enemy While in Dog-Mode
You Shall Not PassKill 666 enemies with the Dark Staff
You SuckGet the bad ending
You're AmasonFind all secrets in the game
You're The Dog Now, Man!Kill 666 enemies while in Dog Mode
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