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Monster Rancher 3 Cheats for PS2
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Monster Rancher 3 PS2 Cheats

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Monster Rancher 3 Cheats

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Monster Rancher 3

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Note 96%
Grampa Bragman will have to do research on the monster before you can get it.
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Jokers 95%
Train in Goat for awhile to get an item that will let you unlock Jokers from CD/DVD.
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Secret monsters 94%
Use the following CDs to create secret monsters:

Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 1) - Game - Desert Hengar
Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 2) - Game - Legendary monster
Monster Rancher 3 - Game - Moochi
Spyro: Year Of The Dragon - Game - Ice Gitan
Ace Combat 4 - Game - Desert Karakarakkung
Armored Core 2 - Game - Robot
Suikoden 2 - Game - Forest Raiden
Tekken Tag Tournament - Game - Wrestling Moochi
Fantasia 2000 - DVD - Joker
Magnolia - DVD - Frog
Men Of Honor - DVD - Merman
Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits Music - CD - Marin
Dave Grusin Music - CD - Koronit
Chrono Cross (Disc 1 or 2) - Game - Strange Fenril
Digimon World - Game - Forest Hare
Final Fantasy Games - Game - Fairies
Front Mission 3 - Game - Sea Octipee
Train: Drops Of Jupiter Music - CD - Robot train
Gungriffon blaze - Game - Moochi
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Automatic training 94%
After selecting the type of training (for example, trampoline in Morx Forest), rapidly press X. Your monster will perform the training process by itself, and most of the time will win if it is healthy.
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Tiger get 78%
Disk of rebelde
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Secret monsters 65%
Jak 2 - game -Legendary monster
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Zan 50%
The return of rin tin tin gives you zan
By: Cheathelper(534)
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Hint Preporation for a new Monster 41%
Lets Say You Have a Monster That Knows Four Moves already and Still has about Five Months to live still Well if You Enter one of the Free Matches and Win You can have a New Move for The Tochikan Festival in Rank E
By: NorthernStar(248)
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More Enduring and Evading Zan 40%
Alright After All the Events in the Brillia Mountains and you get a Zan If your monster doesnt already have a Monster Heart or already about to Croak Split with it Now revive a Beaklon Put it in Hibernation and Revive a Hare Raise it until it Dies. Now this Part is Hard Because Beaklon is slow and its Perimeters raise very quick Give it the Monster Heart and it should know Fastfoot Work When your Beaklon Croaks Give the new Monster Heart Your Zan should have Fastfoot work and Tough skin as Charicteristics and it wont be Sluggish and if You add the BreastPlate Accesorie it Will Be even Stronger
By: NorthernStar(248)
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Octopee 25%
102 dalmatians dvd will give you a black and white octpee that has a red is easy to train
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Monster Rancher 3 732776I just regenerated a monster and now I'm stuck at the shrine. It won't let me move anywhere. Help :( Answers: 1
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Monster Rancher 3 761738What monster would you get from the movie 9 Answers: 1
Monster Rancher 3 877923What is the best monster in the game that you can use, unlike ragnarox. and what is the best stat for example pow or speed or whatever... Answers: 0
Monster Rancher 3 907072What monster will you get when you put in the justin beiber: never say never DVD. granpa always says that the monster is dangerous please help im curious? Answers: 0
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Monster Rancher 3 363091How to move places in Monster Rancher 3 Answers: 1
Monster Rancher 3 344226I forgot how to unlock other place pls tell me Answers: 1
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