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Terraria Cheats for PS3
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Terraria PS3 Cheats

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Trophies 83%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Completionist! (Platinum)All the trophies have been earned
Terraria Student (Bronze)You have begun the tutorial!
Home Sweet Home (Bronze)The Guide has moved in!
All in the Family (Bronze)Every NPC has moved in!
Rock Bottom (Bronze)You have reached the bottom of the World!
Exterminator (Silver)You have defeated every boss!
Slimer (Silver)You have killed every type of slime!
Challenge Accepted (Gold)You have unlocked Hard Mode!
Maxed Out (Silver)You have the maximum health and mana!
Corruptible (Silver)Your World is Corrupt!
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Silver)Your World is Hallowed!
Ophthalmologist (Silver)You have defeated The Twins!
Bona Fide (Silver)You have defeated Skeletron Prime!
Ride the Worm (Silver)You have defeated The Destroyer!
Marathon Runner (Bronze)You have traveled over 42km on the ground!
Landscaper (Bronze)You have removed more than 10,000 blocks!
Crowd Control (Bronze)You have defeated the Goblin Army!
Survivor (Bronze)You have survived the first night!
Icarus (Bronze)Reach the top of the World!
Vanity of Vanities (Bronze)Wear a full set of vanity clothes
Pet Hoarder (Silver)Find ALL the pets
Be Prepared (Bronze)Activate 5 buffs at the same time
Airtime! (Bronze)Enjoy the view
Blacksmith (Silver)Craft 300 items at an anvil!
I'm Smelting! (Silver)You have smelted 10,000 bars of metal!
A Knight in Shining Armors (Silver)You have obtained every type of armor
Engineer (Bronze)You have placed 100 wires!
Red Moon Rises (Bronze)You have survived the Blood Moon!
Crafty (Silver)You have used every crafting station!
To Hell and Back (Silver)You have gone to The Underworld and back without dying!
Back for Seconds (Gold)You have defeated all the prime bosses twice
Is This Heaven? (Bronze)You have found a floating island!
Leap a tall building in a single bound (Silver)Jump really, really high
Safe fall (Silver)You have landed safely
Hellevator (Silver)Go from the surface to The Underworld in under a minute
Gone in 60 seconds (Bronze)You ran continuously for 60 seconds!
Appease the Volcano Gods (Silver)You sacrificed The Guide in boiling hot magma!
Homicidal (Silver)You killed The Guide, you maniac!
Terraria Expert (Bronze)You have completed the tutorial!
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First Create A Character and set it on hardcore. After you have done that go on a world and kill your self and become a ghost! Then You Will Be Able To Fly Through Blocks And Fly FOREVER! But You Can Not Fight or use your stuff. They all drop.
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