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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Double blocks 100%
First you place down a block then quickly go to the menu double click so the bottom bar appears remove minecraft, go back on minecraft select previous world and you should have the amount of blocks in your inventory and still have the ones on the ground.
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Minecraft 100%
Bed rock explode
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Diamond cheat 100%
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Minecraft 1.6.1 100%
For exemple if you wanted to take the rain away the cheat is''/toggledownfall''
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2 easiest ways to get mooshrooms where you want them to go 80%
I built a bridge to get my mooshrooms to my house it took a while but it's worth it! you can also build a boat, sail in it with wheat in your hand and they will follow you hope this helped!
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Missing gravity 74%
Hitting a block under a gravel or sand block will not be affected by gravity.
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First Play Suggestions 67%
I started playing in 2012 and want to suggest the first play on Normal Mode:
1)Get at least 32 raw Wood.
2)Make them Wooden Planks.
3)Build a house and tools.
4)Kill Sheep and make a Bed.
5)Sleep at night.
6)Go mining during the day.[But be prepared for it]
7)When you have the Resources,come back to your House and smelt them.
8)When they are smelted,craft them in to Armor and better Tools.

[Repeat and keep repeating the process,but keep killing the Mobs afterward.]
By: SwagKills2324(45)
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Fart 67%
Enter the cheat or hints here! Kill your self in lava and have a stack a diamond and after save will uv got 0 diamonds and get the diamonds legit then you'll turn invisble
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How to go underground 67%
Through ender pearls in the air like you just don't care
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How to find caves 67%
Dig three blocks down place glow stone above you and through a ender pearl at it
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Dupe 67%
Get a pistion put it on block then make a hole 2 blocks then brak the wall then put pistion on broke wall then power the pistion lol
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Nether Reactor 50%
You need gold, cobblestone, Nether Reactor core and diamond sword. Make a plus with 5 cobblestone and in the corners put gold. Next, in the center put the core and on top of the gold put cobblestone. Finally, make another cobblestone plus on the top and hit the core with your diamond sword to make the Nether Spire!
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Infinety diamond 50%
Take one diamond one diamond sword one gold block and stake on top of each of them put co0bble stone around so you cant see the gold or diamond and then hit it with your diamond sword you can also use a golden sword also.
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Stampylonenose9 40%
My name leo and l no you dig 3 blocks and get a anderperl and get glowstone shoot the. enderperal at glowstone.
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Minecraft 174 40%
How to get bow arrow
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Look at this 33%
This sucks the cheats are not real there I did a full armor cheat nonthing happened 1000 xp cheat nonthing so this suck if your readingthis you just wasted your tie looking for cheats
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MC Skin 25%
How 2 Change your Skin
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