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Painkiller Hell & Damnation Cheats for PS3
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Painkiller Hell & Damnation PS3 Cheats

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Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
These are the trophies for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation on PS3.

Platinum (Platinum)Unlock all Trophies In the game
Endurance (Bronze)CemeteryBeat the level (Solo Campaign)
Haste (Bronze)TutorialDestroy all objects (Solo Campaign)
Time Bonus (Bronze)Oriental CastleGib 123 enemies (Solo Campaign)
Speed (Bronze)CathedralCollect 330 pieces of gold dropped by enemies (Solo Campaign)
Fury (Bronze)LoonyparkKill 3 monsters in a row using saw blade (Solo Campaign)
Double Haste (Bronze)OperaCollect 100 souls (Solo Campaign)
Dexterity (Bronze)SwampKill SwampThing in under 400 (Solo Campaign)
Iron Will (Bronze)OrphanageGib 50 frozen enemies (Solo Campaign)
Rage (Bronze)ShadowlandCollect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign)
Double Time Bonus (Bronze)ColloseumPick up every ammo box (Solo Campaign)
Triple Haste (Bronze)AlastorKill Alastor in under 500 (Solo Campaign)
Confusion (Bronze)LabMorph into demon 3 times (Solo Campaign)
Soul Keeper (Bronze)Atrium ComplexFinish level in under 700 (Solo Campaign)
Blessing (Bronze)EnclaveKill Necrogiant in under 200 (Solo Campaign)
Replenish (Bronze)ColloseumMorph into demon 3 times (Solo Campaign)
Dark Soul (Bronze)OperaFind all secret areas (Solo Campaign)
Soul Catcher (Bronze)TrainstationCut limbs of 100 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign)
Greed (Bronze)OrphanageKill all monsters (Solo Campaign)
Vitality (Bronze)CathedralCollect 500 gold (Solo Campaign)
Divine Intervention (Bronze)LoonyparkPossess 25 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign)
Soul Redeemer (Bronze)Oriental CastleCollect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign)
Mercy (Bronze)ShadowlandKill Grim Reaper (Solo Campaign)
Name the Evil (Bronze)Kill 666 enemies with Soul Catcher
Upside-Down (Silver)Kill 999 enemies with Shotgun
Farm Master (Bronze)Solo CampaignCollect 2012 pieces of gold from fallen enemies
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Solo CampaignFind 25 secret areas
Grave Hunter (Bronze)Solo CampaignFinish 1st chapter
Fallen (Bronze)Solo CampaignFinish 2nd chapter
New Kids On the Blob (Bronze)Solo CampaignFinish 3rd chapter
Imperfection (Bronze)Collect 667 souls of dismembered enemies
Bullet Spammer (Silver)Shoot 50000 times
Real colleague (Gold)Play 10 different levels in cooperative mode
Depot (Silver)Collect 500 ammo crates
Barrel killer (Bronze)Destroy 300 barrels
Hurricane (Bronze)Kill 333 enemies with explosive weapons
Five at Once (Bronze)Kill 5 enemies with one rocket
Bunny the Rabbit (Silver)Spend 666 seconds on bunny-hopping
Chop-Chop (Silver)Gib 500 enemies entirely with rockets
Nightmare Collector (Silver)Solo CampaignPlay whole game on Nightmare difficulty level
Trauma Survived (Gold)Solo CampaignPlay whole game on Trauma difficulty level
Fussy Knight (Bronze)Collect 40 armors
Puncture (Bronze)Solo CampaignFinish the level using stakes only and do not miss any hit
Annihilation (Silver)Kill 6666 enemies with stakes
Calamity (Gold)Kill 500 enemies with environmental explosions
Warlock (Bronze)Kill 123 enemies with combo damage
Promoter (Bronze)Capture 3 flags playing as Eve in one game
Immortal (Bronze)Kill 1000 enemies in Survival mode
Road Roller (Bronze)Get 30 kills in 3 minutes in Deathmatch mode
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