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Knack Cheats for PS4
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Knack PS4 Cheats

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Knack Cheats

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Knack Walkthrough Guide 100%
Defeat every goblin with this comprehensive guide to Knack.

Read the Guide --> Knack Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12162)
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Trophies 100%
This is a list of trophies for Knack on PS4.

Ultimate Knack (Platinum)Received all trophies
Chieftain Badge (Bronze)Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss
Gundahar Badge (Bronze)Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss
Katrina Badge (Bronze)Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss
Fast Puncher (Bronze)Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack
Relic Passion (Bronze)Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics
Barrage (Bronze)Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move
Big Throw (Bronze)Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars
Goblin Hunter (Bronze)Defeated 100 goblins
Robot Hunter (Bronze)Defeated 100 robots
Combo Beginner (Bronze)Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
Combo Professional (Silver)Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
Forced Breakthrough (Silver)Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying
Professional Intruder (Bronze)Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots
Quick Work (Bronze)Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes
Ruby Medal (Bronze)Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack
Aqua Medal (Bronze)Defeated the Chieftain's Mech using Brittle Knack
Emerald Medal (Bronze)Defeated Gundahar's Robot using Massive Knack
Sunstone Medal (Bronze)Defeated Katrina's Mech using Sunstone Knack
Amethyst Medal (Bronze)Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack
Diamond Medal (Bronze)Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack
Seeker (Bronze)Discovered a treasure chest
King of Adventure (Silver)Discovered all of the treasure chests
Parts Collector (Bronze)Acquired a Gadget part
Doctor's Invention (Bronze)Constructed a Gadget
Doctorate (Silver)Acquired all of the Gadgets
Crystal Relic Collector (Bronze)Acquired a Crystal Relic
New Power (Bronze)Unlocked an upgraded Knack
Hoarder (Bronze)Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves
Dynamic Play (Silver)Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once
Stealth Fighter (Silver)Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter
Knack Beginner (Bronze)Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher
Knack Challenger (Silver)Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher
Total Victory (Silver)Defeated a boss without taking damage
Guardian Badge (Bronze)Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss
Crystal Relic Master (Silver)Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters
Knack Master (Gold)Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty
Relic Runner (Bronze)Completed a Time Attack stage
Speed King (Gold)Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages
Gladiator (Bronze)Completed a Coliseum Attack stage
King of Battle (Gold)Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages
Perfect Action (Gold)Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above
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Very Hard difficulty 100%
How to unlock: Beat the game on Hard.
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Dynamic Play (Silver) 100%
Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once

The easiest way to do this is to go to Chapter 8-3: Heavy Machinery. The reason for this is that most enemies can be bypassed instead of forcing you to engage them. Gather all the Sun Stones along the way and only use the Super Moves when absolutely necessary in order to continue in the level.
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Fast Puncher (Bronze) 100%
Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack

The "Dash Attack" is when you use the right stick to dodge out of the way. Instead of using it dodge, instead use it towards an enemy and end it with a punch.
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All collectibles 100%
There are numerous secret rooms on Knack that contain treasure chests. Inside these chests are collectibles such as gadget parts or crystals that can help Knack. Each playthrough of the game you can hit the same chests and get a new gadget part or crystal.

The attached video shows the location of every secret room in the game so you can get the most out of each playthrough and 100% Knack that much faster. See the video: Cheat Video
Knack cheat video Cheat Video
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Unlock Coliseum Attack 100%
To unlock the extra mode Coliseum Attack, all you have to do is beat the game once on any difficulty.
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Hoarder (Bronze) 100%
Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves

This is the polar opposite of the other trophy that required you used nothing BUT Super Moves. This time you can't use Super Moves at all. Just go to an early chapter and you should be able to do this just fine.
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Perfect Action (Gold) 100%
Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

First you have to unlock Hard mode by beating the game once. Then after you've started on Hard, just get through a stage without taking damage. Obviously, it will be easiest to do this on the first level or so.
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Professional Intruder (Bronze) 100%
Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots

This trophy is actually quite lenient. The security robots CAN see you, you just can't run in front of their spotlight. So if they detect you at the last second when you hit them, that won't negate the trophy.
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Unlock Time Attack 100%
To unlock Time Attack, just beat the game once on any difficulty setting.
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Relic Passion (Bronze) 100%
Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics

Relics are found at numerous points throughout the game. Sometimes defeating enemies can get you relics, but you'll mostly find them in crates and stuff found throughout the stage.
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Stealth Fighter (Silver) 100%
Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter.

There are two chapters in the game where Stealth Knack is used. Those chapters are 4-3 and 12-1. When you have the crystals to use Stealth Knack, simply press Triangle and Knack will shed his skin and become Stealth Knack.

Anyway, simply defeat 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and complete the level. This might be a little tough because Stealth Knack dies a lot quicker than regular Knack.
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How to perform Super Move 50%
To do a Super Move in Knack, first you must collect enough Sun Stone power from the yellow crystals in the levels.

When you have at least one meter filled up, press O to activate the power, then press any of the face buttons to perform one of the Super Moves.
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How to throw vehicles 50%
To throw cars, Knack has to be a certain size. You'll know when he is big enough because the Square button will appear above the vehicles.

Pick up the car by pressing Square and then aim Knack in the direction of whatever you want to throw the vehicle at, and that target will be highlighted in blue.
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